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  1. Make-A-Movie Draft Discussion Thread

    My final picks would be Ming-Na Wen as Klara, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka as Upsher and Doff, Natalie Dormer as the Stalk, Jamie Clayton as Petrichor, Ariana Greenblatt as Hazel, Josh Gad as Ghus, and Ben Kingsley as Barr
  2. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    in the legends comics, yes. None of that is cannon. Outside of TFA and TLJ this is the only canonical post RoTJ content.
  3. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    probably minimal. Boba is long dead at this point and Jengo was the worst Mandalorian
  4. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    I thought episode two did a great job of developing the Mandalorian.
  5. The Streaming Wars

    can you add it to your watchlist? That might be why its there, so you can add it to get notified when its available
  6. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    Yes. Please keep trilogy talk that is not related to this series in the movie threads. Not saying that this has happened yet, I just want to get the warning out there now lol
  7. So I realized I hadnt watched Raw yet so I didnt get to NXT last night because I fell asleep watching the hulu version of Raw....
  8. Due to a change in her schedule, Deadpulse Productions is happy to announce Tilda Swinton as THE BRAND
  9. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    You literally have nothing to judge Disney plus on except episode one of The Madalorian which was excellent.
  10. Really enjoyed Dynamite last night. Going to watch NXT tonight. Really like the projection of MJF. The will he wont he of the inner circle hopefully gets drawn out. He went toe to toe with Y2J on the mic. It might not have been adversarial but they played off each other really well. He legit could be the next Jericho. Scorpio Sky pinning Jericho is amazing. I hope he gets a title shot, it would be so unexpected but SS has the chops for the ME scene. Pac vs Hangman continues to rock the ring but the story line is getting a little stale. I hope the return of Luchasaurus means no more Marko Stunt in the ring, he is worse than hornswaggle. At least the Swaggle was supposed to be a joke and not put forth has legitimate competition. Side note, that standing spanish fly from Guervo was dope.
  11. Steven Yeun is Marko @The Orca
  12. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    could have already been in their protection before the fall of the Republic. In all the chaos it could have fallen into anyone's hands, probably multiple factions.
  13. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    This, it is weekly episodic television. The spoiler tag still exists as well
  14. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Ive got a backlog at the moment Life is busy
  15. Fox doesnt allow crowd members to wear aew shirts? Pretty sure they dont have that control