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  1. Official 2020 WR Thread

    @battle2heaven Brown wasn't at 17% but he had some drops too, especially in traffic. Hamler might not be the greatest natural hands catcher but he can make difficult grabs and def can track a deep ball.
  2. Official 2020 WR Thread

    I do. He's a tougher Hollywood Brown.
  3. Official 2020 WR Thread

  4. Official 2020 WR Thread

    I'll go To me, Mims is an angry Amari Cooper.
  5. Pro Day Results

    Those 10 splits really vary depending on where you're looking. I've also seen Ruggs with 1.54 and 1.44. and Lamb with 1.58 and 1.50
  6. Official 2020 WR Thread

    In games I watched he had awful hands.
  7. Official 2020 OT/IOL Thread

    ..into the Browns lap.
  8. Official 2020 CB/S Thread

    Tackling usually tightens up as a pro. Bigger issue might be durability.
  9. Official 2020 CB/S Thread

    He ought to be top 5 based on that analysis. I like the positives he pointed out but.. i guess he's got 0 weaknesses? Johnson's interesting because he reportedly played 2019 with a torn labrum. My biggest issue with him was his physicality and footwork. But obviously that's sort of a wash if he's playing out there hurt. My take with some video..https://www.talkdraft.net/post/jaylon-johnson-scouting-report
  10. Packer Fan Inquiring Thoughts on Kirksey

    don't buy all the Kirksey boosting in here. Kirksey - Martinez is a wash. Kirk isn't a good pass defender and he's not a great run defender. He's a high volume tackler because he gets to the ball but it's rarely an impact play. The best thing he has going is that he's a professional and a rah rah guy on game days and the practice field. Probably a future coach.
  11. BrownLeader 2020 Positional Rankings

    *updated ranks CB Dantzler hurt me with that awful 40. I had him as a 1st round guy. My before combine take... Isaiah Simmons could play CB if he really wanted to...held up pretty well. Winfield Jr tested better than I expected and will move up. I don't see why he can't be a 1st round pick. CB Reggie Robinson looked pretty good when I went back to the film on him. Dillon was a bigger boss than I anticipated..and I already had him RB#3. WR Lamb ran a lot better than I thought.
  12. Official 2020 QB Thread

    More like another Jay Cutler He'd probably love Love too. Both can rip it down the field.
  13. Official 2020 DL/EDGE Thread

    Possibly day 3. I think guys like Uche, Baun, Okwara, Gross-Matos and possibly a D.Taylor/Greenard probably go before him. softer Preston Smith Browns, Broncos, Falcons, Jaguars. Epenesa will probably play a fair amount inside as much as on the edge.
  14. Pick a Bust - 2020

    Last year's thread went pretty well and is an interesting read, so once again...If you were forced to pick a high rated guy that'll be a bust at every position, who would it be? It's a tough year because the talent is so deep. It's hard to see a lot of these guys just outright busting...but obviously some will. *again TBC I'm lower on these guys but I'm not saying I think every one of them will be busts, just if I had to choose one. QB - Jordan Love Basking in the shadow of Mahomes no doubt. I'm doing a write up on him right now and I'm struggling to find stuff I really like. He kind of looks like a pedestrian spread QB. Like a lesser Marcus Mariota. WR - Jalen Reagor Loved his 2018 film when he was reminding of Emmanuel Sanders. This season and his performances pre draft...I'm just not liking it. Seems like he lost some explosion somewhere along the way. TE - Brycen Hopkins Athletic guy but as a receiving TE you've got to have steady hands. He doesn't. OT - Mehki Becton He's a fatter Bryant McKinnie. I feel like there's a few Ereck Flowers lurking in this class. Josh Jones also comes to mind. OG/OC - Netane Muti Not sure I've seen a guy get more praise over a window dressing highlight video as this guy. He's short armed and not especially quick off the ball. He cheap shots guys after the whistle regularly. Really raw and injury prone. DE - Yetur Gross Matos Another big upside guy but he's not physical upfront. I'd almost like to see him converting to OLB where he can use his length and mobility more effectively. DT - Ross Blacklock Tape didn't wow me and I got a sense of an inconsistent motor. Strikes me as a cash in guy. LB - Patrick Queen Reportedly pretty smart and he does everything ok but I just liked his predecessors a lot better. Beckwith, Deion Jones, Alexander.... CB - Trevon Diggs He's aware, coached well, and can make some plays, but I don't like his feet & fluidity. Grabs incessantly when he's beat and is a marshmallow tackler. S - Xavier McKinney Nicely versatile but I don't think there's anything special there. Reminds me of a softer Vonn Bell.