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  1. That's fair, but eventually he will lose too - it's just part of the sport. Conor fans will never be able to accept that he lost via KO.
  2. I have nothing against McGregor or anyone else for that matter. I also have never discredited what Conor has done for himself or for the UFC - he's one of the best ever. However, the gameplan to beat him is out there - whether you love him or not his time has come and gone. That's part of the sport, you'll never be on top forget.
  3. I don't know you and I'm new to this thread but this is sad. There's no way that someone you've never met and/or have no relationship with losing a fight is the worst moment of your life.
  4. Fighting three times a year or fighting one time a year doesn't change what McGregor is. He's 100% a boxer, he has no answer for a takedown or a leg kick - he's a mouthpiece and a damn good one but he's not a top level MMA fighter.
  5. Anthony Lynn, just ask @DeSean Jackson. ...oh wait.
  6. He can't track a ball, can't catch for ****. I'm not sure what there is to like about him as a receiver.
  7. The Colts and the Eagles did not have the same offense.
  8. It'll be interesting to see what they do with Dillard this year. For my money you have to lock Mailata in at LT - you give him a full off-season as LT1 and the sky is the limit - assuming Stout stays of course. Does Dillard become our new swing tackle or do we try to work him in at OG?
  9. I would've taken Jason Garret over Josh McDaniels.
  10. Holomon Wiggins - he did some good stuff at Va Tech, too.
  11. We'll never know but my assumption is it was either Peters or Lane because I don't think Kelce would say anything and I don't think anyone else on the line has earned the right to throw that sort of suggestion around.
  12. Doug wanted to promote Press Taylor - that's a fireable offense in itself.
  13. If Duce was the candidate that most of this fan base thinks he is, he would've been either in high demand to be a HC/OC or he would've been hired as an OC by now. The only people who view Duce in such a light are the fans of this team.
  14. I think he brings him (Borgonzi) or the Colts defensive line coach (Baker) as his DC.
  15. I'd be happy to never see Duce's name mentioned with the Eagles again. The blind affinity this fan base has for former players is unbelievable. Under no circumstances did Duce Staley ever deserve to be the head coach other then the fact that he played here.
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