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  1. BrownLeader 2020 Positional Rankings

    Hadn't watched him much till today. Great tape. Slightly larger and he'd probably be the best CB in this class. He still might be. He's got the aggressiveness, athletic ability and ball skills to play in or out imo. Adept playing off or man. Doesn't back down but can bite off more than he can chew against a physical guy. Passive open field tackler that doesn't want any part of it unless the guy doesn't see it coming. Looks like a liability in run support at this point. In what I think is a fairly weak CB class, I'd put him #3 ahead of Gladney.
  2. BrownLeader 2020 Positional Rankings

    Idk there are too many examples of great slot CBs that are just terrible lined up elsewhere. I just lump them all in and sort them based on who I think will make the most impact, wherever they play.
  3. BrownLeader 2020 Positional Rankings

    Zach Moss is right there as well as far as a complete back. In fact, huge fan of Moss since I first saw him but he's just routinely dinged up. I feel like he'll either be a big steal or remain injury prone as a pro. Dobbins just strikes me as a solid, versatile power back but not really explosive. I get a Royce Freeman/Carlos Hyde/Jordan Howard vibe from him.
  4. BrownLeader 2020 Positional Rankings

    Just ok speed. Plays for, far and away, the best OC in college football. This class of WRs is epic.
  5. Whats up with Baker

    If he pulls a Kordell Stewart in the playoffs, all that is out the door. You forgot Tom Brady & Drew Brees. And get Kyler Murray out of there.
  6. Fix the Browns

    Good stuff. What I get out of this guy's analysis is that Baker excels on predetermined throws and struggles if that 1st read is covered. Also shows that he needs plenty of space to operate and struggles to smartly manipulate a pocket with poise. iow those are just typical bad QB traits. There have been plenty of quick throw designs this year from Freddy similar to last year, not just in the last few games, but I think defenses are playing for this and taking away that quick throw. When this happens Mayfield either still throws it in there or holds it and struggles to anticipate where the ball needs to go next, and then gets into a panicky scramble. Not sure I agree that you don't start reading a defense until you finish your drop. Slow feet don't automatically indicate slow eyes. (Hello Bernie.) There's anticipation. I'd say its more a matter of getting in a position to make a good enough throw. The better QBs throw from all platforms. We all get that Freddy hasn't been the greatest playcaller and that the OT's aren't good pass blockers. That still doesn't explain why Baker is one of the worst passers this season out of a clean pocket. I think the key issue is that everyone, from the top of the organization to the bottom, expected Baker to play great. We expected him to throw accurately, stay poised in the pocket, step up or scramble when necessary, limit unforced errors, and make the guys around him better. Just hasn't happened. And it's not because Freddy was calling too many 5 step drops. Truth be told, even in that 3 game win streak, Baker threw some potentially back breaking passes but was just lucky enough to not have them intercepted.
  7. BrownLeader 2020 Positional Rankings

    Greetings! Sharing rankings again for your scrutiny. I'm trying to get eyes on as many guys as I can so if there's someone I've missed or if you think I'm just too low/high on a guy, or you just feel like talking sh#t, let me know. previous FF links 2019 | 2018: | 2017 | 2016. ...and all my draft stuff ...@ TALKDRAFT.NET 12/5/19
  8. College/NFL Comparisons

    He doesn't. Definitely not when he's healthy. Taylor's strength is his ability to exploit tight spaces with great burst and feet. He keeps his feet going and can finish but he's not a power guy. Dillion's really underrated. Doesn't quite have Henry's straight line speed but he's faster and much more agile than most give him credit for. Another close comp would be.. Brandon Jacobs with better pad level. Dobbins reportedly ran really fast out of HS. He's def not running 4.3 anymore. He's a shifty power back with a solid all around game. Nearly identical to what Hyde was coming out.
  9. Official 2020 WR Thread

    100 healthy I think he's like a taller Golden Tate or a bigger Sammy Watkins. Elite cod and stop/start with size & strength. You'd just want the ball in his hands. And he might even be able to play RB if he works his pad level. He'd be a playmaker until he refines his route ability. But with his physical style and injury history there's probably flags all over his health and longevity.
  10. College/NFL Comparisons

