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  1. Bills Sign TJ Yeldon to 2 Year Deal

    Would have been an excellent addition for them.
  2. How is your team’s tailgating?

    Oh, then it has to be Nashville for a Titans game. You will get so much more enjoyment out of the weekend down in that area if you haven't been before. Can confirm bars were open with live music by 9am on gameday. It's in my top 5 of cities visited. The only other stadium I've been to thats on yalls schedule this season is Miami. Havent been since they put the cover on but tailgating there is pretty decent, just humid and hot as hell.
  3. How is your team’s tailgating?

    Nashville is a great choice. I can’t speak to the tailgating in the parking lot but you can get down at the bars on Broadway with live music and walk to the stadium in 5 minutes.
  4. NFL Toughness Stats: Fantasy & Game Day

    Why In The Hell Would You Do This To Me?
  5. Who Was The Most Improved Player In The NFL Last Season?

    Kyler Fackrell deserves a mention. It all started in the offseason going into this 3rd year as a pro when he finally won his first 1v1 in camp.. Definitely produced as a #3 OLB and it wouldnt be surprising if he never reaches this level of efficiency again but he went from being a cut candidate at the beginning of the season to leading the Pack in sacks.
  6. Clowney trade value?

    I wouldnt think twice about trading 30 for Clowney.
  7. Clowney trade value?

    come on man
  8. Obscure/Nostalgic Players

    @Coffee & Contemplation Kamp has always been one of my favorites. Saw him pop up on the Packers instagram over the weekend and got a bit nostalgic . Still rock my Kampman jersey every once in a while.
  9. Top 10 4-3 Defensive Ends

    I'm not convinced that Khalil Mack is head and shoulders above everyone else. Demarcus Lawrence is being severely underrated here
  10. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Yeah thats bs. Just did a quick look through their injury reporting and he was listed on the injury report 4 times throughout the whole season.. only twice for a knee injury. Weeks 1 and 17.
  11. This is gonna be a big one. Mahomes will be interesting to watch as having that year on tape is gonna be vital in how defenses play against him moving forward. Think he is still gonna produce and be a top 10 QB but I am expecting a lot more turnovers this season while Mahomes tries to do too much.
  12. Top 5 Defenses

    Some combination of Jaguars, Bears, Cowboys, Chargers, and Titans if I had to guess. AFC South is gonna have some great defenses this year as I think the Colts and Texans also being in the top 10 is a possibility.
  13. So in your case, who on your team do you actually like(if anybody)?
  14. Pick one; Julio Jones or Calvin Johnson

    Easily Calvin imo
  15. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

    The combination of Respawn and a single player only game with no transactions sounds promising. I just think were missing the asterisk on the no microtransactions that states "at release" knowing EA