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  1. Parsons often falls to the Vikings in my mock draft simulators. I usually take him as he’s a great value at 14 and due to Barr’s imminent departure. It would be an interesting decision for the Vikings If he’s available at 14.
  2. He’s an awesome prospect. I would love to draft him in the 2022 draft. Unfortunately, I do not know our needs going into 2022, however it’s possible, even likely we’ll need a CB. Also, unfortunately, he may not be available where we pick.
  3. A lot of changes. I’ll have to keep my eye on the Vixen’s this year. Good luck!
  4. Isn’t this the 2021 draft thread? Maybe we should concentrate on this draft before delving into next year’s draft!? Btw, for those wondering, Stanley is a CB for LSU. He is projected to be taken 4th overall in a ‘way too early’ 2022 mock draft. Hopefully we will be drafting far later in the first round. so probably no chance to nab him at 32 ;). Should we draft a high-end CB next year? Yeah, maybe, probably, we’ll see.
  5. Wow! Congratulations. It’s just preseason, but that’s a convincing performance. It’s almost been two years since you’ve played a meaningful game, have you had a lot of roster turnover?
  6. It would be nice to see Kevin Garnett involved at some level.
  7. I agree with this. Otherwise, he would be a nice option in the first round. Too big of a risk, imo..
  8. Didn’t VD’s modship responsibilities die along with dissacs @swede700?
  9. I’d put FS above DT at the moment. We are gonna need 2 safety’s in this draft. An edge rusher is definitely a need, however, the Vikings have historically picked them up in the middle rounds (day 2 and after). Look for an edge prospect with above average athleticism and good measurable, but needs to be coached up. OL is the priority. OT at 14 if good value or trade back for a solid G prospect (trading back could mean FS as well).
  10. @Ozzy must be happy with those numbers. He’s been banging the table for Leatherwood for quite sometime now. Is he worth the 14th overall pick? Does his tape match his numbers?
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