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  1. Talk to an OLD EU fan. They will tell you why the hardcores love Boba
  2. people you SHOULD be interested in (IMO): Motor City Machine Guns The North The Good Brothers Deonna Perazo Jordyn Grace Chris Bey Moose Eddie Edwards
  3. I will place any bet that his character dies and that's why the are bringing him in.
  4. I think your half right. My guess is we assemble the team and break out Burr's character next episode and then in the finale they almost lose until Bo-Katan and her posse show up. Mando defeats Gideon and hands the dark sabre over to Bo. Then, like last season with the dark sabre, we get a tease reveal for the Jedi that Grogu called at the very end.
  5. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/04/arts/best-performances.html Its in print media so it must be true
  6. wut? I dont recall Blackmon or Gilbert but Williams came back...
  7. This is such a fortuitous match up. Two shows with strong starts that peaked in early seasons and then immediately fell off a cliff. I think I am going to go with Dexter for a few simple reasons. 1. It didn't completely lose it's premise 2. Dexter didn't leave unanswered mysteries dangling 3. Dexter was tighter and more concise.
  8. In this thread we will be breaking down match ups one by one as we endeavor to crown a champion from a field of 64 shows. Google Doc with full bracket can be seen here This poll will be open until Sunday, 12/6/2020, at 4pm EST. @Calvert28 @THE DUKE @Dome @The Orca @August4th @thrILL! @Malfatron @Elky @rackcs @MikeT14 @Daniel @seminoles1 @scar988 @JoshstraDaymus @JonStark @animaltested @Bullet Club @AlexGreen#20 @Fresh Prince @KManX89 @TENINCH @SlevinKelevra @bucsfan333 @Ray Reed @Bucketheadsdad @kingseanjohn@Pickle Rick @THE DUKE @INbengalfan @biggio7 @RandyMossIsBoss @Shockwave @Tk3 @James @JBURGE @TheKillerNacho @ET80
  9. Cap's street fight with Bucky comes to mind When Peter dusts on Titan it tugs at me Falcon and Buck - "You couldn't do that earlier?" "I hate you"
  10. So you think multiple pot violations is worth a lifetime ban but physically beating your wife isnt? That equates for you? You can keep saying this 'jaywalking' and rules are rules diatribe but at the end of the day different rule breaks have different consequences IN ALL THINGS. I have jay walked more times than Josh has gotten suspended for pot, maybe I should have a lifetime ban from walking on sidewalks... smh
  11. How is he special? The only reason Ray Rice is out of the league is because no one would sign him. He is eligible with the league.
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