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  1. I was happy with his performance despite no TDs. He started off shaky but settled in after the first drive. Made smart decisions with the ball and he’s honestly got more of a cannon than Stanley did, and also was accurate on those deep passes which is a nice change from the past couple seasons. Love our weapons this year on offense.
  2. Caught yalls game this week. Mertz is better than Hornibrook and I don't like it
  3. Mike Nolan and the defense is the true issue in Dallas. That was evident in the early weeks of the season when the offense was on pace to be one of the most productive and efficient offenses of all time. Then the injuries on the OL started building up and you lose your top 10 starting QB. Now you have Andy Dalton behind a JV O-line. McCarthy deserves another year.
  4. They're dead to me after missing that XP and ruining my 6 bet parlay by half a point. I think they are a good team though. Myles Garrett continues to be unbelievable
  5. Packers -3 Panthers +7 Jaguars +7.5 Browns -4
  6. Starting: RB: Mixon & Hunt WR: McLaurin & Diggs Who should I start in the flex in a standard league? Amari Cooper v. Washington or David Montgomery v. Rams. Emmanuel Sanders is also in consideration here.
  7. Id go Higgins and McLaurin at WR and at TE its a bit more tricky, i think you just go preference there. I like Tonyans upside more than Gronks but both offer similar floors against weaker defenses.
  8. was gone all weekend and just got home. was going to have a drink and watch this one on gamepass. gonna pass on that
  9. Rodgers v. Brady. Probably for the last time. Lets go!
  10. Top 3 going off this year alone probably looks something like 1. Jaire Alexander 2. Marlon Humphrey 3. James Bradberry
  11. There absolutely should be. These are empty stadiums being used to house tens of thousands of people on game day. Just taking a look at the Arrowhead website, there are plenty of options space wise including event spaces at field level.
  12. I dont really like anything about Phillys offense with the way Wentz is playing. If you're considering dropping Ward, I would do it for Aiuyuk. Zacchaeus may be a better short term option than Gage
  13. 10 man standard league. WRs are currently Amari Cooper, Diggs, McLaurin and MVS. Someone just dropped Slayton. Worth releasing MVS for him or is it smart to wait a week and see how he performs as #2 with Adams back in the mix?
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