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  1. 🙌 100 writes ups! fwiw...Since it's the only comp you included I'm going to assume you feel really good about it....but get that Nick Chubb - Javonte comp out of there. Chubb is 100% a homerun hitter. Williams is most certainly not.
  2. How is Trask also better than Mac Jones?
  3. Staying rational... It's such a egg shell climate politically and culturally right now, this could stick. Jones doesn't have the luxury of being a tools unicorn like a Josh Allen, if "culturally insensitive" skeletons are similarly dug up. And a bad photo seems worse than random comments or rumored shenanigans.
  4. Ojulari is not a one trick pony. Where is that narrative is coming from? He can set the edge pretty well. He can drop, manuever in space and cover. With his motor he's productive even if he's not hitting home on his rush. And he'll almost certainly get stronger. He's versatile enough to line up at any LB spot and at DE. I think his pass rush is a little overrated but he's valuable because he's shown that versatility.
  5. Tyler Johnson was beloved in here last year and put up monster production. Separated at will in that offense. Went lower than most figured and while he had a moment or two his rookie year, wasn't really anything special. I think Bateman's better but I'd still pump the breaks a bit. Issue I have with Bateman is how well he'll do vs guys just as long and quick as he is that crowd him.
  6. I read 33.4 but can't find the link.
  7. Pretty sure the Shanahans didn't even want RG3 though. That was just great coaching to get him the roty.
  8. I think Reid's always been looking for that type of QB. He just got lucky with Mahomes. In his heart of hearts I figure Shanahan would want a Kurt Warner with some mobility.
  9. Almost the reverse for me.. 50% Mac 35% Fields 15% Lance Shanahan is an egomaniac. He has a great scheme and is an expert play caller. His offense creates chunk play opportunities down the field and he wants a sniper that just won't miss. ..or get hurt trying to run around. Mac Jones is perfect for that scheme. He's a quick processor, and a machine like, in stride and down field passer. He's shown what he can do with NFL talent around him. Doesn't have the upside of Lance or Fields but his projection's less volatile. That trade suggests you'll probably want the highest
  10. Instinctive playmaker but yeah he's giving up a lot in terms of speed and size. He also writes checks his body can't cash and I think durability could be an issue. Reminds me of a lesser Rodney Mcleod.
  11. I know. Still find that funny. Speed is Washington's only weakness really and everyone knows that. Those times are fair based on his film. tbh I expected a little worse.
  12. Power and first step quickness are easy bankable traits. Heavier, quicker and much stronger than Watts fwiw. I don't buy that time either but even under 5.0 is good for him.
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