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  1. Ranking The Roster - #10

    Butler has to be the guy here evans needs to show a lot more consistency this year.
  2. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    KB has a great personality but never had the work ethic or maturity to reach his potential Glad that JRob doesn't reach for guys like that. Anyone we draft is going to be a hard-worker who loves football.
  3. Ranking The Roster - #7

    Jayon Brown is an AWESOME linebacker. Right now he's better than Evans, but Evans' ceiling, to me, is very high. I'm really anxious for us to lock up Jayon
  4. Ranking The Roster - #7

    Admittedly Kern slipped my mind because I was looking at guys on the current poll. Def a top 10 titan man we are so much more talented than we were 5 years ago. we're talking about a guy like Roger Saffold being the 9/10th best player on this team. How many NFL teams would have Roger Saffold as their 10th best player?
  5. Ranking The Roster - #7

    Went Saffold think our final 4 should be composed of saffold, Jayon, Butler and Vaccaro
  6. Ranking The Roster - #6

    I think the sixth best player on our team is either Saffold or Butler. I went Saffold butler really is a hell of a cornerback
  7. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    We definitely have an objectively strong team. 10000% we can hang with anybody Just gotta keep getting better. This is gonna be a long process, but we are getting better and better and it’s very exciting
  8. Titans Resign Ryan Tannehill

    49ers also just lost the super bowl because, when push came to shove, their QB couldn't make the throws he needed to I hear what you're saying and don't disagree. But you're not winning a super bowl w/o a QB who's going to be able to come through in those moments for you. Unless you have an absolutely elite defense, which we won't have as long as we cannot rush the passer
  9. Titans Resign Ryan Tannehill

    agree but that's probably not going to win us a super bowl
  10. Titans Resign Ryan Tannehill

    do you have faith in Tannehill to put this team on his back and carry us to victories a la Wilson, Mahomes, Rodgers, etc? edit for clarity -- I'm not talking about every single game. I'm talking about games when you get behind in the second half and need your QB to go out and win you the game
  11. Titans Resign Ryan Tannehill

    I don't necessarily know if it's worth 30m/year. What's the alternative? Start from scratch and move away from the guy who made us competitive? I dislike the contract...it's too committal for me. But I don't think we could've risked losing Tanny. I'm not one who necessarily believes in "championship windows," especially in this league. One thing we are doing is building a strong team across all non-QB positions, and I am confident in JRob to continue doing that. The time will come, though, where we need to draft and invest in a young QB that we envision as the franchise guy.
  12. Titans Resign Ryan Tannehill

    Second half of KC was bad, but our coaches had no 'plan B' for that game jury's out on RT for sure. I expect him to be somewhere between his Miami-self and his great play from last year he's not a guy that's going to put you on his back and win games. that's my biggest issue with him, but there are a small handful of guys that can do that for a team. I just hope that, when we have a chance in the future to 'get' that guy, we don't balk at the opportunity
  13. Ranking The Roster - #4

    RT17 here
  14. Ranking The Roster - #3

    I went Tanny Lewan is a better LT than Tanny is a QB. But tannys impact for the team is much greater. Kinda like why Henry was my choice over Byard
  15. Ranking The Roster - #3

    I'll just say this about AJ Brown He's the first Titan since CJ2K where, every time he touches the ball, I know that there's an opportunity he might take it to the house Henry is similar, but AJ is just such an explosive and special player