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  1. Titans roster moves 1st round pick activated

    The absolute last thing we should do is rush Simmons back before he’s 110%
  2. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    >Rishard Matthews’s comments spark a discussion about Mariota’s leadership style >Too dumb of a convo for this forum oh the irony. what the hell has this forum become
  3. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    the passive aggression in this forum is pathetic the topic of convo is about Mariota's leadership ability and approach. I'm not saying if his approach was more like a guy like Rivers' would've made a difference, it's just a question that we'll never know the answer to.
  4. Other Games/Teams Thread

    I don't think Mariota gets another chance to start, even if RT struggles. Vrabel is too much of a baby to give a definitive answer, but I think it's RT here on out.
  5. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    I said this a few weeks ago and it's probably a silly thought, but I wrote that Delanie needed to take Marcus out to dinner or something and just be real with him and straight up tell him to take control of this team. Rishard said it, as well...saying that Mariota is SO respected and a legit good guy that people are prone to handle him with kid gloves. That doesn't mean that Mariota is overly sensitive or anything, just that it's hard to critique someone who's such a genuine guy. it's certainly interesting to think about, and a guy's personality/attitude is a super big part of how his career will or won't pan out. Again, I don't think this was a huge issue for Mariota, but who knows what a little bit more fire from him could've gotten out of his teammates.
  6. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    Rivers will play well as he usually does against us OL somehow gets their heads out of their butts for RT we somehow win but we won't build off it
  7. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    I know we aren't allowed to discuss Vrabel's press conferences here, but funny how Vrabel names Lewis a "leader" of this team and now we're shopping him.
  8. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    I hear Rishard's point loud and clear. Now, I don't necessarily think that Mariota's personality/leadership style was a SIGNIFICANT reason why he failed here (that's on coaching and injuries), but it's interesting to think what a little rah-rah on the sidelines in one of our 10000 stagnant offensive games would've/could've done for this team. Every player is different and obviously you need to be able to talk the talk and walk the walk, but Mariota needs a little bit of Phillip Rivers in him to whip his boys into shape.
  9. Tannehill to start

    These six weeks have destroyed me. 2006 VY himself could suit up for us Sunday and I wouldn’t be hype.
  10. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    Mahomes would fail here.
  11. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    and he's only 25
  12. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    Marcus's regression from 2016 to today is something that will always baffle me. Granted, his overall 2016 play was probably overrated by fans, but clearly he had the skills to pay the bills and seemed to be on his way to a long-term stay in Tennessee. His 2016 injury against the Jags certainly was a setback, but it was also a broken bone. Not like he tore his ACL or anything. He did go through a variety of injuries over the next 2 seasons, but he's just a shell of his former self. Was 2016 simply his peak as a player? I have a hard time believing that. His issues are more mental than physical, so I guess taking a beating behind a bad OL was truly his undoing.
  13. State of the Titans (their place in the league)

    Interesting perspective here. Something to chew on https://deadspin.com/draymond-green-says-we-should-blame-****ty-franchises-1839128393
  14. State of the Titans (their place in the league)

    The Conte comparison is not about style of play (but his fits like a glove in Serie A), but the GRINTA he has brought that club. He might be a guy that wears out his welcome, but the job he did with Juve and the Azzurri was top notch coaching and he’s able to get the best out of mediocre players.
  15. Mike Vrabel

    I was thinking the same thing. If Conklin doesn't have that hold and Henry scores his TD against Buffalo (or the refs call Marcus's TD pass to AJ correctly)...where we at? The change still had to happen, but more BS for everyone to ponder