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  1. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I've had a crush on JJ since last season. I think he's a slower Mike Evans. He's one of the most dominant guys at the catch point I've ever seen. I'm expecting he'll show enough speed and cod to stick at WR. ...that said, I was a big fan of Stanford Devon Cajuste too. Hall doesn't have the greatest hands and plays especially soft from what I've seen. The first three games I watched he was driven out of bounds running nines in each of them. And in one game his hands were a definite liability. I think he could have a real problem vs the press. He'll threaten the field all day for a team and so be a coveted guy but I get a softer Will Fuller feel with him. Harry, JJ, Hollywood Brown, Butler and Metcalf are the top guys to me right now.
  2. Do the Eagles miss Frank Reich

    The Eagles miss Darren Sproles more than any of them.
  3. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Talented but he looks a bit heavy and can play sluggish. I was pretty high on him heading into the year and he hasn't really taken off like I thought he might.
  4. BrownLeader 2019 Positional Rankings

    Hadn't watched a lick of Memphis this season. Looked at a handful of games yesterday and feel like I'm almost seeing a clone of Rashaad Penny. Blazing speed and burst with a little bit of wiggle. Runs over guys when he gathers momentum but he's generally an upright runner thru the hole and doesn't sink his hips. Has a lot of gaping holes and space in Memphis' system. He's got some lateral mobility but doesn't have great feet I don't think. I was actually impressed even more by WR Damonte Coxie. He's like a mean Devante Adams or a taller Jarvis Landry. Acrobatic hands catcher with impressive yac ability, speed to keep guys honest and a vicious blocker.
  5. BrownLeader 2019 Positional Rankings

    Patterson's an interesting comp in that his lateral mobility doesn't match his linear burst and speed. Patterson can change direction but he's a narrow runner in his routes and doesn't separate as well as it looks like he should. Curious why you like him better than Johnson though? TBH, I'm not real sure about one over the other at this point but I like Johnson's speed, wingspan and ball skills. His height and fluidity is pretty good. I feel like the only thing L.J. has on Johnson is perhaps better hands.
  6. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I think BC's DE Zach Allen is a top ten talent and I'm leaning his way as the Brown's top pick. He's often unblockable at DE & DT in the mold of a Watt, Justin Tuck, or Derek Wolfe. Ogbah has been a disappointment so far this year and the team needs an upgrade there and inside, especially a pass rusher/disrupter. I'm curious what he'll test like but I wouldn't be surprised if he crushes it in Indianapolis.
  7. BrownLeader 2019 Positional Rankings

    Updated rankings and another guy that jumped out to me recently looking at a few of his games is Michigan St CB Justin Layne. Very similar skill set and body type to Greedy Williams. Skinny guy but he doesn't lack physicality and sticks his nose right in there.
  8. BrownLeader 2019 Positional Rankings

    Of those LBs, David Long Jr really jumped out to me. Blazing linear speed and versatile enough that he could become an asset in coverage along with everything else he does. I think Risner's good enough to be a really good pro RT. I've yet to take a good look at the Sooner OL though. Haskins hasn't fared that great under pressure and his mobility is almost a liability but he is clutch. Big time arm talent with accuracy. He's almost like a quicker release Byron Leftwich, but I'd agree he needs more reps. I've no idea what Murray's baseball contract looks like but I think he's got a legit shot at being a pro QB. His arm is stronger than Will Grier's and he's got elite mobility. I wasn't very high on Harmon last year and haven't really looked him up this year yet. I just rank every draft eligible guy I watch and sort it out later.
  9. BrownLeader 2019 Positional Rankings

    I thought Humphrey was a Soph when checked out Texas earlier in the year. He reminds me of a skinny Kelvin Benjamin. Still not sure he's better than Collin Johnson but he's got strong hands, size and decent speed. My only question is his lateral mobility. Sternberger was impressive. Speed and hands with adequate TE size. He's a little inconsistent but coming out of nowhere he's obviously got a ton of upside.
  10. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I'm a fan of Josh Allen but I'd agree he's not the best fit for the needs of the front 7 right now. His skill set is basically identical to Genard Avery's, though I'd agree he's not as explosive. (more versatile tho) The Browns need an athletic cover LB in the mold of a Mack Wilson, Chase Hansen, Dakota Allen or David Long Jr. I go back and forth on Josh Allen as a top talent. He's inconsistent and soft at times and looks like that mid round prospect, but he also tends to rise up when he needs to and looks like a 1st rounder. He's long, versatile and athletic but he wins with anticipation and smarts. That usually translates. And I think if he kills it in athletic testing, he's going high. At his best, I think he's similar to a Preston Smith, Anthony Barr, Pernell Mcphee. Half empty he's a larger Keke Mingo or Trent Murphy.
  11. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Love Tillery and I'm glad he's getting deserved attention this season. On the Browns, he and Miles would become BFF's. As far as his skillset, I completely agree with Mind, but he's not been an especially consistent guy in college. Jeff Simmons is a little similar as far as inconsistency but he's taken over games more often than Tillery... though I think he's softer. Those might be the most realistic targets. I'd wager Oliver and Q.Williams off the board inside the top 5. I think Oliver is Aaron Donald-like and even if that's putting two 3 techs out there with Larry O... don't care. We can find a situational run plugger if necessary. Of which, I love ASU's Renell Wren as a sleeper late round/UDFA DT in this deep class. Tremendous get off and athletic ability but just rarely makes plays. I think the Browns need upgrades at: DT, OLB, WR, TE, DE, K, CB, OT, S roughly in that order.
  12. BrownLeader 2019 Positional Rankings

    I think I avoided Humphrey because of that first name. Thanks for catch though. I'll take a closer look at them.
  13. BrownLeader 2019 Positional Rankings

    Greetings! Sharing rankings again for your scrutiny. Just the guys I've actually watched so far. Feel free to get at me...helps me verify what I think I'm seeing. old FF links 2018: 2017 & 2016. ...and all my draft stuff ...@ TALKDRAFT.NET ____________________________ 11/15/18
  14. Bruce Arians would come out of retirement to coach Browns

    Although BA is older I think he could get along really well with Mayfield. That coach/QB relationship is going to be crucial because Baker's had some rocky partnerships.
  15. Bruce Arians would come out of retirement to coach Browns

    Haha. Utter bull****. Arian's analyst takes from the coach persepctive are refreshing and spot on in the same way Romo killed it at first. He's great at it.