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  1. Is it Time ??

    I just think that the team as a whole is broken right now. Yea Marcus missed the Taywan throw, but I'm not going to get hung up on that when he's been very solid on his deep ball all year. Yesterday was a terrible game where we weren't prepared offensively at all. He has nobody to throw the ball to outside of Davis. That's just the reality of it. I get that great players overcome mediocre teams ala Andrew Luck, but even TY Hilton is way better than anything else we got.
  2. Week 6 GDT - Ravens @ Titans

    I’m not trying to defend Marcus here, but Aaron Rodgers on his best day would have struggled mightily with the way our OL played
  3. Week 6 GDT - Ravens @ Titans

    I was watching this game with the same apathy that I watched our 3-13/2-14 teams with. You just knew it was going to be terrible and that we were going to play terribly
  4. Week 6 GDT - Ravens @ Titans

    Yea like Malcolm butler! (I agree with you tho)
  5. Week 6 GDT - Ravens @ Titans

    We can’t even block
  6. Week 6 GDT - Ravens @ Titans

    I’m pissed I bought a “for the boys” shirt after the Philly win
  7. Week 6 GDT - Ravens @ Titans

    Why did we decide to stop targeting Davis after the eagles game ?
  8. Week 6 GDT - Ravens @ Titans

    Worst 1Q all season
  9. Week 6 GDT - Ravens @ Titans

    Butler just stinks right now
  10. Someone said it on Twitter a few days ago...but it may be worth trying to get Jonnu a couple easy catches in the first quarter to build his confidence. LeFleur is good enough of a play designer to get me open...I'm sure we could do that with Jonnu. We need him to grow up fast and can't afford to give up on him right now.
  11. thanks for reading and for the kind words, @KingTitan and @ragevsuall17! like I mentioned a few weeks ago...doing this is just a good escape from a mundane 9-5. obviously more than happy to use these threads as discussion points, too! (even though we talk about a lot of these things in other threads) One thing that I kind of came to a realization here was the whole idea that we're learning to win consistently still. For some teams -- specifically the Rams -- it came very quickly. Perhaps we do not have the offensive talent quite yet to win consistently, but it has definitely been more of a process for us than other teams. I think we've gotten stronger year-to-year in the JRob era, but have yet to REALY take that evident next step. Part of this could be that many of our key players that we rely on week-to-week still aren't quite "wiley vets" yet, and they have to make mistakes (like not preparing for Buffalo and running their mouths about the media) to learn from them
  12. Mike Vrabel and Jon Robinson are committed to ensuring that we’re no longer the same old Titans, but damn, this is getting old. After rattling off three straight wins – each more impressive than the one prior – the Titans fell on their faces while visiting the Buffalo Bills, losing 13-12 on a last second field goal. Embarrassingly enough, the score does not do justice to the way Buffalo performed Sunday, as they overpowered the Titans in the trenches, swarmed to the ball on defense, and predictably ground-and-pounded their way to long, time-consuming drives. The game reeks of a familiar stench and brings back memories of last year’s late season losses against the lowly 49ers and Cardinals, losses that eventually cost the Titans the division. Titan fans hoped that a change in coaching staff would have remedied the team’s penchant for playing down to the level of their opponents, but this issue is clearly rooted in something much deeper. The confidence exuded from players this past week, demanding national attention and respect from the media after starting the season 3-1, proved to be naïve arrogance, as this team – no, franchise – is still learning how to win consistently and convincingly. It’s proving to be a laborious and fickle process. It was evident from the start, when the ball popped out of Taywan Taylor’s arms on the second play from scrimmage, that the Titans lacked the necessary focus for the game. This was amplified even louder on Buffalo’s ensuing possession, as rookie QB Josh Allen scrambled for a touchdown, making pass rusher Kamalei Correa pay for his terrible angle. The Titans continued their sloppy play throughout the rest of the day, with an inexcusable drop by Nick Williams – that would have certainly gone for a touchdown – putting an exclamation point on their frustrating performance. While it’s difficult to identify the true reason for the Titans’ perpetual inability to cruise to victories over less-talented teams, this loss highlighted obvious issues that were disguised by the winning streak. Poor tackling and issues stopping the run are more recent concerns when considering years past, but the lack of a reliable and consistent receiving corps continues to haunt the Titans. Mariota has been consistently let down by a patchwork group of receivers, and the losses of Delanie Walker and Rishard Matthews have never stung so painfully. Second year tight end Jonnu Smith has disappeared during his opportunity to cement himself as a contributor for this offense, and the quartet of Taywan Taylor, Tajae Sharpe, Darius Jennings and the now-cut Nick Williams are clearly unable to combine and provide the consistency that Matthews gave this team. While it would have been impossible for the depth-conscious Jon Robinson to foresee losing the Titans’ top two receiving targets so early in the season, his neglect to improving the depth at receiver has put the offense in a difficult position. The Titans return home to play the Baltimore Ravens, another team coming off a disappointing loss to an inferior opponent, this Sunday. History would tell us that the Titans will rise to the occasion and compete against another strong team. This may be the case on Sunday, but moving forward, the Titans will need to simultaneously learn how to mentally prepare and focus for each game, while solving for their crippling receiving issues on offense.
  13. Week 5 thoughts

    Must see TV!!
  14. Mariota expectations

    If Mariota was in the Rams offense, you couldn't convince me that he wouldn't be putting up big numbers.
  15. Official We Need Help at WR Thread

    Cooper is baffling to me, as well. He was supposed to be the next Reggie Wayne...almost sure-fire pick. Very shocked he's had as pedestrian of a career that he's had.