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  1. He'll last a quarter at best before he's hurt again.
  2. Playing a game in Mexico or Canada builds a new fan base for a team, obviously the owners would be fine w that. Playing a neutral site game, in the middle of PA, where everyone already has their allegiance makes no sense at all.
  3. I don't hate this idea, I love Beaver Stadium - but this is about as realistic as us trading JJAW for DK Metcalf and having th #1 overall pick.
  4. Thinking that either of those cities, or any city in general is going to forfeit the revenue for their city to pass it on to a college city that has no affiliation with either team is insane to me. It makes no sense, from a financial perspective, to have neutral site games in the NFL.
  5. Why wouldn't they just play in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh? Penn State has nothing to do with either team.
  6. Send him for a 3rd - let Sweat and Barnett finish the year out as the ends. I love BG but right now is the perfect time to move on from him and get something of value back. Sadly, I agree that we are probably not committed to rebuilding.
  7. Brandon Graham is having a great year - we should absolutely trade him away to Buffalo.
  8. Hard to get excited about the overall team performance - but good for Wentz, shut all those people up, including me, and keep doing what you can w nothing.
  9. They should just cut him and move on, he's cooked.
  10. I can see a world where we trade a late round pick for John Ross, he blows up and we extend him - 4 years, 50M or something like that and he is absolutely garbage/injured for the duration of that contract.
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