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  1. 2018 Draft Grades

    Statistically speaking he was. He has a bit of windup when throwing deep though and he's generally considered to have below average arm strength. Full disclosure - I haven't watched him play. I'm just regurgitating what I've read online.
  2. 2018 Draft Grades

    Billy Price: B Bengals absolutely had to get a center in the first two rounds of this draft, but I maintain that I feel like Price was a reach. I also liked Daniels much more as a prospect. Price is an upgrade over Bodine, no question, but I feel the Bengals could have done better here. Jessie Bates III: B- Didn't mind the position chosen - Bengals clearly have been trying to add a ballhawking safety the entire offseason. This was another case of me liking another prospect (Justin Reid) significantly more. I have questions about Bates' ability to hold up in the run game. Sam Hubbard: A My favorite pick of the draft - I would have been perfectly fine with Hubbard in round 2. Extremely hard worker and a motor that never quits. I think he is a long-term starter on the DL, sooner rather than later. Malik Jefferson: B+ Thought this was a very good value pick, and it was nice to see the Bengals take a LB a little earlier than I expected. Guy has a ton of potential but needs a lot of work - his play recognition isn't great. He's currently a bull in a china shop. The talent and athleticism is there for him to be a long-term starter. Mark Walton: C- Probably my least favorite pick of the draft. Walton will have a hard time seeing the field with Mixon/Gio in the fold and the coaches rave about his ST ability - 4th round is way too early to take someone who you seem to primarily be thinking about special teams with. Bengals needed a 3rd RB, I get that, but this is a position I would have greatly preferred the Bengals waited a round on and taken an OT instead. Davontae Harris: C Small school prospect with good ball skills. Adds depth to a position that already has plenty of it. Andrew Brown: B- Bengals needed another DT. Brown has talent, but I greatly preferred Tim Settle here. Darius Phillips: C+ A ballhawking CB with return ability. Two CBs in the 5th was redundant. Logan Woodside: B My favorite day 3 pick (though that's not saying much). Doesn't have a great arm but he's accurate and has moxie. I think he competes for the backup QB role even as a rookie (I'm not high at all on Driskel or Barkley). Rod Taylor: C- Bengals finally address the offensive line again but Taylor is unimpressive as a prospect. Highly rated recruit who underwhelmed in his career. Auden Tate: C Good red zone target whose feet are stuck in the ground. Overall grade: B- Overall, Bengals hit their biggest need and added some nice talent on day 2 of the draft. This grade isn't higher for me as in the first two rounds they, in my opinion, took lesser prospects at targeted positions and more importantly, more or less ignored the OL after round 1. The Bengals have nothing at OT after Glenn and perhaps Fisher, and if Glenn was to get hurt, the OL is back to being a disaster. If Ogbuehi or Hart get meaningful snaps at OT then we're in big trouble. I would have greatly preferred an OT in round 4 (Will Richardson, Tyrell Crosby, etc.) instead of a RB, and I really don't understand the need for two corners in round 5. We added talent and depth, but the right side of the line is still a big question mark. Decent overall draft that, to me, feels like it could have been better.
  3. Rounds 4-7

    Some others - QB Quinton Flowers DE Ja'Von Rolland-Jones RB Ray Lawry III TE Jordan Franks
  4. Rounds 4-7

    Add WR Adonis Jennings and LB Junior Joseph to the list.
  5. Rounds 4-7

    Apparently we've signed S Trayvon Henderson. And LB Chris Worley.
  6. Rounds 4-7

    I like Woodside - he could potentially stick as a backup. Likely practice squad year 1. Never heard of the OG we drafted. I'd be surprised if he makes the team. Maybe practice squad, maybe cut. Tate has great size and is a good red zone target. He's slow though. Very slow. Would be shocked if he made the 53 man, but he's a practice squad candidate. Some UDFA I'd be trying like hell to get: OT Desmond Harrison OT Brett Toth OG Tony Adams OG Toby Weathersby WR Allen Lazard WR Simmie Cobbs LB Tegray Scales S Quin Blanding S Quenton Meeks K Eddie Pineiro
  7. Rounds 4-7

    That's about where I'm at, maybe slightly better. Wanted Daniels over Price but Price should be a rock solid starter in the NFL. Wanted Reid over Bates but Bates at least fits what they're looking for. Loved the 3rd round selections. Not making any real sense out of our day 3 selections. We needed a CB, sure, but I don't understand taking two. Liked Settle much more than Brown. The most glaring oversight to me is ignoring OT. After Glenn and Fisher, our OT depth is Ogbuehi and Hart, neither of whom I believe are real NFL players. Why in the world we didn't take a guy like Crosby or Jones to add depth as a swing tackle is beyond me. Here's to hoping Frank Pollack is the real deal - he has his work cut out for him. Would love ESB in the late 7th but doubt he falls that far. Wouldn't mind a kicker being taken. Desmond Harrison is available at OT and has talent but is very raw. Jaryd Jones-Smith is a decent pass blocker but needs a lot of work run blocking; I suspect either of them, even in the late 7th, could supplant Ogbuehi or Hart as a swing tackle. That's how highly I think of both. Brett Toth would be a good fit as well.
  8. Rounds 4-7

