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  1. I’m 99% sure my first post was “we need to upgrade from Peter Sirmon”
  2. i still am convinced that both VY and Marcus will be bringing super bowl trophIES to nashville edit - I also was certain that Teddy was HOF bound after his Sugar Bowl performance against Florida
  3. Yeah...Physically/athletically he is certainly gifted but not like....WHOA. Esp seeing him play against a defense full of five stars. But again...I don't know what I'm talking about
  4. Admit it you still wish we took Omar Jacobs god we’ve all been on this effing website way too long
  5. I barely watch CFB I know Ridder literally had zero chance to succeed versus Bama But watching him in that game...how is that not a 4th/5th round guy?
  6. Amazing! Great effing coach. He'll get us there. He will.
  7. I have two buddies that enjoy sports betting and often took the over/under on Swaim's projected 25 yards/game prop. all in hopes for the big SWAIM GAME
  8. no it's not the better analogy is We are needing to go on a cross-country road trip and the last leg is an uphill beast across challenging terrain and the car we're in isn't nearly equipped to get us across that terrain
  9. Cant wait for our offensive playcaller to be a mystery all season and our O really, really sucks and Vrabel goes "i dont think not having a single playcaller is the issue"
  10. If he falls to us and the other reasonable options are gone … do you pull the trigger? me, personally. Knowing how raw he is…I think even id have to resist the urge. But I’ve legit only read about the guy and am certainly not a qb evaluator
  11. AND going to a player who has never worked AND!!! I still want to die.
  12. Was hoping/thinking we had that in Jonnu but after this last year in NE, clearly he isn’t that kind of player. Even a poor man’s version stars like that just establish themselves on the field. Not a scheme thing. Aj Brown is exhibit A.
  13. I'd rather roll the dice on getting a generational QB and surround him with super bowl-worthy offensive talent without the need to play home games in a snow globe there is no right answer here the wrong answer is not putting some sort of wheels in place to replace ryan tannehill
  14. Do we know if/when JRob is having a presser?
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