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  1. for a late rounder? maybe. he seems pretty washed tho. i don't think i'd care one way or another
  2. mo hurst is a guy that we should take a hard look at. as a rotational interior pass rusher he’d be a great fit. we won’t, though
  3. scheme fit. jenkins is a man cover guy through and through while nelson is a zone corner. wouldn't expect them to look at nelson
  4. yeah, he's a risk at the nfl level for sure. you have to get him in space and let him work. but i think we'd find ways to use him out of the backfield etc.
  5. i'd definitely be fine with that draft, though it leaves CB a bit late for my liking. i'm not sure atwell is our "type" of player but i've seen him annihilate enough ACC teams including my canes to know how special of a weapon he is.
  6. i wonder if deion sanders and eddie might be the floodgates opening for this sort of thing. certainly it'll be more likely if either of them see any kind of success.
  7. this film review of amani hooker is such a staggering indictment of our defensive scheme lol. jesus
  8. well, we probably need more than 2 DTs if we want to do that. i literally don't even know who we have behind simmons and autry right now. tart and....?
  9. nobody remembers the end of schwartz's tenure as DC here, huh? fans were practically delighted when he got hired away to detroit. also, isn't he pretty strictly a 4-3 guy? honestly seems like a weird fit even independent of that history.
  10. aj brown has run away from people vertically more than i've ever seen a titans receiver do lol come on
  11. everything i've seen about him says he's a zone corner through and through. maybe just due diligence, because we certainly don't seem to be trending that direction.
  12. legit looks like a CD clone running those in-breaking routes, lol. he'd be a great fit here, although like many of you i'm not totally in love with the idea of WR in the first.
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