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  1. For the record that was an old comp.. I still see a lot of Landry but I'll say he's more in the 4.5 range. His game is not going to be just running past guys. I feel like Strong is a great distance thrower but he doesn't always have great velocity on other throws.
  2. Fair enough. That's right Johnson is a RFA.....i missed that. I don't mean a 1st round RB. ...I'm talking round 2 or 3 for the pipeline. Bryant is just a guy.... right now.
  3. is he?.... 4.6 out of high school and he doesn't really seem 4.4 fast to me now.
  4. Actually thought both D'Earnest & Hunt were free agents but it's just Johnson. Still the Browns should lean into what they do well...because they're not winning passing game shoot outs with these teams. Taking a talented RB high lets them ease in behind Hunt for a season, whose probably leaving next year. Johnson, I'd be surprised gets resigned. And quality depth at a key position for the offense is certainly needed with an 18 week season. If Njoku is resigned for reasonable money it works....but if they overpay another TE it's no bueno. He's still basically a jag. Hooper is as w
  5. For a split second....he really struggles to sustain. He's an interesting high risk, high reward, prospect. Admittedly I struggle to evaluate the guys that are physical specimens but have iffy film. Faalele can be a turn-style at times in pass pro and isn't generally a monster at the point of attack. On the move though, he's just a locomotive. My comp for him rn is Langston Walker but he's a buyer beware guy to me.
  6. updated some of those.. Drake London - Alshon Jeffrey Jahan Dotson - Jamison Crowder David Bell - Jeremy Maclin Wan'Dale Robinson - Wes Welker Erik Ezukanma - Quincy Enunwa Malik Willis - Tarvaris Jackson David Bell is really intriguing. He's getting slept on somewhat.
  7. His tape is *** imo but the athletic traits are there to mold. He's a good WR prospect but I think his value would be even greater if he grew into a TE.
  8. basically agree. There are outliers but generally speaking if a guy can play you'll see flashes of good and be able to tell if it's the situation or not. Those guys you mentioned before were slow processors. It's possible if given even more opportunities they might also have become outliers like Smith or Gannon but it's not likely imo.
  9. Add a playmaker at WR & RB & TE this offseason. ..then sign this guy.... Run up a QB competition in camp....and when Fitz wins, if Baker sulks you trade him for picks.
  10. Imo what Pickett does really well is maneuver for space in the pocket. He's elusive in tight spaces and good at maintaining accuracy while creating space to throw. Nope. A good situation will make a guy a little better but it won't rescue a bust. Those guys were going to be disappointments in any environment. Southern Miss in 2020.
  11. The top 5 are nearly interchangeable for me. I really like Dulcich's speed, hands and blocking potential but he's tight hipped and not as developed a route runner as others. McBride is more or less the consensus #1 and he's also shown solid speed and hands but I put a good bit of weight on the Iowa game and he didn't exactly impress me there. That said, he and Dulcich are similar prospects imo. I've been a fan of Otten for while now and I think he's solid all around with few weaknesses. Kolar and Wydermyer are essentially receivers only at this point that can thrive in good situatio
  12. Interesting slot guy that I hadn't watched. Breakout year has him on sleeper watch for a lot of people. Quicker than fast, great ball skills and fearless. I would've liked to see him more as a returner to up his stock..and it's unfortunate he couldn't finish the Michigan game. I don't think he's as explosive as Eskridge and I want to see him get more physical through contact at the catch point. I've got him #24 WR right now but I'm curious how he'll test.
  13. Not exactly. But each had size, short area quickness and some physicality coming out. Wilson is smaller and not especially physical although he attacks the ball aggressively in the air. I see the @Rich7sena Lloyd comp, especially as prospects coming out, but I think he's a better route runner than Illinois Lloyd. How physical he becomes as a pro will be key to how good he'll be. Those three mentioned became really physical in man coverage, whereas Lloyd stayed a mouse.
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