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  1. Daniel Jones is next if he has another losing season (not likely in that horrible division but still).
  2. How did that work out? I thought it was always two weeks behind Daytona? Is Daytona going to Saturday?
  3. I’m a Cowboy fan... and don’t understand the flack Roseman gets around Philli. He pulled off a great out of the box deal for nothing. They are throwing next year away but so what? Giants and Skins are better clubs going into next year. They only problem is if Jaylon gets injured or cannot be properly evaluated. In that case, trade up for the QB and call it a day. Not sure who’s coming out of next year’s draft though.
  4. Regional games wouldn’t really suit an international audience. Why have Jets Giants in London? Makes no sense. If they keep a home and home beyond 2022 for extra NFC AFC game then that format would be suitable. Otherwise I think they will match an opponent based on previous year standings overseas in 2023.
  5. Anyone curious as to when these extra MNF games will take place? Week 1 I’d imagine. Would they want to overlap with MLB twice with a late afternoon and primetime game in October? Most likely will be flex games prior to Bowl season and post Thanksgiving.
  6. Why was Monday night playoffs even brought up? Is a Saturday noon game really that bad? Plus the winner of that game would always be at a disadvantage with one less day of rest. Why the **** were the big wigs even thinking about this scenario?
  7. Per ESPN home page: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31088098/nfl-announces-tv-deals-espn-abc-nbc-cbs-fox-amazon ESPN's package adds six games to the network during the season. There will be three Monday night doubleheaders -- with games on ESPN, followed by a game on ABC. There will also be a Saturday doubleheader during the season's final weekend and one Sunday morning game streaming nationally on ESPN+. All 23 games accounted for... I thought it would make sense to include some West Coast games in the late evening with Rams in LA and fielding a SB contending team as of late.
  8. You read this where? This is pretty huge. We are talking about at least 2 exclusive MNF on ABC slots mid season, possibly flexed if airing week 12 on... (not counting at least two projected Saturday games late in the year)? Will ABC get the season opener every year by default? They are paying the most out of all the networks after all. Most importantly, if your premise is indeed fact, the broadcast crew must not comprise of any of the ESPN regulars, if nothing more than for branding purposes. So what broadcast team would be calling these "ABC exclusive event" type of games?
  9. I may answer some on my own question: https://espnpressroom.com/us/press-releases/2021/03/the-walt-disney-company-espn-and-national-football-league-reach-landmark-long-term-agreement/ 23 games are REGULAR season only... 18 MNF games (week 1 double header sans week 18?). ESPN+ subscribers get a game... so that's 19 total. We are still 4 games short. How many of those will be Saturday or some other night?
  10. Can someone explain the 23 games on ABC deal? The games won't be double headers but will air simultaneously? So ESPN is going to run a 7:00 pm ET game while ABC does an 8:30 or 9:00 pm on the same night? That makes ZERO sense, unless I'm misunderstanding it. How many Saturday games make up that 23? Two playoff games + 17 MNF games and four Saturday games perhaps? That would give you 23... Or MNF double header week 1 with three Saturday games gives you 23 (unless SB years are included in that 23).
  11. I like the oddity of an every 4 year matchup. Now that appears to be going away. More of it is probably for TV balance but that is less of an issue now that CBS gets a handful of NFC games and vice versa for Fox. Hopefully 17 is a temporary experiment. More likely, they want 19 weeks to muscle Daytona 500 out of President’s Day weekend. I don’t see why you can’t hold that on Saturday.
  12. You never go all in until you at least get to a conference championship or a SB. Makes no sense. We win a division and get bounced, we get saddled with a 1st place schedule (soon to be 3 teams instead of two). You also never expected this defense to go steel curtain overnight in any year in recent memory. The Bucs went all in with Brady I get it but that is a very unique circumstance that rarely happens. Usually it’s teams like the Eagles and Chiefs that try to hold on to veterans to get another one. Did the Pats go all in any one of those last three SB championships? The Rams? That to me is a
  13. I agree. I feel this 17th game is just a stepping stone to grow the international brand a few more years before they have to revert to a saner even number schedule. They are testing to see if they can grow the overseas brand and will ultimately fail. I do think we may stay at 17 for a while if this is the case though, because the viewership has been declining and will continue to do so until they pick up the flags and improve pace. The NFL is where MLB was 15-20 years ago with the Yankee dynasty and the Brady/Jeter era and it will be a slow and steady decline in the US and overseas until they
  14. Urban Meyer isn’t the answer. More like a Coughlin guy before they have to get in the guy who really takes them over the hump.
  15. It’s over.... it’s another Kirk Cousins situation. Yes, Dak is better, but he’s more injury prone with that read option style he likes to mix in. How is he going to win with older, aging offensive core and a defense that never gets better year after year? Miami would be foolish not to sign him if the Watson deal falls through.
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