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  1. It’s funny you say Miami because I think he’s be the perfect coach at Virginia Tech. I think the ACC is the perfect spot for him.
  2. Do you enjoy piss poor recruiting, idiotic loyalty to ****ty asst. coaches and upper classmen, constantly hearing "I've gotta watch the tape" when asked any questions and playing down to your opponents (which in turn will cost you winnable games)? If so, Mullen is the guy for you.
  3. I've read similar concerns about Cristobal elsewhere - not disputing the fact that he's had some clunkers at Oregon, however, I just think his level of recruiting and his ability to keep those elite talents in state would elevate this program to where we all want it to be. I agree on Chadwell - it'd be a shame if he ended up landing a new gig this cycle and he won't be an option when/if we move on from Mullen. I'm not familiar with Traylor so I can't really comment anything but to say that's a risk I wouldn't mind taking. With all that said - after being a fan of this team fo
  4. Let's assume Franklin goes to USC, Fickell goes to PSU and Joey Freshwater goes to LSU. I think my top candidates would be Cristobal, Chadwell, Campbell, Aranda, Napier and Bill Clark - in that order. I like both Brady and Moore but I think they're destined for NFL gigs after this year. I think Cristobal would say no but I think Chadwell would be a very strong choice whether it's this year (likely not) or next year.
  5. From what I’ve read/heard TG has already been told to start looking for another job. Could just be smoke but the rumor is out there.
  6. Yep - I don't think we'll fire Mullen yet but that seat is going to be scorching hot come next year if he doesn't figure this out and figure it out quick.
  7. Seems like he's UGA bound - not great. Moves us down to 18th overall according to 247 and somehow FSU is seven spots ahead of us - absolutely unacceptable.
  8. He's a plus athlete with versatility, elite strength, already uses his hands good and should have super long arms.
  9. I mean, Leal is an elite prospect IMO - if he's there and he's the BPA you have to take him.
  10. https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/eagles/nfl-rumors-eagles-nick-sirianni-not-all-hot-seat-insider-reports
  11. Yeah - is there more information on this? I feel like if what you're saying is true (and I'm not doubting it) we would hear a lot more about it when Brooks was going through whatever he was going through and we'd be hearing about it again with Lane. I just don't see any proof that the players are traded badly - Ertz being very emotional, Kelce being emotional after last year, BG wanting to retire here, the list goes on.
  12. Is there more information on this? I find this hard to believe given how positive Brooks and now Lane seem to be after dealing with these issues.
  13. I think he’s probably emotional after a tough loss. He’s a young kid and maybe let his emotions get the best of him with this response. Still very concerning, though.
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