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  1. the phins with watson are instantly contending for super bowls. and tua looked like crap. so yeah you absolutely make that trade
  2. weird that it’s been so quiet aside from one interview with teryl austin...hope we’re still actually looking for a DC lol
  3. man, i thought mike vrabel's path to being a head coach was meteoric. this guy was a defensive coordinator at a DIII college 5 years ago and is now an nfl head coach. whew
  4. thomas brown is in the nfl??? and fans like him??? man. that guy was a warm body at miami. terrible recruiter, worse offensive coordinator. maybe he's better suited for the pro game.
  5. polarizing hire is right. i can't tell if i'd love it or hate it, but it would certainly be bold.
  6. stefanski punting after mismanaging his timeouts was almost as embarrassing as vrabel was, too. reid is just a different class of coach than these two.
  7. my god, if they actually screw this up....i don’t want to let myself believe it
  8. yeah, that's another thing. i don't know that roman is doing him many favors in the passing game.
  9. dude takes a stunning amount of sacks. we have a (literally) historically bad pass rush for a playoff team and sacked him 4 or 5 times last week. i know that some of that just comes with the territory because he's so elusive and can turn near-sacks into incredible plays, but i feel like sometimes he'd be better served to live to play another down. the number of third and longs that seems to create would be bad for any offense but it's particularly bad for one so dependent on staying on schedule with the run game.
  10. i agree, but i also think that's true of any QB outside of the top 5 or so- they're all going to have weaknesses that you're going to need to cover up. with lamar they already do that to an extent with their offensive scheme, but are going to need to invest more heavily in receiving threats to make it actually work. hitting on a QB is tough enough that when you get a good QB who maybe isn't a consistent top 5 kind of guy, most teams will still want to keep them around and try to build a team around them that's good enough to win with. the question becomes whether lamar gets some kind of
  11. the thing is, when you have a just "good" QB who is also an extremely lethal weapon....those don't exactly grow on trees.
  12. i wouldn't be. that offense wasn't going to mount the comeback in ~10 minutes or so.
  13. between receptions and designed run plays, we need to get AJ *at least* 30 more touches next year. at least.
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