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  1. Oh, dear lord...it was a great idea and was fun in 1987 and 91, but please try to come up with something new.
  2. He was saying that the owners, GM and coaches should set the team up to tank for the rest of the season (and no one else needs to know!!!). That's a ridiculous notion.
  3. That could be...but, he still has certainly had sufficient time.
  4. I really don't have an expert opinion, since I haven't watched a whole lot of him...but, I'm always hesitant when someone makes the claim that someone is a "sure-fire" prospect. I've also read where he took a step back last year, which can be expected since defenses know who he is now. I've also read where his accuracy, while good from a percentage standpoint, can be inconsistent, especially on the deep ball. I also see a lot of divisive opinions on him, which I certainly never saw from Luck (but certainly did from Peyton and Eli). He certainly has tremendous upside, but I don't believe it's as clear cut that he'll succeed, especially on the Luck level. I've seen him compared to his predecessor at Clemson, Deshaun Watson. We'll have to see. But, I'd certainly be fine with the Vikings getting any single one of them. I like any of them better than I liked any of the QBs taken this year.
  5. Yes, it's comparison to the league average based on situation and opponent...Washington has been 52% better than the league average against the pass.
  6. Apparently, that's not entirely accurate, as according to NFL Next Gen Stats, Kirk Cousins has had the 3rd most time to throw in the entire NFL the first 2 weeks and according to FootballOutsiders, the adjusted line yards from the offensive line is #4 in the entire NFL. So, the O-Line is doing a competent job. Data Analytics seem to exemplify that, at least offensively, it's been Kirk that has been the problem.
  7. There are multiple debates that could be had...I personally think any of the top 3 could be considered "legit" franchise QBs. But it also depends upon what @whitehops meant by his use of the term "legit"...because I don't believe Lawrence is a guaranteed franchise QB the likes of the Luck, as has often been the comparison. I personally think he's overrated in that comparison. He might be good, but he also might be inconsistent. I actually think I like Fields and Lance's potentials better.
  8. To look on the bright side, the Titans' defense (22nd) isn't much better against the run than the Vikings (23rd) according to Football Outsiders. Just keep handing it off to Dalvin all game long.
  9. There's a debate to be had there.
  10. I'd like to think that, if COVID hadn't existed and there wasn't a completely virtual offseason, that would have been the case. However, I don't blame them for at least starting out with the veterans because of that...I suspect that will change here though in short order.
  11. Everson used to provide that edge...and I'm certain Stefon did. We can only hope that someone does get frustrated enough and provide it on this team.
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