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  1. Big drama in Italy with the racist abuse aimed at Moise Kean. Doesn't paint the Italian fans in a great light, apparently this isn't the first time it's happened at Calgiari either.
  2. Went to Exeter away at the weekend, think it's the first time I've ever seen the Stags hit 4 goals home or away! Tough run in now, it's very tight at the top, aside from Lincoln who are running away with it. https://twitter.com/SkyBetLeagueTwo/status/1113182715359191041
  3. Lots of news around who Ole wants to keep and who he wants to let go. Personally happy to see the back of a lot of players, LVG and particularly Mourinho have really hampered us with their transfer policy.
  4. Incredible stadium opening for Spurs last night, legitimately one of the best new builds of recent times.
  5. Hazard + Hudson Odoi + Loftus Cheek = Success Who would of guessed? Sarri is a strange man.
  6. Surely Zizou is trolling Courtois by playing his son Luca ahead of him?
  7. Nothing announced yet but I guarantee it will be a pitiful fine and maybe a game with either a stand closed or one game behind closed doors. UEFA/FIFA aren't interested in anything other than Benjamins.
  8. Great signing for Bayern. Odd that they've suddenly been able to absolute smash their previous record. He is definitely a future superstar.
  9. Chelsea finally started Hudson-Odoi finally last night and the kid was impressive. Honestly can't believe Sarri has been successful with how stubborn he is.
  10. Had this run of results occurred right at the start I don't think we would have batted an eyelid. I think the fact that it comes off the back of such an impressive run of form it looks much worse.
  11. I don't know about you guys, but things have been absolutely hectic for me basically since I got married. Figured with all the wedding planning out of the way I would have more time, but nope!
  12. 14 unbeaten in the league. Just one defeat all season.
  13. It's been Mourinho's mantra since he got here. Zero growth. Stifling youth.
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