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  1. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Just asked commish, and its 1 DL, 1 LB, and 1 DB. Better to go after a DB who plays closer to the line for the tackles?
  2. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    So I'm a seasoned FF vet but this will be my first year doing a draft with defensive players. 1 pt per tackle .5 tackle assist 4 sack 6 INT 4 FF 2 FR 6 TD 10 Safety 1 Pass Defended 3 TFL What would be the best route to go with drafting defense? Who and what positions should I target?
  3. Should Blake start?

    Honestly, the best option now would be to reclaim Ricky Stanzi and give him his deserved glory.
  4. Posts from old site?

    Roll out the red carpet for Tom Brady on his way to the playoffs
  5. #Jaguars LT Branden Albert is retiring.

    This got me thinking, is Justin Blackmon STILL on the Jags roster?
  6. #7 Most important Packer

    I can comfortably predict that if Clay is still on this roster in 3 years he is going to be Hawk v.2 on this board
  7. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Former 2nd Round pick from last season, K Roberto Aguayo was released by the Bucs and picked up by the Bears. Here's to hoping he continues to blow
  8. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    Dont be skeptical. Accept them. If they are who we thought they were, they will expose themselves in ignorance eventually. But new posters should be encouraged to post and we should respond to them. It's great to have contrasting opinions here and I've seen too many times in the past 10 years, good posters get flooded out by people saying they don't know what they are talking about. And to be fair, sometimes they have no idea, but there are a lot of casual fans who want to post to learn more and be involved in a community.
  9. How Can We Improve the Packers Forum?

    Can we just leave AJ Hawk alone?
  10. First Preseason game against Philly

    It's an easy way to do it if you are okay with not watching it live. Game Pass has all the preseason games live though in HD, so I think thats worth it alone
  11. First Preseason game against Philly

    And I assume you aren't using a real credit card? Just some prepay gift card?
  12. First Preseason game against Philly

    And forget torrents.. just check out r/NFLStreams Always find a reliable stream on there
  13. First Preseason game against Philly

    Really really. It's a pretty easy system to get around. So let's say I am registering for my first 7 day trial under my email address "packerrfan74@gmail.com".. I use up my 7 days and then technically you could use any other additional emails you have to access a second account. Now, let's say you only have that one email address.. no problem, you could sign up for a new trial under "packerrfan74+cheese@gmail.com" or "packerrfan74+bearssuk@gmail.com". Basically, make multiple accounts with your email address with a "+" and then any random string of text. EDIT: ALSO, if you are out of market and don't get a lot of Packers games in the regular season you can set up a European based VPN and stream live through Game Pass as that is an exclusive feature to those folks overseas.
  14. Preseason Week 2 Gameday Thread: Packers @ Redskins

    I'll be there for my bachelor party this weekend go pack
  15. First Preseason game against Philly

    Just use the free trial on Game Pass to watch on there! You can use the free trial over and over again as well.