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  1. Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

    https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/average-time-of-possession-net-of-ot They're 4th overall but the differences between all the teams isn't that big. KC is 26th @ 29:15 and SF is 4th at 31:40.
  2. Super Bowl LIV: 49ers vs Chiefs

    Hey guys 49ers fan here. Just wanted to say I hope we see a great game and a win for the 49ers of course. It should be a great matchup. Here's to no injuries and an awesome game.
  3. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs pregame thread

    I agree, a lot of people think we're outmatched because of the Cheifs offense. While I agree their offense is tough but I feel that our defense will make them work for yards. They have a weak run game so it could get bad for them if they keep throwing.
  4. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs pregame thread

    So we've played a different variety of gameplans this year that have won us games. Running it down their throats with strong defense, defense isn't playing A game and we have to pass on em. Anyway, who is a guy who will be the star in this game for us on offense? Will it be Manny, Deebo or Bourne showing out? I'm thinking on offense a guy who hasn't done much the past few games will show out. I think we try and setup the run thru creative pass plays to start out because they'll expect us to come out running.
  5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

    The origin 12 with 25 round clip is a machine, I love that gun!
  6. SUPER BOWL LIV 49ers/Chiefs pregame thread

    Those are my all time faves plus we had an amazing season wearing those in 94. The NFL should let this happen since it's their 100th anniversary. Also, why aren't we the home team in the SB? Shouldn't we be wearing red?
  7. Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

    This whole season he's only thrown 2 picks 3 times. He's great with the football. I doubt he throws 2 picks.
  8. Conference Championship GDT - Packers at 49ers

    That's how great this team is, unleash the Jimmy in the big game!!!!
  9. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    Yeah who cares? What they do in their own time doesn't concern me. Football is a release for me. This is so awesome that we're in it.
  10. Conference Championship GDT - Packers at 49ers

    Man this is amazing!!! If you told me we'd be in the Super Bowl after how we were last season I would have laughed. Now we're actually in it, this is freaking awesome!!!!
  11. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    We used every draft pick to help Alex and the team. Watch your team.
  12. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    What are you talking about? He had that here.
  13. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    This is a beat down!!!
  14. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    I hate how wimpy these coaches throw the challenge flag, I'd be throwing it out there just like the refs do. He could've thrown it right at the guy he walked so slow to.
  15. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    They can boo all they want but that was a foul.