    WR Jeudy - John Taylor Tylan Wallace - Odell Beckham Ruggs - T.Y. Hilton DeVonta Smith - Robert Woods Denzel Mims - Kenny Britt Hamler - Hollywood Brown Brandon Aiyuk - Roddy White Shenault - Sammy Watkins Justin Jefferson - DeVante Parker Ceedee Lamb - skinny Allen Robinson Reggie Roberson - T.Y. Hilton Reagor - Emmanuel Sanders Dazz Newsome - Stefon Diggs Damonte Coxie - skinny Hines Ward Tee Higgins - Marvin Jones
  11. College/NFL Comparisons

    RBs Etienne - bigger Kenyan Drake Swift - DeAngelo Williams Jonathan Taylor - stocky Marlon Mack AJ Dillion - Derrick Henry JK Dobbins - Carlos Hyde
  12. Official 2020 WR Thread

    Edwards is a 'has all the tools guy' but didn't dominate until this season imo. Always took a backseat to Deebo and Hurst, although physically, about as talented. Ive a hard time seeing him as a #1 type pro WR tho. At best reminds me of a poor man's Devante Adams, so something like a James Jones or Jerricho Cotchery. And he can make spectacular grabs but I don't think he's the most reliable hands guy.
  13. Fix the Browns

    @Mind Character "actually" lol. Some or most of you are underestimating how uniquely bad Baker's downturn has been. It doesn't happen. It's a flashing red flag. With this supporting cast, most halfway decent QBs could play better and have this team at the playoff doorstep. Baker needs a legit push from both competition & coaching. Next season, having a guy you feel good about that could step in if Baker's play doesn't improve, is going to be a necessity.
  14. Fix the Browns

    Hearing a lot of talk ranging from poor OL play to Kitchen's coaching to excuse Mayfield's play this year. They're not good arguments. He's got the league's leading rusher. His #2 RB was the league's leading rusher 2 seasons ago. He's got an all pro #1 WR and a pro bowl #2 WR. Bottom line, he's not playing well enough to QB a team to a winning record, let alone into the playoffs. His recent stretch of 143 w/o a pick was certainly luck if you watched every game. Kitchens is a good OC and a terrible HC. The OL struggles to pass pro really well but other QBs have excelled with less. This year Mayfield is keeping the team from winning more games. Landry & Beckham's skip of the post game press could be a little hint that they've had it with losing games they ought to be winning. For good or bad those two are the main leaders of this team. Even though it will effectively be a divorce, Dorsey needs to find a guy to push or compete with Baker next year. Imo each of these guys could play better than Baker has this year and should be available this off season... Collin Kaepernick Andy Dalton Nate Sudfeld Ryan Fitzpatrick Eli Manning Teddy Bridgewater Marcus Mariota Phillip Rivers ----------- It's possible but I think it's a longshot to say a better coach could fix everything. He'd have to be a really great coach. If Baker just didn't improve or regressed slightly from his rookie year that would be one thing, but he's greatly regressed and you can't just write that off.
  15. Official 2020 WR Thread

    Nope. tbh I didn't even know everyone was so high on Lamb until just recently. 1. Juedy 2. Tylan Wallace 3. Ruggs 4. Devonta Smith 5. Hamler 6. Mims 7. Aiyuk 8. Shenault 9. Justin Jefferson 10. Reggie Roberson Many are calling this the best WR class ever. So #11 isn't really bad. I think there's around 20 more draft eligible behind him that are also pretty solid prospects. He's really strong for his size. Imo his best traits are his physicality and suddenness. At around 6'2 200, he's quick in all directions...I just don't think he's especially fast. I mean..being a blur isn't a requirement and maybe he is in that Mike Thomas/DeAndre Hopkins class, but I'm not there with him yet. I mentioned he reminded me of Courtland Sutton or Javon Mims before but after looking longer I'm leaning toward a thinner Allen Robinson. This play vs Texas. Great balance, strength and quickness to turn upfield after threatening deep. He's changing gears on a nice open field run but there aren't any rpm's there. You could say it's in the middle of the 4th and maybe he's gassed but on this play in the 1st half..... He's in motion and carrying out the play fake before turning it on full and blowing past Sterns. But watch Sterns turn, run and easily walk him down. Sterns ran a 4.6 in HS.