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  1. Ant Man and the Wasp movie SPOILER talk.

    They did try to science it away at least
  2. Aquaman (December 2018)- Trailer Saturday

    This is my take away for the most part. It didnt do its job and make me want to see the film any more than prior to viewing, but it didnt make me want to see it any less either.
  3. DC Movie Universe

    Down for Shazam now. Best moment is when he brags about being a superhero to the strangers outside the gas station.
  4. Offseason Review - Grade it!

    How much of a negative to the off-season grade is it that they did not bring in a clear heir apparent to Brady? Unless, does anyone think Ettling can be that guy?
  5. Training Camp Battle - Running Back

    If Mikey can come in hot, I see no reason why he wouldnt beat out Hill
  6. General Talk Thread

    We dont talk about that
  7. General Talk Thread

    My bad man, you get a different username?
  8. How does this effect the Guardian's franchise? Who is a good person to replace him, especially on the writing side?
  9. Free Agency Thread

    Thats an odd way of looking at it. I mean, in trade discussions its also about potential and future value. When deciding who to start its about the here and now.
  10. Walking Dead Season 9 (TV Talk Only) - Spoiler Mines

    You are certainly free to make a spoiler free thread! I really don't want to get into the habit of decreeing threads as spoiler and spoiler-free. To me, if it doesnt say anything about spoilers in the title, its a spoiler free thread. If it does it does have them and I will enforce that. Up to you guys to decide if you need a spoiler free or a spoiler filled separate thread.
  11. Free Agency Thread

    I would say Jackson isnt there yet. He could take a leap a la Jaylen Brown, but he isnt there yet.
  12. Walking Dead Season 9 (TV Talk Only) - Spoiler Mines

    I mean, the title of the thread does indicate spoilers.
  13. Training Camp Battle - Running Back

    patspulpit usually has a lot of that kind of stuff. You just have to remember that they are mostly just bloggers
  14. Training Camp and the season are just around the corner. Lets get football discussion going again @dhunt2402 @Hunter2_1 @TomRalph @I_GET_SAX @1ForTheThumb @DoleINGout @Troy Brown @Yin-Yang @AlNFL19 @nextsuperstar1 @Starless @LD696 @ChazStandard @jofos @Elky @SBLIII @Spooky @bluemushrooms @The Third Rider @Nex_Gen @goldfishwars @mission27 @mcmurtry86 @redsoxsrule1437 @everlong @iothar @tonyto36 @atmer @PatriotsWin! @Pats#1 @lancerman @GoldenboyDB12 @biggbrd @ICB @Iron_man @InRodWeRust So RB should be an interesting position to follow for the following reason's: Who is going to start? Will the rookie bust into camp and earn the first tote of every game? Will James White bust out of his passing back role and become an all around back? Will Rex Burkhead, IMO the defacto #1 option heading into camp, tighten his grip on the feature back role? Will one of Mikey G and Jeremy Hill come in strong?WILL RALPH WEBB SURPRISE EVERYONE! Basically what I am getting at is that as usual, the roles are wide open. Who is the power/goal-line back? I feel like Michel could be in ever discussion, but to me this question comes down to Burkhead, Mikey G, and Jeremy Hill. Is James White more than a passing back? Can anyone take that spot from him? So this one is two fold. We all saw Rexy showcase a passing game affinity. Could he eclipse White and become the all around guy with White and Michel playing back up/change of pace? Can White finally show more getting the hand off? If so, how does that effect the other guys vying for spots? Does it make them less valuable? To me, the locks to make the roster are: Rex Burkhead - most used RB from last season on the roster, resigned to a decent deal Sony Michel - drafted in the first round James White - entrenched in the passing back role, has Brady's trust I think Gillisee and Jeremy Hill are competing for the same spot. Brandon Bolden is likely competing with both this group and anyone else trying to carve out a ST role. Ralph Webb remains the longest of shots.
  15. MAY 05/18 Re-signed OL Jason King and released rookie free agent WR Chris Lacy. 05/16 Signed Second-Round Draft Pick DB Duke Dawson. 05/14 Signed P Corey Bojorquez; Released Rookie WR Darren Andrews. 05/11 The Patriots signed fifth-round draft pick LB Ja'Whaun Bentley, sixth-round draft picks LB Christian Sam and WR Braxton Berrios and 2018 seventh-round picks QB Danny Etling, DB Keion Crossen and TE Ryan Izzo. The Patriots signed nine rookie free agents and released OL Tony Garcia. 05/10 Released OL Jason King. APRIL 04/27 Acquired OL Trent Brown and a 2018 fifth-round draft pick (143rd overall) in a trade with San Francisco in exchange for the Patriots third-round draft pick (95th overall). 04/24 Signed OL Ulrick John. 04/06 Signed WR Jordan Matthews. 04/04 Traded WR Brandin Cooks to the LA Rams; Signed OL Luke Bowanko and TE Troy Niklas. MARCH 03/26 Re-Signed OL LaAdrian Waddle. 03/21 Re-signed WR Matthew Slater. 03/19 Acquired WR Cordarrelle Patterson in a trade with the Oakland Raiders. 03/19 Released LB Shea McClellin. 03/17 Signed free agents DE Adrian Clayborn, RB Jeremy Hill and OL Matt Tobin. 03/15 Acquired CB Jason McCourty in a trade with the Cleveland Browns; Re-Signed RB Rex Burkhead. 03/15 Acquired defensive lineman Danny Shelton in a trade with the Cleveland Browns. 03/07 Released TE Martellus Bennett and WR Bernard Reedy. FEBRUARY 02/06 Signed OL James Ferentz, WR Cody Hollister, DB David Jones, OL Jason King, CB Ryan Lewis, WR Riley McCarron, LB Trevor Reilly, DB Damarius Travis, TE Will Tye and CB Jomal Wiltz. JANUARY 01/17 Signed WR Bernard Reedy. Placed DB Jonathan Jones on injured reserve. 01/17 Re-Signed WR Bernard Reedy; Placed DB Jonathan Jones on injured reserve 01/03 Signed LB Trevor Reilly to the practice squad. Released WR Bernard Reedy from the practice squad.