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  1. Guys I’m a loong suffering Vikings fan.. yeah great today was our day.. but in my my opinion this thread should go on forever. If people don’t like like it **** em!
  2. Minnesotans didn’t have a problem with your team beating us.. they beat us fairly and deserved their championship.. we did however have a problem with watching our fellow Minnesotans get full cans of beer thrown at them. That would never happen here and that is why I live here
  3. Yeah I like it here.. everyone is nice to each other.. don’t tell anyone
  4. Nah we’re good up in south Canada... we don’t expect much from our sports teams mostly because they never let us down in failure. All said today was still a good day! Believe it or not most of us Vikings fans wanted the eagles to win a super bowl for no other reason than we always cheer for the underdogs because we’re always the underdogs
  5. My salt tasted great in my Bloody Mary today😉
  6. Jalen Ramsey requests trade

    Hey guys vikes fan here.. the jalen trade talk is all over up here right now. Normally I wouldn’t think much of it but realize Zimmer is obsessed with corners. What do you think it would take to make this trade happen? Would you have interest in trae waynes?
  7. Bart Starr passes away at age 85

    Hey guys lifelong Vikings fan here.. just wanted to share a story about Mr. Starr. I’m currently in the middle of interviewing/shadowing for a sales job. Ironically I spent this past week in South Dakota with a 60 year old lifelong packers fan who has been to multiple Super Bowls and met Bart on more than one occasion. We had a lot of time to talk football and in between him ribbing me for being a Vikings fan he told me a story about the time he was walking into the Super Bowl just behind Bart and his wife and there was a guy with his young son with a sign that read “need tickets can only afford face value “ we’ll mr. Starr reaches into his pocket and gave the man 2 tickets for free.. from a Vikings fan RIP Bart your kindness and class will be sorely missed!
  8. GDT - NFCCG Rams (13-3) @ Saints (13-3): Get loud.

    Well I can vividly remember watching that game and thinking to myself that the way they were getting after favre felt different than any game I had ever seen.. I remember thinking that it seemed like they were trying to take him out.. I think if it had been any other quarterback they would have succeeded.. they couldn’t kill favre but damn they got close. That high low hit that wasn’t called greatly hampered him the rest of the game and more than likely made him decide not to run on the fateful interception to porter. Then to find out a couple years later that there was a bounty on favre I think would piss off any fan base and make them feel even more cheated.. just a Vikings fans observation for what it’s worth
  9. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    So I’m a Vikings fan and a very odd thing has happened.. some saints fans are finally admitting how bad it sucks when this happens to your team. It’s the first time in 9 years I’ve heard anyone admit that they had some very favorable calls go their way which undoubtedly played a role in the saints winning their first super bowl. Vikings fans have HATED the saints ever since but I gotta tell ya that today that hate is finally beginning to recede.. so thanks I think?
  10. GDT - NFCCG Rams (13-3) @ Saints (13-3): Get loud.

  11. GDT - NFCCG Rams (13-3) @ Saints (13-3): Get loud.

    Wow you are literally the first saints fan I’ve heard admit that ever.. while I’ll agree that any one call doesn’t decide the outcome of the game it sure feels like it doesn’t it? Two other blown calls in that game were the phantom pi on leber and the “catch” I believe by Henderson. Both of which were on the overtime drive that setup the game winning field goal. What saints fans feel right now is what we’ve felt for nine years and sadly have not gotten over. It might be different if we’d won one before or since then but that may have been our best chance.
  12. GDT - NFCCG Rams (13-3) @ Saints (13-3): Get loud.

    It sucks when the refs eff you out of a super bowl.. us Vikings fans can totally relate. At least you have 2009 to hang your hat on boys we’re still waiting
  13. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    Congratulations boys! Now go win the whole thing!
  14. 2019 Playoffs

    The hate is strong in this one !
  15. Divisional Round GDT Saints vs Eagles

    Sorry guys I was pulling for you today. I’m a vikes fan and take my advice about quarterbacks with a grain of salt but youya better team with foles