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  1. Free Agent Frenzy

    Do you really want the Broncos paying a NT over 13M a year? I don’t. He won’t even play over 65ish percent of total snaps.
  2. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    I understand people are upset over Reader, but let’s see what the guarantees are first. 13.25 per is steep. Even for a guy like Reader, who was my #1 target for the Broncos. Disappointing yes, but not the end of the world. There are still quality football players left available. I find it interesting that Shelby Harris hasn’t been signed with this first wave of DL coming off the board so quickly. His market isn’t quite what he thought?
  3. Cutler06's Dream 2020 Offseason

    I like this. No need to spend a lot of money in FA.
  4. 2020 College Prospects

    I literally have only seen him play twice. Haven’t watched cut ups or anything other than the clip of him chase down an interception. So I am that guy who hasn’t done any research. Thanks for the info as I plan to get into the draft a little more. I am often skeptical of so much hype
  5. 2020 College Prospects

    Man the Ruggs hype in the Denver media market is palpable. History says WR picks in the first round are often disappointing. The lack of productivity on the college level is a concern. What is the big draw other than the speed?
  6. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    A few free agents I like and have read the Broncos might be interested in. And a couple I just like. DJ Reader DL - Multiple reports have him linked to the Broncos and for good reason. His skill set really does mesh with what Fangio likes to do. His ability to play the 5tech on down to 1tech is a great fit on any defense. 5y 58M - 23M GTD Michael Brockers DL - Brockers is a beast. He is stout in the run game and is rarely injured. Not the best option but a good one if the price is right. He could compliment DreMont Jones if Jones isn’t ready for a 3 down duties 3y 27M - 8M GTD Rodney Gunter DL - Gunter is somewhat of an unknown because he played for the Cardinals. Good size at 6’5 and around 310 pounds. Does a good job in the run game and has come on as a pass rusher 7.5 sacks in last two seasons. Would be a great depth signing and not break the bank. 2y 8M - 3M GTD Prince Amukamara CB - This just makes a lot of sense. A trusted vet who won’t require any long term guarantees. Josh Norman set the market for aging corners this week. 2y 12M - 5.5M GTD + incentives. Jalen Mills CB - I have always liked Mills. He plays with an edge and is able to play inside or outside. He had a foot injury derail half his 2018 and part of 2019, but he seems to have healed up. It’s difficult to gauge what his market might be, but he will probably welcome a prove it deal to rehab his value on the market. Will be 26 in April, so youth is still on his side. 1y 3-5M - 500K to 1M GTD BJ Finney OL - This is another obvious one. A Munchak guy who could fill in or start if needed. A nice depth piece and only if McGovern is elsewhere. 2y 6M - 2.5M GTD
  7. Broncos get 3 compensatory picks

    Next year could garner even more Comp picks. CHJ , Shelby, Wolfe, McGovern, Parks will all see contracts worthy of a comp pick if/when they sign elsewhere this offseason. I don’t anticipate the Broncos making enough moves to match. They could be in line for a couple thirds next year.
  8. Which UDFA will go to be the next Pro Bowler?

    Don’t sleep on Josh Watson either. He was impressive at CSU. Was able to get sideline to sideline and make tackles. I actually like Watson more than Dineen. I don’t see the projection for Hollins at ILB working out. I would rather they use his speed and length outside. I am anxious to see the defense in action. Fangio is so adaptive to his players it’s hard to get a read what this going to look like. It makes it difficult to project a lot of these guys. Same can be said for the offense. I know where Scangarello comes from I’m just not sure what his tendencies are.
  9. Let the Offseason Begin

    CHJ should have never signed a five year deal. His agent should have never locked him into that contract. Elway nearly maxes out his cap and cash budget every year. A big deal for CHJ is not in the budget. He’s gonna hit UFA or be franchise tagged next year.
  10. UDFA tracker

    Josh Watson from CSU is very intriguing to me. He had excellent production for the Rams and a great Pro Day. The limited video I found on him shows speed and instincts. I’m not sure why there wasn’t more draft buzz on this guy. Yet another team leader.
  11. Who will Fall in the Draft

    I agree with both of your choices and I will add Noah Fant to that list as well.
  12. 1234567 Mock. The road to glory

    It’s because they always have like 10-12 picks in the first four rounds it seems. I do like most of your picks. Thornhill is one I’ve liked for awhile now. He can play all over. His ability to cover and tackle will serve him well in the NFL.
  13. GERM-X 2019 Broncos Mock Draft V.1

    Overall this is a good draft. I like Lock. In fact I like him a lot more than all of the QB ‘s from last year with Baker and Darnold being the exceptions. It would certainly be nice to sit him one year under Flacco. I just don’t think Elway is going to pull the trigger on it. Too much pressure to play him early. Then again if Flacco struggles it would be nice to move on without having to look for the next guy. Love the Risner pick. Not so sure he will be available at 41. I expect a run on Oline similar to last years draft with multiple guys being picked late first and early second, picks 15-40. Might need to trade up to secure one of the many good players in this draft. McLaurin is another great pick. Would compliment what the Broncos already have in the room. I’ve read he is a great blocker and we now know how fast he is. Looks like he is a smart guy too. Fits the Elway/Russell mold. Wren scares me, but his game flashes ability. The Broncos did their homework on him. It will be interesting to see if they trust him to be a pro and show up to work with consistent effort. That seems to be the issue to me. Kid has to grow up. I could nitpick the rest of your draft, but the truth is it’s a total crapshoot after the first 40-50 picks. After that it’s anyone’s guess as to where these guys would slot. I will say that I expect Sample to possibly go late day 2 to early day 3. He looked good at the Senior Bowl and despite his relatively average speed he can get open.
  14. 1234567 Mock. The road to glory

    Meh. Isabella will go to the Patriots in the second round. Book It!
  15. Draft Prospects

    Some of my favorite prospects for the Broncos at QB and TE QB - Jarret Stidham - Clayton Thorson- Ryan Finley Finley is the better pro style player right now, but Stidham and Thorson have more upside. Stidham is a gifted passer and has NFL level anticipation. His 2017 game against Alabama is quite impressive. Thorson shows real well in some of his games. A live arm with plus size and plus athleticism. He also is willing to stand in and take a shot. Flacco is the starter this year for sure. Taking a risk on a mid round QB makes sense to me. Hogan and Grayson are very uninspiring. I would rather have a young guy with upside behind Flacco than a retread who offers little or no chance at a future with the team. TE - TJ Hockenson - Josh Oliver - Foster Moreau - Trevon Wesco Hockenson is beast. His play at Iowa is just the tip of the iceberg. Old school tight end who will be a load for years to come. Oliver is dripping with upside. Moreau is a great blocker who showed well in Indy. Wesco is the one of my favorite day three guys. He can play tight, split, or as a lead blocker. If Hockenson were the pick at 10, I would be disappointed. Now if they were to trade back 5-10 spots and still get him I wouldn’t mind as much. The prospect i am most unimpressed with is Fant. The athleticism is undeniable. What I don’t like is his drop rate and contested catch rate. Both are concerns for a tight end will make his living as a receiver.