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  1. Dolphins reveal new uniforms

    <3 grew up in Lauderdale. Dolphins hold a special place in my heart
  2. Financial Experts say...

    Spit on me all you want, I'm blessed to be in the presence of the upper echelon.
  3. Dolphins reveal new uniforms

    Dolphins have always had some of my favorite jerseys. I used to have a Zach Thomas and a Ricky Williams jersey back in the day.
  4. Andrew Luck’s shoulder

    Andrew Luck is still in the league?
  5. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    You screwed up here assuming that most people know how to be civil.
  6. Financial Experts say...

    Good to know I'm the resident peasant of FF.
  7. Rather lose in the playoffs or Super Bowl?

    Always the Super Bowl. While it would hurt like hell as a fan, some people measure success by SB appearances if the hardware isn't there.
  8. Do you root for your players from your College in the NFL?

    I think it's only natural. You hook yourself to a college team and the obvious next step for the talented guys that help the team is to move onto the pros. I'm always rooting for the Iowa guys.. no matter where they go. Definitely makes it easier when they land on your favorite NFL team. I've been lucky as a Hawkeyes/Packers fan. Bryce Paup, Aaron Kampman, Bryan Bulaga, Micah Hyde, Mike Daniels, & Josh Jackson. Granted there are some names I will also not be listing.. (Abdul Hodge)
  9. Random Game Talk

    From companies that don’t have a good MTX model, they have absolutely negatively impacted gaming. Major AAA are being shipped barebones, the majority of the time incomplete, and if you want to experience everything the game has to offer you probably won’t get it until 8-16 months into the life of the game. I know I personally have purchased maybe one game on day one in the past couple years.
  10. Random Game Talk

    No, I got it.. this is CoD. BR with Zombies. Fight against players and the undead. I can see the marketing now
  11. Random Game Talk

    This will probably be the end of Zombies too I would imagine.
  12. What Song Are You Listening To?

    @MikeT14 didn't know Andy Dalton was making music now
  13. What Song Are You Listening To?

    Modern hip-hop doesn't get much smoother than this
  14. Twitter and Reddit are both great ways to stay up to date. I have a twitter account that I use strictly for Packers news and eSports news. To add to @james.mcmurry13 - Rocket League - r/RocketLeagueEsports
  15. Random Game Talk

    I've heard very different things. I've heard its a very enjoyable experience if you have someone to play with.