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  1. Official 2017-2018 NHL Thread

    Mike Yeo fired. Blues need to bring back Coach Q...
  2. The STL Cardinals Thread - Offseason

    I'm just not that excited for these Blue jerseys
  3. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    I have to choose between the same 2 defenses. I'm rolling with the Chargers. I'd probably go with Cousins
  4. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    Starting Jeff Heuerman over RSJ today. Good idea? Also, should I start Allen Robinson vs Minny or Alex Collins vs Cinci?
  5. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    Tyrell Williams Dalvin Cook Trubisky
  6. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    Golladay vs Carolina or Lockett vs Green Bay?
  7. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Finally doing it....dropping Doug Baldwin
  8. Trade advice

    Just got offered Zeke for Antonio Brown and Lamar Miller. Standard Scoring..My lineup would be... QB: Patrick Mahomes RB: Zeke Elliott RB: Kerryon Johnson WR: Emmanuel Sanders WR: Robert Woods TE: David Njoku Flex: Kenny Golladay Byes: TY Hilton WR
  9. Trade advice

    What would you offer for Connor? I’m 3-5 and probably need to go 6-1 the rest of the way to have a chance at the playoffs. Thinking about offering Golladay and Lamar Miller for Connor. Is that way to much?
  10. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Is this an A-Hole move or just good fantasy strategy? My opponent this week has his defense on bye and he hasn't picked up a defense as of yet. If Friday night or Saturday morning gets here and he still hasn't picked up his defense, I was thinking about just add-dropping all the defenses and making them ineligible for Sundays games.
  11. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    Not sure which defense to start this week... Chiefs @ Cleveland Cowboys vs Tennessee Jets @ Miami In my league we set it up this year to where yards against doesn't really matter. It's just really based on points allowed and sacks/ints/TDs.
  12. Trade advice

    What would you package with Brees?
  13. Streams of the Week (Early Week 9 picks up!)

    Need some help for my week 9 matchup. I’m going to be 3-5 unless Shady and Gronk both go off. (I’m up 46 in a standard league) Next week I play a guy who’s absolutely stacked. He’s got Kelce at TE and I have Mahomes. With Tyreek being questionable for week 9, would you be concerned about the Chiefs changing their offense in the red zone with no Tyreek on the field? The fact that their best offensive weapon could be out and that they’re playing the Browns kinda scares me. Should I even Consider starting anyone else? Is now the time to pull the trigger on a Mahomes trade? I also have Trubisky so if I could somehow get a RB1 for Mahomes+ I gotta Do it right? Also, my opponent for week 9 has the Jags defense, who are on bye. The Chiefs are the top rated defense on waivers for week 9...I feel Like I should Snipe this dude and pick them up.
  14. Trade advice

    Should I package Nick Chubb/Allen Robinson or Nick Chubb/Doug Baldwin for a WR upgrade? RB depth: Melvin Gordon, Kerryon Johnson, Nick Chubb, Alex Collins WR Depth: Odell Beckham, Doug Baldwin, Kenny Golladay, Allen Robinson, Tyler Lockett really like the thought of rolling with Melvin and Kerryon at RB and upgrading my WR2 spot to really have 2 stud WRs. (It’s PPR)
  15. General Season Talk

    As a fan in St. Louis....I hate that the Chiefs game is in Mexico City.