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  1. What Song Are You Listening To?

    They have a small library and are weird haha. I like Farrah Fawcett Hair but its not for everyone
  2. Whats this obsession with Big Bads? Its not a requirement.
  3. Ive heard this said but for the life of me can't understand it. Can you elaborate?
  4. Im not going into all that you mentioned because its all just decisions you didn't like, and that just like, your opinion man. I will say that they did a wonderful job of storytelling in this film. They had an overarching theme of transition from one generation to a new generation that was pushed via all arcs with 3 distinct ones in motion revolving around our big 4 characters. Each character's arc and character development fit perfectly in the classic story model which I will post at the end here. While each arc had its own through thread, each was connected in meaningful ways to an over-arching arc that encompassed the entire movie. This is not to say I believe the movie was perfect. There are detail I was not fond of, such as Leia's weird Force float through space. However, all aspects of storytelling in this film were woven together beautifully and culminated in one succinct end together. Heres that diagram: You can detail that framework to each main character of Rey, Fin, and Poe and also to the entire movie as a whole. It is really done quite well. I can go in depth but I don't have the time at the moment as it's Friday night and ya boy has a life.
  5. They did, by telling a compelling story without disregarding good movie making to have Luke blow stuff up Michael Bay style
  6. Sounds more like fan service to me
  7. He showed his growth when he convinced the resistance to stand and fight. Old Finn would have been all for high tailing it. The key there was they listened. Rose saving him was the final push for him to learn when to fight, when to run, and to know why you are fighting. I think he ends up as General Poe's number two man.
  8. His entire arc and character development was setting him up to be a rebel leader... he is plenty important to the story.
  9. Malcolm Butler question

    I am sure they will make him an offer, but it wont be as much as he wants and with his view probably a little more sour due to last off-season, he walks for a more lucrative deal. We still have Eric Rowe who has been good to great in his tenure here and J. Jones has been good in the slot.
  10. I liked the first bit with them and Chewy, the rest I could have done without lol
  11. Movie News/Buzz Thread

  12. It was crucial to Finn's character development. When TFA started he was selfish and just trying to escape the First Order. When TFA ended, all he wanted was to save ray, which is where we begin with him in this film. He is still scared of the First Order and believes so fully that the Resistance has no chance he tries to leave preemptively so Rey doesnt come back to it. Rose and his mission see him grow to learn what there is to fight for and not just run from. Defeating Phasma was also extremely symbolic of him finally facing and overcoming his past with the First Order. His line in the base that convinces everyone to fight is proof of this change in him and Rose saving him is the final push to get him to where he needs to be, part of the spark of hope that starts the flame of a new Rebellion.