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  1. gotta say it's great that farley is immediately on the neverending mystery injury train. wouldn't be a titans season without someone doing that dance, even better that it's our notoriously injury-concern 1st rounder.
  2. for real. i'm almost more scared of this than i would be if wentz were fully healthy lol
  3. this also seems like it's what freed up the RBs for so many catches in the second half.
  4. surprised, tbh. i honestly expected him to be hitting IR.
  5. hold up…..what’s going on with the oilers stuff lol
  6. curious to see whether Henry’s involvement in the passing game continues. given downing’s history of throwing to RBs, it seems likely. though i was sort of surprised by how much we were motioning him out wide or into the slot late in the game last week. honestly have no idea what the purpose of that is, i can’t imagine we’re going to throw to him from there unless someone literally forgets to cover him lol.
  7. gotcha. sounds like you can at least expect improvement in the weeks to come then, which is bad news for the rest of the afc south. i'll never count the colts out of it until they're out of it. been a thorn in tennessee's side for wayyyy too long lol.
  8. what’s the deal with the OL? i figured it’d be a strength just like the past few years, even without castonzo. has it just been a rough couple of games or do you think there’s a larger regression at play here?
  9. what’s going on with the colts? i assumed they’d be really strong on the OL and DL just like last year.
  10. legitimately glad they're gonna go with cruikshank moving forward, it was night and day between him and mcdougald. hopefully he can keep up a decent level until hooker's back, though. i'm getting flashbacks to breon borders having a couple of solid games last year and then getting absolutely annihilated by the browns lol also, did molden get any burn at safety during TC/preseason? i don't remember that happening, but i'm not sure who else we even have at safety if cruikshank needs to come out.
  11. if pruitt were faster i think he'd be a legit serviceable TE1. dude looks like he's wearing concrete shoes whenever he's running lmao so not exactly a downfield threat but he's got reliable hands and is of course a stellar blocker.
  12. tennessee is riding high after silencing the 12s with a huge comeback win in seattle. next up: a reeling colts team with an injured quarterback. we get them at home with a chance to send them to 0-3. a near-perfect situation, which is why we should be sure that nothing will go according to plan and that this will be a dogfight. this team always has trouble with indy and they’re backed into a corner. question of the day in my mind will be: what happens in the trenches? can our banged up OL hold up against indy’s ferocious DL? will we be able to get pressure against their rock solid OL? that wil
  13. i know very little about OL play but it seemed to me that the majority of the trouble yesterday was on the interior.
  14. not the point of the thread, i know, but derrick has really come into his own as a vocal leader
  15. i know we want to face each opponents' best and all that buuuuut after two straight weeks of the most mobile QBs in the league, i wouldn't mind going up against eason lol. he'll have the best OL we've seen yet so it'll be a challenge anyway.
  16. lol, i know better than to use the word "should" with the titans. i'm interested to see what our offensive line looks like moving forward- that's going to be especially crucial against a colts front that's liable to eat us alive.
  17. bring back the afc central imo
  18. some of these reactions making me inclined to defend the RAVENS….i hate it here!
  19. it’s andy reid and pat mahomes. you give em the ball anywhere on the field with a minute and they’re liable to score. if you have a chance to end it without letting the ball touch #15’s hands, you take it.
  20. what a game- we had some wild ones today. great decision to go for it, and i’d stand by that even if they failed. one yard and mahomes doesn’t get the ball again? take that every time.
  21. yeah, i get that obviously we need to give the guy a break and he touched the ball 41 times today, which is insane. but the rationale for always keeping him off the field on 3rd down is basically gone, and certainly that 4th and 2 was inexcusable
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