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  1. RIP AIM

    I was always a MSN guy #shrugemoji
  2. Watches

    This is my baby
  3. Bitcoin

    I hate that I keep missing these opportunities. I watched the bitcoin documentary about 2 days before it skyrocketed and I got an trading account set up.
  4. EPL Pick'em 2017/18

  5. Android Thread

    bloatware though 👎
  6. EPL Pick'em 2017/18

  7. EPL Pick'em 2017/18

    @LeeEvans @kempus @QuinneyluvsNFL @yankee0724 @The LBC @ElReyDeLosReyes @dotmotion @marky mark @Eagles $5$ @Kip Smithers @drd23 @Bianconero @BlaqOptic @Heimdallr @coors @Viewsfromthe206 @eggybucsfan31 @I_GET_SAX @xenajets @Bobby816 @Jag68Sid87 @BlaZeN37 @rcon14 @khodder @Blahman88 @Imarobot @teamorange @yankee0724 @BaltimoreTerp @O'Doyle Rules @amac @ninerfanwheelz @AustrianNiner @roysmyboy31 @xenajets @rickyt31 @charger-man @ianlewis16 @CHOMP_CHOMP @PAW @NickChowaniec @djw4bucs @RaykwonDaChef @viks4life @Canadian Saint @Dr. Philly @PurpleLion @Oregon Ducks Mid-week games included. Games coming thick and fast!!! West Ham United Chelsea Burnley Watford Crystal Palace Bournemouth Huddersfield Town Brighton & Hove Albion Newcastle United Leicester City Swansea City West Bromwich Albion Tottenham Hotspur Stoke City Southampton Arsenal Liverpool Everton Bonus Manchester United Manchester City GOTW Burnley Stoke City Huddersfield Town Chelsea Crystal Palace Watford GOTW Swansea City Manchester City West Ham United Arsenal Manchester United Bournemouth Newcastle United Everton Southampton Leicester City Bonus Liverpool West Bromwich Albion Tottenham Hotspur Brighton & Hove Albion
  8. EPL Pick'em 2017/18

    Sorry guys, these last few weeks have been hectic and the games are coming thick and fast. Will get the fixtures up tonight for this weekend.
  9. Android Thread

    Ok what phones should I look out for q1/2 2018?!
  10. Biggest rivalry in each division this decade?

    Statistically it's us and the Colts I guess.
  11. Your Perfect Typecast List

    How can you not include Hugh Grant? The ultimate posh British guy.
  12. Your Team is Granted 1 Wish....

    Yeah but if you're bad enough to lose 11 straight, I don't think having the opposition staying inside their own 5 is going to make enough of a difference over 16 games. You'll probably just set a record for yards against.
  13. Your Team is Granted 1 Wish....

    Surprised their haven't been more views for the 5-0. What's the % around making the playoffs with a perfect start? Also so these rules apply to the post season too?
  14. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Was up till 5.30 this morning drinking with our neighbours. Today was not a good day.
  15. Rick Smith Hot Seat Thread

    We Brits can be quite pedantic.