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  1. Is Crypto taxed differently? Thought I heard it was but when I try Searching it all I’m seeing is the tax charts on short vs long term capital gains. Ive bought 5 ETH so far and don’t want to be surprised when I owe Like 40% of my gains lol
  2. Congrats man, hoping to make a few extra on my handful of Ethereum shares I have to do the exact same thing!
  3. So I’m trying to save up for a nice size down payment on a house. I currently have a little over $20k in my savings and another $2k in the stock market (got 2 shares of ETH at the moment) It would be really dumb to put $10-$15k into Ethereum right? Like I’m pretty sure it’s sees between $3-$5k this year (currently at $1,800) but I’m not sure I’m THAT confident in it.
  4. Wrote our 4th offer over the weekend and found out yesterday that the sellers went with another offer. The process is frustrating but I try and look at the bright side. Gives me more time to save up as much as possible. GF is pretty devestated though. We both REALLY loved this one. There were 3 cash offers on it. Yikes!
  5. I think the 40-man is at 37 players right now. And that’s with Molina signing and Hudson being put on the 60-Day IL. Both moves were all expecting the team to make. SP and a bench bat and call it an offseason? @kgarrett12486 The more I think about the potential of a 6-man rotation, the more I like It.
  6. Who cares, I’m butt naked right now celebrating!!!!! Mike Trout baby!!!!
  7. Fowler traded to the Angels! Let’s gooooo!!!!
  8. Goold confirmed the Cardinals interest in Odorizzi.
  9. Not sure if the Cardinals are actually considering it, but there has been 2 guys here in the St. Louis media pushing the idea that a 6-man rotation wouldn’t be a bad idea. Would love Odorizzi.
  10. Goold also tweeted that they could be looking for Middle infield depth. Bringing Brad Miller back makes a lot of sense. Just as long as he doesn’t hit clean up anymore! And what about Jonathan Schoop? That would be a nice bat off the bench and good insurance at 2B.
  11. Kolten Wong just signed a 2-year deal with the Brewers.
  12. Kinda sucks to lose Montero but it's still an A+ trade for the Cardinals. And I'm kind of glad we didn't give away all of our pitching depth.
  13. I like Montero a lot and think he could end up being a decent player.
  14. I bought some ETH a few weeks ago, what’s everyone’s expectations for it? The predictions are all over the place.
  15. What’s with NIO? I thought it was supposed to go way up after NIO day. It’s been struggling!
  16. So if Gomber, Woodford and Rondon are indeed involved in the Arenado trade, where does that leave our pitching depth? I think there are going to be some guys to keep and eye on in Spring training to see if they can take that next step. Not a step into the rotation but steps toward being a valuable 26th or 27th piece on a roster. Shuttling back and forth from Memphis to St. Louis. Would be nice to see Johan Oviedo and Evan Krucynski fill those spots.
  17. We overpaid for sure, but the franchises' window to win a SB is right now and there's only a few years left open on it. I'm sure the Front office is feeling pressure there from Kroenke, who probably feels like he needs to win a Championship in LA. soon. At least the Organization is making moves now, there was a 10 year time frame here in St. Louis where they did next to nothing to improve the team and they put straight garbage on the field. now they're actively trying to win a SB and people are upset over that? We overpaid for Stafford, there's no denying that. But Stafford gives this te
  18. Yeah i think the thought by most on this board is JJ is as good as gone. Hell of a Safety though
  19. @StLunatic88 is one of the OG's on this forum, he'd be a big loss and deserves more than that man.
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