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  1. Would love it. Turner and Carlson at the top of this lineup would look real nice.
  2. Nolan Gorman in his last 10 games… .400 BA (16/40), .429 OBP, 2 doubles, 3 HR, 13 RBI That 89 wRC+ looks a lot better than the -24 he had about a month ago. Oh and Memphis has won 15 games in a row now. Would be nice if the Big League Club could pull that off as well!
  3. Oviedo hopefully can finish the season out in Memphis. The talent is definitely there, he just needs more development.
  4. Never said the Cardinals don’t like to spend. I just Don’t see them investing $400+ million dollars on the left side of the infield…..this and I dont Think they’re ready to move on from DeJong. But if they do, great, any of those guys would be a welcomed addition and I’d be very happy.
  5. Would love to go after a Trevor Story or Corey Seager, I just can’t see this front office doing it. I think We need to be in the Starting Pitching market. Oviedo and Woodford could still use some seasoning in Memphis. So acquiring a SP in free agency would only benefit them long term. I want to be cautious with Dakota Hudson next year if the Cardinals have the opportunity to do so (Waino comes back, Kim resigns). Wouldn’t even mind if they treat him like they’re treating Reyes this year. I think We need to go after Max Scherzer this off-season. Throw like 2 years/$40 million at him
  6. Back to back really good starts down in Memphis by their 2 best starters. Liberatore: 6 ip, 4 hits, 0 runs, 0 walks, 9 strikeouts Rondon: 6 ip, 1 hit, 0 runs, 1 walk, 5 strikeouts
  7. So you went back to back nights with Helsley over the weekend, he gets one night off and now you want to throw him 3 innings? Why because he used to Start in the Minors 4 years ago? Justin Miller is pretty trash, you're looking for games to throw him in, your up 6-1? I don't see anything wrong with Shildt wanting to get him out of there after a positive inning. I'll agree on Reyes' mindset. He probably had his sneakers on. The double Switch wasn't bad. In that spot with the bases loaded your trying to keep the ball in the infield. Sosa has more range than DeJong. Shildt didn'
  8. How can you say the loss is 100% on him? in the 9th inning there should of been 2 outs with no one on. But instead there were 2 on with no outs because of errors. Yeah, lets blame the Manager on how the disastrous 9th inning went....
  9. And last nights game was on the team, nor on Shildt. I was completely fine with how he managed the game.
  10. I don’t listen much at all anymore, but man 101espn has turned into a station with a bunch of dumb people trying to talk sports. Not sure if you saw the postgame interview with Shildt but Brandon Kiley is a moron and should apologize to Shildt for asking such a dumb question.
  11. What about trading for Marlon Mack?
  12. Is Oviedo still considered a prospect when doing these rankings? @CWood21
  13. Gorman had his best games at AAA yesterday. Going 3/4 with a double and a homer. Great to see. Burleson hit another home run last night. Unbelievable. I kinda like Evan Sisk down in Springfield… 2.35 ERA, 13.50 K-rate, 4.70 walk-rate The walk-rate is obviously way to high right now but that K-rate is niiice. Seems like he has potential to maybe be a nice lefty for the pen down the road. Definitely keeping an eye on him.
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