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  1. 1. Devin Bush, LB 2. Max Scharping, OT 3. Ryan Finley, QB 4. Darius Slayton, WR 5. Cortez Broughton, DT 6A. Derick Roberson, DE 6B. Dax Raymond, TE 6C. Sione Takitaki, LB 6D. Jordan Scarlett, RB 6E. Tyre Brady, WR 7. Tyree Kinnel, S
  2. Mock 2.0 - I fully expect the Bengals to package some of the 6ths to move up at some point, but for mock purposes I'm not going to project any trades. 1.11 Devin Bush, LB, Michigan It’s no secret that LB is a major need for the Bengals, and there is a huge dropoff in LB talent once you get past the two Devins. Truthfully, I feel like it’s 50/50 at best that one is available here, and if neither are, I feel like they’re more likely to go the OT route. For mock purposes, let’s assume Bush is available. Bush has great speed for the position and has elite athleticism. Very good in coverage (something the Bengals desperately lack from their current LB core) and is a mean player. If he was two inches taller, he’d probably be a top 5-7 pick (could be anyway). Projects best as an impact WILL LB but could slide to MLB if needed. Provides a jolt to a position area that desperately needs it. 2.10 Max Scharping, OT, Northern Illinois OT is another big need for the Bengals and a position I could easily see them going with in the first round. Bobby Hart is a band-aid at RT (and a poor one at that), and a long term answer is needed. Scharping started 53 games in his career and was first team all-MAC three times. Played very well vs FSU’s Brian Burns in 2018. Not an elite athlete but has a high football IQ that he uses to his advantage. Allowed only one sack his last three seasons. Could easily push Hart for a starting gig as a rookie (and given Glenn’s injury concerns, he likely finds his way to the field at some point regardless). 3.8 Ryan Finley, QB, N.C. State It’s possible the Bengals go with a QB in round 1 but I think it’s unlikely. I think the plan is for Dalton to start this season and Taylor look for the long term answer in next year’s better QB class. Meanwhile, the Bengals need an upgrade at backup QB and someone who could potentially start a few games in 2020 while a rookie develops (in the event Dalton is traded for a pick next offseason, which I see as a real possibility). Finley has good size for the position but only average arm strength. Relatively accurate QB but doesn’t really wow you. Not very mobile in the pocket. Doesn’t take a lot of chances at QB. Honestly, reminds me a bit of a less mobile version of Dalton. He projects to be a good backup and spot starter, but I don’t expect much more. I’d prefer Grier or even Jackson here, but I think they’re much higher on Finley. 4.8. Darius Slayton, WR, Auburn Slayton is a burner and fantastic deep threat – has great speed and acceleration. Needs to work on his route running a bit and high-pointing the ball however. Could easily push Ross out of a job in Cincy – a guy I really like and wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a day 2 pick. High upside guy. 5.11 Cortez Broughton, DT, Cincinnati Bengals are likely to be looking at defensive linemen in this draft (truthfully, it would be a bit of a surprise if the first they take comes in the 5th round) and here’s a local guy. Boughton had a nice senior season with 17.5 TFL. Has very good initial quickness and has some burst; his technique is hit or miss. Adds depth to a position that needs it, and could potentially see some snaps as a rookie. 6.10 Derick Roberson, DE, Sam Houston St. Originally a 4 star recruit in high school who began his career at Texas, Roberson transferred to Sam Houston and had a superb senior season with 15 sacks. Has a very good first step and violent hands. Has good length as well. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him go in the 4th or 5th. High risk, high reward pick (these are the kinds of picks I like in the 6th round). 6.25 Dax Raymond, TE, Utah State Raymond has good size and is a good athlete. Good YAC guy for a TE. Gives good effort as a run blocker. Route running needs work. Needs some time to develop but one of my favorite day 3 TEs. 6.37 Sione Takitaki, LB, BYU Tough LB who doesn’t shy away from contact. Has some relatively minor character concerns. Plays with great effort and speed, but his technique needs work. Adds depth to a position that needs it. 6.38 Jordan Scarlett, RB, Florida Bengals are likely to draft a RB at some point on day 3 given Walton being booted from the team; hopefully they wait until the 6th round to do it. Another guy with some character concerns (missed 2017 due to suspension), Scarlett has more than enough speed and is a tough runner. Not a great receiver out of the backfield but given how strong Mixon and Gio are in these areas, I don’t see it as much of a big deal. He adds depth and can likely contribute on special teams. 6.40 Tyre Brady, WR, Marshall Tall WR who has good length, acceleration, and ball skills. Did not run a good 40 at his pro day. Like many guys who will get drafted in this area, has several areas he needs to work on. Needs to refine his route running. I like him as a practice squad guy who can develop. 7.9 Tyree Kinnel, S, Michigan Physical safety prospect who plays well vs the run and on special teams. Athletic for the position but doesn’t flash much vs the pass. Was a captain at Michigan. For the record, assuming no trades, this is an A- draft for me... which means it won't happen, of course.
