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  1. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    cian as always is way too strong with the mariota hype, but there’s one thing he says that i agree with without reservation- if mariota had come into the nfl and been put into an andy reid/doug pederson offense, he would (barring injury) be a star. there is very little doubt in my mind of this. the degree to which we have played against his strengths and into his weaknesses is embarrassing. it’s why as much as mularkey did to get our roster from dumpster fire to decent, i will always maintain that his hiring was a massive mistake.
  2. Madden Ratings

    madden ratings have been nonsense for as long as i can remember. the last time I really played the game was all the way back in 08 and they were garbage then too lol
  3. Derrick Morgan Retires

    it was the right time to hang em up. great guy and a dependable pro, happy trails Derrick.
  4. Offseason Thread

    it’s hard to say how much of that was due to marcus’s health. that’s what arthur smith has said numerous times in defense of lafleur, but it’s not like it got any better once the glove came off. i’m hoping art does a better job with this, but we’ll see i guess.
  5. Offseason Thread

    idk if any of y’all are keeping up with taylor lewan and will compton’s podcast- personally i find it kinda hit or miss but when it hits it’s real damn funny. not sure whether i can link it here since there’s some NSFW stuff in it, but they just did an episode with vrabel and it was hilarious. i was actually really impressed with how he handled it- he has a good rapport with these dudes and he’s obviously a players’ coach, but one that commands respect. also i’m pretty sure will compton’s soul left his body during that episode. that poor guy got roasted into the next dimension lmao
  6. Frank Gore- HOF?

    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001035212/article/frank-gore-wont-retire-until-he-cant-do-it-no-more Reading this article had me reflecting on Frank Gore’s truly absurd longevity as a RB in the NFL. He’s now 4th on the all time rushing leader list, and might have a shot at moving up to 3rd this coming season. He’s been as consistently productive as just about any back ever. However, he’s never really been the best in the game, and his only truly dominant season was his second year way back in 2006, where he rushed for nearly 1700 yards at 5.4ypc, and added almost 500 more receiving yards. So, given this info: does he belong in the HOF, or no?
  7. yeah, baldy's one of my favorites. dude knows what he's talking about. just gotta ignore his terrifying finger lmao i'm surprised nobody's brought up deion sanders yet. amazing player, truly awful analyst
  8. yeah, it's kind of just a function of coming through during fisher's waning years when the teams he played for were mostly mediocre. plus after his 2k season he never quite reached the elite level of play again. but he was unreal at his peak.
  9. yeah, there was a time when fisher was one of the most respected coaches in the nfl, and i'd argue he deserved to be. problem is the game changed and he didn't change with it.
  10. Offseason Thread

    i think taken in isolation mularkey was certainly not a *bad* coach, and he did do a lot to help the team get out of the absolute basement of the NFL. i just feel like the issue was the timing. you had mariota coming off his rookie year and imo the priority needed to be finding someone he could grow with, not just the absolute safest option. i definitely appreciate some of the moments the mularkey era gave us, but overall i can't really think of it as anything but a mistake.
  11. Kearse and Keith Bulluck are probably my next two. Bulluck was just crazily underrated for his entire career. Dude made one pro bowl his entire career despite playing at an all-pro level pretty much every year.
  12. yeah, i'm a little surprised too, but i get it. they were pretty much the first household names at "skill" positions in titans history and brought in an entire generation of fans, myself included.
  13. Nice gesture. Probably the two most iconic Titans.
  14. Probably the two most iconic Titans. Good call imo.
  15. Minicamp/OTA/TC Thread

    yeah lol i'm not even much of a mariota believer at this point but the hyper-analysis has gotten ridiculous. just wait till the games ffs