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  1. Honestly rate YOUR team's draft.

    tennessee: #19 DL jeffery simmons: A-. really talented player and the value is great, but i can't give it a full A with the ACL injury. hopefully he'll be a big piece of our front 7 going forward, but he doesn't help this year. #51 WR aj brown: A. i wouldn't have been totally surprised if we had gone with him in the first round. getting him at 51 was fantastic value. he'll immediately come in and challenge for the #2 spot behind corey davis. #82 OG nate davis: B+. he's kinda raw but very talented. high upside as an interior OL. he'll have an opportunity to challenge for a starting spot day one, which is partially due to our weakness at that spot, but i think he can be a really good player for us. #116 S amani hooker: B. very good player at great value, but the need at safety isn't really there. still, he'll immediately contribute on ST and may get some play as a dime back/in 3-safety packages. at worst he gives us really good safety depth alongside dane cruikshank. #168 OLB d'andre walker: B+. great value (a theme of this draft) in the 5th round. may be able to see the field early as a rotational piece. doubt he'll ever be more than that, but he shores up our edge depth. #188 ILB david long: A-. another player we snagged well after he was projected to go. will be a ST contributor and provide great depth at ILB, which is looking like one of the strongest positions on the team right now. i feel like it's pretty rare that i like a draft class of ours this universally, but i thought we did quite well for ourselves.
  2. Miserable Hot Takes

    smh man would it have killed you to be right about just one of these? that's all i ask
  3. Which teams improved/regressed the most on paper?

    browns, washington, bills improved texans, giants regressed
  4. Minicamp/OTA/TC Thread

    i gotta wonder what would've happened with britt if he hadn't torn his ACL early in the 2011 season when he was just having his way with everyone we played. he's really the only titans receiver i've ever seen genuinely take over a game. CD has had some nice performances but none where you felt like anything you threw in the guy's general direction, he was gonna come down with.
  5. Rutgers#1 2020 Prospect list (ACC only right now)

    agreed- probably a little high on deejay dallas too imo (that goes with cam akers being too low, he's above dallas beyond a shadow of a doubt) also....where's jeff thomas?
  6. i love marquise brown. if the titans hadn't taken simmons i would've loved for them to snap him up. he's a great fit in that offense too, could be real scary if lamar develops a bit more as a passer.
  7. is my man wearing a tajae sharpe jersey??? buddy......wyd good overview for tennessee. if i have any gripes, they're that we still lack explosion and speed on the offensive side of the ball and that we waited too long for an edge rusher, but the way the board fell i really can't complain about any of our picks.
  8. top 5 for tennessee then, wow. i liked our draft and thought we got great value out of our picks, but i don't know if i would've put it this high.
  9. Biggest head scratching picks

  10. Offseason Thread

  11. Ranking The Roster - #4

    voted delanie, but brown is next for me, followed by saffold.
  12. Prime JJ Watt or Aaron Donald?

    we’re comparing probably the two most transcendent interior DL players of the last decade, both surefire HOF players. who honestly cares which one of them is better, lol
  13. Is it blasphemy to like more than one team?

    i'm a titans fan, but i'm from purdue country so i've always followed drew brees and enjoyed seeing his success with the saints.
  14. i hope so. we juuuuust started to see little glimpses of evans as a pass rusher by the end of last season, but obviously everything was slowed by his injury. he's the sort of guy we can move all over the front 7 and rush from anywhere- perfect for vrabel and pees' "front multiplicity," and i hope and expect we'll see a good deal more of it after a full healthy offseason for evans.