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  1. ..and smashed 13 -76 by division rivals and the only two winning teams they faced in that 5-2. ;/
  2. worth stating again...since 2019, 72.4 QB rating when targeting Beckham, and 89.9 when targeting anyone else. It gets forgotten, but for the first 6 gms last year Baker was just as bad as he was in 2019. OBJ goes down and a literal switch was flipped. For his career Baker has a 80.1 rating when OBJ is on the field. When OBJ is out his rating jumps to 97.0. I can't think of any other situation, since I've been watching football, where the QB actually plays worse when the #1 WR talent is on the field. If Stefanski and the team can't figure it out, it's going to derail everything r
  3. Strangely, it almost all depends on the connection with OBJ. Baker carries a passer rating of 72.4 when targeting Beckham, and 89.9 when targeting anyone else since 2019. And it's not as if he's simply forcing it in there and OBJ isn't ever getting open.... it's just terrible timing/reads, accuracy, and drops. It's not a coincidence that it looked like a flip was switched the moment OBJ left the field last year. Best scenario is for Stefanski to ease OBJ into snaps, using heath as an excuse, to try and let Mayfield pick it up where he left off then incorporate him back in. This chemi
  4. For WR's, sans injury, I might concur. Braylon Edwards struggled with drops as a rookie but he was still dominant. It was year 2 that it started to derail his career. Nagy is saving his career. He's not ready. It's just been flash plays vs mostly 2/3rd string. He's still holding the ball too long, panic throwing the ball up for grabs, and running after the first read fails. He'd be exciting af until he gets cracked into concussion protocol or suffers a knee.
  5. Receiving ability in camp looks better than I expected. What i didn't like in that first pre season game was his inability to get yards after contact. He's big and shifty but he's got to get into that second level instead of finding somewhere to land. I think that'll be the difference between being the guy or a jag.
  6. Absolutely. And it's why his quote that, "actually it was kinda slow to me out there" is tone deaf and a bit red flag-y. It's the kind of statement that could easily come back on him.
  7. Trying hard to be unbiased based on my previous takes, but I didn't think Fields had near as great of a debut as people seem to be saying. PFF grades bear that out somewhat. But I'd put Lance and Lawrence over him too. He was fortunate his jump balls weren't picked and he didn't lose that fumble. Each guy's debut showcased exactly what was on tape, as far as what i saw; and no surprises out the gate. Jones anticipation & athletic limitations, Wilson's precision & relative inexperience, Lance's upside & rawness, Lawrence's arm talent & shaky pocket presence and Fields' ath
  8. May 1. Spencer Rattler | Oklahoma 2. Sam Howell | UNC 3. Michael Penix | Indiana 4. Carson Strong | Nevada 5. Tyler Shough | Oregon 6. Matt Corral | Ole Miss 7. Desmond Ridder | Cinn 8. Kedon Slovis | USC 9. Chance Nolan | Oregon St 10. Tanner Morgan | Minnesota 11. Jayden Daniels | ASU 12. Malik Willis | Lib 13. JT Daniels | Georgia 14. Spencer Sanders | OKST 15. Phil Jurkovec | BC
  9. 🙌 100 writes ups! fwiw...Since it's the only comp you included I'm going to assume you feel really good about it....but get that Nick Chubb - Javonte comp out of there. Chubb is 100% a homerun hitter. Williams is most certainly not.
  10. How is Trask also better than Mac Jones?
  11. Staying rational... It's such a egg shell climate politically and culturally right now, this could stick. Jones doesn't have the luxury of being a tools unicorn like a Josh Allen, if "culturally insensitive" skeletons are similarly dug up. And a bad photo seems worse than random comments or rumored shenanigans.
  12. Ojulari is not a one trick pony. Where is that narrative is coming from? He can set the edge pretty well. He can drop, manuever in space and cover. With his motor he's productive even if he's not hitting home on his rush. And he'll almost certainly get stronger. He's versatile enough to line up at any LB spot and at DE. I think his pass rush is a little overrated but he's valuable because he's shown that versatility.
  13. Tyler Johnson was beloved in here last year and put up monster production. Separated at will in that offense. Went lower than most figured and while he had a moment or two his rookie year, wasn't really anything special. I think Bateman's better but I'd still pump the breaks a bit. Issue I have with Bateman is how well he'll do vs guys just as long and quick as he is that crowd him.
  14. I read 33.4 but can't find the link.
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