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  1. That's not just one day...that's in one day. I hope he's doing alright though.
  2. Only if you pay attention to it as closely as everyone here does.
  3. While I think the WRs will be tempting, I still think they will/should build up the defense even more. While the defense isn't bad, it isn't good either...it can become a good defense by picking the right defensive player here. You could add one of the top WRs here and it still probably isn't a good offense...and with the depth in the class there, they can get a good one in the 2nd. And FWIW @Ozzy Ragland's terrible. I'd be surprised if he's starting even if they don't take Parsons here. Ragland should be the guy coming off the bench, not the guy going to it when the backups come in.
  4. Well, he still has 26 other teams to try.
  5. Next up, the G-Men and new home of Rudy and Ifeadi! Each weekday morning around 8-9 AM Central I will put up a new poll and you will have until 8 AM Central the next day to vote. Here are the current results: 1. Jaguars - QB Trevor Lawrence (Clemson) - no poll 2. NY Jets - QB Zach Wilson (BYU) - 18 votes, 1 for Sewell 3. 49ers - QB Justin Fields (Ohio St) - 9 votes, 6 for Jones, 5 for Lance 4. Falcons - QB Trey Lance (NDSU) - 11 votes, 7 for Pitts, 5 for others 5. Bengals - OT Penei Sewell (Oregon) - 10 votes, 8 for Chase, 3 for Pitts 6. Dolphins -
  6. And he was a common mock pick for the Vikings a couple of years ago. Also would make sense because he was former linemates with the guy they had traded for (although he failed the physical) PJ Hall.
  7. He was employed by Washington, not Tampa Bay. 😉
  8. Sorry to hear that...that sucks...I know I'd probably be b***hing at them. My wife has complained to her employer in the past for not taking out enough state taxes so that we ended up having to pay out. Some will say that at least you didn't allow the Feds to collect the interest, but I don't like surprises like that. If I planned for it, that's one thing, but like most, I don't plan for it...and don't want to.
  9. It is kinda crazy, but that's what they do in college football...and apparently people like the spring scrimmage for whatever reason. To me, it's pointless because it's not the same even as a preseason game. I'd much prefer that they have a preseason game vs some other local low level school (kinda like they do in college basketball) than a scrimmage against themselves.
  10. Waving around scarves like you're some glorified real-life version of Quidditch fans isn't what I would call cultured. No more cultured than the hooligans...although hooligans add some entertainment value. LOL! Cultured is "pinkies up", not "scarves up". 🤣 (Disclaimer: I'm not really being serious in any of these comments...I may not be a soccer fan, but I hold no ill will towards those that are)
  11. All of us are uncultured swine, even Loons fans...if we were cultured, we'd be watching things like polo, chess, fencing and yachting.
  12. As long as that Planet Fitness is next to a chinese restaurant, then it should be okay...says Daunte Culpepper.
  13. Agreed. They already have that option under the current rules for the OTAs...the only thing mandatory is the minicamp. The veterans just think that they get demerits if they don't show up.
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