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  1. if anything, last season was the saddest season ever. like, did everyone just forget how much it sucked?
  2. the problem with treating it this way is that that stupid individual choice also *decreases the vaccine's efficacy for everyone,* not to mention the increased possibility for more variants and the immediate threat it poses to immunocompromised people (and, for the time being, children under 12) who can't get the vaccine. it simply cannot be compartmentalized as individuals making a stupid choice, which is exactly why we require plenty of other vaccines.
  3. the country my family is from didn't eradicate polio until less than a decade ago because of the difficulty of vaccine supply, distribution, and uptake, but here in america we have absolute losers actively fighting against mass covid vaccination despite having a vaccine supply that poorer countries would kill for. pathetic.
  4. coming off a year where we lost taylor lewan early and basically everyone on our defense except for jeffery simmons played like hot garbage, this was a sort of weird year to do it. stalwarts like lewan and byard were difficult propositions this time around. i think the top 5 is pretty universally agreeable (perhaps with some tweaks in order) but it's a real toss-up from there.
  5. honestly, WFT is better than all of these suggestions lol. i'd keep it
  6. here is your first mention of that channel from june 4th: here is me sharing one of their videos a full two months earlier on april 7th: you really don't do anything on here except talk out your rear end, do you?
  7. you do realize that people were sharing those videos here well before you even waltzed your pompous *** in here, right? it might interest you to know that you did not in fact discover youtube and there are numerous people who do film study on there that people on here have shared, so there's no need to stick to one channel that religiously.
  8. yeah you’re right, clowney balled out for us last year
  9. of course, we would never sign a veteran FA edge rusher to a contract after training camp. we certainly didn't do anything of that nature as recently as last season!
  10. i'm just confused by their methodology, period. based on their own grades, the titans have a significantly higher average grade (72.02) than the bills (66.72), who are ranked 4th to the titans' 13th. this holds true even if you go more granular and look at offense (titans 78.64, bills 73.22) vs defense (titans 65.39, bills 60.22). and that's not even getting into the grades themselves- caleb farley being rated higher than tre white, for instance, is one of the more ludicrous ones (though i should note that the titans' averages remain higher than the bills' even if you take tennessee's highly-r
  11. imo it's between saffold and dupree here- i went with saffold. ben jones is also a dark horse but he doesn't stand out to me as much as those two.
  12. i don’t see why you would jump to that assumption rather than guessing that maybe this individual has a personal stake in the matter at hand and is thus very passionate about it. people love to talk about “virtue signaling” or whatever but in my experience a lot of this boils down to trying to convince people who simply don’t care that you or someone you love is worthy of full personhood. it’s obvious why that would stoke people’s emotions.
  13. people spent literally dozens of pages absolutely coddling you and saying over and over again that they understood where you were coming from, that they believed your intentions were good, etc, etc. frankly i don't have the patience for that lmao, so i'll be a little bit rude right now because complaining about that kind of treatment is *hilarious.* whew lordy.
  14. i dont know, maybe spending 10 pages being an massive pedant and inventing various scenarios to avoid doing the exact thing you just described lol
  15. or maintains friendships....interacts with family....more or less any interpersonal relationships lol. that's the funniest part- i doubt a lot of the people going to bat for this on here actually behave like this in real life because they'd be thoroughly miserable to be around if they did.
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