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  1. Welcome to the Bracket Phase of the Football's Future Best Movie Ever Tournament! You can see the results and links for the nomination and polling for our entrants in the master thread: The first bracket in this phase will be Horror. See the bracket bellow: 1960s Psycho (1) 2000s 28 Days Later (8) Psycho (1) 1980s The Shining (3) 2010s IT: Chapter 1 (6) Horror 1940s and earlier Nosferatu (4) 1970s The Exorcist (5) 1950s Invasion of the Body Snatchers (7) Silence of the Lambs (2) 1990s Silence of the Lambs (2) FF only allows three questions at a time so first round voting will be 2 matchups at once, subsequent rounds will be all at once. Seeding is 1-8 and denoted in parentheses next to the title. Voting will end Thursday, 7/9/2020 at 4pm. @Calvert28@Uncle Buck @THE DUKE @Dome @The Orca @August4th @thrILL! @Malfatron @Elky @daboyle250 @rackcs @MikeT14 @Daniel @MWil23 @seminoles1 @scar988 @JoshstraDaymus @JonStark @animaltested @Ozzy @Bullet Club @AlexGreen#20 @Fresh Prince @KManX89 @TENINCH @SlevinKelevra @bucsfan333 @Ray Reed @Bucketheadsdad @kingseanjohn@Pickle Rick
  2. Anime and Manga Thread.

    Underrated. It almost never gets talked about when people start spouting off top anime.
  3. Fallout TV Series Being Developed by Amazon

    I half expect this to be an animated show about Vault Boy
  4. Anime and Manga Thread.

    My top ten is different than yalls 1. Trigun 2. Cowboy Bebop 3. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 4. FLCL 5. Hunter X Hunter 6. Devilman Crybaby 7. Yu Yu Hakusho 8. Neon Genesis Evangelion 9. One Piece 10. Durarara!! I will fight anyone over Trigun, dont come at me
  5. Anime and Manga Thread.

    I like Naruto and Shippuden, but I dont think I would be either or the combo of them in my top ten. Sooooooo much filler. It set the bar for filler.
  6. Bears fans, don't look (fun SI article - NFL "what-ifs")

    I have always wondered if Brady didn't get the shot he did in 01 if he'd even sniff elite or even starter in the NFL. If any other team drafted him at any point he may have been a camp casualty, a perennial 'camp arm'. I truly wonder if he would have ever worked his way to earn his chance rather than being gifted it.
  7. Anime and Manga Thread.

    man you really need to delve into stronger fair. I mean I am a sucker for the nostalgia as much as the next guy but if you are enjoying that stuff you gotta watch some of the ish on these lists. If Gundam floats your boat a good bridge to stronger anime would probably be: Neon Genesis Evangelion Its on netflix Completely off topic, but has anyone watched BNA on netflix? I went in not expecting much but wound up LOVING it
  8. Anime and Manga Thread.

    Well, we're all entitled to our wrong opinions. haha I just dont like any of the characters, like at all. The premise is interesting and they do it well but I just can't connect.
  9. Which is a Better Movie: Infinity War or Endgame?

    Thanos wasn't guaranteeing that Tony would survive the snap. He was only agreeing to let him live at that moment because he was about to kill him. Also, Doctor Strange looked into the future with the time stone, Thanos never did. As soon as he ended up with the time stone he went to Earth and executed his plan. The Strange knows the future piece gets breezed over so easily by people looking to poke holes. Strange knew that if he saved Tony in that moment on Titan that he would survive the snap because HE SAW IT HAPPEN. Thanos didn't necessarily spare him, or anyone else, on purpose and it isnt just blind luck that Strange saved a guy that could have been snapped. HE KNEW WHO'D BE SNAPPED AND WHO WOULDNT.
  10. Anime and Manga Thread.

    I will cosign Shield Hero. I think Assassination Classroom is overrated actually
  11. Does this make him a lock for the season? I think so, he is a back up for every RB role on offense.
  12. Anime and Manga Thread.

    I've only ever seen 1, 2, 4, and 5.