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  1. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

  2. Patriots extend WR Julian Edelman

    High. He had BIG plays in each of the last 3 SB wins, none bigger than against Atlanta. He has the most SB rings outside of Brady in Patriots history (or rather he is tied with a bunch of people).
  3. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    If you noticed I cut my seasons into halves based on storylines. Hush is out not because you couldnt do it in 10, but because you need to establish his entire rogues gallery before you do it. You cant do that in 10 episode season because they need to have a really tight focus on the overarching narrative.
  4. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Q Tarantino)

    Good catch @RamRod, merged the two
  5. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    The Hush storyline is out with a 10 episode cap IMO. I also think the Batfamily is out for the most part. You arent going to be able to tell 4 Robin stories and Barbara in half the time. Just because its 22 episodes does not mean it will be like Arrow or Gotham.
  6. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    you'll miss a lot of great villains with the 8-13 model. Batman has more than enough content to pull from for the 22 ep season. I was not expecting to write as much as I did... I got into it lol
  7. personally he is the big reason why I want a direct sequel. I think this kid has a BIG future.
  8. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    I was assuming 22 episode (at least) seasons, so I figured there'd be a lot of villains in and out like Scarecrow, Deathstroke, Croc, Manbat, etc. I think a quick bungle on Bruce's end with Jason as Robin gives it more meaning for both his death and his return as Hood. Just me though.
  9. Our obligatory veteran who never makes it to camp. Usually one of these and another who doesnt make it out of camp and retires.
  10. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    You would need to establish Ra's and the league early and often as like a consistent background characters to help push and give levity to the Damien situation. Court of Owls would also have to be late in the game as one of the big things that makes that plot so cool is that Batman is firm in his belief that it doesnt exist, it cant exist, its just a bedtime story, because he is Batman and he knows everything about Gotham; there is no way a secret society could exist without his knowledge for 100s of years influencing everything that happens in Gotham, including the Grayson's deaths and Batman training him. I would wait to introduce Joker until season 3. I think you start with Black Mask and Falcone with side storylines that includes Ra's and the League and Harvey Dent pre-two face. In Season 2 you move onto Penguin taking over the underworld and maybe introduce Catwoman, Zsasz, and Professor Pyg (who is underrated IMO). Season 3 you introduce Joker and Tailia Al Ghul. Maybe introduce Barbara Gordon as well to give Grayson a love interest. Season 4 you can have it remain with Joker as the main antagonist, have the pressure and frustrations of dealing with him push Grayson and Bruce apart. Grayson is an idealist and Bruce is a realist and that difference should shine through and culminate with him leaving for Bloodhaven after being forced to go against his morals by Bruce in order to catch Joker. I think you do Season 5 without a Robin at all, and have Nightwing show up very sparingly. Maybe this lets Barbara start doing her own thing, but again not consistently. Let the show breath with solo Batman and reset the show a little. This would be a great time to have Bane come in. Batman is alone, at a low, with Nightwing making him second guess his methods. Have Bane break the bat mid-season and Nightwing take over as Batman to finish out the season which would see Bruce return in the finale and them coming together again to beat Bane. Season 6 could see the birth of Two-face after we have a good amount of time to bond with Harvey Dent as the white knight throughout the series. I think you have Jason take the Robin mantle quickly, make it feel rushed for the viewer a little so that it makes sense when he makes mistakes in the field. Have Two-face tee up Jason for Joker to come back and murder at the end of 6. This will cement Two-face as irredeemable. Season 7 can introduce Tim Drake but have Batman be resistant. Tim figures out that Bruce is Batman like halfway through the season but Bruce still spurns him. This would be a good Riddler season as Tim is an excellent foil to him. Freeze could be in this season two, maybe Freeze to start and have Tim help with a solution to the freeze gun and/or the virus for Victor's wife and then flex into the Riddler the second half and have Tim don the Robin colors at the end to help Batman figure out Riddler's machinations. Season 8 can be League heavy, with Red Hood showing up mid season. Have the finale be the reveal of Jason as Hood. Season 9 can be more of an attempted redemption arc. By midseason, we can start to see the bat-family really coming together, and they all help Jason come back to the light (kind of). I think midseason on would be a nice spot for the Court of Owls and seeing Tim decide its time to go his own way. Season 10 can introduce Damien early and have Hush be the first big villain in half one. This would give us a great number of call backs from villains we have seen throughout the decade long run as well as ruin Damien and Bruce's relationship through the ringer just as it starts. By midseason Damien and Bruce are together while unraveling Hush's plan/identity. From there, you close out with a Death of the Family/Endgame merged story and Joker and Batman in this final scene together:
  11. Patriots extend WR Julian Edelman

    Solid money. Nice to know he will be here until he retires in all likelihood.
  12. With Hasbro at the wheel, this is going to be a toy driven affair. I doubt box office will mean as much, their goal will probably be toy sales.
  13. Patriots re-sign Danny Shelton

    This makes me happy. The interior is always going to be a massive rotation and he is a good piece to that.
  14. Joejuan Williams-CB-Round 2, Pick 13 (45 overall)

    Given his metrics, I imagine he will be used to match up against TE's initially.
  15. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Arrrrrrya F'ing writes itself