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  1. My Patriots Mock v.1

    I hear you on this point, but there is no way not a single pick is made on the OL. Maybe your right and they go defense early, but some type of tackle will be selected unless a trade goes down for a starter. BB is not the type of guy to put all his eggs in one basket. It seems Lorenzo Carter is slowly become a forum binky. I dont think Carter touches @Richter's ranking on Collins. Not sure he has the extreme athleticism that Jamie has. What I do like is the guy sets a SOLID edge, knows how to read a play, and has good physical traits that he can develop.
  2. Well at least we have a mediocre at best fall back option at LT
  3. Well we dont have to worry about our special teams unit, should be a solid group. Now about that defense...
  4. Everything Sucks!-Netflix

    I suppose, its just everything about Stranger Things is sci-fi whereas all this show, Freeks and Geeks, etc are all pure coming of age tales with social commentary.
  5. TCMD Discussion!!

    You're just mad I got my hands on Bell
  6. Which was better, The Sopranos or Breaking Bad?

    Already? It will be celebrating its 20th birthday in 9 months...
  7. 'Merica League Draft - Deadpulse otc, Sax, Chetlemon

    Very happy to add Walker Buehler, LAD SP to my roster @I_GET_SAX is up
  8. TCMD AWARDS THREAD- Awards Posted!!!!

    Congrats to all the winners! Please PM if you would like a custom made award sig. In the PM include your GM'd team, the award you won, as well as the player/players involved in your winning move (if any). If I may take a moment, thank you @ny92jefferis for putting this all together and including me. It was a wonder to see what a great group of dedicated mockers looked like, so thank you to all involved for making this a fun experience! If your name is below you are a winner, please take a ticket (PM) and I will have a hot sig ready for you in just a minute... @IDOG_det @Desperado82 @ny92jefferis @SirA1 @EaglesPeteC @IrishHooligan00 @KingOfTheDot @whodatOL @BowserBroncos @Fragafootball Oh and me @Deadpulse!
  9. Which was better, The Sopranos or Breaking Bad?

    Havent watched Saul myself, but I have to agree with you BB assessments. I stopped watching somewhere in season 4 because the story was stale and I felt like I was just watching because I was supposed to like it.
  10. TCMD AWARDS THREAD- Awards Posted!!!!

    For me it was a sense of reality and that I figured he'd be over valued so I didnt bother with my cap situation be okay at best
  11. Everything Sucks!-Netflix

    Strangers Things? Because there is a group of kids in both shows who are nerdy? Would you like to throw a dart at the board that is TV shows? I understand your trepidation to a degree in that nostalgia porn has become the "thing" in hollywood (see Ready Player One's theatrical release) and relying on it too hard can come off as lazy at this point. However, I do think this show is character driven enough to not fall into that trap.
  12. Antonio Garcia Cleared to return to Football

    he was too light already to play OL in the NFL, another 40 pounds lost is extremely bad. His last listed weight was 291 putting him now at 251. Most NFL tackles play at AT LEAST 300lbs
  13. NFL Draft Targets?

    I dont see TE as a hard need as long as Gronk is playing. Sure, we need to prepare for his eventual departure but its a position that can be plugged in early and still produce. CB strikes me as one in which you'd like to have a rookie play a limited role to start IE have him play behind Rowe and Jason for a year before seeing significant playing time. Its less about the strength of the need now and more about the position and the transition to the nfl.
  14. http://www.bostonherald.com/sports/patriots/the_blitz/2018/03/patriots_tackle_tony_garcia_says_he_is_cleared_to_play_again I'll believe it when I see him on the field in TC, especially with that second little blurb quoted. If true, it'd be a very welcome addition as someone originally touted to have a high upside.