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  1. Before crashing to earth last Sat Doub's season was projecting to 91 catches for over 2000 yds and 23 TDS. ..that was Moss territory. I feel like Surtain, Farley, Horn and Molden have possibly moved ahead of Wade. Farley just by not playing. And I've always had Bynum way up there. Why is Smith a harder worker than Chase? I need to watch some more of Collins.
  2. Elingher is more of a Kevin Hogan to me.
  3. 😏 ...big school Carson Wentz.
  4. Trey Lance - Josh Freeman, for me.
  5. no Wilson - harder Derek Carr Trask - likeable Connor Cook Fields - glam up Mitchel Trubisky
  6. Normally you wouldn't think so but with covid and the economy... After a statement game like that, who knows
  7. The analytics driven Browns regime of 2016 executed their strategy of losing to acquire draft capital to perfection by earning the # 2 pick, then passing on Carson Wentz and accumulating multiple future picks. Their supposed intention was to take Parcell's QB recommendation Jacoby Brissett in the 3rd. But Parcell's disciple Belichick, with Garoppolo still in tow, curiously traded just above the Browns for Brissett instead. The Browns then took Cody Kessler. Brissett isn't a star but he's a lot closer to Wentz then Kessler. Would've been interesting even though Hue Jackson is still Hue Jackson.
  8. Some risers for me QB Michael Penix Jr QB Carson Strong RB Demetric Felton WR Romeo Doubs DE Jaelan Phillips DE Tyrell Richards LB Pete Werner Penis joke guy has a cannon with a ridiculously fast delivery. Accuracy is improving imo and he's always had some mobility. A big game vs OSU this week and his stock will skyrocket. Carson Strong has few weaknesses besides strength of competition. Eye opening debut for RB Felton imo. WR Doubs is doing a pretty good Marshall Randy Moss impersonation so far. DE Phillips is putting on a clinic vs both run and pass and he's still raw. fallers RB Chris Brown Jr OT Zion Johnson DT Darius Stills CB Shaun Wade S Paris Ford Brown, Johnson and Stills were probably just too high from the start for me. CB Wade hasn't quite made that adjustment to the outside yet. S Ford's durability at that size, with that play style worries me.
  9. In an abbreviated training camp. He really didn't even get an opportunity this year. Seems fair that he'd be pissed about his role after signing to be the starter. He's the same RB he was in Chi and Philly. Chalk him up to another solid vet that Flores just didn't mesh with.
  10. Michael Penix Jr might be a better pro than Justin Fields.
  11. He's got Trent Richardson level vision.
  12. I think it's still wait and see on Jones. I think most still see another McCarron but if he keeps it up it's awfully similar to Burrow. He had a scramble last game that surprised me with some sneaky mobility.
  13. Seems odd to me to base scouting wins off draft slotting instead of how they actually turn out as pros. ..unless in this case you're writing it off because of his rookie year injury.
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