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  1. We 10000% cannot let Brown leave Jayon is our best LB. I do think he’s ahead of Rashaan, who I’m patiently waiting to become a consistent impact player
  2. Im giving this team the benefit of the doubt in that -- when they identify a problem, they get it cleaned up pretty quickly. In this case, our run D sucks and needs to be fixed immediately. Tackling, discipline and effort alone is a huge part of run D and something that "could" be cleaned up quickly. I do think we will clean up the run D and slow down Cook. titans 31 vikings 20
  3. Hump keeps coming up with tight catches in traffic, though. He's really good at what he does. Going to be hard to replace. In any case, I think Batson may be a stronger weapon than Raymond. Both guys are super quick but Batson seems to be on a different level
  4. Heavy dose of 22 coming up in the second half
  5. I noticed the same thing There was also a 3rd-and-long in the first half in which the WRs were: Hump, Hollister and Raymond I spit out my coffee!
  6. I just hope we don’t see any more sets in which Raymond is the lone WR on the field. We may be putting something on film to try and trick a D later in the year, but that type of personnel doesn’t make sense to me. I think he was the single WR 3 or 4 times
  7. Im not worried about Art. Week 1, no preseason, against a stingy defense who wouldn’t give up the big play i just don’t want us to waste time and try and turn Raymond into anything more than a one-trick pony, because it’s not gonna happen
  8. I think Fangio just knows how to get his D ready and take away a team's best threat. Broncos played really disciplined ball last night and kept Henry under wraps. It happens Raymond was the worst player on offense last night for us.
  9. Two things need to happen next week 1. new kicker 2. Raymond’s number of snaps cut in half
  10. The play where Raymond dropped the ball just now was Hollister/Raymond/Hump
  11. Sloppy first half, shaking a lot of rust off hoping for some halftime adjustments
  12. In what world should both AJ and Corey be off the field in a 3 WR set like they just were
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