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  1. It is really just them making fan castings and the posting it as "news"
  2. She's off WWE right now trying to have a kid, if rumors are to be believed
  3. Deadpulse's Sig Gallery - Open

    haha yea I can. Give me like a top 3 guys
  4. from a pure football standpoint, this is exciting news. I want to see Brady throw to AB, itll be sureal
  5. Predicting Friday the 13th

    I have no idea I think half the team gets suspended because Alex Guerro's miracle diet has crushed up PED's and thats why it works so well
  6. DC Movie Universe

    I know the situations are different, but Iron Man was not a household name before 2008's flick. In fact, he was most certainly more obscure than Harley Quinn. In this case, they latched onto a character that got solid fan reactions played by an invested A-lister. I can see the logic.
  7. The NFL has never really adhered to their own precedents set
  8. It's also a Harvest Moon. What bad ish is going to happen to the Patriots? Wild speculation encouraged.
  9. DC Movie Universe

    They actually work together a lot in recent years
  10. already got a man playing while being indicted for a schedule II drug possession
  11. Gronk Watch Thread

    He is trolling every chance he gets. He knows people are hanging on his every word in terms of a comeback and he is milking it HARD lol
  12. Antonio Brown accused of rape

    That's how I read it too
  13. Antonio Brown accused of rape

    I have a strange feeling AB still plays in Miami
  14. Antonio Brown accused of rape

    You are going to get this thread locked. This is a football forum. None of that is about football.
  15. Antonio Brown accused of rape

    Best people ignore posts like that. This is a football forum. Legal talk can be talked about in regards to how it affects his status playing football.