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  1. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    God damn Fox, at least give the St. Louis Rams some credit here, it’s not potentially the first time the Rams have went to the Super Bowl in 40 years. They went in 2001 you A-holes.
  2. The STL Cardinals Thread - Bring on Goldy

    If the White Sox offer for Machado is legit (7 years, $175)....Would you want the Cardinals to make a run at him?
  3. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    I’ll sign it...but it just sounds like whining to me.
  4. Cowboys @ Rams

    Hell yeah! Feels good man!
  5. The STL Cardinals Thread - Bring on Goldy

    Doesn't sound like Chris Duncan is doing to good. He's taken a permanent leave from his radio show as he continues to battle his Brain Tumor. Praying for him and the entire Duncan family.
  6. What movie are you watching?

    Thinking about watching Venom tonight.
  7. General Season Talk

    That Bears game affected like half the fan base. I actually Think we see a much different game if we see them in the playofffs. They’re not the same team away from Soldier Field.
  8. The STL Cardinals Thread - Bring on Goldy

    @CWood21 I'm digging the throwback Hartford Whalers....
  9. Stock Investing

    Hey this is great! Big thanks
  10. Stock Investing

    I would say 80% of it is Student Loans.
  11. Relationship Advice Thread

    How much do you push your significant other to better her financial situation? My gf and I have Been going out for 5 years now and we’re expanding our family from 3 to 4. We talk about getting a house but with her current salary, I dont Know if we can ever afford it. I try and push her, but honestly, I dont Want to feel like her dad. When I ask...are you doing anything tonight? She almost always responds with, “do you want me to apply for jobs?”...it’s like, no? I mean Shouldn’t you want to better yourself? Shouldn’t she be the one that wants to apply for jobs? This has been going on for awhile now. I’ve tried to be supportive and understanding. I understand Leaving a job you’ve been at for 12 years is tough. I even Search with and without her to try and find something she’d like. Seems like every few months I always Give this big motivational type speech and she agrees she needs to get out of her dead end job, she’ll apply for jobs for like a week, get discouraged when nothing comes of it and stop applying for months. Shes super smart too. Got a Bachelors in Biology and a Masters in Education. She doesn’t want to teach anymore and I’m fine with that. But I dont Think she knows exactly what she wants to do. Idk any advice?
  12. Stock Investing

    Any tips for someone who doesn’t have a clue on how to buy/sell stock? I’m 31 years old, I dont Make a ton of money, about average for Missouri standards, and my Girlfriend makes a little less than I do. I wouldnt Say we have a ton of debt (around 45-50k). We’re expecting a 2nd kid in June and my 2-year goal is to buy a house. I dont have ave a ton of money saved right now and I don’t think I could Comfortably afford anything over $1k.
  13. The STL Cardinals Thread - Bring on Goldy

    Jose Martinez for Alex Colome. Yay or nay?
  14. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Damn guys, last week was a rough week for me. Lost out on $1,250 by 0.8 points. And in my other league I won by 3 points and just yesterday they did a stat correction....and I ended up losing by 1 point. Freaking 4 point swing stat correction. Lost out on nearly $1,500 dollars by less than 2 points. It was pretty rough.