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  1. Sure Sorry all, been traveling the past week. Ggs to whoever I played.
  2. Sony does have their own subscription service and it sucks. I haven't bought a game in almost a year thanks to GamePass/EA Play. It's the best thing going on consoles right now, IMO.
  3. RB Jaret Patterson LB Paddy Fisher LB KJ Britt RB Trey Ragas WR Dez Fitzpatrick CB Tre Norwood
  4. Here is what I expect to happen come draft day: Scenario 1 - We trade up with the Broncos and take Jaycee Horn over Surtain. The Cowboys end up with Surtain and he goes on to have an All-Pro career while Horn has a career similar to Morris Claiborne (sticking with the Cowboys theme). Scenario 2 - We stay at 12 and draft none other then EDGE #1 Kwity Paye over Jaelen Phillips. Phillips ends up going two picks later to the Vikings. Paye matches his non-existent production in college and is bounced around the league and Phillips goes on to be a multi time pro bowl player, racking up 10+
  5. I mean he's been playing LB for what, 2 years? I think Surratt is more athletic and better in coverage. If I'm taking a LB on Day 3 it's going to be Surrat over Wallow and Barnes.
  6. No Surrat or Snowden? I'd take both over Barnes and Wallow. I'm also not that high on Bolton.
  7. I was making a joke about you saying we're taking Joe Horn.
  8. I'm also of the opinion we're taking a WR at 12. Also, hate Fields.
  9. This might be the most homer take of all time. So he's afraid himself to get injured - not really a glowing endorsement. It's hard for me to quote this from my phone but this doesn't change my mind on Moore - 3rd or 4th round, sure. Second round? Not a chance.
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