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  1. I agree that he's better than Smith, but they've certainly had similar experiences as it comes to offensive coordinator changes. Probably both of them, along with Jason Campbell, saw more offensive coordinator changes in their careers than any QBs I can ever recall in the time I've been watching football. However, that doesn't change my viewpoint in the event of an administration change. I think any new administration would be hesitant to extend Kirk sight-unseen. They may still decide to do it, but my money would still be on them letting the final year play out and then letting him
  2. Until I see more consistency from him, my assumption that it said more about the Lions' OL.
  3. I still believe it's dependent. If we were to have seen a Alex Smith-type situation, I believe it would have already happened with Cousins 3 yrs ago when they could have done it with Lamar Jackson. I don't view that occurring any longer. I think with Cousins under a new administration, they would let him walk after the 1 year...I don't think they'd extend him without seeing him in their system (although they certainly could) The difference with Alex Smith is that they traded for him with 2 yrs still left on his deal, so they got a full year out of him before they needed to even make a
  4. As has been mentioned, it will all come down to what happens with the administration...if they are all gone, that likely won't happen. If they remain in place, it's possible, especially with the youthful mistrust that Mond has already developed with this coaching staff. These 2 yr deals are really just year to year deals, which sort of correspond with coaching contracts...enough to appease the QB, but not long enough to hamstring the organization for any particular long length of time. Also, Kirk just turned 33, so this really is his prime, but his arm could fall off at any time, and he doe
  5. I haven't heard any reason why, but my guess is it all hinges on the health of McCaffrey. It's basically a pick 'em, especially when you consider all the factors...the health of the RBs and the performances of the QBs and the O-Lines.
  6. Week 6: Jonathan Taylor (Ind) Total: 341 yds Avg: 68.20 yds (+10.45 yds from last week) On Pace: 1,227.60 yds (+188.10 yds from last week)
  7. Having a rough go of it this year... Week 6: Cincinnati Bengals Total: 1,707 yds Avg: 341.40 yds (+4.65 yds from last week) On Pace: 6,145.20 yds (+83.70 from last week)
  8. Tampa Bay @ Philadelphia [2]Miami @ Jacksonville [9]Green Bay @ Chicago [3]Cincinnati @ Detroit [7]Houston @ Indianapolis [14]Los Angeles Rams @ New York Giants [12]Kansas City @ Washington [8]Minnesota @ Carolina [4]Los Angeles Chargers @ Baltimore [13]Arizona @ Cleveland [10]Las Vegas @ Denver [11]Dallas @ New England [1]Seattle @ Pittsburgh [6]Buffalo @ Tennessee [5]
  9. Week 6: Patrick Mahomes (KC) Total: 1,610 yds Avg: 322 yds (-1.75 yds from last week) On Pace: 5,796 yds (-31.50 yds from last week) In an odd twist, which may only interest me, in the odd weeks, I've gotten 314, 316 and 315 yds (so in Week 7 expect either 313 or 317), and in the even weeks the final 2 numbers of the yardage total contained a 7 and an 8...so I'm shooting for either 287 or 378...
  10. That would be fine, because it would be nice to actually have someone competent/good enough that we can have the opportunity to miss him. Haven't had that since Favre.
  11. Vikings-Panthers Packers-Bears Rams-Giants Bengals-Lions Cardinals-Browns
  12. Nope...it's going to continue to come back again and again and again and again, at least until they trade him or let him go. It's like a fungus I mentioned in the other post.
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