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  1. Marinelli must be about 75 yrs old now...
  2. Agreed. Without Rodgers and Davante, they are a middle of the road team, even if they somehow find a way to bring back both of the Smiths on defense. This division will be wide open.
  3. It could be inferred from a biblical verse, but it's true that there is no proof that Abraham Lincoln ever said it. But, it's still a good quote, nonetheless...and very true.
  4. I still think Goff is just a short-term fix...I don't think much about the future of Love, as I think they'll figure out pretty quickly that he's a bust. And as far as Fields, their new HC will determine his future. He has lots of talent, but I'm still not sold on the Bears as the organization to help bring that out.
  5. That would be quite a coup if they could do that, but I'd have to imagine the Eagles would try real hard to retain her.
  6. Yes, it's fairly common. Unfortunately, we don't often know who their agents are, so it's hard to link them. I think Zimmer shared agents with some of the guys he hired in the past. As far as Hackett goes, he wasn't all that high on my list either, but that's probably more based on bias towards his dad, since I know little about him. I was never a fan of Paul Hackett. 🤣
  7. There will be multiple teams willing to trade for him based on him being a HoFer and would likely trade more than what was given for Stafford, who may be talented, but turns the ball over at a rate far higher than Rodgers ever has and makes far more bone-headed plays. Hell, teams have traded in the past for guys like Jay Cutler and Jeff George, who have been far more moody than Rodgers has been.
  8. I did have to turn down one offer because, based on the interviews and the process, it seemed very similar to the Bears. 🤣
  9. I'm amazed how well Joe Woods has done as a DC, because he was absolutely terrible as our DBs coach here in MN.
  10. And Glenn Cook may eventually be the next (who I'd think may get Kwesi's former job now).
  11. You can't beat a guy who weaves the term "tabula rasa" into a conversation.
  12. This is certainly going to be a change...and like others said, a breath of fresh air. Let's see where it goes!
  13. Congratulations to both of you! I'm still looking for a new one. I, like Ryan Poles, have been finalists for a couple of different ones, but haven't been the one picked yet. I'm looking for my own Chicago Bears to finally pick me.
  14. He certainly could have a strong preference, however, I would think it'd be in his best interest to at least do his due diligence and review them all, because you certainly don't want to screw up your first coaching hire if you can prevent it.
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