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  1. These claims are so absurd I almost believe that Matts wouldn't be making it up here.
  2. If someone had two role choices and picked backup I can only imagine how bad that other choice was.
  3. I thought I was like, the only host to boot people from chats on death. Guess it might be different for mason chats though in fairness.
  4. He was in Star Wars Mafia. I'm just skeptical why you wouldn't go for extra votes on night 1.
  5. you haven't been n1ed or anything recently as far as I recall
  6. squire wouldn't be a bad lynch. he hasn't towntold yet
  7. That's... annoying. I hope all is well with him in his family, though.
  8. the mod already clarified: one can talk about jason in the context of the game.
  9. I asked one thing of matts That was to recruit me to my childhood idols, team Rocket. As of now, I do not find myself on a hot air balloon seeking to steal Pikachu or any other Pokémon that team Rocket may want stolen on a whim, so ... Matts matts Matts
  10. man if you think i purposefully targeted you because you didnt join my mafia game... you might be right (jk i would never do that, i love you as a poster man)
  11. For what its worth I would've voted Cancun looking at the rosters alone.
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