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  1. I wouldn’t say we stink on offense. We have some great young weapons and Tyler Goodson is lethal. Petras has honestly looked great the past 2 weeks.
  2. How i feel about Iowa. Petras isn’t great but that defense is more than enough
  3. I think Georgia is better
  4. On my way home from Maryland. Went to that beat down last night. Hawkeyes for real #BallHawks
  5. What’s happenin y’all? Been a long time since I’ve been in here. What we watching for today?
  6. Yeah, people that are experienced are definitely going to have the upper hand and dominate. Many of the challenges can be pretty tricky. If you’re looking for an even playing field, this isn’t it.
  7. From home page scroll alllllll the way to the bottom and you should see a drop down option for "Theme"
  8. Over the season we had a slightly above average pass rush statistically, but the defense has looked much improved and like it's clicking in the past 4-6 weeks. Zadarius Smith is gonna get his and really hasnt slowed down, 26 sacks over the past 2 years. Rashan Gary is starting to realize his freakiness.. looks like a guy that could be leading the league in sacks in a couple seasons if he continues to develop the way he has. It can be a dominant unit.
  9. Move or Die, Golf With Your Friends, & Speedrunners I've had luck with all three of these with more casual gamer friends. All are pretty easy to pick up
  10. Everything that could have went wrong on that play, went wrong lol
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