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  1. I like the pick. Makes us better this year or should anyway rather then a future pick. Agree we should look at S, CB, OT now.
  2. Panthers Draft '18

    Id be happy with: CB: Jackson, Alexander G - Hernandez or Wynn DE - Davenport or Landry WR - Ridley - i know he isnt a favorite. I think if McGlinchey was there at OT I would be happy with him.
  3. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    Yeah I like this. Our receivers are definitely better then last year. Im so so on Torrey Smith, but going off the contracts been given out, hes cheap and Worley was poor.
  4. All 7 Rounds - 1 Trade

    Hurst has health issues apparently (Heart).
  5. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    Better, younger, cheaper.
  6. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    We have reportedly signed Bashaud Breeland was 54th ranked CB by PFF with a score of 79 - ranked Average.
  7. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    What would happen to the comp picks if we were to sign Eric Reid or Vacarro? Does it depend on the contract they sign?
  8. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    Did the team say something?
  9. 7DnBrnc53’s First 2018 Mock Draft

    Think the panthers take Ridley in this scenario. But a CB is a good shout also.
  10. Exactly. Lets hope he learned from his mistakes of the past and Gettlemens errors too and he could be better then ever. Fingers crossed anyway.
  11. Offseason Prediction

    Incredible we let Ginn go and spend this kind of money on these Cabbages. Would be great if Kalil came back on the cheap. This is a good overview. Agree we need to sign Norwell and our own free agents you say above. I am not a Pryor fan and I think Allen Robinson will get big money. I do think Paul Richardson would be a great addition and Eric Reid/Burnett would be awesome. What about Marquis Lee or Moncrief? Both fast guys.
  12. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    Big time. We gave away Benjamin for the same and the Bills are definitely on the wrong side of that trade.
  13. Playoffs/Offseason Thread

    Yeah agreed. WR, S, RB, OT. Would love to get Harrison from Alabama then Nick Chubb (trade up?). Sign a free agent WR. Norwell is the big if, unless Moton can step in there. Thought the coaching was good last night, but Its so inconsistent.
  14. I agree, he should have been sent off at the time. They have to outlaw these hits.
  15. Week 14: VIKINGS (10-2) at Panthers (8-4)

    Panthers fan here. I've watched a lot of your games this year and i'm a big Mike Zimmer fan, also one of my close mates is a packers fan so I cheer for the Vikings often! Ultimately I think if you stop Cam running, then you will win the game. Our Defense is very good, as is yours. Our O line is ok but Kalil is such a liability and was owned by Cameron Jordan on Sunday, Griffin is a beast so thats a huge advantage. Our receivers are poor too, and your corners and safeties are very very good. So I am not confident of a win to be honest. I think we need Olsen back so badly and maybe that can make a difference to have a reliable 3rd down option especially if you stop Newton taking off. Funchess is a good no. 2 receiver but the others are poor and our run game is very bad. The Jets did a good job on pressure and New Orleans cut Cam off for the most part. I think we made huge mistakes against the Saints, they were better anyway, but without those we would have at least been in the game. Our D will need to shutdown the run game and we have to try limit Theilen, who is soooo good. Hopefully its a good game but id imagine its low scoring. Right now we are +2.5 on betfair which sounds right. Hope for no injuries and glad Romo is calling the game.