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  1. Wow!!! Defense is saving our offensive ***!!!
  2. Really really hoping Dallas franchises Dak and Cooper hits UFA and we snag him. I would be so happy!!!
  3. Yeah, but they gave up running the ball way too soon and became pass happy for no apparent reason. Lose Sanders, let's pass!!! SMH. Even running and punting would have been better than what's happened since it was 10-7. And the tackles are playing like crap.
  4. RUN the freaking ball!!! Don't know why they've become pass happy especially with Sanders out. SMH.
  5. Ugh. Horrible decision by Jimmy.
  6. Great opening TD drive and Sanders scoring a TD already is great!!!
  7. I honestly don't know any of the stuff that Goodwin has gone through the last few years except for what I just read in the above posts and all I will say is that he should probably be put on leave exemption list or something in order to handle/deal with whatever personal issues that he's having simply because 1) it's more important than football, 2) his head/heart may not be fully into the games and thus, shouldn't be playing and 3) playing the games while your head is somewhere else would not only hurt himself but also hurt the team. He should just go handle whatever the personal issues happen to be and im sure the team would welcome him back when he's taken care of whatever personal issues he's going through.
  8. Denver trades WR Sanders to 49ers

    Pretty sure I was posting here when the 49ers were bad with Tomsula and Kelly. I really left three or so years ago once the Patriots beat the Falcons in the Super Bowl. I stopped watching football completely since then. Saw only the closing minutes of the Eagles SB win over the Patriots and the Chiefs playoff games last year because I like Mahomes. Only recently as in the last few weeks did I start watching football on a regular consistent basis again. 49ers and Chiefs to be exact. So seriously, has nothing to do with the 49ers in general even though they did do one thing last season if I remember correctly and that was during the Packers game, they didn't show any Kaepernick highlights despite the fact that he beat them a few times. Not going to lie, that made me mad especially when all those other years in the late 90's when it was Packers over 49ers in the playoffs with Favre and Freeman. As for Crapadden, last I played was Madden 13 with Calvin Johnson for Xbox 360. Haven't touched a Madden or sports game (excluding Forza Horizon 3) since then because im just not into them anymore and I played so many of them back in the day that now, I just see them as a huge waste of my time. I do lurk from time to time though. I'm mostly on Twitter and care most about gaming and recently, back into wrestling. I still own my Owens jersey, cap and giant oversized winter coat. Me not watching/following the 49ers was an "im not watching/following the NFL" thing after that Patriots/Falcons SB than anything 49ers related. Once Brady/Belichick are gone and other veteran QB's retire, trust me, I'll watch more NFL and be into it like I was a few years ago. Every year since the Patriots beat the Seahawks, I have always seen the Patriots as the SB winners unless they're actually defeated which rarely happens so for me, while im super happy that the 49ers are doing great and their defense is superb, I was and still am sick and tired of seeing the Patriots because I know what's going to happen and it's just not any fun or entertaining or interesting to watch. Sorry for the rant guys. Just wanted to clarify why I barely post and watch/follow the 49ers because it truly has nothing to do with my favorite team since 1989.
  9. Denver trades WR Sanders to 49ers

    Hahaha. Yeah, more or less. lol.
  10. Denver trades WR Sanders to 49ers

    Not a fan of this move. A 3rd and a 4th for a half year rental of a 32 year old WR? Ugh. Wouldn't have minded simply a 4th for him but that 3rd (despite it most likely being a late 3rd rounder) is still too much in my opinion. Oh well. Hope it turns out for the best. Off-season wise, highly unlikely but if WR Amari Cooper somehow hits UFA, that's who Lynch and Shanahan should go after 100%. In his prime, is skilled and talented, pure team mate and locker room guy with a good head on his shoulders.
  11. Also, am I the only one here who thinks that one of the commentators is annoying as hell?
  12. Don't understand why Shanahan didn't call a run play. Why do teams pass when there's no room to do anything? I don't get it.
  13. Navorro Bowman Retires

    Yeah, Bowman was awesome. Shame he's retiring and got injured in that NFCCG. Bowman and Willis were one hell of a combination at ILB.
  14. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Is Tartt still a 49er? If so, wasn't he supposed to be the starting SS?
  15. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Oh wow. That's not too bad is it? Watched KC play during this last season and he played extremely well. Reminds me of when I wanted Justin Houston years ago. LOL. Contract doesn't sound too bad either.