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  1. It kind of is though considering Howie was confident enough in his character and him as a player to sell the farm to draft him #2 in the first place. Clearly, he wasn't the player or person they thought he was. That or Howie created an untenable situation with the coaching staff that he also led the hiring for. Either way it is a situation that falls on the shoulders of the GM, and to me, Howie's career should've been tethered to Wentz's. It's great and all that he's doing what he can to try to salvage and maximize the situation after the fact, but he's the one that got us into it in the
  2. Yeah and just seemed like the Bucs got content running the ball and clock out when they could’ve moved it at will through the air. Felt like they could’ve stepped on our throat on a moments notice, but I guess our defense deserves some credit for battling. Our offense is an embarrassment for a team that has like 8 first and 2nd round skill guys.
  3. Doesn’t feel very indicative of how the game actually went.
  4. That’s what I get for betting against the Eagles. A genuinely deplorable game that also loses me money.
  5. Epppppps play the ball dude. Should’ve been able to break that up. That’s game.
  6. Singleton reminds me of the human cape. I can’t even think of what his actual name was. Considine?
  7. Big brain Sirriani setting up the run with the non stop pass.
  8. Reminds me of Jason Babin, only he’s not even good at rushing the passer every play.
  9. Honestly, the defense isn’t good, but they’ve done more than enough to give us a shot if our offense was the least bit competent.
  10. Guy was literally playing patty cake on that last run play.
  11. Side note, how does Derek Barnett still have a roster spot let alone a starting job?
  12. Sounds about right. Not sure what a field goal accomplished anyway.
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