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  1. There are plenty of QBs that could win "in the right environment" (read: playing with an elite team). Case Keenum is basically a prime example of that until he ran into the buzz saw that was the 2017 Eagles and I agree, he's not good. And you know who else would fit that lazy narrative? Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Joe Flacco, etc. Kirk Cousins is already drastically better than every single one of those guys. You make it sound like replicating the environment is easy to do, which is comical. Especially when you have to trade half your draft for a generally average QB like Nick Foles and then pay him $20MM+.
  2. Right, and as a team you have to give up picks + sign him to an extremely lucrative deal. It is obvious why the market isn't swooning over him. Unless you're absolutely confident that Foles can be starter for the next 4-5 years, you are probably better off just waiting until this season is over and then you can sign him as a FA.
  3. He could just as easily sign a big deal and be woefully inconsistent as he has been most of his career.
  4. I understand, I'm just saying why I doubt a team like Arizona would be interested even if they lost Bradford/Glennon. It was basically the perfect storm for the Eagles to be able to trade Bradford and get the value that they did. With Foles, unless you think he's a future longterm franchise QB for your team (which if you believe the trade winds, few seem to think) it doesn't really make sense to trade for him unless you have an elite team and your starting QB goes down. Unfortunately, that's not very common.
  5. I don't think so.The Vikings were in a precarious position, in large part because they had a roster that was capable of competing for a deep playoff run. Arizona is in shambles and unless they think Nick is the answer long term, which based on the fact they didn't have any interest in trading for him, tells me that is likely not the case. You don't trade for one year of Nick Foles, unless you have an elite team and your starting QB goes down. If you think he's the future, you would've already put a deal on the table for him.
  6. Yep. My thoughts exactly. Tells you a lot about the caliber of person that we traded for.
  7. How could the Seahawks have known? It is only an incident that occurred at the biggest NFL stage, in an NFL stadium, to an NFL vendor, by an NFL player.
  8. Not to mention, how the hell did it get to this point? He's a multi-millionaire, say an apology and sprinkle some cash on it and get this resolved without going to court.
  9. I'm not a huge fan of his to begin with. But it is also absurd that it has even gotten to this point. You messed up, just apologize and pay her off or something. Not worth the bad press.
  10. NRG likely outsources security to another company, who employed her. And as @Phire said, you can't discriminate. Not a good look either way.
  11. Even successful speed rushers need to use their hands. If you can rip the tackle down when you're coming around, it makes it that much easier. He can only do that with one hand which is a massive disadvantage.
  12. That's rough. I was actually thinking about going, a couple of our friends went and they got 5th row tix for like $40 bucks a pop. They were selling for pretty cheap on the secondary market because no one wanted to brave it.
  13. Gotta hand it to everyone in this thread for all the puns.
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