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  1. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Started Mr. Robot recently, I’ve really enjoyed it so far. Just finished season one.
  2. Treyjn Fletcher signed yesterday for $1.5 million. Also, Helsley to IL with a shoulder injury. He had a shoulder injury last year that caused him to miss half the season. Cabrera recalled.
  3. Official 2018-2019 NHL Thread

    Been a Blues fan since 1995. What an incredible moment. Almost had me in tears. Jordan Binnington was insane tonight!
  4. Apparently he signed for $3 million. Which is $359,000 under slot. That’s huge, we need that money to sign Fletcher.
  5. Mo in a recent article where he was talking about his disappointment in the offense so far. I don’t think the problem with this team is the offense, i think it’s the pitching. Mainly the Starting pitching. Coming in to the year you had to expect Flaherty and Hudson to take some lumps throughout the season, so it was crucial, especially in the first half of the season for guys like Wacha to stay healthy and pitch like he did last year pre-injury and Mikolas to continue off a great 2018. Instead, you have Wacha who’s been nothing but garbage this season (Not gonna give him credit for beating up on the Marlins) and Mikolas looks more like a #4 than he does the ace of the staff. I hate the the fact that our most talented starter is in the Bullpen and that Waino is wasting away a roster spot that could be filled by 3 different guys that would do a better job. One of them being Ryan Helsley, which the front office is being complete morons with and letting him waste away in the BP.
  6. I don’t really have any issues with Mo signing Carpenter to that extension. Carp gets a lot of hate from St. Louis fans and I’ve never really understood why. He’s been getting pretty unlucky this year, and I’m expecting a big 2nd half from him. He’s still hitting the ball hard and his soft contact% is one of the lowest in baseball. He’ll never be the 7.2 WAR player the cardinals got in 2013, but he’s been consistently a 3-4+ WAR player. And if you believe in the obvious age regression of a player and Carp becomes a 2-2.5 WAR player through 2021, that’s honestly still a pretty satisfying deal. I read an article, I believe It was last year or maybe it was when I was Trying to figure out what Goldy was likely to get.....the article said that 1 WAR = $8 million. Hopefully the DH comes over in 2021 and he can do that for the club while Gorman is crushing it at Third.
  7. Dylan Carlson has made it on MLB.com and BA’s top 100 prospect list.
  8. Official 2018-2019 NHL Thread

    Marchand is the damn dirtiest player in the NHL, there’s been 3 different occasions in this series where he’s hit a play with the intentions of injuring. Where’s the suspension for that rat.
  9. Time to make some changes? How hot is Moe’s seat right now? Mike Maddux’s Seat has to be hot. I want an ace. And I’m not confident in Moe to go get one.
  10. Official 2018-2019 NHL Thread

    Boston sure is doing a lot of whining this series. There’s been non-calls on both sides that have benefited each team. Hell, Boston’s first goal was with 6 players on the ice. And then there was Chara’s slash on Bozak that broke Bozak’s stick when the Blues were on the power play in game 1 down 3-2 that was a clear penalty. Should of been a 5 on 3 for a minute + the low hit on Tarasenko yesterday and the spear by Marchand into Binnington should of got a hearing today. That was some BS. But instead the NHL is listening to the Bruins whine.
  11. And just like that....Cabrera has been sent down and Helsley called up. Guess this means Wacha back in the rotation. Not really sure if that’s any better.
  12. Cabrera needs to go back down to Memphis. Man Gomber could of not gotten hurt at a worse time. We need to bring up Ponce.
  13. 2019 MLB Draft

    McFarlane is gonna say F Miami and sign with the Cardinals for like 200K. Duh.
  14. I’m ok with the Thompson pick but would of preferred some other pitchers still on the board....I would of taken Brennan Malone, Daniel Espino or George Kirby before Thompson. Thompson doesn’t really have a plus pitch, but it sounds like his slider has the potential to be one. He’s had elbow issues in the past which is obviously concerning....And he was a Cubs fan growing up, but I guess I’ll try not to hold that against him lol sounds like our 2nd round pick Trejyen Fletcher could be a tough sign.
  15. 2019 MLB Draft

    You complain a lot.