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  1. The problem with rooting for the packers is if they do win their fans will be even more arrogant than they already are. I guess that comes with 30 straight years of hall of fame quarterbacking. We all saw how great they were when Rodgers broke his collarbone. It’s time for their fans to show a little humility and realize how extremely difficult it is to find a generational talent at quarterback like almost all of the league already knows.
  2. Hi guys just wanted to say that this Vikings fan is extremely impressed with Mooney. He reminds a little of Stefon Diggs. He gets open has great hands and refuses to go down plus didn’t you draft him in the fifth round too? What a find for you guys. Just hope he’s not the diva that Diggs is
  3. Oh so we’ve had to abandon the run then that makes more sense
  4. Hi guys I wasn’t able to watch this game until right now. Why no Dalvin for so long is he hurt?
  5. No we’re not.. that’s typical of all Minnesota sports. Never horrible but never great just vanilla
  6. Holy Effin 💩 we got a win in Chicago.. these are strange times indeed my friends
  7. Sorry boys forgot to put the 😉. Tryin to keep it light my bad
  8. Oh I know.. we’re not allowed to have nice things only people from titletown
  9. If you boys could play a little defense this year would be yours to lose.. tell em to man up
  10. I have that sinking feeling I always get when we go to soldier field. I can barely bring myself to watch
  11. Although now that we’re running Dalvin is legit.. think of the talent we had on offense with Diggs Cook and Thielen we should’ve had more wins
  12. GD we miss Diggs in Minny! That’s tough man I’m glad for Buffalo but that’s my guy
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