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  1. Chris Blewitt blew it with the Bears

    The way the media has made such a big deal out of the Bears' kicker drama, you'd think that Parkey was the first kicker to ever miss a big kick in a playoff game.
  2. Offseason Thread

    I think it really comes down to the bold. I think you can argue, though, that Mularkey was the right hire for the FRANCHISE, but the wrong hire for Mariota
  3. Minicamp/OTA/TC Thread

    it's all Kuharsky trying to be "the tell it like it is guy" that he's so obsessed with trying to be. I like PK and his reporting, but man is he insecure
  4. Minicamp/OTA/TC Thread

    Marcus has to stay healthy. Marcus has to make better decisions. But as I've said a million times, you actually have to let your QB throw the ball to give your passing offense the opportunity to succeed. Not just on 3rd and longs.
  5. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    I'll probably be in nashville for a week this month for work -- best hot chicken and bbq place???
  6. Offseason Thread

    what do you mean not like Paul at all? PacMan aside, PK is as sensitive as they come
  7. Offseason Thread

    The DaQuan extension has to be one of JRob's bigger mistakes to this point. Not that he's made many "big" mistakes...but Jones has legit had like 6 good games in his career where you actually noticed him on the field. He strung them together before his injury and cashed in. It's not like he's a bad player. But he's just another body out there to me and always has been. Same with Austin Johnson. No impact from either of those guys.
  8. Pick 51 Titans Select AJ Brown

    those sunglasses are objectively amazing
  9. Ranking The Roster - #5

    I went with Logan Ryan. He's been so consistent since getting here.
  10. Minicamp/OTA/TC Thread

    AJ seems like an absolute gym rat...super hard worker. Love the mentality that he's going to bring to our offense
  11. Offseason Thread

  12. Player Contract Extentions And How We Can Make Them Work

    cc @ragevsuall17
  13. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    And we'll continue not winning the Super Bowl
  14. Pick 51 Titans Select AJ Brown

    I don't think we can assume that Smith is going to evolve the passing O the way LeFleur wouldn't. Granted, we shouldn't have the injuries/Matthews quitting like last year, so we shouldn't be so hamstrung from a talent standpoint. But we've made it clear that the O will run through Henry...which is fine...but Marcus needs to be throwing the ball more than 20x a game and we need to get him rolling early.
  15. Pick 51 Titans Select AJ Brown

    I'm excited about this pick and loved the reels I saw of Brown after we drafted him. But again, it's going to take our offensive staff to finally decide to properly utilize ANY wide receiver in our offense and involve them in our offense. LeFleur used Davis one week and then not the next for inexplicable reasons. We don't let anyone become a true #1 or #2 or #3 guy...we just approach our passing attack with our thumbs up our butts.