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  1. Jenkins was my next pick
  2. Yeah, I almost took Allen with my first round pick. I am very high on him going forward.
  3. Let's be honest - given your draft history and performance in this sim it's highly doubtful that anyone has interest in any players you're targeting.
  4. I can't believe I got drunk and took a center last night. What in the world.
  5. Sorry a little under the weather @ravens5520
  6. So is that officially it for khodder?
  7. Never would've expected Watson to be available
  8. I was going to comment and say the same thing. I would've given up so much more for Watson - what a steal for tammy.
  9. I was also sending sliders to a non-existent conversation so nothing was ever updated. I don't know how much I would trust Carr's S19 stats.
  10. I trade my S21 4th for both picks @swoosh
  11. I had been considering Rivers for the past few rounds tbh - I'm surprised Counselor didn't take him before me.