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  1. That’s not even the best window for a speculative Pats five peat. 2014-2018 is better, where they went 3-1 in close Super Bowls and lost a razor close AFCCG.
  2. The Saints might be the team with the most pressure to win this season, since Brees is surely gone next year. However, depending on what QB they pick up, they might be able to jump right back into contention. As limited as Drew is these days, it’s still going to be damn hard to replace him. Rivers would have a strong argument if his team was a favorite, but I don’t think anyone expects the Colts to make a deep run in the AFC.
  3. The answer to this thread is Aaron Rodgers. Another historic season in books, with the MVP all but locked up, AND the number one seeded NFC team. Remember, back in 2011, people were saying this guy was going to end up being the GOAT, and that the Packers were going to be the next great dynasty. Ten years later, and they’re still only sitting at one title. This is truly his last best chance to get a second ring. He’s been on fire, and has proven that he’s still the most talented QB in football (possibly all time). If he goes out like he did to the Giants in t
  4. If Henry had this season back in 2017 (the year Brady won it with only “solid” numbers after Wentz got hurt) he definitely would’ve gotten MVP.
  5. Oh ffs. Might as well bury half the country if that’s the attitude people have.
  6. It’s past his bedtime.
  7. What are people talking about him being a bad person?
  8. Some people on this forum are utterly embarrassing individuals. @El Ramster gets a little bit of a pass since I’m pretty sure he’s only 13 years old. Enjoy retirement Drew. One of the best to ever do it.
  9. The Jags have already clinched the first draft pick, why is Glennon playing instead of Minshew?
  10. No, but they certainly would be a top five team and in the conversation.
  11. If Alex Smith plays, Washington. If if he doesn’t, then I (unfortunately as a Giants fan) give the Cowboys the edge in Week 17 since their offense is starting to click again.
  12. The argument is that the standard needs to be changed, or that a failsafe be instituted, so that we can be spared a 7-9/6-10 team making it into the playoffs over an 11-5 team.
  13. So it looks like if the Ravens win this week then they are in. Where are all of their fans crying that their season was over? @AFlaccoSeagulls?
  14. That’s not a significant reason why the NFL gets better ratings then the other sports. Football is simply more exciting to watch then the others, and with far fewer games played per season then any other sport, each one means a lot more.
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