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  1. The worst part is, they stumbled arse backwards into a GREAT faction in the Hurt Business and now they are tainting them with this drivel. Whose the heel? Hurt Business or RETRIBUTION? I mean its fine if you are putting up a match or something, but this is a multiweek feud now.
  2. RETRIBUTION was botched weeks ago, they are just digging the ditch deeper each week afterward.
  3. no no, some people wanted a tag so they didnt miss out on a vote. All votes counted for sure
  4. lawl pm me, I have forgotten about any and all sig requests
  5. but seriously, probably gonna take a short break before starting up the TV show series, stay tuned. If I have been tagging you for these threads but you have no interest in a TV version please let me know here. Also, if you know someone who would be interesting in the TV series that I am not tagging let me know that too please. @Calvert28@Uncle Buck @THE DUKE @Dome @The Orca @August4th @thrILL! @Malfatron @Elky @daboyle250 @rackcs @MikeT14 @Daniel @MWil23 @seminoles1 @scar988 @JoshstraDaymus @JonStark @animaltested @Ozzy @Bullet Club @AlexGreen#20 @Fresh Prince @KManX89 @TENINCH @SlevinKelevra @bucsfan333 @Ray Reed @Bucketheadsdad @kingseanjohn@Pickle Rick
  6. If there is blame on the Patriots side of things for the final play IMO it's Cam. If you rewatch the play, he isn't using his eyes. He delays and then just puts his head down and dives. On another note, the rest of NFL fans be like: "Gilmore is done, DK roasted him." Me: "Um... did anyone see a 34 year old slot receiver on one leg torch Jamal Adams for 3 times as many yards and catches? No? Just me? ok..."
  7. Exactly. Guardians of the Galaxy is proof in the pudding. They changed these characters so much and it was so popular, the MOVIE is more the source material for the COMICS at this point.
  8. He will rebound like AP did back in the day IMO
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