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  1. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I mean they are continuing Suits without two of the main protagonists. If that isn't a shameless money grab, I don't know what is. Aren't they bringing back Prison Break too? Jeez.
  2. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    You have 9 seasons? Honest questions here, why do American producers hardly ever know when to end a series?
  3. Based on? He was average against every half decent side.
  4. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    Schmeichel, Pickford, Subasic all had more impressive tournaments.
  5. The MLS Thread, Part V

    Sporting Kansas?
  6. Who was faster? Chris Johnson or Randy Moss

    Bit like Usain Bolt vs Asafa Powell.
  7. Texans off-season thread

    If we can get even the 20th best unit it will be an upgrade.
  8. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    UK office >>>>>> US office
  9. @stl4life07 worst case scenario means, in the event your best players get injured etc.
  10. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    Won the golden glove somehow
  11. Alcohol Thread!

    It's one of my free social media outlets and I have only two contacts 😂
  12. Alcohol Thread!

    Was looking for friends more than anything lol
  13. Serie A Ufficiale - Welcome Cristiano Ronaldo

    Oh good that should end the Juventus stranglehold....
  14. Because they've only won it once previously