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  1. It made sense to take a quarterback at some point but logically it did not make sense to take a QB2 in the second round when you already have a "franchise" quarterback. I just don't think this FO values CB like the fan base does - we haven't taken a corner in the first round in how many years? If I remember correctly Lito was the last one, it just seems like the organization/FO value CB the same way they do LB. Corner has been a need for years though - and this FO it out here taking a QB2, an injury prone iOL, an iDL who is a project and a LB who is a project. This F
  2. It was supposed to be Rattler, what a miss by me. Still getting used to this iPhone lol.
  3. It didn't make any logical sense for us to take a QB in the second round two years ago but here we are. It also didn't make any logical sense for us to wait until the 4th round to take a DB this year. I never said I don't want us to pass on a corner just said that it wouldn't surprise me - if you say that a draft like this QB (Howell, Corral, Riddler), EDGE (Jackson, Karlaftis, Hutchinson) & OL (any of them) makes no sense logically, with the way our FO has drafted, then I don't know what to say.
  4. Not for me. I don’t mind the Lemon Trulys but give me a beer over a seltzer all day.
  5. They do - until they almost lose a foot. Fought in a war and the biggest injury of my life was sliding into home plate in a beer league softball game. What a life.
  6. Maybe if I hadn’t snapped my ankle playing softball (which was not worth it) I’d have more championships.
  7. I actually don’t even remember WideRight as an owner or knew that he was a member here. So that’s telling.
  8. Rightfully so - the only thing that won me a chip that year was missing a PM from khodder because I was at a softball tournament. /s
  9. You sold off to lose - something a lot of people hammer Rammy for and probably rightfully so. I’m not trying to tear you down only making a point that having a ton of picks doesn’t always equate to success.
  10. Nowhere did I say I was a good owner - take your loss of tanking an entire season only to lose in the first round last year and blend up in the same place you were two years ago now.
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