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  1. because he didnt lead the league in passing yards or TD THIS season lol
  2. No is is 100% ready for the next career step. It comes down to the support given by those giving them the opportunity.
  3. I have no idea where this is going and I am okay with that.
  4. I think its time to end any talk for Ben's proclivities off the field.
  5. The silver lining haha end of the day though, fighting hate with hate wont get us far IMO
  6. What in god's name is the context here? What is it that they know they are doing? I must know!
  7. They stopped doing personal pizzas for reading books
  8. They used to close at 2am to catch all the drunk college kids, I imagine the cash wasn't worth the hassle lol Keene used to cater to the late night drunk college kid but all the stories I hear coming out of there since I graduated they seem to be neutering the experience. I blame the pumpkinfest that devolved into this:
  9. Pretty sure he played in the same defense in Miami. Miami was awful in his years there so the only thing I remember from his tenure was this: This was the week where he talked a HUGE game
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