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  1. The Florida Gators thread

    Another commit yesterday in Riley Simonds - seems like we're picking up some momentum.
  2. CW21's 2018 NFL Draft Review (Eagles Up)

    Solid write up - I'm not as high on Goedert as most and I just didn't see TE as a big need. I also am not a fan of Maddox - he was definitely drafted to play in the slot and hopefully we get some return game value from him as well. I like Sweat a lot - he should fit in nicely as a rotational player on the defensive line sooner rather then later. I wasn't super educated on Pryor before the draft but everything I've read has me hopeful. If he can keep his weight in check, there's some potential for him to be a swing player and a nice value pick that late in the draft. I think the C grade is right where I would grade them, too.
  3. Wentz, Gurley, Lawerence, 1st - Ben, Zeke, Odell, 8th
  4. Looking forward to your rankings
  5. i see what you did they're
  6. The Apple Thread 

    really dumb question - if i install an SSD into my mid 2010 MBP can I just do a fresh install of Snow Leopard (I have the disk) or will i need to copy my HD over?
  7. Who's in your avatar?

    a refreshing beverage
  8. "basically every post" LOL, i barely come here anymore look Mookie got offended again!
  9. translation - i'm soft and want everyone to think everything i say is sarcasm so i'll redirect my inability to take the banter, when called out directly, to someone else who is being sarcastic. amirite?
  10. I take it back - Mookie is to soft to Harper.
  11. Don't think I should be #1 but appreciate the ranking @bucsfan333