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  1. How To Fix A Broken Offense......

    ill tell you how.. you focus on it during the offseason and dont make TC a damn kicker circus
  2. does a certain number of tags equate death?
  3. Is the Patriots defense for real?

    i pick giant meteor
  4. Is the Patriots defense for real?

    What kind of mental gymnastics did you do to figure that a 1-4, now 1-5, team is on their way to a 7-9 record?
  5. MNF- Patriots @ Jets

    He knows the D isn’t that good and they’ve just been playin **** teams
  6. <head to bowling alley and grab some shoes. See other people smelling them, so decide to peel back the slick sole of the bowling shoe> @The Orca
  7. Power Rankings and MVP Race Thread (through Week 7)

    They have had very similar seasons to this point. I have kind of overlooked him, knew he has been good, but expected to see a much wider gap between him and CMC. Cook can be in the conversation but I dont think hes breaking any top 5 lists. Gonna be a fight between MIN and GB for the NFCN
  8. can i kill malf @Outpost31
  9. Power Rankings and MVP Race Thread (through Week 7)

    He certainly entered the discussion. Towards the bottom of the list and not a serious contender yet.. but if he continues to build off these last 3 weeks.. watch out. AR is back.
  10. MNF: Lions at Packers

    Like I said before, yes. Because he has the most 60+ yd FGs in NFL History
  11. MNF: Lions at Packers

    @TL-TwoWinsAway Brett Maher is the best distance kicker in NFL history
  12. SNF GDT: Eagles @ Cowboys

    to be fair he is only 6' 2". 340 seems somewhat reasonable for the gravedigger
  13. SNF GDT: Eagles @ Cowboys

    From what I just found online he played at 232