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  1. Thread about Vrabel - praise, complain, vent, etc Now that the emotions from today have lowered a bit...it is frustrating that we've seemed to be largely unprepared coming into our first two games. Today we were clearly more "game ready" than Arizona, but the growing pains that come from Downing/Bowen are just brutal at times. That said...wins like today show why he really is a very good NFL HC. The Carroll/Wilson Seahawks have never lost after going into half 15+ up at home...it takes a serious halftime adjustment and 30m of execution to make something like that happen.
  2. there was never a doubt great team win from the players
  3. Ya know what tho...he should be. He was drafted w/ the expectation that he could be a #1 cb
  4. Yeah he's been a bright spot today, played well against AZ too IMO
  5. Defensive players I have not noticed once today Byard Dupree Evans Landry
  6. Just a bad football team A defense as disorganized as last year
  7. Downing just has absolutely zero feel for playcalling. Zero feel. It's one step forward, two steps back. BAD game from AJ, btw
  8. after last week's debacle, he's been as-advertised today
  9. Given the context of the larger issues w/ the collective team/contracts/etc We're gonna be desperate to get out of that contract this bubble absolutely exploded.
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