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  1. 2017/18 Europe Thread

    Liverpool 11 vs 11 are probably the 2nd best team in the PL. Problem is in the PL you need squad depth, and when your backups are Moreno, Klavan & Ings you are going to struggle.
  2. The Official Boxing Thread IV - Golovkin vs Alvarez

    So glad Warrington won.
  3. Cycling Thread: Froome does the double

    Dumolin will cream the TT though, Yates needs a 2 minute gap.
  4. 2017/18 Europe Thread

    Dreadful Europa League final. Atletico are efficient but boring as hell.
  5. If Villa repeat that performance against Fulham I can only see one team going up. Hope Shrewsbury make it up from League 1, safe standing ftw!
  6. 2017/18 EPL Thread - City Champs

    I'm fairly agnostic towards Stoke, which probably emphasizes your point as I went to uni there! 😂
  7. 2017/18 EPL Thread - City Champs

    You could say the same for Stoke or West Brom, promoted sides who establish themselves, tend to lose their way after some time as they try to play "progressive" football.
  8. The Tottenham Hotspur thread - London's best.

    So glad when Tottenham will move back to White Hart Lane. The train to Wembley is part of my route home and weeknights are ruined by their games! On a serious note though this is a great opportunity for Spurs, ok they didn't win anything and they dropped a little in the table, but they have a great manager, a great squad and a great new stadium. If they invest wisely this summer they could legitimately challenge City.
  9. TARFT: New Forum, New Thread

    Apologies for my absence, two stags in two weeks (2nd being my own) has broken me.
  10. The Official Boxing Thread IV - Golovkin vs Alvarez

    Gonna miss the Loma fight as I'm away. So gutted as I'd love to see him against another technician at a higher weight. I've been impressed with Jack lately, until he defended the WBC against some quality opponents I never thought much if him. I'm excited to see the match up with Stevenson.
  11. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    I mean, he's a bit evil.
  12. MCU: The Rankings

    Justice league 76?!!! I'd hate to see what movies you rank below 50. Justice league is about a 40 for me.
  13. MCU: The Rankings

    Wait, your 1-16 are all above that score?!
  14. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    I mean there's a part two
  15. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Infinity Wars

    Over/under a million other civilisations?