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  1. The official FF Wolfpit Fantasy Basketball league

    I'll be team B if that works for @kyle21121
  2. It really looked like Matty knew what to do to counter us at every turn. There is a lot of clout to the idea that he is the smartest BB disciple.
  3. Well any points here probably put it away
  4. the stretch play to Sony?
  5. that throw could not have been better.
  6. Anyone else forgets Dwayne Allen is on the team?
  7. Bentley really has a chance to develop into something really useful.
  8. so its not your fault, got it.
  9. So in you opinion when the Patriots are not playing well and someone aside from yourself complains here about it then it's considered trolling? I can understand if I was attacking other posters you could say I was a troll but I've just vented about what's gone wrong tonight. your only posts are you complaining
  10. Need sexy Rexxy back please
  11. which explains why you are always in here trolling. See I understand it all
  12. its not that easy, if you want to talk about you can PM me, but lets keep it out of the thread
  13. Brady had plenty of time there, I think Matty P just knows exactly what he needs to do.
  14. Or watch the games, I gotchu man.
  15. Gotcha, so you will be around, but wont be a Pats fan anymore. So basically you arent a Pats fan now. Good to know that I dont have to care what you think or say.