    It's too bad that most kickoffs in today's game result in touchbacks and that the NFL is considering doing away with them altogether.
  9. Rounds 4-7

    Another CB. I have no idea what we're doing. This has been a horrendous day 3. Apparently no one in the front office is aware of the fact that we had the worst offense in the NFL last season.
  10. Rounds 4-7

    I get sticking to your board. Really, I do. That said, I'm also confused as to why this draft is so defense heavy, especially once you consider how awful the offense was last year. Really, really surprised we've ignored OT. Hoping our last pick of the 5th is Jamarco Jones, Equanimous St. Brown, or Falk. Don't care much about the 7th rounders - they're lottery picks. That said, kicker is an obvious target in round 7 and probably TE as well.
  11. Rounds 4-7

    Meh. Position the Bengals could use more depth but Settle is a much better prospect. Haven't been impressed with our day 3. Can't believe we've ignored OT and some of these picks are just head scratchers.
  12. Rounds 4-7

    Crosby off the board. Bengals must feel very comfortable with what they have at OT. I don't, but apparently they do... Equanimous St Brown would be a really good pick coming up... As would Tim Settle or JaMarcus Jones. I even don't mind Luke Falk at this point.
  13. Rounds 4-7

    Can't say I understand this one. Small back with durability concerns and runs a 4.6 40. Team already has Mixon and Gio - he's going to have a hard time seeing the field. First pick we've made that I really don't understand. Didn't love Price in round 1 but I at least get it. This one doesn't make any sense. Team must be very confident in Jake Fisher being able to man RT. I would have taken Crosby there to give him some legitimate competition. Also would have liked Tim Settle, as Andrew Billings hasn't shown much to date.
  14. Rounds 2-3

    The Bates pick is a B for me. He fits what they're looking for - a ballhawking FS who they can play in the two deep on nickel downs, and possibly move Williams up to a nickel LB role (only on nickel downs). I suspect Bates will get a little bit of time this year in subpackages. Again, Austin wants guys who can create turnovers and Bates does that. However, I greatly preferred Justin Reid there, so I can't go higher than a B. The Hubbard pick is an A for me. Easily my favorite pick of the draft so far. Would have been happy with him in the 2nd. We don't have a ton of depth at DE and Hubbard has a motor that never stops. Highly productive in college and I think there's a strong chance he develops into a long term starter for the team. Guy was a late 1st/early 2nd value and they got him mid 3rd. Just a great pick. Jefferson gets a B+ for me. He is highly athletic (like, highly, highly athletic). He has a lot to work on in terms of being a good NFL LB - his instincts and play recognition just isn't there right now. That said, he has athletic traits that just can't be coached, is good in coverage, and could contribute in the nickel as a rookie. Will definitely contribute on special teams and if his play recognition/fundamentals improve, he could be a long term starter. Hubbard was a safer pick; Jefferson is a high ceiling/low floor type. At this stage I thought he was solid value. Overall we've had a good day 2. I don't hate Price at 21, just preferred Daniels (there may be some medical red flags on him though). Overall, we're having a solid draft. We still could use an OT for depth and could use a good run stuffer. Here's my top targets for round 4 going into tomorrow (in order): 1) Tim Settle DT 2) Tyrell Crosby OT 3) Will Richardson OT 4) Jamarco Jones OT 5) Luke Falk QB 6) Equanimeous St. Brown WR 7) Dasean Hamilton WR 8) Wyatt Teller OG 9) Colby Gossett OT/OG 10) Ian Thomas TE 11) Da'shawn Hand DE/DT 12) Andrew Brown DT You obviously have to consider Maurice Hurst - if he's healthy he's no doubt the best on the board. However, there is legitimate concern that his heart condition will prevent him from having a NFL career, so I'm hesitant to really put him on the board. We're at a point though where he's worth the risk, if you get something resembling a green light on his medicals. I'd be looking to go with one of the OTs in round 4 tomorrow if Settle is off the board, as there really isn't much left at OT after these guys, IMO. I think Settle has far greater upside than anyone left (other than the aforementioned Hurst), so if he's available I'd pull the trigger on him instead.
  15. Round 1 Talk

    Really did not care at all for this pick - much preferred Daniels OR Wynn. Hell, I would have preferred Lamar even. Price has a very concerning injury - there's no guarantee he'll be ready for the start of the year or that he'll be able to hold up this season. It's not like he's able to do much in the way of upper body workouts right now; he's likely coming into camp weaker than usual. He is overly aggressive in his blocks and his pass protection is average at best. He's an upgrade to Bodine, and I like his mean steak/demeanor, but I think we could have gotten him or a similar prospect at 46. I personally think Lamar Jackson is the real deal and hated seeing the Ravens get him. Felt like the cherry on top of a crap sundae. Lot of really good prospects currently available. Would be happy with another OL (Daniels, Hernandez, Williams, Corbett, Crosby), Landry, Reid, Harrison, Jackson, Hurst, Hubbard... If we get one of them that will take a bit of the sting out of this pick for me.