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  1. Dallas Cowboys at the NY midgets..MNF 815

    That 4-0 in the division is such a boost over Philly. Key will be to wrap this **** up before we go back there and give us two meaningless games in Week 16/17 to warm up on. May not bode well come playoff time sustaining momentum and all but worst comes to worst we are hosting Cousins or Wilson WC weekend. Interest to note that the next tie breaker after division record, common games. We both lost our NFC south games early on. The next uncommon is Philli vs Seattle and Dallas vs LA. These games won't mean as much unless we find ourselves jockeying for a WC spot, but will be huge nonetheless in terms of wider playoff implications.
  2. Are the 49ers the leagues best team?

    Thinking about taking 49ers for my first risk free fan duel bet. -6.5 hosting Seattle.
  3. Dallas Cowboys at the NY midgets..MNF 815

    I don’t think you can get rid of Garret unless you do a full rebuild. Maybe franchise Dak if there is no deal and go back in for a make or break year next year. Giants and Skins still not close, Eagles getting older. The NFC is stacked this year. Unlikely you will win in Lambeau or Super Dome to get to an NFC CG. Losing the division is embarrassing but Philli turned it around. If you lose the Week16 game assuming we are still in it it’s not the worst season. Can’t get blown out 44-6 though.
  4. Week 9 GDT

    Stafford playing for his wife this year... beast. Hope they sneak into the playoffs.
  5. Week 9 GDT

    If the Chargers are decent hey should win the division. Beat the Raiders and Chiefs twice and they’re in. Chiefs have a tougher schedule.
  6. Dallas Cowboys at the NY midgets..MNF 815

    Bad feeling about this one. Defense lays a dud and the horrible Giants defense force early turnovers. Eagles going to catch us by weekly 16. Easier schedule with the Vikings and Bears and Bills out of the way. We fudged...
  7. Week 9 GDT

    Philly blowing it. Dallas can put some distance going 4-0 in the division and a two game lead.
  8. We lose yet? Week 8 GDT: Eagles vs Bills

    Line moved to Bills almost 3 points in the last couple day. Weather?
  9. Where will Jim Harbaugh coach?

    I thought about Carolina but Cam is done. He had a window and it's over. Too many injuries on his body. And Carolina will probably win a few games and draft a lot later than a Miami or Washington. Denver probably not a fit because of the egos with Elway.
  10. Where will Jim Harbaugh coach?

    I think the Michigan run is over after yesterday and he's as good as done barring running the table and beating OSU Wisconsin again. Thoughts?
  11. NFL Draft Day Two GDT

    All three top QBs from 2018 draft are in the same division now...
  12. What is Rosen worth and to who?

    Keep him at this point. No point trading him for pennies. Make him push Murray or keep as insurance. You can’t get fair value at this point.
  13. GDT [Divisional Round]: Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams

    After decades of being NFC Championship game staples in the early 80s and 90’s, we can’t sniff that round since 96’. Things work in cycles I guess.
  14. Rams vs Cowboys: Divisional Round

    Really sleeping now, just wow Garrett, NFC Divisional curse.
  15. Rams vs Cowboys: Divisional Round

    Going to sleep, gonna root for the other LA team here on out. Well deserved Cowboy haters, you can breathe easy for another year.