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  1. 49ers 12-4 Seahawks 10-6 Cardinals 8-8 Rams 6-10
  2. No interest in Beckham. Would much rather have a rookie WR at #13 or #31 under a cheap rookie contract for 5 years plus he would obviously be younger. One FA WR I wouldn't mind going after would be Robby Anderson around $8m a season or less. He'll be 27 at the end of May and has good size being 6'3/190. Has played 62/64 games. His market appears to be ice cold right now and maybe, we can swoop in and get for a cheap price and not give up any draft picks in the process.
  3. Probably not but if they were to be stup....err, I mean smart and do that, great for us.
  4. Would absolutely trade Staley for the Browns 2nd rounder (#41) or I would trade #31 and Staley for #10. Then, trade up for the best or second best LT and you have a young rookie for 5 years under a cheap rookie deal. Would absolutely do this because Staley will be gone eventually and if the team can get even #41 for him, you take it, period.
  5. Nice. Should ensure that Breida is brought back for 2020.
  6. Personally, I would have just reached an injury settlement with him and let him walk.
  7. At this point, im just hoping we re-sign Sanders. I like the combination of Sanders/Samuel/Bourne. Wouldn't mind Gabriel to be a Tyreek Hill/Ginn type player in certain packages/formations/plays but only if the price is right.
  8. 49ers re-sign Jimmie Ward

    In all honestly, my maximum would have been 3 years for $18m with $12m guaranteed. Would not have gone past $6m a year average.
  9. 49ers re-sign Jimmie Ward

    $9.5m a year is a few million too high in my opinion. Thinking about it, if you take away $9.5m from the $21m a year that Buckner received from Indy, that would be a difference of $11.5m so when you think about it, it's only a $2m difference. In other words, I would have let Ward leave, put that money towards Buckner instead as I do believe that the DL is more important that a FS especially when we have Moore who I wouldn't have minded seeing start next to Tartt.
  10. LMAO. You know I am a WR guy but you can go get Owens in his prime, it's not going to matter until we get a great dynamic QB. Jimmy G is good, not great and any time when the running game, coaching or defense comes up short like we did in the last 8 minutes of the Super Bowl, Jimmy G simply isn't going to "will" us to a championship. Playoffs, sure but meh, I want a dominant QB. It's been way too long since we've had one.
  11. 49ers trade Buckner to Colts

    Just came home from work and while im happy that we re-signed Armstead, I most likely would have kept Buckner as well even if it means paying him $20m a season simply because I would have traded Thomas in a year from now and then pay Buckner. I simply would have tried to keep Armstead and Buckner over Thomas and Ford if it came down to that. Getting the Colts 13th overall pick is great. I would have preferred next year's first rounder instead but I understand the move especially with it clearing $12m+ in cap room by moving Buckner. I do agree with Jay in regards to Hopkins. Can't believe the Texans gave him away. Feel bad for DeShaun as he's damn good and not having Hopkins could hurt him. Also feel bad for us because Murray/Hopkins can become an even better combination. With 2 first round draft picks and I know majority would be against this but I trade them for 2021 first rounders to teams that will most likely be bottom 10. In other words, I would take the chance simply because while Jimmy G is good, he's not great. We made the Super Bowl in spite of him and because of our defense, running game and for the most part coaching staff. I simply want Trevor Lawrence and if that means sacrificing 2020 but being better long over the long term, so be it. Will see what else they do. WR wise, I hope they just re-sign Sanders. Majority know that im a WR nut but at the same time, when I see who our QB is, I don't believe that adding Hopkins or even someone I want like Cooper is going to make much if any difference. Either way, definitely a jam packed and interesting filled off-season thus far and it hasn't even officially begun. lol.
  12. Cool, thanks. Really hoping the 49ers aren't letting Armstead hit UFA. SMH.
  13. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    Not a fan of the 17th regular season game or the 7th playoff team being added. Love the regular season setup since 2002 with everything on a rotation. Playoff wise, don't want NFL becoming like NBA where .500 or worse teams get in on a yearly basis. I can see once or twice a decade but 7 playoff teams pretty much guarantees it.
  14. When is the deadline for the franchise tag? Surprised Brady isn't on the Chargers or Colts list. Titans overpaid Tannehill. I don't even like Brady but would have paid him over Tannehill for 2 years and draft a QB this year in the 1st round. As for us, still hoping we re-sign Sanders and Armstead.
  15. 2020 Draft Thread

    Not going to lie, I really want Trevor Lawrence as I believe he will be better than any QB in this year's draft or even last year's draft. Could get a 2nd for Jimmy G in 2021 and clear $20m in cap room, continue keeping the young core intact while the franchise QB is under a rookie deal for 4 years plus that 5th year option. Oh boy!!! Oh boy!!! I'm hyping myself up too much.