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  1. 2020 College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Ultimately depends on who drafts him and the fit but I'd wager heavily many teams have him as a S. Jags trading up for Herbert with Minshew in tow....eh, pretty unlikely. Herbert has better tools but struggles in all the areas Minshew excells in. Kinlaw's a better prospect than player at this point. I think you're greatly underestimating Lockett as a prospect. He was one of the best 50/50 guys I've ever seen at his size. Raegor has speed but imo he was less explosive as a senior than as a junior... though I haven't looked into it yet. Good prospect but he's just one of many in this class. He reminds me of Calloway really. Agreed on Becton. He's basically a fat Bryant McKinnie.
  2. Senior Bowl

    NFLN decided to re-air a playoff game instead of continue their live day 1 Senior Bowl practice show.
  3. 2020 College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    He's faster, stronger and uses leverage a lot better than Mingo but does have some of the same stiffness and lack of moves/experience.
  4. 2020 College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Actually he is. He played more CB than anything last year at Clemson. And he's not great vs the run. He's a cover and chase guy all day. Base SS and nickel LB.
  5. Official 2020 DL/EDGE Thread

    I'm not. Literally just looked up the PFF stuff. I said I watched his snaps a good portion of the day today. I'm only re: PFF because I don't have the time to edit up clips.
  6. 2020 College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    It's not hard to see most if not all of Muti's games. He only played the 2017 season and 3-4 gms total between of 2018 and 19'. And then the most important ones are those vs the best competition. I give him more of a 4th - 6th round projection...assuming nothing off on his medical. I meant Trey Smith is the guy you want Muti to be.
  7. Official 2020 DL/EDGE Thread

    Absolutely those were mostly coverage/clean up sacks. I spent a good portion of the day looking at his snaps, game to game, as I wanted to compare him to Chaisson, and I have no clue where that double team data comes from. Ngakoue gets more snaps because he's a much more impactful pass rusher. At some point I might circle back and gif up some of his plays but all I've got for you is that PFF had him 47th among 119 edge defenders with a 42th pass rush grade. Obviously then, his run defense among edge guys is even lower than 47th. They said, " Allen has had some truly impressive reps — but he has been only an above-average pass-rusher in his rookie season, not elite like his sack totals would suggest."
  8. Official 2020 DL/EDGE Thread

    You're right, not all. Only around 8 of his 10.5 They reduced his snaps early on once they recognized he was getting destroyed vs the run. He rarely showed the open field mobility he was touted to have. They reduced his role to pass rush specialist only...and he was ok enough. But again, he was basically a hustling clean up guy. The majority of his rush attempts were futile. CB DJ Hayden was a more impactful pass rusher. The defense as a whole plummeted despite strong seasons from Ngakoue, Campbell, J.Wilson, Jacobs, Bryan and Herndon.
  9. 2020 College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    sorry @Mind Character But I think Muti has a lot of issues. The injury history looms incredibly large but past that, he's center sized with short arms. He doesn't have incredible initial or lateral quickness. He loves to take his guy out the club but at the same time doesn't regularly push a pile. He had trouble vs physical opponents Alabama and Washington. Da'Ron Payne for one, destroyed him. And I think what bothers me the most, is that he's kind of a dirty player. Tries to take guys down after the whistle way too much. Especially guys that get the best of him. For instance, that highlight video has a blindside block where he quite unnecessarily destroyed a guy away from the play. That's a personal foul and fine all day. He's played so little that there's a decent amount of upside, but I see him as a developmental OC first, beyond anything else. This year's class of OC's are thin so I think there's room for a team that likes his upside in the mid rounds but I think he's a major buyer beware. The injury concern 100% beast of an interior player that you want unfortunately decided to return to school. Trey Smith, Tennessee
  10. Official 2020 DL/EDGE Thread

    Think it also needs to be said that Josh Allen wasn't very good last year. Sack total looks great but the majority were coverage clean ups and garbage variety. Credit to him in that he obviously hustled for those but he wasn't a good pass rush rusher, he was awful vs the run and not good in space or coverage. He didn't play like a top ten pick.
  11. Official 2020 DL/EDGE Thread

    Chaisson if he gains that man strength. Epenesa if those hands work against grown OTs. YGM if he stays in the weight room.
  12. Official 2020 DL/EDGE Thread

