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  1. buffalo did their best titans impression tonight. drove all the way down the field twice in a row and came away with 0 points. pitiful
  2. he's a guy you'd be quite happy with if you took him in the 2nd or 3rd round. at 5 overall though.....oof.
  3. it really is weird how even our former players are injury-plagued this year. crazy coincidence.
  4. simply cannot lose this game, period. gotta get right
  5. racey mcmath back!!! championship!!!!
  6. yeah under normal circumstances i wouldn't care at all about the bye. under our extremely abnormal and extremely dire injury circumstances, though? i think any break from football we can get is crucial.
  7. takeaways from this thread: - aside from the cardinals game, lewan was pretty good over the first half of the season, but he's been more up and down as of late. i suspect he's dealing with injury stuff again. commentators were saying he was icing something on the sidelines on sunday (or something like that). - it's really important that our ILBs get healthy and we get jayon brown off the goddamn field. never thought i'd be saying that, but he's been awful. - as successful as the running game was, foreman still missed some big holes. - tannehill's miss to chester rogers was
  8. where do you get darrynton specifically from that? i don't know that i would jump to that kind of conclusion
  9. yeah. i mean ultimately our biggest issue in the passing game is that our downfield passing game simply doesn’t exist any more, and injuries and awful pass blocking have muddied the water in terms of how responsible downing actually is. hopefully we get a chance to see this offense at full strength, but i’m increasingly doubtful.
  10. one thing i've seen downing do is run that yankee concept but have the WR do like a whip route outside instead, taking advantage of the corner expecting an in breaker. that's nice and it's worked (AJ's touchdown against the colts was such a play) but it kind of takes the whole original idea of fooling the LBs out of the equation.
  11. art was really good at building counters based on our tendencies on offense. not sure where downing is on that front.
  12. yeah, i mean, this whole thing of locking onto the primary read and hitting a LB in the chest is literally backup-level stuff. it's brutal. starting NFL quarterbacks get fooled and do it from time to time- tannehill does it basically every game. just eliminating that would at least help (and would've probably won us the texans game). but i'm right there with you at the point where when we drop back to pass, i'm more holding my breath than expecting good things, and i haven't felt that way since mariota. bummer.
  13. who are we even gonna get back on offense after the bye? maybe julio? maybe nate davis, which doesn't even matter lol. hilliard and foreman gotta learn to hold onto the goddamn ball or it's gonna be the same story.
  14. yeah, i agree. ultimately i think whoever said tannehill is "the best version of QB purgatory" was on the money, lol. just gotta put as much talent around him as possible and hope for the best.
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