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  1. 2019 Quarterback Class

    He's got a solid arm and has good arm talent. Good stature with functional mobility and is tough. Plays with a lot of poise and throws with anticipation. Pro scheme versed. He just does everything a bit too slow and his ball placement can be spotty. He's like a Tom Savage right now but there's a lot of upside. His game vs Ohio State gives a hint at what he might be.
  2. 2019 Quarterback Class

    I see Montez and Wilkins as big time tools guys that have the physical skill set to play in the pros. Wilkins reminds me of Kaepernick and Montez is like another Logan Thomas. The question is how well they process. But I remember kind of writing off Kaepernick and Dak Prescott earlier in their college career ..but both were savvy enough to learn how to be pros. Just disagree on Stanley and Sindelar. Both look like pro prospects to me with a good amount of upside. Thorson and Finley will play in the NFL, but I'm not sure what their ceiling is. Of the guys you listed, I don't think I've watched Ford & Hansen yet. The others I see as UDFAs.
  3. Browns thoughts.

    Haley is also Parcells guy. There will be no arse sunshining from him about a rookie QB.
  4. 2019 Quarterback Class

    Surprised to see Lock winning this poll. I'm not a fan at all. He's like a bazooka armed Bryce Petty. @reamer Completely agree on Stanley. Big fan of his upside. I nearly put him as my #1 going into the season. Another darkhorse is Sindelar. I'm really looking forward to see how he progresses. My pre season QB rankings...
  5. There's a solid chance Hue is going to **** this up. Everybody knows this right? Taylor plays an awful lot like an athletic Kessler. He avoids downfield shots, scrambles and dinks and dunks. Hue hated that so much he didn't even give Kessler a legit shot year 2 after a solid rookie year. Variables are, how much directorial control Hue has really given up on the offensive side ( Which by the way, is unheard of. ...because I cant think of another HC with a specialty on one side of the ball, hiring a guy on that same side and completely giving up control.) and whether Haley will also demand downfield shots and grow tired of Taylor.
  6. Yeah sure, @Mind Character...tell that to Hue.
  7. Duke Johnson - Contract Extension

    He said Duke won't be another Bell but he very clearly compared them.
  8. Duke Johnson - Contract Extension

    I think Gipson and Ward had proven themselves as starters. Haley didn't turn Bell into anything. He's arguably the most talented RB in the league. Mentioning he and Duke (who couldn't even show out in a change of pace role) in the same sentence is a little absurd.
  9. Duke Johnson - Contract Extension

    I would have waited to see his fit into the new offense before paying him as a top ten RB.
  10. Duke Johnson - Contract Extension

    Frankly, Duke and Hyde are both being overpaid. (Landry too) But especially in Duke's case. Hyde at least has been a #1 RB before and at least flashed the talent of a franchise back in SF. Johnson has never been good as a runner. And his catches have been amassed on a team with one of the worst WR groups in the league the past few seasons. He's not as good as many think he is. I get extending him with all the cap room but there's a lot of wasted money in there.
  11. Rank These Linebackers Coming Out of College

    1. Patrick Willis 2. Luke Kuechly 3. Aaron Curry 4. Myles Jack 5. Roquan Smith 6. Rolando McClain 7. Tremaine Edmunds 8. Jaylon Smiith
  12. BrownLeader 2018 Positional Rankings

    I think Guice is a better pure runner but Barkley's better in the pass game, blocking & receiving, better team guy...locker room, community. As a package he looks like a better investment for a team, but Guice, pound for pound, is better on the field imo...there's just some unknown about the baggage he's bringing with him.
  13. BrownLeader 2018 Positional Rankings

    Final rankings updated here and a final mock @ the link in the op!
  14. BrownLeader 2018 Mock Draft 2.0

    Yeah, I can't figure that out. There must be some ugly **** out there on Rosen. Elway's missed terribly on Osweiler and Lynch. Rosen gets in there and has to earn it behind a decent veteran and gradually gets stronger and more professional before he starts. I'm contemplating changing that pick because of the Schefter for sale thing but it just makes no sense for them.
  15. BrownLeader 2018 Mock Draft 2.0

    Meh... Both Reiff and Remmers have outs after the season and aren't very good. Miller and Brown are upgrades if they play to their expected draft range.