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  1. I definitely could see Epenesa being the Detroit pick. However, I could also see 4 of the next 6 being the pick, as well. I see Epenesa as being very like Trey Flowers which isn't a bad thing. But they may have other ideas about what kind of players they need as an edge rusher. Of primary concern this coming of season will be to add a solid OG and replace Rick Wagner, who will be earning big bucks next year, and his play hasn't been worth that cost. Current LT Tyler Decker could perhaps slide over to RT, though that is easier said than done. I personally think Wirfs would be the higher ra
  2. Let's be clear, though. CB is still a definite a possibility because Rashaan Melvin isn't the future at boundary CB and counting on anyone else on the roster to be that is more wishful thinking than logical. Coleman is better in the slot than the boundary. Slay is our#1 CB, but he's 29 years old. So, we are going to have to think about the future of our secondary at some point. On the other hand, I'm 85-90% sure Wagner at RT is gone after this year. Decker could slide over to RT if there's a franchise LT available. And OG is a higher priority than RB for sure. Nonetheless, the d-line
  3. DT with Damon Harrison, Hand and A'Shawn Robinson already ensconced, means that taking DT Ed Oliver would be using a premier draft spot to pick up a rotational player (who may or may not have some attitude issues), which doesn't make sense. Nor has Quinn shown that the BPA factors into his drafting philosophy. In the 1st round, albeit that most of his picks have been mid round in those drafts, he has been very much in the Draft for Need camp. Along those lines I would be looking for starters at EDGE, LB (inside weak or middle), CB, TE & possibly WR & SS. In fact they could use multiple
  4. DT Rashan Gary has not really put it together yet. There's lots of potential there, but he's pretty rough on technique. It's possible, I suppose that he progresses into a top 10 pick, because there's a ways to go before the draft. But at this point I'm not seeing it. Imo, you have Gary too high and C. Wilkins too low. Additionally, they're pretty happy with Da'Shawn Hand who they got in the 4th (or 5th?) round last year...who Rashan is similar to, from what I've seen. For Matt Patricia the LB seems to be a bigger key for making an impact on his defense, particularly a MLB who can tackle
  5. Davenport doesn't seem like a Bob Quinn pick. He likes his athletes to fit certain criteria, yes. However, he likes high floor, medium ceiling guys over high ceiling, low floor guys.
  6. Your missing Hubbard in your mock. Not that I love him but he has a high floor, medium ceiling.
  7. Love it. On a side note, I can read your draft from half way across the room...so kudos for creating a draft for the sight impaired. ?
  8. If Arizona uses Edmunds at center, he's going to get crushed ?
  9. I see your perspective, but I don't think the Lions would trade out of 20 if there is a pass rusher worth the pick available. The lack of a pass rush (okay, inability to stop the run and cover TEs had something to do with it too) got a coaching staff fired. I have Da'Ron Payne ranked higher than Bryan, but I could see Bryan in a trade down situation. I just don't think a trade down in the 1st round is going to happen. So, just flip them back up to 20 and keep Davenport as the pick that you already have there, and we're all good. Easy peasy.
  10. Do you really think any of these TEs is as good as Gronk? I dont. Not even close to last year's group, even. Nonetheless, Matt Patricia is going to have a lot of input on defense, but is giving JBC a lot more say over the offense. Matty P. is the HC. And as much as he and Bob Quinn are in lockstep, Bob Q. is the GM and makes the calls on personnel. Coaches look short term. GMs look long term. Bob Q has been focused on completing the o-line for the offense for over 2 years now, committed to building the team through the draft, rather than free agency. I don't see him giving up on that foc
  11. I think it makes the most sense for the Lions to go after the Edge-Rusher in round 1, but if Landry or Davenport aren't available, they could go o-line, DT or bpa. But EDGE is the most likely, if there is one good enough to be in the 1st round. 85% sure. Now whether that's a 3-4 OLB or a 4-3 DE, your guess is as good as mine. 100% sure it's not a QB or WR. 99% sure it's not TE. 95% sure it's not a RB. 90% sure it's not a S. 80% sure it's not an ILB. After that...it all depends on the players available. Good luck, man!
  12. The Lions have been doing a lot of homework on mid-later round TEs. So, I'm not going to say it's impossible that they take a TE during this draft. But I'm saying it's improbable that they take one in the first couple rounds. Bob Quinn has shown in the past he'll sell out in order to improve the o-line. Before he takes luxury positions like TE, WR, or even RB he wants to get the o-line right. Roberts was a rookie TE and wasn't really asked to do much (behind Ebron & Fells). So, using his "career" stats seems a bit disingenuous. Nor should we expect Roberts to ever be a fantasy TE who
  13. Bob Quinn has a minimal history with the Lions of drafting for need in the first few rounds. That may change this year, to a certain degree, based on the way they have approached free agency. They went for mid-level free agents that are for the most part on 1 year contacts. So, while there are primary needs that could use an influx of talent, they have enough current talent to function without having to reach for a position. I expect them to continue to place priority on the lines, but if an extraordinary talent falls to them, they wouldn't have to pass it up to fill a starting position.
  14. 4 things: 1. It is illogical having Cleveland trade out of #4, because they have "so many needs to fill" and then trade up from #22 to leapfrog Detroit, for a RB...which is a pretty deep position. 2. I'm not saying Detroit absolutely wouldn't take Guice, because they do like him the best of all the RBs, but it would have to be a perfect storm of no edge rushers or DTs worth their pick at 20. In fact, OG/C would also take precedence over a RB, imo. 3. TE? Really! You've got to be yanking our chains, now. 4. Lorenzo Carter, as close as Detroit and Chicago are, cannot play for
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