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  1. PC Gaming Rebooted

    Its stupid confusing and I still dont understand it. I just did a comparison online between the 2 and the 970 seems to be the better card.
  2. PC Gaming Rebooted

    Still better than what I got
  3. PC Gaming Rebooted

    Anyone who may be upgrading their GPU in the near future, let me know what you're swapping out. I need to upgrade this 1050ti and am looking for a good deal.
  4. DPOY 2019

    He's cooled off but he is still having a dominant season across the board. Aaron Donald is the better player but THIS season, its looking like Barrett.
  5. DPOY 2019

    Shaquil Barrett. Fluke season or not. 2nd in league in TFL with 15 and leads the league in sacks. Also leading the league in forced fumbles.
  6. New England Patriots Spygate 2.0?

    And that my friends is what we like to call a formula.
  7. Selection Sunday Thread

  8. Luke Kuechly vs Bobby Wagner vs Darius Leonard

    At this time: Bobby > Darius > Luke Careers: Luke > Bobby > Darius
  9. Random Game Talk

    Who you tellin? I have a PS4 with 2 games... MLB The Show and Spider-Man
  10. Bears LB Roquan Smith tears pec; placed on IR

    Roquan is better than Martinez. Don’t go putting words in my mouth. He is not one of the best in the league though.
  11. Cowboys release K Brett Maher; sign K Kai Forbath

    He had that back injury that led to his first missed XP and then missed several field goals to close out the season. They probably didnt trust his back long term
  12. Cowboys release K Brett Maher; sign K Kai Forbath

    Long overdue. Dude is cheeks
  13. SNF: Seattle Seahawks at LA Rams GDT

    My point was, one good performance does not override a seasons worth of bad ones. Goff is 100% better than Tru, no doubt