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  1. Yeah, pretty much my entire library is on Xbox this generation but I bought my PS4 last year primarily for Spider-Man and the Show. I've gotten my moneys worth out of Spider-Man and God of War alone. Have Detroit Become Human installed and will give that a go once I'm finished with GoW.
  2. Sack numbers as a pass rusher. Pass rush win efficiency is a much better way to value pass rushers
  3. i dont know why I waited so long but God of War is ****in amazing
  4. Webby finally rolled out dark mode for the forum, love it
  5. Dark may be the best show I've ever seen.
  6. AC: Valhalla looks fantastic. May end up being my first day 1 AC purchase since Black Flag
  7. Same. I've had $100 in my steam wallet for months and nothing grabs my interest. I loved the Tropico series and since 6 is free to play this weekend, I'm gonna give it a shot and if I enjoy it I'll buy it with all the DLC. Will always recommend Rocket League though if you havent already tried it out.
  8. Nick Grant always fire. Trying not to get too hype for this Cudi x Em track dropping tonight. Cudis new stuff just hasn’t done it for me lately
  9. Man, Uncut Gems was excellent
  10. Anyone else seen this? https://www.forbes.com/sites/carlieporterfield/2020/05/29/george-floyd-and-derek-chauvin-worked-at-the-same-nightclub-but-may-not-have-known-each-other-owner-says/#9d682774d823 May be a lot more merit to charging in the 2nd degree if they knew each other.
  11. She definitely has a purpose. The ending of Dexter sucks ***, just a heads up lol
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