  3. Thanks for the feedback (as well as from the rest). I used to come around more often - nothing to do with the crew here, it's a great bunch of guys. The last couple of seasons have burned me out a bit. Plus, life and stuff has gotten in the way. Hoping for the best from Zac Taylor; I don't think he has gotten off to a banter start. Regarding Gary - yes, he definitely looks the part of a boom or bust prospect, and I think an argument can easily be made that when picking at 11 someone with a higher floor is probably desired. Few have his athletic traits and raw power, and I do think he was playing out of position at UM. He would be a guy who you're obviously hoping gives you better production in the pros than college. That does happen sometimes, but not often, so I understand why some would have significant reservations about him. I think he's likely to be available at 11 and likely lands somewhere in the middle of the 1st. Agreed on Risner - seems unlikely he's dropping to 42. I'm likely going to post a final mock later tonight or tomorrow evening... some changes will be forthcoming now that we have additional information.
  4. Hi guys, Hope you're all doing well - I had some free time this Saturday afternoon and put together my first mock of the year. I think we can all agree that free agency has been underwhelming, to say the least. I was hoping the Taylor hire would spark real change but nearly a week into free agency and it's same ol' Bengals stuff. With that in mind, I'm going to make a mock based on what I think they do, not necessarily what I would do. The key caveat here - I don't think QB is going to be a huge focus. This QB class is very "meh" and next year's should be very good. Plus, I don't think the team is likely to be particularly good next year, and I don't think we'll have any trouble landing a top 10 pick. It's going to be a long year, fellas. One additional caveat - I have mocked this draft without trades, but I think it's very likely at least one pick is traded; 11, with five in the 6th, is a lot... Anyway, without further adieu... 1.11 - Rashan Gary, DE, Michigan Yes, DE isn't a huge need, and there's a pretty decent chance Gary is not available at 11, but the mock I did goes under the assumption White was not available and Gary was. Gary is a great height/weight/speed combo and is a top notch bull rusher. Could develop into an elite DE. Hubbard flashed but his upside is limited, Lawson hasn't shown to be much more than an edge rusher (hopefully the new staff will unleash him), and Dunlap is getting a long in the tooth. In spite of the talent on the defensive line it found a way to underwhelm last season. I view Gary as the best player available here and with the Bobby Hart deal (yuck), I don't think an OT is happening in round 1. A DL or LB is most likely. 2.10 - Dalton Risner, OT, Kansas St. Risner's tape stands out more than his measurables. Good strength and strong hands. Has some positional flexibility too. I think the Bengals would be lucky to land him here. In all likelihood better than Bobby Hart as it is and you would think/hope he could supplant him at RT in training camp. 3.8 - Te'von Coney, LB, Notre Dame About as consistent as they come and has good instincts. Good short area burst and good in zone coverage. Has potential to turn into an average to above average starter (which would be quite an upgrade for this team). 4.8 - David Long, CB, Michigan Doesn't have great height or length but is a physical corner who plays with great focus. Very good in press coverage. Competes for reps as a rookie. 5.11 - Ryan Finley, QB, N.C. State Developmental QB for Taylor - likely wins the backup job as a rookie. Very accurate, doesn't panic in the pocket. Good at reading coverages pre-snap. Average release and arm strength. 6.10 - Drew Sample, TE, Washington Tough run blocking TE who has potential as a pass catcher. Needs to work on his routes. 6.25 - Alex Bars, OG, Notre Dame Potential day 2 selection before an ACL tear cut his season short. Technique needs work but was a productive three year starter on a team that consistently produces very good offensive lines. 6.37 - Marvell Tell, S, USC Athletic safety prospect who is good in coverage. Thin frame and needs serious improvement as a tackler. 6.38 - Johnnie Dixon, WR, Ohio St. Good top end speed but doesn't have much size or length. Quick enough to be an effective slot receiver but route running needs work. 6.40 - Tony Pollard, RB, Memphis Versatile and athletic RB. May be able to seize RB3 role over Walton, given his numerous issues. 7.9 - Jeff Allison, LB, Fresno St. Athletic and productive LB in college. Technique needs work - developmental, practice squad LB.
  5. Statistically speaking he was. He has a bit of windup when throwing deep though and he's generally considered to have below average arm strength. Full disclosure - I haven't watched him play. I'm just regurgitating what I've read online.
