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  1. I agree with you but I see Ford as good, not great and would simply prefer paying the other three players over Ford for various reasons. I believe the other three players will be worth more overall as they get older and better while I believe that Ford will decline. Of course, that all remains to be seen.
  2. Ford is a good pass rusher but I see Alexander and Warner as far more valuable and better overall in my opinion. Greenlaw is good, young and cheap and I see him getting better with experience and age. Also, when Alexander was injured, his loss was felt more than Ford in my opinion. Also, Ford is the oldest of them all and I always go younger as long as the skill/talent/production level is close plus a younger player can get better. Ford is good but I don't see him being great. I believe the other players can be great.
  3. Personally, I would trade/release Dee Ford before Kwon Alexander, Fred Warner or Dre Greenlaw.
  4. Up to you Forge. I don't have a problem with having conversations with anyone here including you so it's entirely up to you.
  5. At this point, needing a veteran WR who doesn't cause issues, is pretty much always healthy and still productive is more valuable to me than Ward especially since there's no veteran WR to replace him. Moore isn't as good a tackler but he's young and can improve plus under a cheap contract. Also, don't forget, at #31, if I couldn't trade out of the first round for 2021 picks, I could/would have drafted McKinney so safety wouldn't be an issue either way. I simply wouldn't have picked Ward over Buckner or Sanders. That's all. I know Thomas is basically worthless and correct me if im wrong but compensation picks are based on what players you lose and what players you sign in FA. I wouldn't be signing any FA's except our own so even if it's a late round comp pick, still better than nothing. Or at the very least, would have already traded him for a late round draft pick. Worse case scenario, he leaves as a UFA in 2021, he's off the books and we get nothing. Either way, im good with it. I missed Kittle because he was on the bottom of the list and I completely missed him. That's my mistake. Nevertheless, no biggie and easy fix. For 2021, taking away Ford, Staley and Ward, team has $80m in cap room. Kittle would be #1, Buckner #2, Tartt #3, Juszczyk #4, Jones #5. Overall, they have plenty of cap room. Will we lose a few backups and depth players? Sure but they can be replaced in the Draft. We don't have Williams or Kinlaw but we retain Buckner and I would have drafted an OT at 14 so Williams/Kinlaw wouldn't be on the team. Plus, Williams is going to demad a good amount of money so I don't see how paying a 32 year old OT is better than paying a 25 year old stud DT. I just don't see it. Tartt gets resigned. Brunskill would be extended. Blair coming off an ACL injury is probably out for 2020 so re-signing him for 2021/2022 would be cheap to do. The two backup QB's are worth what? A few million each at best. I would most likely trade C.J. this off-season and re-sign Mullens as the backup. would let Coleman leave as an UFA in 2021. I still have Mostert, Breida (would have kept him) and Wilson. I'm fine at RB. Would let Hyder leave as a UFA in 2021. Hasn't done much in years and will be 30 going into 2021 season. When saying Jet, im assuming you mean McKinnon right? If so, he would already be gone. I simply wouldn't choose a guy who hasn't played in 3 years, is older and quite honestly, Breida outperformed him in their first three seasons respectively. Why would I go with McKinnon? To save a few million? Nah. Give me the better player and keep my 3/4 headed monster at RB intact. I understand why we kept Coleman and that's not even my issue. I just don't see the value in keeping McKinnon over Breida. Maybe if Shanahan gave Breida more carries, he would be productive like he was. No player can be productive if he's not getting any carries. As for McKinnon, I simply believe that he's done. Maybe im right, maybe im wrong. Either way, I wouldn't take the gamble no matter how cheap he is. For Trent Williams, remember, I would have already drafted my Staley replacement under a cheap rookie contract for four years. I don't need Williams and I keep my 2021 3rd rounder. My OT would have been Ezra Cleveland. Probably more Cleveland over Jackson. Is he raw? Absolutely but can he be a quality LT for the next decade? Also, absolutely. Now, if you want to still trade 2021 3rd rounder for Williams and let Cleveland sit for a year, okay fine even though I wouldn't do that. If anything, I just put Brunskill at LT for a year. The trade deal for Williams isn't bad value but if he gets re-signed for $10m+ a season, im sorry I just don't agree with that. And if we let him leave in 2021, we're in the same spot. I would have traded down a few more spots and then drafted Cleveland to be honest as I think he'll be better than Jackson, Wirfs or the guy TEN drafted. Can't remember his name. Overall, if anything, im basically letting Ward go in favor of keeping Buckner. Sanders would have been one year deal, maybe two but most likely, a one year deal. Safety wise, I would have drafted McKinney at #31 if I couldn't somehow get a team to trade away their 2021 1st or their 2020 2nd and 3rd which in that scenario, I wouldn't have to keep Tartt in 2021 either. McKinney can play everywhere like Tartt and I still have Moore. Preference though would have been to trade out of #31 more for a 2021 first or even a 2022 first. Either way. I still have safeties, plenty of cap room, I get younger and I let the player who's injury prone let walk.
