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  1. Off-Topic: The Washington Wizards Thread

    Who's shooting less? Jamming a bunch of a me-first, ball-dominant, shoot-first players on a team doesn't always work. "Porters bad contract" won't be mentioned next year when Wall starts making that $42 million on average the next four years. Mahimni making 3Xs as much as Howard the next two years. How's that for bad? LOL. Excited to see Troy Brown develop. Between Porter, Oubre, and Brown it's clear the Wizards are building a team of versatile guys that can play and defend multiple positions.
  2. I know this is a funny topic. But I still have them at 7-9. We caught GB at a very optimal time... played a full OT the week before... Rodgers hobbled... at home... in the rain (limits passing game a bit). Not to take away from a win (a win is a win) or being 2-1, which is great. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer... years of losing, being incredibly intelligent and analytical, handsome... all of this makes it more difficult for me to get emotionally wrapped up in 2-1.
  3. Redskins bringing in Breshad Perriman

    I'm a big Kirk fan. Shyt, my youngest son still has a Cousins fathead on his burgundy and gold wall... yeah time to redecorate. But I also didn't like him at his eventual asking price. The Skins screwed up when they didn't get him on the cheap. They kept telling him to prove it, he would, then they would tell him to prove it again. He'd clear the hurdles each time. The expectation, from the Skins, was that his market value would stay the same or marginally increase. But Kirk got pissed, wouldn't take a discount, and asked them for market value. The traded him instead, all the while downgrading at QB. Kirk is in a better situation. The Skins, most likely are not. The only way they right the ship is spending their savings competently. Admittedly, I learned to appreciate DJAX when he was gone. The ability to create space is undervalued. You need a QB and a WR that can, and are willing to, go deep. Not sure we have that with Smith. He makes it easy on opposing defenses. I don't see him making us competitive in high scoring games or in games where we're behind and need a comeback. I hope I'm wrong.
  4. WRs, QB, scheme, or all three? Alex Smith is who he is. But, hey, he doesn't turn it over! Our organization is led by a pack of idiots.
  5. Redskins bringing in Breshad Perriman

    I (sarcastically) like that some of our fan base is blaming our WR corps for some of this. We failed to re-sign (multiple times) a competent, growing QB that broke numerous franchise passing records with a dumpster fire of an offense... both talent and the slew of injuries. Instead we bring in Alex Smith, the ultimate dinker and dunker... the guy who went a full season without throwing a TD pass to a receiver. The HC went crazy... said they upgraded... he's a leader... he's poised... he commands the offense... he'll take deep shots. The anti-Kirk fanbase agreed. Even read some Kirk-who comments last week. And now some are blaming our WR corps? We got what we paid for at QB. And Reid loves selling off his dirty laundry to the Skins. Opposing defenses will learn from this game. Stack the box... soft zone... dare Smith to beat them deep. 6-10.
  6. Off-Topic: The Washington Nationals Thread

    And here we go. Soto gone. Too Fing late Davey.
  7. Off-Topic: The Washington Nationals Thread

    Good Cop Davey just sitting on his hands as three of his guys disagree with HP ump about the strike zone.
  8. Off-Topic: The Washington Nationals Thread

    They blew it up. But to assert that they got nothing in value in return is absurd.
  9. Off-Topic: The Washington Nationals Thread

    What does this guy know about baseball? Nada!
  10. Off-Topic: The Washington Nationals Thread

    I'll say this now. Don't like Herrera in after throwing so many pitches last night. Now expect three Ks!
  11. Off-Topic: The Washington Nationals Thread

    Glad to see someone (Madsen) has a set of nuts. Doesn't matter if it's intentional or not, when you see your guys repeatedly get plunked, you drill one of theirs. Nice job Madsen!
  12. Off-Topic: The Washington Nationals Thread

    That's what I'm guessing.
  13. Off-Topic: The Washington Nationals Thread

    Let's see... Miami's... 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 7th 8th 10th (stopped there) best prospects came to them during their "fire sale." They went from the worst farm system to one of the better farm systems.
  14. Off-Topic: The Washington Nationals Thread

    Nailed this one... https://thefandc.radio.com/shawn-kelley-opens-up-dfa-nationals "I felt like the umps, for whatever reason, were just annoyed with the game and frustrated and took it out on me," he explained. "I was getting mixed signals from the umpires and I was frustrated about that. I let my frustration get to me a little bit, and the fact that nobody came out to even argue with the umpires or question them on my behalf, because I can't get tossed out right there in that situation and make somebody else come into the game." Before Kelley gave up the homer and threw his glove, cameras caught him arguing with the umps, and him looking over to the dugout for help. Asked if it's fair to say he was upset with Martinez for not coming out, Kelley said, "Well, just anybody. I mean, pitching coach, whatever." "I was being yelled at by the umpire to slow down behind the plate," he said. "And then the guy behind me started chirping at me, telling me he was going to call a balk on me. He actually said, 'You want me to call a balk on you in a 25-1 game?' I said, 'Not really. I'm just trying to hurry up and get this over with.' And then the ump behind the plate told me 'hurry up,' and I said, 'Well you just told me to slow down.' "And then I got squeezed on a few pitches, I felt like. I just kind of felt like I was out there kind of own my own, and everybody was just having a good time not really paying attention to what was going on. And like I said, I can't go off on the umpire and get ejected right there, because then we use another pitcher and a third reliever in a 25-1 game." ... watching the game, I was thinking 'I don't give a damn what the score is, this crew is messing with Kelly and Davey should do something about it.' Instead Davey sat on his hands and tossed his player under the bus.
  15. Off-Topic: The Washington Nationals Thread

    Then fire sales are non-existent in sports. No one sells off everything regardless of price. I agree with you (said something similar) in that we probably weren't getting the value we wanted in return. Plus it sounds like the Lerners nixed any big trades the night before.