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  1. BS unsportsmanlike penalty on Kmet. He wasn’t throwing the ball at the Saints player, he was throwing it the ‘ref’.
  2. If he can do high interval training at 349 lbs, that’s impressive.
  3. Was just looking that up. Player profile says he weighs 345, so not much difference. You have to think 340+ lbs is a lot of weight for a 6’ frame.
  4. E-Z decision, right? Kick the FG and take a 5 point lead. Oh wait, we have Bailey. What should we do?
  5. Wow! That surprised me. Looked like a catch to me...hmmm
  6. Omygoodness, Kirk (please stop trying to ‘gritty’). And Bailey is back (probably not next year).
  7. How is that a penalty? Did he tackle him too hard? This is football for goodness sakes. Players hit other players lol
  8. Just throw the dang ball. It’s so much more fun to watch. Also, putting up 50 points would be cool.
  9. JJ all-time leader for rookie receiving yards.
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