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  1. The STL Cardinals Thread - Offseason

    He might not make the team, but I'm extremely happy for Mike Mayers, dude is having a tremendous Spring. Good for him. Also, Munoz needs to be on this team, hopefully Matheny makes the right decision. I know this comp. has been brought up before, but the dude reminds me so much of Jhonny Peralta
  2. The STL Cardinals Thread - Offseason

    Cardinals announced their HOF Nominees the other day if anyone cares. The Nominees are... Ray Lankford Vince Coleman Keith Hernandez Lee Smith John Tudor Scott Rolen Jason Isringhausen For me it's between Rolen, Lankford and Hernandez. Only get to vote for 2 though.
  3. Netflix - Dark

    Just watched it recently, really enjoyed it. I know @BroncosFan2010 has seen it, his review of it over in the "What tv show are you watching" thread was the reason I started watching.
  4. The STL Cardinals Thread - Offseason

    Love that idea...pretty sick I'll try to go to a few this year at least. Last few years I really haven't had the time or the money to be attending any games.
  5. The STL Cardinals Thread - Offseason

    Matheny is such a damn retard. He's been trying to force Carp into that 3-hole for multiple seasons now, when is he just going to let it be? Can't wait till we lose the division by 3-4 games and think...man if our retarded Manager would of batted Carp at leadoff from the beginning....
  6. The STL Cardinals Thread - Offseason

    Gregerson as the Closer? My lord, what the hell happened? from day one of the offseason there were talks that we would be signing a Closer, hell didn't mo say that was his #1 priority this offseason? Please don't tell me it's luke F'n Gregerson. We really couldn't offer Reed a tad more that what he got from the Twins? Hoping Alex Reyes takes that role, or Waino is forced into that role.
  7. Venting

    The Eagles won because everyone doubted them and they have heart. #bluefont.
  8. 2 year associates degree help

    Also, there are a lot of Medical Tech jobs out there that only require a 2-year degree with decent pay. Be a Surgical Tech and make like 50k.
  9. 2 year associates degree help

    I'm echoing what @ramssuperbowl99 said. Start learning Programming. There are so many good resources available online, Sites like Teamtreehouse, Skillshare and Udacity where you can learn at your own pace. Udacity even offers Nanodegrees which I hear are helpful. Plus I believe there's even 101 course lectures from colleges you can find for free online, i know Stanford and Harvard had them posted on youtube before. And getting a junior level position wouldn't be that complicated, and you'd probably start at around 30-35k. I have a friend who self-taught himself in a year (no degree) and now has a job making over 50k (St. Louis area). Not saying it's going to be easy, I've been trying to learn Java for the past 2-3 months and there are some nights where I want to throw my computer across the room. But I feel like the reward at the end is going to be worth it.
  10. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Finished up American Vandal last night. I loved it, can't wait for season 2.
  11. Venting

    Falcons had a lot to do with the offensive struggles...
  12. Most safe bet sure thing player in this draft?

    Trent Richardson
  13. Rams 2018 offseason

    No I agree, but I don't want to force one to be there if it's not.
  14. Venting

    This one kinda stings but the Falcons are a damn good team, no shame in losing to them. I honestly wanted Seattle in the 1st round.
  15. Rams 2018 offseason

    This for me is key. Does Nate Solder fit the offense? Wouldn't mind bringing him in if the Pats don't franchise him.