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  1. this defense would benefit greatly from a legit game changer and leader at the LB position I'm not saying anything special here. I rarely care that much about the position we draft in R1 (OL is obviously boring, but as long as it's semi-related to a need, I'm just more concerned around the player himself we drafted). If we can get an impact LB in R1, I'd sleep the same as if we got a WR, CB, etc.
  2. Came in here to say the exact same thing. We won't pursue and probably cannot afford him, but I keep going back to the thinking that we need to just invest in stockpiling front 4 talent a la SF in 2019. Who cares if we already have Simmons/Autry. Keep getting deeper and deeper with elite talent in the defensive trenches.
  3. Yeah I am still planning on cancelling. Just never got to it the day I intended to and then the members-only q&a dropped
  4. I was juuuuust about to cancel my sub lol
  5. louder for people in the back COVID+Clowney's injury derailed Simmons' season
  6. My bears fan friends can’t stand miller I watch a bit of the bears. He lacks consistent focus and overall just isn’t a very good football player imo cue the “he’d be a #3 here and thrive” crowd
  7. Even if we kept Davis/Smith, next year was looking closer to 8-8 than 12-4 to me. our offense was fool’s gold and GB/BAL showed how to beat us. Sell out to stop Henry and make RT beat you. He probably won’t. We don’t want to evolve into the modern NFL, we just want to pound the ball.
  8. I don’t have a guy in mind, as I really don’t follow CFB closely, but I do think it would be a good idea to invest an early draft pick, R1/R2, in an inside linebacker. I think, kind of like WR, we tend to take that position for granted. We took some shots over the years at R1 wide receivers, but the position was just never a focal part of our offense. Then a guy like AJ comes around and you see what a great WR can do aid an offense that’s already so good on the ground. A similar impact player at ILB would be better for this defense than an equally good corner
  9. Whether it's Roberson, Raymond, Westbrook-Ikine... this team sure does love asking too much from UDFAs and thinking will ever become consistent contributors here's to hoping one of them actually pans out long term
  10. good signing now go draft a guy that can fly
  11. edge is always a need with this team There’s no such thing as having too much talent/depth on the defensive front
  12. Obviously we'll never know what convos were had and with whom Georgia certainly sold us on Wilson But a few weeks ago, weren't there reports that a ton of teams know that Wilson was a clown? And we chose to disregard? Who knows...could all just be BS...but interesting to hear nonetheless just an awful, awful decision by Robinson
  13. Geno Atkins could be a nice get. Has had some injury issues, but could be a great vet/rotational guy inside. Maximize his snaps that way. I knew he was a goner, but I would've loved bringing King back...esp on the deal he signed for. But getting one of Vrabel's former players is just way better!!
  14. Would love Gallup I would not like Miller. He’s a #3 to me. Really inconsistent
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