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  1. Boston Sports Thread

    I dont think there was a better candidate out there, which isnt necessarily an endorsement of Alex.
  2. Week 7 GDT - Falcons Come For Revenge

    It has? They ran mostly zone against Tampa and had one of the better defensive outings of the season
  3. Ezekiel Elliot remains suspended

    Throw some shade on next week
  4. Other Games - Week 7

    Yeaaaaa I started Dez and Amari at WR and Joe Mixon in my flex (I have a gut feeling he is going to get his this week)
  5. Week 7 GDT - Falcons Come For Revenge

    Which only puts more pressure on the Patriots to win. We don't want to be dropping games that the phins are winning.
  6. Other Games - Week 7

    Like seeing the Raiders win, like seeing the Chiefs lose even more
  7. Other Games - Week 7

    Amari making me look smart as hell for subbing him in for Hill
  8. Ezekiel Elliot remains suspended

  9. By a wide margin. Current players were polled.
  10. Week 7 GDT - Falcons Come For Revenge

    Without practicing during Wednesday sessions, I would probably consider both highly questionable. Gilmore is listed as a concussion, so he would have to clear concussion protocols.
  11. Bring two back from IR

    Per Mike Riess:
  12. Boston Sports Thread

    Excited to see the Bucks tonight. Don't get a ton of opportunities to see the human alphabet play
  13. Boston Sports Thread

    When I saw it, I thought season ending was a given. Was just hoping for it not to be career ending. Everything I've read is that the Celtics are cautiously optimistic, that as far as an awful situation goes, it's best case scenario for Gordon. No ligament or blood vessel damage which is huge. Seems he is considering his options about surgery. That says to me he is likely thinking about trying to get back late this year or deciding to take the longer safer route.
  14. Boston Celtics Thread - Thoughts with Gordo

    Ill take D, but probably B. I think Stevens like Smart off the bench too much.
  15. Boston Sports Thread

    I feel this. I literally had trouble sleeping last night because Gordo kept popping into my head, like man, that poor dude had to be thinking all night about whether he would even have a foot. From a basketball standpoint, and my basketball watching future. With Heyward out, I think I will look at this as a fun ride of watching young guys take on big roles and grow and learn with almost no expectations. If they are the 2 seed, great. If they miss the playoffs, oh well. If they make the finals, woohoo.