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  1. Kevin Steele wouldn’t be terrible but him bringing Toney is a legit fear of mine. That’s a huge jump for someone with little experience. I guess I’m at the point where I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Just seems like what happened when we hired McElwain or maybe it’s because we’ve hired one good coach in my 25 years following this program. Time will tell.
  2. I think this information was already posted but this article is pretty fun to read. https://www.si.com/college/2021/12/03/college-football-brian-kelly-lincoln-riley-wild-week-daily-cover
  3. If we miss on Belk I think one name to watch is Tosh - not sure how interested he would be in returning to college but him and Napier have ties. Realistically though, if we miss on Belk and Knowles I'm scared to see who we end up hiring to fill that spot.
  4. NCAA is going to be the new cash king, at least for the first year, so I'd assume that's why they're putting a ton of their assets towards it. The new game will absolutely be a reskin of Madden - however, people are going to buy it in masses. I understand it's probably going to suck but you bet your *** I'll be buying it day one as will many other people.
  5. Might as well take QB out of the thread title because he's definitely not a QB.
  6. I'm assuming this is in regards to what Gundy said? It just seemed like Gundy was speculating that he'll be there. He's due for a raise and I'm sure a lot of teams will come calling. I wouldn't count him out yet.
  7. If only we could all be right all the time. And if that were the case Jalen Reagor would be a star by now who just eclipsed his second straight 1k receiving campaign in his first two seasons. That sounds familiar for some reason.
  8. Didn't the Dolphins trade up to get Pitts or I am not remembering that correctly?
  9. Foles couldn't beat out Andy Dalton for a backup job in Chicago and you want him to start over Hurts? Come on man. I understand how you feel about Hurts and I'm honestly not that far off but suggesting Jimmy G or Foles to be a better option is just insane.
  10. Interesting - I think Jimmy G is a bottom tier QB who has much better weapons and a much better coaching staff than and still sucks ***. Not saying either QB is good but there's no scenario in which I'd take Jimmy G (and his absurd contract) over Jalen Hurts.
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