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  1. College Football Coaching Carousel

    I know what it said but find it extremely odd that the writer took it down because it was being "misinterpreted" - clearly there's some shaky floors here and all the information being reported isn't accurate. hopefully this saga ends in the next few days and Florida can move on with, or without, Chip Kelly.
  2. College Football Coaching Carousel

    Post was removed
  3. The Jim McElolwain Gators thread

    Bruin insider board in flying with rumors that Chip to UCLA is a done deal.
  4. The Jim McElolwain Gators thread

    yeah i think the Frost ship has sailed - I would say it's Kelly, Taggart and Norvell (in that order) anyone other then Kelly is a strike out at this point, though.
  5. How I imagine most posters in NFL GEN
  6. Black Friday Gaming Deals

    gamefly is having a pretty good sale right now on used games for all consoles.
  7. The Jim McElolwain Gators thread

    I'm starting to feel the same way, unfortunately. If he wanted to be at Florida it would've been a done deal by this time.
  8. Horizon Zero Dawn

    I've played probably 7ish hours and just got to Mother's Crown. I literally get lost in the world and just find myself roaming around.
  9. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Loving the game so far. My biggest problem with games like this is that I just run around mindlessly and kill everything I see and get bored quick but this seems to have a good enough story to keep me interested.
  10. The Jim McElolwain Gators thread

    well you won't be around here very long
  11. Think it's still likely that we move back out of the first round to acquire more picks. I think Chark and Burnett will both be targets for us.
  12. Like you said, a burner receiver is probably the number one need, or just a receiver in general. After that it's a little cloudy but I would say linebacker is next, offensive tackle after that and it's probably time to find a safety to groom in the next few years. after those it's a toss up - maybe a TE if Trey jets and Brent retires and probably a flier on a late round CB
  13. MMA Thread

    the UFC would be better off without Colby at this point. Make him the example and get him off the roster, too much negativity surrounding this whole situation.