  6. In fairness to Sanders, it's not like Jimmy G put 300+ yards in both playoff games. Did he even hit 100 yards? Can't blame the WR for not having yards if the QB isn't passing. Plus, it was Jimmy G who overthrew him in the Super Bowl. It's not as if the ball was there and Sanders dropped it.
  7. Would have re-signed Armstead which we did. Ward's money goes to Sanders for one year, maybe two. Then in 2021, I would release/trade Ford which combined with Staley's retirement (or release if he didn't retire) would give the team plenty of cap room to keep Buckner. Wouldn't keep Solomon Thomas. Let his contract expire and leave to get a good comp pick the following year or franchise tag/trade him if I knew I had a deal in place. For 2021, according to Overthecap, the only player I would have to re-sign in addition to Buckner would be Tartt. Basically, I would let the older or just not productive players depart and keep my actual young core intact. I would always go with young talent and position priority. For example, Buckner or Ward? If you could keep one, who would it be? Would anyone really pick Ward? Ward will be 29 in July, is injury prone, has missed literally two seasons out of six and I have Moore going into his third year and to be honest, I would want to see what he can do as a starter. Give him a shot. Still have Tartt back there and a great front seven. Then there's Breida, I know he fell off in the last third of the season and playoffs but they didn't exactly give 10-12 carries a game. His touches were low. 23 carries in the last 7 games including being inactive for Super Bowl. Yeah, he had a horrible game against Seattle. Join the club. And he's traded in favor of a guy who hasn't played in three years and you could say that Breida had better stats in his first three seasons than McKinnon did but yet, who do we keep? Can't say it's a salary cap move because if it was, Coleman would be gone instead of Breida. Just makes no sense to me. Then the team trades a 2021 3rd round draft pick for a 32 year old OT who like Sanders is a UFA in a year from now and wants an extension. Brilliant freaking move. SMH. An OT was there at 13 and 14. But nah, let's trade a 2021 3rd rounder for what could be a one year veteran rental in which we gain nothing. You don't give up draft picks in the first three rounds for a player who could only be a one year rental, is 32 and who may want a good amount of money that quite honestly, when you think about could easily have been put towards Buckner in 2021. Seriously, if Williams leaves, gets injured or whatever, team is in the same exact situation in a year from now. Makes no sense to me. Not when you have TWO chances to draft a starting LT. Obviously, it doesn't matter, what's done is done. But what can I say besides I simply disagree with the decisions they made this off-season.
  8. Personally, I would have kept Buckner, Armstead, Blair, Garland and Bourne, re-signed Sanders, kept Breida, drafted an OT at 14 and then tried to trade out of #31 for a 2021 first round draft pick. If not, trade for a 2nd and 3rd or worse case scenario, I would have drafted McKinney since he was probably the best player on the board at #31.
  9. WTF? 49ers trade away Buckner, keep Thomas and then draft Kinlaw? I just don't get it. Can see nothing is going to go my way. Oh well.
  10. Mother ******!!!! Wasn't expecting that. Oh well.
  11. Probably not but you never know. Could be and I would love that. Trade their top 10 draft pick and our own and if needed, more to get to #1 to get Trevor Lawrence. I would be so happy!!!
  12. Don't know if anyone else saw it but Peter King had us trading #13 to NE for #23 and their 2021 1st rounder. At #23, we draft OT Andrew Thomas. Then, at #31, we trade again, this time with the Cowboys for their 2nd and 3rd rounders. Would be happy with all of this especially acquiring a 2021 first rounder which to be perfectly honest, would easily sacrifice both first rounders this year to gain two first rounders next year.
  13. True on both counts. Just seeing it thrown out there is disappointing because outside of Goodwin, none of those players should even be mentioned in rumors and whatnot.
  14. Just saw on twitter that Ford, Alexander, Tartt and Goodwin are all available via trade? Seriously, WTF is Lynch/Shanahan doing? Just like the last time, lose a Super Bowl and everyone implodes and becomes freaking stupid. SMH. Goodwin is understandable. Alexander and Tartt should be going nowhere. Ford 50/50. More in 2021 than no in my opinion. Still, overall, what is wrong with management? Just don't get it.
  15. 49ers 12-4 Seahawks 10-6 Cardinals 8-8 Rams 6-10
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