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  1. could easily go either way but IMO. Rooting for the Suns though.
  2. Can any of us be surprised? Dude put his entire reputation on the line this year and the Jazz proved him so so wrong.
  3. He could always resort to biological gamesmanship
  4. Glad Rudy is getting flamed. Least favorite player in the NBA after his BS at the start of the pandemic.
  5. bruh, I know you went WAY over the top with the bravado and ishing on every other NBA team all season long because they arent the Jazz but come on. unrelated, @Bullet Club let me know if you need someone to make a sig...
  6. Right, but they wont mess with past events. IF multiverse is the route they take to insert FF and Xmen into the MCU (personally I think Xmen will be intro'd differently), then they will join the existing continuity in a fish out of water capacity, holdovers from their branch timelines. IE Reed Richards realizes their branch is about to be clipped and does all he can to save his family and bring them to the sacred timeline.
  7. The nice part about how they set this up, the sacred timeline, our MCU, remains 100% intact. Lady Loki created a bunch of branches which will be fun but we arent gonna get some timey whimey BS or retcon what weve already spent 2 decades watching and investing in.
  8. Its REALLY hard to judge the Hayward contract. He was injured immediately and really only got to 100% this year before catching the bug again. He makes up for it getting that massive TPE IMO. Kemba and Horford were both worth the money in their first years in Boston, they just needed to be much much shorter.
  9. That is more or less my perception. I was arguing against a comment that called this a bad move.
  10. Have to imagine that was never in. Baffling signing unless they are planning to cut Stid early to give him a chance to latch onto another team early in TC.
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