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  1. I'm tempted to say the same ... but it hasn't kept us from scoring
  2. Good: - The first game was not a "fluke" and if we had even a below-average defense we likely win this one. Playoffs are still possible but not going far Ugly: - How do you even begin fixing this defense? We make "good" signings only to bust (Kwit being the only major exception). Guys blowing/leaving their assignments. Ascending players have development just stall. Our record may end up being good enough to where keeping Guenther might be a possibility too. - Gruden keeps tripping me out on when he decides to trust players. I had no issue with the early FG but why trust a crappy defense to close out the game and not your best unit to score in the end-zone early on? The management of that final drive still infuriates me. You think Belichick lets Mahomes get the ball back with 5 mins left to close a game out?
  3. F that. We all knew Mahomes had no business getting the ball back. Should've played bullyball to close it out. Played that whole drive like we had 2 minutes instead of 5 No reason you trust this defense
  4. Told you they had to take their time in scoring
  5. Don't deserve to win if we don't score here
  6. No jinx! But if they score I wanted it done more slowly...
  7. Yep. Much rather this game be in the O's hands than the other way around
  8. May need them to keep from getting a delay of game or a challenge though
  9. Looking at this point like Carr and company will have to close it out
  10. Need another TD for sure and a lucky turnover or just plain time running out
  11. Had no issue with the FG earlier but now we're going to have to get to the end zone from now on
  12. Forget about the horrendous weather last week?
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