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  1. Damn, y'all are haters. GG bro
  2. I don't care who's pick it was just thought some of the comments were funny - people thought he'd be a bonafide stud while 90% of the media thought he'd be a bust.
  3. So I'm bored at work and have been going through the Marcus Smith draft thread (because @Nabbs4u reminded me of him) - some real beauties in this one (someone even compares him to DeMarcus Ware lol).
  4. I'm not going to pretend like I know a ton about the Colts and their players, but it seems like over the last twoish years they've been the best team in football at finding talent from anywhere.
  5. My run game is going to be a problem for a lot of owners this year - them boys out here eatin.
  6. 2019 NBA Draft Thread: Little Declares

    Really hoping Chicago considers him at 7 if they keep their pick. We need a swing for the fence pick and he is exactly that.
  7. Remember when we drafted Danny Watkins over Cam Jordan? Good times.
  8. Can someone PM me my game docs please?
  9. Solid write ups all around @bucsfan333. I know eventually the QB carousel I play will bite me in the *** and I'm really hoping it's not this year, because I think my team all around is one of the best I've had.
  10. Samuel and Warner are two guys who I considered towards the end. I actually think Warner could probably start for a few teams in the NSFL.
  11. What video game are you playing?

    Grab GOW and Horizon, too.
  12. What video game are you playing?

    I have not played it yet but I've had my eye on it too - seems like there's a lot of mixed feelings on it.