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  1. Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    LOL ok People acting like Brady can’t throw to a receiver who’s over 5’10’’ and runs routes more than 10 yards down the field. It’s not like he’s ever had MVP seasons with big receivers and deep threats before...
  2. Tom Brady intends to leave Patriots

    Can someone direct this guy to the loony bin?
  3. NFL To Revamp Playoffs; Add 7th Team with Only 1 1st Round Bye

    Its hard to play the "fair" card when arguing against the expanded playoffs. Is it fair that if three division winners finish 13-3, one will have to play on wildcard weekend based on a tiebreaker? Is it fair that for two 12-4 teams in the same division, one will get a bye and possibly HFA, while the other will have to play essentially three straight road games to get to the superbowl, simply based on a tiebreaker? How about a team that goes 9-7 with a brutal schedule missing the playoffs over a 10-6 team that went like 9-1 against teams below .500? I agree with your sentiment, but nothing about the NFL is fair.
  4. How would the 7-2 matchups of the last decade have gone?

    Most years, this match-up looks fairly competitive on paper for at least one conference. A lot of these 7-seeds (outside of outliers like the 2015 Jets and 2016 Bucs) are successful regimes experiencing a down (by their standards) year. Steelers v. Pats three times though? Yuck. Its funny, I actually would have preferred the 8-seed making the playoffs for the NFC 2012 (defending champion Giants) and both conferences in 2017 (Chargers with an +80ish point differential, and 9-7 Seahawks (only year Wilson has missed the playoffs)).
  5. 1999-2019 How Each Franchise Fared

    Three 13 win seasons (2016 team won eleven regular season and two postseason games) and a few other 10+ win seasons will do that.
  6. What's an NFL season that was just weird/unusual

    This. The NFC Championship game had two 9-win teams, the defending champion Giants going one-and-done despite an awesome season (partly because of Plaxico shooting himself in the leg towards the end of the year), and Roethlisberger having a really rough regular season prior to his great Superbowl performance. Brady missing the season was also huge. If he never gets hurt, there's no way the Pat's weren't making it back to the AFCCG at the very least with that roster and cupcake schedule.
  7. Eli Manning is retiring

    Since he sat for the first few years, people forget that Rodgers was drafted way back in 2005. I guarantee he won't play into his forties the way Brees and Brady have. Matt Ryan will be the oldest NFL QB in a couple of seasons.
  8. Broncos/Pats in 2013 was a beatdown that wasn't as close as the score indicated. That Pats team was decimated by injuries though, and its a testament to Belichick/Brady that they were even in the AFCCG that year. Patriots/Ravens in 2012 on the other hand was a very evenly matched game that was closer than the score indicated.
  9. Thank You AFC

    Eh, they may have played down to their level of competition, but they still won those games, which was not the case with other recent Steeler teams. They were a Jesse James TD away from having home field, with the Jags having to play the Pats in the divisional round if that was the case. The Pats weren't a great 13-3 that year, either. None of this excuses the defensive meltdown they had against the Jags in the divisional round.
  10. Thank You AFC

    Chargers were very good in 2018 but choked in the playoffs. In 2014 Ravens almost upset Pats. Also in 2017 Steelers and the surprise Jags made the Pats sweat pretty hard in their games. But overall, I agree with the lack of parody in the AFC over the last several years. Those Alex Smith Chief teams and the Bengals in a few of those years weren't imposing playoff teams. Its a testament to how good the Pats (and Broncos) were in those years, though.
  11. Is Drew Brees overrated?

    The only thing Favre and Elway have over Brees is arm strength. Simply lol at the final three QB's on your list. Did you even watch those guys play? Otto Graham played so long ago it was essentially a different sport. Staubach was a slightly above average QB on great teams with great coaching. I'll give you Unitas because he actually revolutionized the position at the time, but over Drew Brees? Please. Longevity and consistency is part of being an NFL QB. Its actually the sole reason why you don't have Steve Young in your top ten, because he wasn't great for long enough. Drew has been great now for basically 15 years.
  12. Oh yeah, a 13-3 team that didn't win their division because a rival went 15-1 should feel "blessed" to be able to compete in the playoffs against an 8-8 team on the road...
  13. Most Disappointing Units

    Cowboys defense has been pretty disappointing. Any decent offense has had their way with them.