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  1. NCAA football

    Can you still do an online dynasty? I wonder how many people would be interested in trying to set one up.
  2. NCAA football

    Favorite game franchise of all time. We used to have a legit league here a few years back that went 8 or 9 seasons long.

    Favorite Team - Philadelphia Eagles W1 - Atlanta Falcons W2 - Oakland Raiders W3 - Miami Dolphins
  4. NBA 2k18 Thread

    The game play is super smooth - I haven't played 2K the past two years so this is a big improvement for me. I'm excited to dive into a franchise when the opening day rosters are out but for the time being I'll probably just be playing quick play and checking out some of the other modes.
  5. Warmack Promoted to Starting Left Guard

    As long as Kelce is the center any guard you put next to him is going to struggle, IMO. It's extremely difficult for an offensive guard (especially someone as inexperienced as Seumalo) have to deal with the center being pushed back on every play. I think we'll see Snacks destroy Kelce this week and the conversation about benching Kelce will heat up in the following week.
  6. I remember a lot of people on here and a lot of draft sites were really high on him as an undervalued/sleeper type prospect. Elston that is, tried to quote Phire and it didnt come through for some reason.
  7. NBA 2k18 Thread

  8. Warmack Promoted to Starting Left Guard

    Pretty sure Warmack played on the left side while at Bama.
  9. D82's 2018 7 Round Mock Draft v.2.0. **UPDATE**

    Think that's a bit high for ESB - I'd rather Kirk, Sutton or Alexander there. Good pick - think he would compete for the RT job once Lane moves to the left side. I like the player I just don't know how much of a need safety is and I would rather see us grab a corner with one of these picks then a safety. I think this is a good spot for Ballage and he has the potential to carve out a role immediately. It's Brandon Parker, not Carter, and I don't know why we would take two offensive tackles in this draft. I'd like to see a true interior lineman drafted here (Maea Teuhema). Maybe you have Summers playing corner and marked him wrong - in that case it would be a great pick. However, if you have him slotted as safety it's a terrible pick because there's no reason for us to draft two safeties this year. Good pick - someone with a character concern but major talent is worth taking a flier on this late in the draft.
  10. POTD 9/20 - Travelling

    I've been to United Arab Emirates (mainly Abu Dhabi), Q'atar, Italy, Ireland, Germany and England thanks to the Air Force. I've also visited about 15 states (New York, Jersey, South Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, Texas, Florida, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Virginia, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Massachusetts off the top of my head).
  11. Random Game Talk #1

    https://culturedvultures.com/fortnites-battle-royale-mode-goes-free-next-week-xbox-one-ps4-pc/ Huge news for us console players - Fortnite beat PUBG to the console market and is going free next week (9/26).