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  1. Mark McGwire isn’t a serious candidate is he?
  2. They’re not firing Jeff Albert. He’s one of Mozaliek’s guys. Pretty much changed the entire organizations hitting philosophy because of Jeff Albert. The front office loves him.
  3. I’m shocked. I thought Shildt did a decent job here. But maybe my standards were so low after the Mike Matheny era.
  4. I really Like my teams this year…. 1. ppr, 12-team league, 4-1 record… QB: Matthew Stafford RB: Antonio Gibson RB: Kareem Hunt WR: Devante Adams WR: Cooper Kupp TE: Noah Fant Flex: Corey Patterson ( bye this week) DST: Cowboys (streaming) K: Harrison Butker Bench: Myles Gaskin, Allen Robinson, Jalen Hurts, Tony Pollard, Jamison Crowder, Jeff Wilson Jr, Michael Thomas (IR spot) I like this team a lot. I think If I can Avoid any big time injuries I should be able to make a run in the playoffs. 2. Standard scoring, 12 teams, 2-3 record… QB: Aa
  5. I dont think he produces much in fantasy, but Marlon Mack may be worth a stash. The Colts are likely to trade him and if they do his fantasy value will be at an all time high.
  6. I think Henderson continues to get the majority of the workload. He does seem kind of injury prone though so an additional trade for Michel would probably be a smart play.
  7. I like Both trades for you, love the first one though. Do it if you can.
  8. Yep, I read Some of that BS too. Some people are just idiots.
  9. Standard league start 1… Amari Cooper vs Philly Rondale Moore vs Jaguars Henry Ruggs vs Miami Obviously if Cooper was 100% it would be a no brainer. But the rip injury kinda worries me. I have No doubt he’ll play on Monday night but how healthy will he actually be? 2nd question….PPR league, start 1 Kareem Hunt vs Bears Myles Gaskin @ Raiders Tony Pollard vs Philly Corey Patterson @ Giants Actually thinking about going Pollard here, even though he’s projected to get the least amount of points between the 4 (which I find Kinda odd) the game should be high s
  10. In the span of like 16 days we’ve gone from having a 3% chance at making the postseason to a 98% chance of making it according to fangraphs. Let’s keep it going in Chicago!
  11. The defense has been phenomenal during this 10 game winning streak! Who are we rooting to play in the WC game? I would Of said the Giants, but after thinking it over….just give me the Dodgers. I think We have a better chance at San Fran in a 5 game series. And anything can happen in a 1 game elimination.
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