    Allen was coordinated and smooth in space but he still looked like a DE. Chaisson looks like a LB and runs down WRs.
  13. Don't see a free for all Mock off season thread so I'll put this in here. Exec/Coaches GM George Paton OC - Klint Kubiak & Gary Kubiak DC Joe Woods Paton and the Kubiak's have solid ties with Stefanski and could be persuaded to come on board. Klint would basically be the OC/QB coach with his father as OC assist and consultant. Woods would bring the Seahawks/Niners scheme over. ---------------------------------------- Cut/Walk S Damrious Randall LB Christian Kirksey S Morgan Burnett LB Adarius Taylor OT Kendall Lamm QB Drew Stanton Randall is a good FS but his character reeks of the bull**** Browns. If the market dries like it did last year I'd resign him for cheap if he wants to stay. Kirksey is the opposite. A great leader and character guy that just doesn't make an impact with his onfield play. ----------------------------------- Resign/Tender LB Joe Schobert OT Greg Robinson RB Kareem Hunt OG Justin McCray TE Ricky Seals Jones Schobert has steadily gotten better and is one of the best LB's in the league. If he ever gets competent run defending DT's in front his run grades will dramatically improve. Robinson isn't the bust he was earlier in his career although he's not exactly solid either. I think you could do worse though and I'd sign him back for a fair deal. RSJ is better than Njoku and I'd get him back for a full year. McCray can run block. -------------------------- Free Agency DT D.J. Reader OT Dennis Kelly OG Joe Haeg S Karl Joseph QB Nate Sudfeld Trying to go realistic here. I'm highly doubtful the top guys would sign here. That said, Reader is quietly a beast of a NT. Kelly and Haeg aren't stars upfront but they're pretty solid O Lineman. Joseph when he's healthy is a serious inside presence vs the run. Sudfeld is possibly the most underrated back up QB in the league imho, is relatively young, and has starter ability. Yes..it wouldn't surprise me in the least for him to outplay Baker at some point. ------------------------- DRAFT 1. ED K'Lavon Chaisson | LSU Chaisson is an extremely versatile edge guy that could play primarily in space like an Anthony Barr SAM or primarily put his hand down and be another T.J. Watt. He's a good coverage defender, flashes surprising power at the point of attack, and is a slippery pass rusher. 2. TE Cole Kmet | Notre Dame Njoku is done. Great guy but he's a terribly unreliable receiver and does nothing in the run game. Kmet's probably the #1 TE in this class and is a better prospect than Kyle Rudolph imo. If he's off the board, UCLA TE Devin Asiasi is nearly as talented. 3. DT Leki Fotu | Utah Fotu's a massive guy inside and a good athlete. He plays high too often but that's coachable. Likely a 5T DE in Woods' scheme. 3. S Myles Bryant | Washington He's Quandre Diggs. That's it. 4. RB Eno Benjamin | Arizona St He's a smaller Bills Devin Singletary but actually runs angrier. Fills need as a returner and depth RB...which could be a big need with Stefanski's run/pass %. 6. OT/OG Victor Johnson | Appalachian St Project for a zone based OL. He really fires out with quickness and animosity but lacks length and anchor strength in pass pro. 7. WR Joe Reed | Virginia There are bound to be some diamonds in this deep class and relative unknown Reed could be one of them. He's got great quickness and attacks the ball beautifully. 7. LB Dele Harding | Illinois Lacks athleticism but Harding made a ton of tackles last year for the Illini.
  14. Official 2020 DL/EDGE Thread

    Allen was clearly a better pass rusher as a senior at Kentucky. But I think Chaisson does flash big time bull rush and edge setting ability...in flashes, pound for pound, better then Allen to me. And he's better in space and coverage than Allen. It's just not consistent. There's nothing wrong with Chaisson's motor. His technique and recognition are inconsistent but I've seen him walk back much bigger guys at the poa. He can track down WRs in the open field and play sound coverage down the seam and the flat. He flashes big time edge ability. It's a question of whether he'll get stronger and more precise as a pro. Given his character I think it's a good bet he will. -------------------------------------- Uche kind of, only plays with power. I think It's the finesse part he needs. Jennings is probably a back up ILB as a pro. If he's smart guy, maybe a Devon Kennard. Buan doesn't have the a to b quickness Schobert had but I think he could be a Jake Ryan like ILB or a Kyle Emanuel like OLB.
  15. The (Potential) 2020 Draft RB Class

    Swift is RB#1 to me and yeah, probably laterally quicker than Taylor. But Etienne? I think Taylor's top trait as a runner is his ability to burst through tight spaces. Etienne is more the straight line speed guy rn. He might be the fastest and have the most upside, but he's not as natural a runner as Swift and Taylor.