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  1. Black Ops 4

    $30 at BestBuy rn
  2. The Florida Gators thread

    I think they're a package deal - can't land one without the other IMO.
  3. The Florida Gators thread

    Evan Neal not coming signals Sanders isn't going to sign here.
  4. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Also, since I'm extremely bored - since 2007 Alabama has had a total of 18 5* recruits drafted in the first round out of a possible 32.
  5. The Official Recruiting Thread

    According to the composite he's a 4*
  6. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Nope - he's a 4* according to 247 composite.
  7. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Since Saban has taken over tOSU hasn't had a single 5* prospect drafted in the first round - 0/14 if I'm looking at it correctly. Looks like Nick Bosa will be the first.
  8. Scalamania's 2019 mock v1 (3 rounds)

    Thanks for the feedback - will be adjusting and adding more rounds after this weeks games.
  9. Alcohol Thread!

    They also have a cucumber one which is pretty good.
  10. Carson Wentz might not play again in 2018

    All very lossable games with their patchwork secondary - it's hard to imagine LA and HOU not burning Philly through the air for easy wins.
  11. The NFC LEast Thread

    Possibly done for the year it looks like.
  12. MMA Thread

    In the least surprising news of the year
  13. The Florida Gators thread

    Would be an insane pull but don't think w'ere even in the running for him.
  14. The Florida Gators thread

    I think we're all reading about the same thing so I don't think anyone would get mad at you over this. Kind of where I'm at, expect my meter is more towards we're hanging by a thread at this point. Regardless of what happens with Trey it says a lot about the current staff that they were able to get both KT and Trey on campus and were in the mix w both. EDIT - no idea why it slashed through like that