  6. Billy Price: B Bengals absolutely had to get a center in the first two rounds of this draft, but I maintain that I feel like Price was a reach. I also liked Daniels much more as a prospect. Price is an upgrade over Bodine, no question, but I feel the Bengals could have done better here. Jessie Bates III: B- Didn't mind the position chosen - Bengals clearly have been trying to add a ballhawking safety the entire offseason. This was another case of me liking another prospect (Justin Reid) significantly more. I have questions about Bates' ability to hold up in the run game. Sam Hubbard: A My favorite pick of the draft - I would have been perfectly fine with Hubbard in round 2. Extremely hard worker and a motor that never quits. I think he is a long-term starter on the DL, sooner rather than later. Malik Jefferson: B+ Thought this was a very good value pick, and it was nice to see the Bengals take a LB a little earlier than I expected. Guy has a ton of potential but needs a lot of work - his play recognition isn't great. He's currently a bull in a china shop. The talent and athleticism is there for him to be a long-term starter. Mark Walton: C- Probably my least favorite pick of the draft. Walton will have a hard time seeing the field with Mixon/Gio in the fold and the coaches rave about his ST ability - 4th round is way too early to take someone who you seem to primarily be thinking about special teams with. Bengals needed a 3rd RB, I get that, but this is a position I would have greatly preferred the Bengals waited a round on and taken an OT instead. Davontae Harris: C Small school prospect with good ball skills. Adds depth to a position that already has plenty of it. Andrew Brown: B- Bengals needed another DT. Brown has talent, but I greatly preferred Tim Settle here. Darius Phillips: C+ A ballhawking CB with return ability. Two CBs in the 5th was redundant. Logan Woodside: B My favorite day 3 pick (though that's not saying much). Doesn't have a great arm but he's accurate and has moxie. I think he competes for the backup QB role even as a rookie (I'm not high at all on Driskel or Barkley). Rod Taylor: C- Bengals finally address the offensive line again but Taylor is unimpressive as a prospect. Highly rated recruit who underwhelmed in his career. Auden Tate: C Good red zone target whose feet are stuck in the ground. Overall grade: B- Overall, Bengals hit their biggest need and added some nice talent on day 2 of the draft. This grade isn't higher for me as in the first two rounds they, in my opinion, took lesser prospects at targeted positions and more importantly, more or less ignored the OL after round 1. The Bengals have nothing at OT after Glenn and perhaps Fisher, and if Glenn was to get hurt, the OL is back to being a disaster. If Ogbuehi or Hart get meaningful snaps at OT then we're in big trouble. I would have greatly preferred an OT in round 4 (Will Richardson, Tyrell Crosby, etc.) instead of a RB, and I really don't understand the need for two corners in round 5. We added talent and depth, but the right side of the line is still a big question mark. Decent overall draft that, to me, feels like it could have been better.
  7. Some others - QB Quinton Flowers DE Ja'Von Rolland-Jones RB Ray Lawry III TE Jordan Franks
  8. Add WR Adonis Jennings and LB Junior Joseph to the list.
  9. Apparently we've signed S Trayvon Henderson. And LB Chris Worley.
  10. I like Woodside - he could potentially stick as a backup. Likely practice squad year 1. Never heard of the OG we drafted. I'd be surprised if he makes the team. Maybe practice squad, maybe cut. Tate has great size and is a good red zone target. He's slow though. Very slow. Would be shocked if he made the 53 man, but he's a practice squad candidate. Some UDFA I'd be trying like hell to get: OT Desmond Harrison OT Brett Toth OG Tony Adams OG Toby Weathersby WR Allen Lazard WR Simmie Cobbs LB Tegray Scales S Quin Blanding S Quenton Meeks K Eddie Pineiro
  11. That's about where I'm at, maybe slightly better. Wanted Daniels over Price but Price should be a rock solid starter in the NFL. Wanted Reid over Bates but Bates at least fits what they're looking for. Loved the 3rd round selections. Not making any real sense out of our day 3 selections. We needed a CB, sure, but I don't understand taking two. Liked Settle much more than Brown. The most glaring oversight to me is ignoring OT. After Glenn and Fisher, our OT depth is Ogbuehi and Hart, neither of whom I believe are real NFL players. Why in the world we didn't take a guy like Crosby or Jones to add depth as a swing tackle is beyond me. Here's to hoping Frank Pollack is the real deal - he has his work cut out for him. Would love ESB in the late 7th but doubt he falls that far. Wouldn't mind a kicker being taken. Desmond Harrison is available at OT and has talent but is very raw. Jaryd Jones-Smith is a decent pass blocker but needs a lot of work run blocking; I suspect either of them, even in the late 7th, could supplant Ogbuehi or Hart as a swing tackle. That's how highly I think of both. Brett Toth would be a good fit as well.
  12. It's too bad that most kickoffs in today's game result in touchbacks and that the NFL is considering doing away with them altogether.
  13. Another CB. I have no idea what we're doing. This has been a horrendous day 3. Apparently no one in the front office is aware of the fact that we had the worst offense in the NFL last season.
  14. I get sticking to your board. Really, I do. That said, I'm also confused as to why this draft is so defense heavy, especially once you consider how awful the offense was last year. Really, really surprised we've ignored OT. Hoping our last pick of the 5th is Jamarco Jones, Equanimous St. Brown, or Falk. Don't care much about the 7th rounders - they're lottery picks. That said, kicker is an obvious target in round 7 and probably TE as well.
  15. Meh. Position the Bengals could use more depth but Settle is a much better prospect. Haven't been impressed with our day 3. Can't believe we've ignored OT and some of these picks are just head scratchers.
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