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  1. Take a deep breath

    Really? They went 0-16 two years ago. It's not an overreaction to say they sucked. For me, it's a realization that this is a team of divas with a first year coach. If they don't get hard nosed in a hurry this is going to continue to be embarrassing.
  2. Blaming the OL is such a cop out. Chubb ran well and had room. Baker generally had enough time but was sloppy with his footwork and timing. The gameplan was mediocre going pass first vs a good pass defense. IDK maybe he was trying to subvert expectations thinking the Titans would be playing for the run but ..the receivers couldn't hold up to the Titans hard hitting. Njoku is a drive killer with those drops. I'd try to get Ricky Seals Jones up to speed asap. Similar athletic talent and a better blocker. Doesn't get open as well but probably has better hands. I get that this team is paying the most expensive receiving duo in the league so they're going to pass but I really thought he'd utilize a big time talent like Chubb better. Chubb has hands and should be a really good 3 down threat. Wilks' defense isn't changing. They'll be soft vs the run all year. If the offense can't dictate the game this defense is going to struggle.
  3. Odell wears 350k watch during game. Stupid or not?

    NBD, but It's a dumb diva thing. Can't wait for someone to try and rip it off Talib style to **** with him.
  4. The Time Has Come - Browns/Titans GDT Thread

    The OL wasn't the primary problem. The team played soft and dumb. If Kitchens wants a pass first offense he better incorporate the RBs and outlets into the flat more. And Baker needs to be a better game manager and not strictly a gun slinger if we're using the pass game to drive down the field. He threw too many high risk throws into what was the strength of the Titans defense and held the ball too long. Landry is really the only receiver that consistently dominates at the catch point. Everyone else is fairly soft and Njoku is a liability. Hard to have a great pass first offense with guys that can't win at the catch point or get back up after making a tough catch. Harris, Njoku and Higgins all got nicked up. I figured the pass happy offense in the pre season was Freddy just being coy and he'd hammer with Chubb once things got real. But I guess that really was the offense. The defense just isn't made to win at the poa. It's made to rush the QB and protect a lead. The dumb mistakes only exacerbated that soft front.
  5. Fixing the NFL's worst uniforms

    Cincinnati Bengals
  6. Fixing the NFL's worst uniforms

    Jacksonville Jaguars
  7. Fixing the NFL's worst uniforms

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  8. Fixing the NFL's worst uniforms

    Carolina Panthers
  9. Fixing the NFL's worst uniforms

    What's the least aesthetically pleasing but successful team? Before last season, Carolina Panthers..maybe?... It's hard. Because it seems if you get the other things right, you generally get this right too. I ranked every teams uniform, then I created new concepts for some of the lowest ranked squads. First up... Kansas City Chiefs
  10. Duke fires his agent

    Is he even though? I'd take all of these guys for that role before him.. Matt Breida Jerrick McKinnon James White Tarik Cohen Kenyan Drake Nyheim Hines Austin Ekeler Justin Jackson Jalen Richard Theo Riddick Dion Lewis Chris Thompson
  11. Official 2020 WR Thread

    I get this. At his size, he plays a little soft. If he learns to consistently bully guys his stock will soar. He reminds me right now of a skinny Devin Funchess. Okay speed with a solid get off. Decent foot quickness for a long limbed guy. Can make acrobat catches. But his physicality doesn't match his physical make up.
  12. The 2014 Draft - How Did You Do?

    2014 Guys I was higher on: Greg Robinson Anthony Barr Johnny Manziel Chris Borland Devonta Freeman Jason Verrett Kyle Van Noy Mike Evans Scott Crighton Joel Bitonio Rico Allen Jemea Thomas Tom Savage Jeremy Gallon ------------ 2014 Guys I was lower on: Sammy Watkins Kelvin Benjamin Khalil Mack Allen Robinson Rashad Hageman Kony Ealy Xavier Su’a-Filo Deone Buchannon Louis Nix Jimmy Garoppolo --------------------------- Dug up some stuff I wrote from the 2014 draft: Derek Carr Logan Thomas Manziel Kyle Van Noy Devonta Freeman Blake Bortles
  13. RB Considerations... Duke Johnson & More

    I'm sure many players believe they're the best out there, but I think someone in their employ has got to be objective and give them perspective. Great record setting college career but he was just a mid 3rd round prospect. He's averaged just 75 carries a season for his career despite not missing any games...that's less than 5 carries a game for four seasons. And he's got a pretty high fumble rate on those limited carries. Good stats as a pass catching back, but for his first 3 seasons it was on a team that averaged just over 1 win a season. And as you said much of it was on poor passing teams. That makes his catching stats less relevant imo, not something to tout...the outlet RB is the easiest option for a bad offense. His most wins actually came when he was used the least...last season. He's had four pretty good coordinators and none of them thought he was a lead type guy. In fact his usage has diminished every year.
  14. RB Considerations... Duke Johnson & More

    If Duke saw himself as a limited role player would he even have requested a trade? Imo this is about the evaluation of the player. After giving him that contract the FO now has second thoughts after further evaluating his play. While Duke views himself as a lead type back. The organizational reputation when Dorsey got here was that they let talent walk. Dorsey made sure Duke wasn't going anywhere...but it was just a bad contract. He may be all the things you mentioned but he's also not an impactful player. That's why he went on the trade block... and that's why Duke takes such offense to it.
  15. The (Potential) 2020 Draft RB Class

    Yes, I'm probably too high in him. I've got a thing for guys that play above their size and speed. His elusiveness and balance is special but he can't match Swift's explosion. Could come down to durability though