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  1. Wow... just wow. Didn't make more money professionally or commercially than his brother I suppose. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/05/14/giants-qb-eli-manning-on-trial-accused-of-conspiring-to-sell-bogus-game-used-helmets.html
  2. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Still kinda stunned Mayfield was able to beat out three bigger guys. He better be Russel Wilson, but that alone is impressive. And the Jets probably had him at three too. Maybe it's not as simple as drafting the best specimen anymore, and how you interview matters.
  3. Suggest NFL rule changes

    TNF has to go, but the money will probably make that a non starter. I won't be watching. Think we need expanded rosters and another bye for the players to heal, maybe push the SB back week or so. No need to expand the playoffs but maybe a 3rd wild card could be feasible with a double triple header Saturday and Sunday (seems like a bit overkill to me) Definitely need to address the concussions, otherwise form a new 7 on 7 flag football league after the players strike and can't reach a settlement and the owners lose most of their money.
  4. Suggest NFL rule changes

    What are the rule changes proposed that you advocate? What rules that haven't been discussed should change or be implemented? Share all ideas... personally: 1. Expanded roster with extra bye week 2. Ejection if targeting with helmet determined by replay (college format) 3. Ejection for two personal fouls or ejection for egregious foul (stricter enforcement)
  5. Can the Giants seriously pass on a QB at 2??!!

    I thought about the Browns taking two QBs but even with the cap, they won't get reps with Tyrod Taylor as your starter. Maybe use one as leverage for later in the draft, potentially landing a number one next year plus additional high picks this year, but I think the deal would already be made with the Bills/Broncos at that point for #4. Browns need O-line with Thomas retired as well.
  6. Can the Giants seriously pass on a QB at 2??!!

    O-line still needs a lot of work inside. Don't see the value with Barkley until you stockpile some picks on the line. Just take the QB, no questions asked. Red shirt or play him after the bye week if the season gets away from you.
  7. Playoffs

    Got to root for the Pats... ah well. At least we will get some Giselle shots.
  8. If the Vikings make the Super Bowl...

    Matt Bryant = Morten Anderson
  9. Raiders hire Jon Gruden as Head Coach

    Is Gruden still calling the game today or no?
  10. If Carolina vs Atlanta gets flexed to SNF

    NBC cancelled SNF for week 17, so it wasn't just me that had a concern about this. Glad to see someone still has a brain up there in the competition committee.
  11. If Carolina vs Atlanta gets flexed to SNF

    Well, **** it. Now Seattle in the position I thought we’d be in, but who cares?
  12. Assuming Dallas beats Seattle... NO vs TB wouldn’t be a simultaneous game and Carolina would know its fate before it steps on the field. Goodell and NBC producers will hose us. What other game can they take instead? If we win today they HAVE to take us and have Car and NO play simultaneously...
  13. Playoffs

    Marvin Lewis last home game. Need a Stafford dud, and maybe... Dalton and that team play some inspired football. Either way we will be in play for week 17 by beating Seattle. Atl vs NO gives them one loss (barring tie) and then you get NO@TB which is a big time game for the Bucs coach and QB. That will be their SB.
  14. Playoff Scenarios

    I think the Bengals will play well these two weeks, but Detroit is the trap game because it’s in Cinci. Ravens will beat them at home with playoff spot on the line barring 5 turnovers.
  15. Playoff Scenarios

    ...Bills have the strength of victory as they will have beaten the Pats and Chiefs if they win out. Then it comes down to Balt/Tenn H2H. A note on the Cowboys, they have some outs coming up here. Atlanta has two very tough games. Carolina hosting TB week 16 and NO@TB week 17 (divisional games) If Car or NO lose two, 10-6 Det followed by 10-6 Sea/Dallas is in with better conference record.