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  1. You Hear It First: Hip Hop & R&B

    Either way that's a damn shame getting killed like that over some materialistic ****
  2. You Hear It First: Hip Hop & R&B

    I feel for his family but I'm not into the garbage music he made. Sorry. On another note, I bought some new and old stuff I didn't have. The new stuff is Prhyme 2 and the Royce album. Those 2 are must haves IMO.
  3. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    That's some really dry humor. Not my preference.
  4. He's making $8.5M this season, isn't that like twice as much as most safeties are getting paid??? I think he will regret this.
  5. Why Aaron Rodgers Doesnt Have 2 Super Bowl Rings

    Yeah I remember that, Sherm got injured but stayed in. He could've shredded him and exposed it but he barely even tried to throw that direction.
  6. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    If you had fun then hell yeah! I love just being at a concert so $6 is nothing. It's the kind of music I wouldn't mind being at a concert for.
  7. Should The Commissioner Review Lineups On A Weekly Basis?

    Maybe he can monitor lineups unofficially and at the end of the season if someone objects, the commish can pull out his log of who wasn't editing lineups. You can prove tanking but then what? It's a big deal calling out somebody. If the league is that stale then leave it.
  8. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Oh, also get a boppy pillow. Those things are critical when you're feeding the kids a bottle.
  9. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Get a mamaroo or electric swing toy, those are great. Get a pack and play, that's a must have. The best thing about a pack and play is you can use it like a bassinet and baby changer station when they're little. Don't waste time getting an actual baby changing station, I ended up doing it on my bed or couch 99% of the time. Why are you guys so down on diaper genies? Those things rock! The refills aren't that bad either. Target has an off brand that you get 3 diaper genies for like 10 or 15 bucks.
  10. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    just go for the basics, don't get all fancy. Ask for lots of bottles, those things are expensive. Definitely get a diaper genie and refills. swaddling blankets are key. PLENTY of butt wipes!!! I would stay away from bottle warmers, you'll never use it. Get a baby thermometer too.
  11. Best weather in the country

    See I disagree. I moved to MD after growing up in Scottsdale. I absolutely hate rain and cold weather. It's been raining here almost everyday for a month. Screw that, give me sunshine and I'll be happy.
  12. Best weather in the country

    Uhhh, liquid hot magma flying thru the sky doesn't sound good to me.😉
  13. Relationship Advice Thread

    I'm pretty sure my wife has power of attorney, she's the only child. It's just her and her mom, her dad passed a little before we got married. I just don't want to come off like I think her mom's gonna die. I don't she will but you never know. I care a lot but at the same time we need to be prepared beforehand. I don't think her mom made a will yet and I'm afraid to ask now. It's a touchy subject.
  14. Relationship Advice Thread

    So my wife and I just found out her mom has stage 3 cancer. This really sucks, she's a sweet woman. I love her like my own mom. Anyway, stage 3 is really bad. She's going to get treatment and all that and we hope it works. There's a side to this that we need to be realistic about tho too. She could die. I'm the one who handles the finances for our family and I know my wife helps her mom handle her finances. My question is this, how do I talk about this stuff to her? I don't want to have to bring it up but we also need to be ready in case her mom passes. Don't you think it would be good to have a plan for that too?
  15. Best weather in the country

    Scottsdale is my hometown, I miss it there.