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  1. Only if Nagy is fired before then...that's still nearly 3 mos away. Nagy should be playing for an OC job, since he's never been HC material...but he's even screwing that up.
  2. No, you're not imagining it. They eliminated it, since it was basically irrelevant as those players always played. Questionable means that it's a 50-50 chance he'll play.
  3. @SteelKing728Steve...Dalvin's listed as questionable, which means he'll probably play...but I suspect will be limited in his snaps.
  4. For whatever reason, I hadn't been able to get 506sports to load up for the past couple of days, but finally did now after completely shutting down. Seahawks - Vikings Bucs - Rams
  5. The last time I went to the Seahawks-Vikings game was in Seattle...and Shaun Alexander rumbled all over the Vikings on Sunday Night Football.
  6. We are awfully conservative, but I wouldn't call it waving the white flag. Waving the white flag is what Denny did in the NFC Title Game vs. the Falcons.
  7. Well, it was the only TD they scored all night.
  8. After reading the Athletic article about it, I'm even more dumbfounded at the move. It sounds like some long-term people in the office were just upset by Rosas not doing it the "Wolves Way" (in a nod to the Twins) and had their feelings hurt by the way he conducted things. I can understand the infidelity aspect to it maybe putting it over the top, but if they were firing him for performance reasons and not that (as the article suggested), I don't get it at all. Just back up the moving truck like Norm Greed and take the team somewhere else, because it's clearly a dysfunctional organization t
  9. In response to the press release, they are the biggest embarrassment to any city or fans and nothing to be proud of.
  10. Timberwovles forever! Not sure you were typing it in response to this or the KK news, but here for those that don't know, for whatever reason the Wolves fired POBO Rosas out of the blue.
  11. Carolina @ Houston [8]Washington @ Buffalo [5]Chicago @ Cleveland [13]Baltimore @ Detroit [11]Indianapolis @ Tennessee [10]Los Angeles Charger @ Kansas City [3]New Orleans @ New England [4]Atlanta @ New York Giants [1]Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh [12]Arizona @ Jacksonville [14]New York Jets @ Denver [16]Miami @ Las Vegas [15]Tampa Bay @ Los Angeles Rams [2]Seattle @ Minnesota [7]Green Bay @ San Francisco [6] Philadelphia @ Dallas [9]
  12. Week 3: Arizona Cardinals Total: 638 yds Avg: 319 yds (-130 yds from last week) On Pace: 5,423 yds (-2,210 from last week)
  13. Week 3: Pittsburgh Steelers, Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders
  14. Week 3: Christian McCaffrey (Car) Total: 94 yds Avg: 47 yds (+22 yds from last week) On Pace: 799 yds (+374 yds from last week)
  15. Week 3: Kyler Murray (AZ) Total: 592 yds Avg: 296 yds (-18 yds from last week) On Pace: 5,032 yds (-306 yds from last week)
  16. So then in 2 or 3 years he'll refuse to play again because he'll want a new deal? I don't follow it all that closely, but I understand he's been quite the difficult guy to negotiate with.
  17. Now you have to hope for them to not let down against the mighty Falcons of Bowling Green.
  18. That's probably why he wrote it...because no one would ever put that word in front of his name.
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