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  1. Becoming the Browns again? All those trademarks still existed and it was a new team so there was no established merch, branding, etc in existence.
  2. So that we arent posting in two place about this show, please keep Visions conversation here:
  3. So that we arent posting in two place about this show, please keep Visions conversation here:
  4. The rookie QB looks like a seasoned game manager and the wildcard gunslinger looks like a seasoned veteran decision maker. idk what to expect at all from either QB
  5. anyone else thinking of starting the Browns as your fantasy defense?
  6. Close to being that illegal "drive to the ground" nonsense. Definitely on the OL though
  7. Sucks for Tua, dude can't seem to stay healthy enough to gain traction. They aren't even related injuries pilling up, so there is no injury prone here other than maybe protecting himself on the field. Didn't see the play the injury occurred, anyone got it?
  8. I imagine this will be largely a battle between the run games initially, which IMO, New Orleans will win. Our run D is still pretty suspect despite the additions made to quell this. I honestly am starting to believe its the current scheme getting us and not the talent or ability up front. That being said, Mac will have to make more throws than Winston to win this one as the run game and defense likely wont be enough. Hopefully they can get the TE's involved in the RZ. NO has an underrated defense as well. This is winnable, but it's not the Jets!
  9. Longterm, yes. Most owners arent willing to wait for longterm. Bottom line, a high end QB prospect gives fans more hope than a veteran with good pieces around him.
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