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  1. Holy Effin 💩 we got a win in Chicago.. these are strange times indeed my friends
  2. Sorry boys forgot to put the 😉. Tryin to keep it light my bad
  3. Oh I know.. we’re not allowed to have nice things only people from titletown
  4. If you boys could play a little defense this year would be yours to lose.. tell em to man up
  5. I have that sinking feeling I always get when we go to soldier field. I can barely bring myself to watch
  6. Although now that we’re running Dalvin is legit.. think of the talent we had on offense with Diggs Cook and Thielen we should’ve had more wins
  7. GD we miss Diggs in Minny! That’s tough man I’m glad for Buffalo but that’s my guy
  8. I guess I’m just surprised.. this isn’t supposed to happen
  9. If you guys are the class of the NFC North then we’re weaker than I thought
  10. You do realize that the packers took King over him. Don’t get me wrong King is a nice player but Cook on that offense would be absolutely criminal
  11. Well boys I hope today you learned a little humility. Lord knows as a Vikings fan I learned that early. Having said that you’ll be fine, relax. You have a hall of fame quarterback who is motivated to finish off his career with another championship. No matter what happens you’ve all seen a championship in your lifetime don’t take that lightly.
  12. If we could somehow combine our two teams I don’t think we’d lose a game.
  13. You are exactly right.. having said that today was my favorite game of this dumpster fire of a 2020
  14. The sad part is even if we win you guys actually win. We actually need a legit franchise quarterback and we will most likely win 5-6 games and miss out again.. rinse and repeat every year of my life. 🍻
  15. Well boys in my 44 years on this planet I’ve never cared less about a Vikings game.. I’m sure with everything going on and all of the uncertainty that plays into it but I think I’m just tired of being the smiling idiot as the ship goes down. This team has proven to me my entire life that no one competent is at the helm. I am actually REALLY pulling for an entire tear down with anyone of any value except for the kids like Jefferson to be traded. Unfortunately as we all know if there are 3 game changing players available in this draft we will most definitely pick 4th. Sorry fellas I’m just tired of the same thing over and over
  16. There’s been talk in Minnesota of Stefanski wanting Thielen to replace OBJ. As much as I’d hate to see him leave we might as well tear it down and start over. What do you guys think? You’d love Thielen he’s a gamer
  17. Well god must’ve fallen asleep.. his beloved packers are getting worked like the Vikings usually do. Welcome to suckville if only for a week
  18. RIP Sid! It’s a sad day in Minnesota sports.. I knew it was coming but as a 44 year old man I’ve literally read his column my entire life. You will be missed kind sir.
  19. Yeah I saw that after I posted.. either way good game it’s nice to feel a little normalcy for a change. It’s funny but this year even though I still care about the win loss record there just seems to be more important things going on. Stay safe you cheeseheads I look forward to this back and forth for many years to come 🍻
  20. Well for starters Joseph Griffen Waynes Rhodes Alexander are all gone. Granted some of that is addition by subtraction but our young corners predictably got taken to school today. I expect they will learn from this and I actually thought they battled hard against a future hall of famer
  21. Congratulations guys.. it’s pretty obvious there will be some growing pains with this new defense. Having said that I thought our offense was better than I expected. Rodgers is still a Jedi and as long as you have him you’re in every game
  22. Everyone is grading your draft as the worst and ours one of the best.. no one knows anything it’s all speculation. This could be the best draft in the history of your team and the worst of ours, we will see
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