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  1. Let's go! And get Beal in there. HAS TO GO! https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10025223-nba-trade-rumors-everyones-available-from-bradley-beals-wizards
  2. - Trading Wall (and a 1st) for Russ was a great move. - Bertans' extension was brutal. - Trading Russ for the Lakers haul was a great move. - The move, however, created TOO much depth, especially at center and forward. - Beal is absolutely NOT a supermax guy. If Ted gives him a supermax, it's OVER for 5+ years. Terrible 3 pt shooter, awful in the clutch, not a good defender. - Rui is too passive. I'd move him. I don't that zebra's stripes will change. - I like Kispert. He's developing. He replaces Bertans IMO. - You either move Bertans, plus a 1st round pick, for ??? Or you ride
  3. Our QB next year will be Deshaun Watson. You heard it here first.
  4. Regarding hand size, my question is... does Kenny Pickett fumble a lot? I can't find stats on it. Are Kirk Cousins' hands small? That dude used to (not sure if he still does) fumble A LOT. BTW... I've changed my tune on trading for Minshew. I say we keep Heinicke and draft a QB in the first two rounds.
  5. I liked Mills. But you're making very broad assumptions about round 2 QBs when some of the round 1 QBs won't even pan out.
  6. 8-9 or 9-8, while developing a drafted QB, is the right direction. The right direction isn't mediocrity. If we draft and start Pickett or Corral, we'll be a 6 win team next year. I'm okay with that. Have to take your shot. What's your plan?
  7. I'm good with him not taking a QB last year. This is year 2. Heading into year 3, there's no excuse. This was always a 7-10 team this year. Of course, I hope they don't win one of these next two games.
  8. Not sure. I could care less if he's in the East personally. Beal doesn't have that vendetta characteristic... I would have been more concerned with Wall in the East... he's wired that way.
  9. Minshew and Kenny Pickett. Minshew was/is the best shot at winning in the short-term. Nab your QB, first round, and start/develop him.
  10. The Beal conversation isn't complete unless you're weaving in the potential of a supermax. He's a very good player. NOT a supermax guy. You trade him (package a player or two with him) for a draft pick heavy return. That would give us depth (already have it), opportunity for young guys to grow, cap space, and picks. I'll take my chance with THAT over supermaxing Beal.
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