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  1. We're onto Houston! Pre-season Week 2

  2. Deadpulse's Sig Gallery - Open

    I thought about going with that one because A) I like it more and B) it fits better. I wasn't sure if you'd be cool with that because it is much less known, but if you cool with it I can definitely make the switch
  3. UPDATE We need to make a move at DE
  4. This Ain't Pats Talk

    Guys, I have some quick tips about utilizing the new features in this new land of ours. One that I have loved is the ability to follow the ENTIRE sub. I would highly recommend clicking the follow button at the top of the page when looking at the sub's threads. Pick the settings that work best for you. Also, dont be afraid to mention people in threads. If I start a topic with connections to Alabama you know I'm @ing @I_GET_SAX
  5. Patriot Linebackers

    I ranked Hightower so high on overall impact simply because the defense is noticeably worse without him, he is clearly the most talented player out there on D, or at least in the front 7, he is the defensive general and has been since Mayo left, and he makes HUGE plays in BIG moments. I don't think he will ever surpass Bruschi on pure fan favoritism, but he certainly has a shot at the most significant LB in the BB era.
  6. Justice League

    The wording bothers me a bit. "as long as the studio will have him" sound like they could be prepping to blame a divorce on WB
  7. Roster Bubble Players - Who you rooting for?

    Langel is also in consideration purely from a blocking stand point. They have the up on JH based on blocking and ST ability If he does make it, he probably has the best chance of getting decent playing time
  8. Justice League

    Via his agent:
  9. Patriot Linebackers

    I am going to make two separate lists for the guys mentioned. List one is Production: McGinest Hightower Vrabel Mayo Bruschi Collins Thomas This next list will be overall impact: Bruschi Hightower Mayo Vrabel McGinest Thomas Collins
  10. Deadpulse's Sig Gallery - Open

    let me know how its fits
  11. Roster Bubble Players - Who you rooting for?

    @I_GET_SAX who do you have this pre-season?
  12. Kiltman's Sig Emporium ~OPEN~

    I dont mind if you want to take it @Kiltman, I am pretty backed up, not sure when I was going to get to it anyway
  13. Boston Sports Thread

    That is an eerily perfect gif