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  1. Navorro Bowman Retires

    Yeah, Bowman was awesome. Shame he's retiring and got injured in that NFCCG. Bowman and Willis were one hell of a combination at ILB.
  2. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Is Tartt still a 49er? If so, wasn't he supposed to be the starting SS?
  3. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Oh wow. That's not too bad is it? Watched KC play during this last season and he played extremely well. Reminds me of when I wanted Justin Houston years ago. LOL. Contract doesn't sound too bad either.
  4. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Any info on what SF will give up for Ford?
  5. Very surprised by the pick. Was thinking starting RT and moved to LT once Staley is done but going by you guys, guess not. Hope he ends up being good though. Can he play OG? What about Brown, can he play OG?
  6. Around the NFL

    According to overthecap.com, we have over $47m in cap room? Is that true? If so, I would definitely sign Bryant to a two year deal. Seriously, can't hurt. And unlike some, I see Bryant dominating 2018 if he goes to a team with a QB that can throw, especially deep. Bryant is going to have a chip on his shoulder and be playing for one last big contract.
  7. Cowboys cut Dez Bryant

    As a 49ers fan, I would love Dez Bryant as a two year stopgap. Give Jimmy some weapons and we have plenty of cap room.
  8. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    Hahahaha. I haven't played a football game since Madden NFL 13 in Spring 2013. Maybe some day. LOL.
  9. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    Has Reuben been hanging out with Aldon or some crap??? SMH.
  10. 2018 Draft Thread I

    Defense is still playing a 3-4 hybrid? Hahaha. Thanks bud. Isn't Armstead like 23 or something? It's a shame that the team has three first rounders on the DL but yet they all don't fit. That's a shame. Is Fitzpatrick an edge rusher? I would think that out of OG, DB and pass rushers that edge rusher would be most important.
  11. 2018 Draft Thread I

    Okay guys. I didn't know which is why I asked. Is DL the favorite at #9 because while I haven't watched in two years, don't the 49ers have three first rounders on the DL? Or has that changed? I'm assuming that's changed but at the same time, that sounds disappointing. Thanks for the info guys.
  12. 2018 Draft Thread I

    Any WR worth taking at #9 or not even close?
  13. After losing to the Giants in the 2011 NFCCG, the one missing piece was a deep threat, a playmaking WR. I still say to this day that trading away the 30th overall draft pick to PIT for Mike Wallace at the time would have been a far better move than drafting Jenkins/signing Moss and Manningham. Wallace would have spread out the Ravens defense and would have given them more problems and not be able to stack the box either like they did a lot of times. Either we end up losing which happened anyway or Wallace puts us over enough to win our 6th SB title and even if Wallace was gone as a UFA (he was a RFA in the 2012 off season) and was basically a one year rental for our 30th overall draft pick, I would have been completely fine with that. Sacrifice our 30th overall draft pick for a one year rental and our 6th SB title!!! Hell yeah!!! Oh well, that's all in the past now. :(
  14. Forge's TCMD - 49ers

    Barron is actually pretty good. Like that guy. Good trade.
  15. Forge's TCMD - 49ers

    What happened to Jimmie Ward? Is he still a 49er? If so, why trade for Thomas? Since you traded Armstead, im assuming that he simply hasn't been worth that first round draft pick? Should try acquiring just draft picks and try to rebuild via the Draft. Like the Foster trade. What a piece of crap that guy is. UGH. Should try to trade for A.J. Green if possible. Give Jimmy a weapon like him would be awesome!!!