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  1. good grief how can we be this banged up in week 2
  2. https://www.espn.com/nfl/boxscore?gameId=301010029 absolutely incredible box score
  3. he got the 4th most snaps of all our receivers and was way behind humphries for 3rd, which feels appropraite for his being #4 on the depth chart. rotation was a little weird at times but i don't think there's a huge danger of that happening. my only complaint with art last night is i think we got away from the play action game a bit too much in the second half. thought he did a fine job otherwise with some strong moments
  4. i would agree. i was saying during the game he was dancing way too much and running soft like he used to. he finally seemed to start going downhill more in the 4th quarter on the last couple of drives. hopefully he keeps that going into next week.
  5. minshew is solid. jury's out on whether he's having a fitzmagic moment or whether he can keep it up but he's certainly better than any QB they've been trotting out there for ages. if we can get henry going earlier and convert more drives into touchdowns, i think we'll be okay, but i don't think we'll be able to win with a performance as sloppy as the one against denver.
  6. i actually remember that one! it was raining so hard that the entire field turned into muddy slop. there was a punt that hit the ground and just stuck there lol it was amazing found video: https://youtu.be/x7DTNEa2E7w
  7. I thought this would be a fun thread inspired by last night’s Titans-Broncos game, which was up there for me. What’s the ugliest win you’ve ever seen from your team? A close second for the Titans might be 2018 week 2 vs the Jaguars. This was very soon after Mariota had injured his ulnar nerve and he still had no feeling in his throwing hand, so we started....Blaine Gabbert. Who promptly proceeded to get concussed in the first quarter. We brought Mariota off the bench and it was obvious he could barely throw it past 5 yards, but we ended up winning 9-6 and sealing the deal on a Mariota read option keeper. The only reason this one isn’t first place is because it was ugly as hell but also kind of beautiful to win a game without a QB who could throw the ball lol.
  8. in terms of running our offense through tannehill vs henry, this was probably one of the heavier tannehill leans there's been since he got the job imo. usually even when tannehill was balling we were leaning on the run and gashing teams with henry- not so tonight. tannehill wasn't a world-beater or anything but he was efficient, made good decisions outside of that extreme WTF pick that was lucky not to count, and came through when we needed him. getting that tannehill when the running game isn't working too well is a plus, as far as i'm concerned.
  9. this is *exactly* his vibe and it's hilarious. he alternates between seeming like a shrewd genius and coming off as a total meathead.
  10. a lot of coaches do hire game management guys- vrabel does, pretty sure mcvay and i think maybe pederson too? vrabel's super noncommittal about how much he actually listens to the dude though lol
  11. final note before i call it a night is that we're gonna need more explosive plays on offense. it's good that we were able to put together some long, methodical drives and generate what should have been 26 points without them, but < 6ypa from tanny and < 4ypc from henry ain't gonna cut it against better teams.
  12. he was visibly out of breath on that last drive, which was shocking. wonder if the altitude really didn't agree with him or something.
  13. has anyone ever belonged in both the heroes and thieves thread more than gostkowski tonight?
  14. WR rotation as a whole was baffling at times. also...get well soon darrynton evans. really don't love giving henry every single RB carry the entire game when he's averaging less than 4 a pop.
  15. i think the thing i take the most heart from is that tanny put the team on his back when the chips were down. impressive drive and if AJ hadn't slowed down it would've been the perfect audible and perfect throw to cap the game. we certainly benefitted from some questionable coaching decisions on the broncos' side, but hey, it's nice to finally be the sort of team that's on the other side of that. my biggest fear is that we keep gostkowski. lol.
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