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  1. Training Camp 2019 News & Updates

    Nobody is entertaining the idea of her as an NFL kicker. It's either top tier ****posting season or someone took that field goal way too serious.
  2. Training Camp 2019 News & Updates

    To be fair, Gerry should've been cut last year. It's time to admit the project did not work and move on. As someone else said we're better off keeping Edwards and Singleton.
  3. Like Whatever Who Cares Take 2.... Preseason GDT Week 2

    Might as well add Bradford and Osweiler to that list too. I imagine they'll sign a young guy to take some reps and wait to see who gets cut when the rosters are trimmed.
  4. Alcohol Thread!

    If you ever come across Sloop Brewing: Juice Bomb IPA do yourself a favor and try it. One of the best IPAs I've had in quite some time.
  5. MMA Thread

    That's the first main event to ever put me to sleep. I was out after the first 7 minutes.
  6. The Florida Gators thread

    Seems that way - feel like I've been hearing this for weeks but nothing yet.
  7. Saw a theory going around that this is just damage control because his feet are a lot worse then people think and he may not play this year or ever again. This is a way for him to buy time for himself and possibly get out of paying Oakland anything back. Not sure I buy it but it's interesting.
  8. CLE WR Antonio Callaway suspended 4 games

    As someone who follows Florida and has followed Callaway closely for the past few years I am absolutely stunned by this news.
  9. The Florida Gators thread

  10. 2019 Transfer Thread

  11. Congrats @pwny sorry for my absence, they blocked the damn website at work and i kind of just forgot about this, won't happen again thanks as always Nacho
  12. MMA Thread

  13. MMA Thread

    RIP Ben Askren hype train