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  1. Probably not. This site doesn't do it for me like it used to.
  2. Haven't been on here in awhile and I come back to you still posting like this😁
  3. I WANT to go to a game but I would feel so uncomfortable being there it wouldn't be fun for me.
  4. When did they start letting fans into the games? I thought only KC and Jax we're allowing fans but it seems like most of the games have fans in them.
  5. It's the first game guys. Relax! It's probably not going to look good for a few weeks.
  6. Hey guys! How's the game so far? I've only seen bits and pieces on RZ. I'll be watching on gamepass later.
  7. He does have a useful skill set but he is invisible on the field. Ever since his GB days he hasn't been very good, maybe break one every blue moon but other than that he's a wasted roster spot IMO.
  8. I don't see him doing anything there. He's JAG, nothing special in this league. I don't get why he keeps getting signed.
  9. The 49ers video of the schedule is confusing. I really want to go to the Giants or Jets game. I think if fans can go to games I'd pick the Jets game just to see Frank play as a bonus.
  10. I'm just worried that he'll be another bust from ASU. ASU never has good NFL receivers. It's sad too because I'm a big ASU fan since I was a kid. Hopefully he breaks the cycle.
  11. We don't need his service this upcoming season??? Our WRs are lackluster if you take Deebo out of the group. Who's our WRs next year? Deebo, Pettis, Bourne, Hurd, and Taylor?
  12. Why did we trade for him if we didn't try and sign him to a contract like that???
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