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  1. Idk what the numbers are but it feels like qb sneaks hardly ever fail compared to running an actual play
  2. Dunno that I would've gone for it there but it seems to be the expectation now
  3. 'the rookie Melifonwu' Huh, didn't know Obi had a brother
  4. Couldn't stand Goff in LA and loved seeing him be booty Here in Detroit .... yeah I'mma be a hypocrite but I'm wishing him well now
  5. Steelers literally erased an entire half of the running/passing dynamic. We're one of the few teams with the personnel to base an offense around quick throws and exploiting those match-ups, and did so with the benefit of them not having TJ/Tyson and a few others in there. Of course we were handicapped with our offensive line, too. But PIT is still a great defense and even with those guys out I think they clean any issues up with a week of practice. I'd count NE too. Offense isn't explosive which will could bury them though
  6. Lamarr stunted. Love you king
  7. Really thought that first Seattle crowd in over 600 days would be the difference. And it was until the Seachickens decided to gag There's always next year .....
  8. Damn I'm only going to make it to week 2 on Survivor Way to choke, Seattle
  9. The gusto with which the ref delivered that call is very sus Legit penalty but still
  10. Screw it, chuck it to Lockett 60/40 chance it works
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