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    All 3 are huge things we have to do.. 2 and 3 even more so because Hundley showed pretty good mobility in getting out of the pocket last week. There is no reason why Jones shouldn't be getting 75/25 carries to Ty.
  2. Trading Rodgers: A Down Year Discussion

    Missing on some picks.. that happens. Your right, to all GMs. I'm not some TT hater. I like Ted and think he has done a great job. The problem is picks like Randall and Rollins.. two guys who have very limited football experience.. trying to put Randall in a role he doesn't fit (he is a safety). A 3rd round 24 yeard old in Fackrell, 3rd rounder Thornton who was terrible in the first place. I know you can't hit on everyone.. but these are stretch picks(except for maybe Rollins. I loved that pick).
  3. Trading Rodgers: A Down Year Discussion

    Ted missing on picks is the problem. He always drafts some head-scratching defensive guys. I feel we try to get too cute with our selections. We claim BPA but I don't see it.
  4. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    Is this KCs 3rd primetime game already this season? Have seen more KC than any other team this season
  5. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    Gurley as my RB 1 Joe Mixon v. PIT or Derrick Henry v. CLE for RB2? Also have Julio and Cooks starting at WR with Davante Adams in the flex.
  6. Most iconic football picture iyo?

    Now THIS is iconic
  7. Pick one, runningbacks.

    No love for Derrick Henry? He's a different type of back than the majority of these guys but he has looked impressive as well. Once he takes over I think we're gonna see some big numbers from Henry.
  8. Pick one, runningbacks.

    David Johnson for me. Barkley is going to be a stud, no doubt.. but the hype for this guy is getting a little out of control.
  9. GDT Week 7 - Saints @ Packers

    He hasn't been healthy for long and thats a foot surgery we are talking about.. on a big guy. No reason to rush him back right now when we are plenty deep on the DL and getting good production. Last thing we want is another injury to that foot.. gotta protect that 3rd round investment or else someone will trash it as another boneheaded TT 3rd rounder. You should go check out Skis breakdown, Dial definitely had some push on the pocket on a couple plays.
  10. GB-MIN 1st Half Pressure (improved gif functionality)

    Nice work @skibrett15 Ryan just looks lost and confused out there this season. Bizarre. Especially since I think everyone had written off Martinez coming into this season. And as expected, a lot of Clay diving around at the grass
  11. GDT Week 7 - Saints @ Packers

    I'd rather accept the L in this one and let the T's take this game off and then the bye... Make sure they are really good to go. If we stand any type of chance with Hundley and making some noise, Bahk especially has to be in there the rest of the season.
  12. lions signed DE Datone Jones

    How has Jaleel Johnson been playing? If he has at all
  13. Destiny 2

    No app needed. PM me your GTs
  14. He was surrounded by talent with a good HC when we was winning. Manziel was in Cleveland.. I can't imagine he's in football shape anyways. But if he's still training and trying to redeem himself.. why not? Edit: Apparently the dude just got engaged.. maybe he is serious about getting back to the NFL