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  1. Any chance Nick Bolton falls to us in the 2nd round?
  2. Damn that would of been huge
  3. Huge drive there, now lets pray Packers don't get any points before half lol, I'll take a 16-10 score at halftime the way this game has looked.
  4. Well on the plus side, Akers looks like he has a bright future with this team.
  5. Goff looked good throwing the ball earlier, we are going to need to see a lot more of that in the 2nd half.
  6. lol you're just trolling now.
  7. Defense needs to tighten up if we're going to have a chance.
  8. lol yep we got two 3rd round comp picks for the Lions hiring Holmes as their GM. We get one 3rd round pick in the 2021 draft and one 3rd round pick in the 2022 draft.
  9. Just read most of the thread in the NFL Gen. forum and it's clear Packers' fans think this game is gonna be a cake walk for them. The Packers are a very good team not trying to take anything away from there here, this is going to be a very tough game for the Rams to pull off the upset. But just a few weeks ago the Rams were considered by some to be the 2nd best team in the NFC behind the Packers. A few injuries happened over the last few games and the Rams seemed to struggle. But players are healthy now and most importantly, Andrew Whitworth is healthy now. If he can improve on his play from l
  10. It's time to draft that LT this year right? I mean wheres our confidence at with Noteboom post 2021?
  11. I go back and forth on who I want to start this game. and I think I'd start Wolford if he's healthy. Not a Goff hater at all, just think him being forced in the game last week had to do more damage than good to his finger and I thin it could be a pretty big issue in cold weather. Plus I really like what I've seen from Wolford the short time he's been out there. Love what he provides with his legs and I like the fact that he has been fairly smart with the football. And this has nothing to do with the game on Saturday, but I think one of my favorite Rams games ever was the Divisional match
  12. Damn, Isaac Bruce kind of took some shots at Goff. Anyone else see that?
  13. I'll probably leave it in my savings for now because I'll need most all of it when we finally do find our house (Been actively looking for 8 months). But after that, I like to save and I feel like I'm pretty good with my money, so instead of putting $400-$600 a month in a savings account, to me it just makes more sense to put it into an Index Fund, use it here and there when needed but set majority aside for the long term (retirement).
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