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  1. This looks like an exceptional LB class to me with 4 potential stars: JOK Collins Parsons Browning All 4 have pretty unique skill sets as well, with Collins and Parsons bringing great athleticism + size and JOK and Browning offering phenomenal coverage. Really excited about this group
  2. Just started watching Edges and really like Kwity Paye. What are peoples thoughts?
  3. Lets look at our most expensive FA signings over the last few years 1. Byron Jones ($16.5 per year) vs Trent Brown ($16.5 per year) 2. Kyle Van Noy ($12.75 per year) vs Corey Littleton ($11.67 per year) 3. Shaq Lawson ($10 per year) vs Tyrell Williams ($11 per year) Lets not forget that we were going after Byron Jones very hard. Cap space is not the issue here, play acquisition is. We traded Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper for 3 1st round draft picks over the last 2 years.
  4. Carr's contract is very reasonable and neither MIA nor ARI is building by signing a bunch of expensive FAs. MIA signed Byron Jones who we were after as well.
  5. He has zero excuses. He picked all of these players, both in the draft and through FA. Not only are they his players but he also traded away our young proven talent (Mack, Amari) in order to draft these guys. Im sure he’ll come up with some excuse but he certainly can’t blame talent level unless he admits he F’d up and removes himself from player acquisition duties.
  6. Ideal scenario is (1) completely removing Gruden from the draft room and (2) stop spending high draft capital on offensive skill players. Gruden's great with vets so just load up the defense with high pedigree talent and let Gruden continue to find the Wallers, Algholors, Renfrows, Charlie Garners, Jerry Rices, etc.
  7. I think you're forgetting the impact Tyreek had his rookie year. He was a making big plays almost every week and was a huge difference maker despite getting limited volume. I'm sure Ruggs is having an impact without the ball in his hands but his rookie year so far is incomparable to Tyreek's. I also don't understand the argument that he has a lot of competition for targets. Out of all the top 50 drafted rookie WRs he probably has the least amount of competition. Yes, Waller demands a lot of targets but his competition at WR consists of Nelson Agholor, Hunter Renfrow, Zay Jones, and Br
  8. I agree it's too early to call him a bust because that implies finality. However, there's no reason you can't say he's been disappointing through the first 11 games (again, especially considering the performance of the other rookie WRs). Also, those comparisons don't fit. Tyreek Hill was a day 3 drafted player who was making big plays his entire rookie year. The volume stats weren't there but he had 9 TDs that year. Brandin Cooks only played 10 games. Over 16 games he was on pace for 84/880/5. In comparison, Ruggs is on pace for 28/512/2 over 16 games. Playing on lou
  9. Thought it may be interesting to review our picks from this past year. Love to hear everyone's thoughts. 1.12. Henry Ruggs, WR Really disappointing pick so far, given how well the other rookie WRs are performing and that we had our choice of all of them. He's flashed his speed on some deep ball throws (thinking our first game vs KC) and some really nice contested catch ability. I'm sure he's stretching the field and opening things up for Waller underneath but he should be contributing more at this stage. Don't think anyone could say they wouldn't rather have Lamb, Jeudy, Jefferso
  10. I hate this line of argument so much. By your logic, you should stop giving your opinion on sports in general because you don't work in the industry and have insufficient information. Just completely defer to the "experts" and don't give any opinions. You should apply this to politics as well as you surely don't have as much experience and information regarding the policies. Nowadays you can watch multiple full games of nearly every player in the draft - pretty much the same as what teams are watching except you don't have the All 22. While we don't have medical or character informati
  11. I know the main issues were in 2018 but teams still took him off their boards this year because they were that concerned about him (Dane Brugler said that on a podcast)
  12. I thought that Mayock and Gruden were very focused on bringing in character guys and that's why the Arnette pick really confused me. His biggest question mark was his character, immaturity, and coachability and that combined with his testing were the main reasons he was mocked mid/late Day 2. A lot of teams took him off their boards apparently because he rubbed them the wrong way. On the other hand, Arnette's playing character (toughness, physicality, love of football) was thought to be very high. Maybe we care less about off the field character and instead are focusing on football cha
  13. Absolutely not. We need to sign a vet at this point.
  14. i think he may be limited to a gadget role - wildcat, reverses, screens. He didn't look great as a WR to me and I don't think he profiles as a RB either. His real strength is great vision and feel with the ball in his hands - he simply knows how to find open space. Don't love the picks but he's a really fun, likeable player. Seems to be the theme of this draft for me, really fun players at bad value.
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