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  1. Sorry just saw this. Went ahead and sent another invite. You can send me one if you don’t see it.
  2. Should be good in an hour or so if you want to knock it out tonight.
  3. Advanced @biggio7 @Fresh Prince @RuskieTitan Ruskie, let me know when you’re good to play. Should be free tomorrow night for sure
  4. Might try Blade Runner for the 3rd time tonight. Couldn’t even get through half the movie the first 2 attempts at watching it.
  5. I’m good to advance to regular season. Woof that draft was gross.
  6. @Fresh Prince @biggio7 you guys wanna knock out the offseason now or wait?
  7. I can probably do tonight or tomorrow night.
  8. I’m good to run through an offseason in like 30 minutes if everyone is game. Gotta run to the store to grab a few essentials real quick. @biggio7 @Fresh Prince @Duoathome
  9. Made our first offer over the weekend. Not expecting to get it, but it was good to finally go through the process.
  10. We good to advance in the 5-team league? @biggio7 @HoboRocket @Duoathome Also, we advanced in the other league. @Fresh Prince @RuskieTitan
  11. Disappointing there's not more of a celebration in this thread!
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