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  1. Official We Need Help at WR Thread

    seeing nate washington tweet about our WR situation and thinking about how much i miss that guy. a player like him would be a godsend for our offense right now. also an example of a guy who struggled with drops and then turned it around to become a sure-handed, reliable target. our WRs could learn a thing or two from him.
  2. Official We Need Help at WR Thread

    sure, i don't mean i'm expecting him to crack 100 yards every week- just want him to be reliable when he's thrown to and ideally slide into the type of chain-mover role matthews occupied.
  3. Official We Need Help at WR Thread

    perhaps a sign he's starting to get a little more comfortable in the offense? he's historically been pretty good under pressure, but up to the chargers game this year had been quite bad.
  4. Official We Need Help at WR Thread

    without a doubt the best i've ever seen him play. he'd do a lot to endear himself to folks if he can maintain a level of play anywhere near yesterday with relative consistency. problem is i get the feeling he'll just disappear or get a case of the dropsies in the next game.
  5. Official We Need Help at WR Thread

    literally WHY is our base offense not (oops, typo) 12 personnel at this point
  6. Week 7 GDT - Titans @? Chargers

    at least he knows and admitted it, lol.
  7. Week 7 GDT - Titans @? Chargers

    the absence of fades to davis in the red zone in general is baffling to me. you spent a top 5 pick on a big, strong receiver. let him go up and get it. i guess i don't know if defenses are consistently doubling him in that situation, but honestly....why? lol
  8. Official We Need Help at WR Thread

    yeah, that's more my point here. all those examples i listed are significantly BETTER than what i'd expect of a mid-season acquisition. again, not looking for world-beaters out here. the bar is extremely low.
  9. Official We Need Help at WR Thread

    braylon edwards to the jets anquan boldin to the ravens santonio holmes to the jets brandon marshall to the dolphins chris chambers to the chargers all contributed to their new teams significantly more than taywan freaking taylor is on track to this year.
  10. Official We Need Help at WR Thread

    ...josh gordon? literally this season?
  11. Around the NFL

    ugh, just in time to have his breakout game against malcolm butler of course. still, they gave up a first round pick for him, lol. no way i would've done that.
  12. Official We Need Help at WR Thread

    read it again... which are we more likely to be able to upgrade mid-season? interior OL or WR? quarterback's comfort within a new offensive system, or WR?
  13. Official We Need Help at WR Thread

    i mean, sure, we want marcus to improve, but you realize that even at the level marcus is playing right now, WR drops have directly cost us one game (bills), nearly cost us another (eagles), and massively impacted another (chargers)? obviously yes, we want to improve in other areas to potentially cover up that weakness, but that's going to take time and until then it's ridiculous to keep trotting out these guys that are literally costing us games. we're not asking for a superstar, we're not even asking for a legit #2 receiver. we just need guys that can actually catch the ball when it hits them in the hands.
  14. Official We Need Help at WR Thread

    if we could get it down to a 4th (and maybe an additional 6th or 7th?) i'd 100% pull the trigger on parker. a 3rd seems a little rich for my liking, but that might be what it takes. who knows.
  15. Week 7 GDT - Titans @? Chargers

    ultimately i'm not terribly upset about this loss. we ran the ball well and had sustained drives on offense, which are things we'd been struggling with all season long. the offense actually appeared to have some rhythm. it's all about whether we can build on stuff like that or not. we start being able to do that but limit the killer mistakes, and mariota gels with this system a little bit more, and it's entirely within the realm of possibility that we hit our stride down the stretch and win the division. but i'm certainly not ready to predict that we'll do that at this point.