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  1. Missed the top part. BUT, Shelby Harris does rank relatively high when it comes to PFF grades the last 2/3 years.
  2. He's played really, really good so far this year. He had a great game against Washington - it's possible that he could be the second rusher off the board behind KT.
  3. While I agree with the majority of this post - Dan Mullen isn't going anywhere nor is he going to be fired.
  4. https://www.onlygators.com/09/13/2021/florida-coach-dan-mullen-finally-clarifies-why-qb-anthony-richardson-may-not-be-ready-for-starting-job/?fbclid=IwAR0yctsGQm3BW1XGI6BZSr5MI2EyHFpFdj68IRZ2fcwN6Ng5IiBZBcPQwSA
  5. I haven't seen much of Strong so take that into consideration - however, Corral is QB1 for me right now. There's a lot of time left and I'm sure Howell/Rattler will work their way up.
  6. Their defense sucked but not say their offense didn't look explosive or even good last night is just downright stupid. That's why you're getting pushback - because you're making an absolutely terrible take and trying to convince people that said take is right.
  7. Favorite Team: Eagles Week 1 pick: 49ers I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  8. Favorite Team: Eagles Week 1 pick: 49ers I have read all of the rules and agree to them
  9. I think Atlanta is going to be really bad - this should be a win.
  10. I know hindsight is always 20/20 but watching Matt Corral play always makes me think what if. I do think we have a major quarterback problem because neither of these guys can actually throw the ball. It'll be interesting to see what CDM does this week against another lesser opponent before we take on Bama.
  11. Outside of Corral - Ridder, Strong, Phil Jurkovec and Jack Coan all had pretty good days. Assuming Rattler, Howell and JT turn it around it could be a very good QB class.
  12. I've followed Corral pretty closely after his de-commitment from UF. I liked what I saw with him last year but after watching him run that offense last night it's hard not to like him. I'm excited to see what he can do when they face Bama in October.
  13. Can we get a Matt Corral QB1 hype train going?
  14. The RBs are awful - got stuck in a bad spot after I elected to take the pass catchers for value in rounds 2 & 3.
  15. Ekeler, Chubb and Taylor I always take two TEs - typically everyone in this league does so the TE wire is usually really thin. My RBs are terrible - got stuck in a bad spot because I elected to take the pass catchers, assuming someone like Robinson or Swift would fall to me which obviously didn't happen.
  16. I think he had major concussion issues and teams stayed away.
  17. Rumor has it that it's related to the vaccine/COVID protocols.
  18. Indy is trying really hard to not give up that first round pick next year.
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