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  1. OTC projection of the comp picks are a 4th for Waynes and a 6th for Alexander... https://overthecap.com/projecting-the-2021-compensatory-picks/
  2. I don't think they are either, but the reality is that the Cowboys haven't won a Super Bowl without Jimmy Johnson or the players he drafted, so the reality is that what Jerry Jones has done hasn't worked either. The Vikings have been far more competitive and have gotten closer than Jerry has...and without the QBs that Jerry has had. Therefore, I think what the Vikings have done is better than what Jerry has. Neither are satisfied, nor should they be, but I'm far more optimistic that the Wilfs' direction is more likely to result in a title than what Jerry has done.
  3. Considering Dallas hasn't won many playoff games since their SBs, I don't know if that's the right mentality then.
  4. Yes, because that's completely untrue. Barr and Donald were in the same tier...most of us thought that Barr was going to be more of a 3-4 OLB though than what he is.
  5. Agreed. Stay as far away as possible from that job. Right now, that's an unstable organization.
  6. I think there was also an unintended pun... It always baffles me how NFL owners get Khanned by these types of moves.
  7. And considering how he played, there's no reason for them to do so. If he'd played more like that Falcons' game all season long, it would made for a more difficult decision, but there is no decision to be made.
  8. I know nothing about Mr. Holmes, but he's been with the Rams for 18 years, so he's a front office version of Stefanski, so I wish him well...just not when they play the Vikings.
  9. Love didn't fall to them...they traded up to get him. I personally thought they could have waited and got him at their original pick, but they wanted to ensure it.
  10. Is the International House of Pancakes or the Pannekoeken Huis?
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