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  1. Agreed. I do not work in either of the industries you mentioned, but my staff (for the most part) are anti-masks. It’s been overly politicized in my company. And unfortunately, I’m the final word on the mask mandate and our Covid policies. So, as of 7/1, the MN Governor says no more mask mandate, I will definitely lift the mandate. If not, I’d have a mutiny on my hands.
  2. The dropping of the mask mandate is 7/1, I believe. My staff will be so happy.
  3. He is listed as 230 pounds in this article: According to Chris Tomasson, the Vikings are moving the 6'5", 230-pound Zylstra to tight end. He'll try to follow in Adam Thielen's path as an undrafted star from Mankato to make the Vikings and develop into an impact player. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/nfl/vikings/.amp/news/vikings-sign-former-minnesota-state-mankato-wr-shane-zylstra-tight-end Either way, he’s gonna need to bulk up.
  4. So who has the best chance to make the final 53 man roster? My bet is Proehl (WR) and possibly Patterson (K). Other than that, the rest might make the PS.
  5. Haha that’s awesome you compare him to Diggs. I’ve been trying to temper my enthusiasm with this kid, but he’s definitely got some great athleticism and his swagger also reminds me of Diggs. I really hope he turns out like Diggs, hell I’d take 80% (or some other arbitrary percentage) of Diggs.
  6. He is very explosive. In some of his highlights, he looks like Raheem Mostert, RB SF 9’ers.
  7. Or be the future franchise QB!? Only time will tell.
  8. My 30’y/o and 25 y/o are D&D master’s something or other. They love D&D. I love them, so I love D&D. Lol. Btw, they had one game/session last three years. Is this normal?
  9. Surprised about the Surratt pick, but not gonna sleep on him. He’s smart as heck, fast and violent. Hopefully can slip into Barr’s replacement.
  10. I’m also happy with this pick. Damn good job by the Vikings today.
  11. Definitely a diamond in the rough... good potential and great size/speed
  12. I think so. Don’t want two rookies holding up the left side, imo. Davis is a nasty RG, that’s where he belongs.
  13. I would like a more complete WR to eventually take over Thlelen’s spot, but want Schwartz too as I believe we need a deep threat....I’m greedy lol
  14. I’m happy!! WTG. There’s our RG.
  15. Right! Thought we had a chance.
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