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  1. In the comics, White Vision has all his memories pre-mortem but doesn't have his "soul". I imagine that will be the case here. He remembers everything, but he doesn't feel it, if that makes sense. Without the mind stone or a piece of it as Wanda explained in her goodbye to phosion, his human nature isn't there.
  2. It is NOT. It is one guy with allegations that are unproven. Both things disqualify it from being relevant. 1. He is one person and if only one person has a bad reaction and no one else does than how much is it just that guy? It is NOT evidence of anything because it is one god damn person. 2. HE HAS NO PROOF. He is spouting off and the article is tabloid level fair giving on this dude's story and not even looking for proof or the other side of things. Its a piece meant to stir up fear and its disappointing you posted it.
  3. As business man myself, I gotta say this is pretty false. You can't get ish done in any business unless people like you. In your own office and out.
  4. I think the problem with what you are saying is that both parties are already coming to the table in bad faith due to previous circumstances and issues.
  5. This is a strong point. It makes way more sense for Cap to still hold old timey values and zero for Supes as a millennial lol
  6. THIS is the information that shows this point. Not the BS article you posted earlier. You can keep asking the question, but obviously I am following CDC recommendations. If you are asking the question if that BS article changes that in anyway, no it doesnt, because I already knew the CDC guidelines. That article does not and should not influence anyones decision on anything.
  7. CDC says. “The safety and efficacy of a mixed-product series have not been evaluated.” The CDC does allow the mixing of Pfizer and Moderna shots again, to my first point, any medication is dangerous in the wrong hands.
  8. If anything that article demonstrates malpractice on the personnel and does not inform on the vaccine used. Any and all medications, vaccines, etc are dangerous when administered by reckless personnel. Also one person allegedly having a bad experience does not make a trend and is therefore not actionable in any way shape or form. There have been 276M vaccines given worldwide. This allegedly happened to 1 person out of 276 million. Those are better odds than dying when driving to work in the morning. Sorry but that article is a total non-starter in terms of impact.
  9. Yes, but the MCU curbed that by pushing his values against conundrums that really and truly challenge his beliefs. The Sokovia Accords are the big example. In that scenario too they stopped categorizing his values as traditionally American.
  10. His backstory is also out of date. He is this humble country bumpkin who grew up to be a hero who holds up the ideals of the American way. That ish don't track with wider audiences in 2021, not to mention the target audience at all. Even Bendis was afraid to put Superman in moral conundrums when it comes to today's society not lining up with the character's historical presentation in the comics. Most underrated Superman comic I ever read was the arc in which he was depowered to about Captain America levels, wore a supes t-shirt and jeans, and deescalated the stakes. It was less his lack of pow
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