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  1. ah, a democratic mod. does that make @titans0021the dictator of titania?
  2. getting traded for a 7th rounder is insulting. and Casey even went on record saying he was pissed
  3. Think we need two separate threads One that @KingTitanunlocks only to share updates from TGOTG and then immediately locks after And another that's always unlocked to discuss the TGOTG updates
  4. Such a crazy idea!!! This is why I’m really interested in Pep Hamilton. He gets the importance of throwing the ball and good QB play
  5. A disciplined defense can successfully sell-out and "remove" Henry from the game. We saw it against Baltimore and KC in the AFCCG You cannot win a super bowl solely on the back of your RB. Not gonna happen. AJ is an absolute game breaker who is only going to get better. He's going to be as good of a WR as Derrick is a RB...if we give him the opportunity to.
  6. As a fan, yea If I'm Casey...I'm not coming back to tennessee
  7. the day we realize that we need to make Ryan/AJ as big of a part of our offense as Derrick is the day that our offense will be able to "hang" in January
  8. I think Davis is gone. I do hope we make a play for Marvin Jones, as I've mentioned before. I think Jonnu is going to be cheaper than we might think. He'd be the first one of those three I'd bring back. Jayon is interesting. His stock is low right now. I think it'll depend on if JRob thinks we can improve at that position. I do think we need a bit more size at LB, but Jayon's coverage ability is so valuable. He's also a playmaker. One guy I do want to try and bring back is King. Our secondary was bad this year, but he just seems like a "piece" to me, especially with a DC
  9. 1000% honestly, with all due respect to Davis who on a weekly basis will have a higher “boom” potential than Jones, I think Jones is a better #2 receiver than Davis consistent, tough, goes over the middle. A bit under the radar. Great football player
  10. As the great CJ2K once said If you're scared, go to church
  11. Vrabel has shown to often be aggressive, this time against Baltimore he balked. I’m not too worried moving forward, just observing from this particular postseason
  12. we played scared GB played scared Buffalo played terrified not how you win in january (KC was going to the SB regardless, tho)
  13. Brady was awful for the final 30 mins He was awesome for the first 30 He's old. His arm isn't what it was. He benefitted from a great D like he often has and also a ton of talent on O. But he's going to the Super Bowl once again. He does make the difference. Probably not right for us. Our D is so bad it wouldn't have made a difference. Or maybe we just convince ourselves of that. Because he's the greatest football player of all time.
  14. Aaron should’ve run on third kicking a FG was moronic
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