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  1. I don't think Herbert has the raw talent of Allen. Rebuild the defense and get a coordinator in there that can facilitate the offense.
  2. Brady played well in KC a couple years back. I think if they get the run game going they will take this, with maybe Suh doing his best Warren Sapp impression and TB getting big things from the defensive backers. Rogers needs the game to cement is legacy or he will be viewed as a rich man’s Farve, another choke artist in Championship games. Gonna be a tight match.
  3. Watson would be a terrible fit with the Jets. Miami makes sense. Tua and the number 1 and a number 2 or 3. I don’t think it will cost them two 1st rounders, but it would probably be a late pick anyway if Watson plays well all year. Carolina doesn’t have the fire power. They’d have to give up multiple 1sts and 2nds.
  4. Death matchup for GB. They will have to stop the run. Did a decent job against Akers. I think Brady will be fine in the cold. Another classic QB duel.
  5. Game finally woke me up... been dozing off on my lazy boy dropping my phone.
  6. Wow, didn’t realize FT is week to week. How did the Collective Bargaining not negotiate some insurance for the player?
  7. Watson for Bosa and Jimmy G and a 1st rounder should be enough. Honestly I don’t think SF would trade Bosa. Makes no sense when you can just trade for Stafford or Wentz or draft a guy. Maybe Synder goes all in again.... two 1sts and two 2nds with Heineke?
  8. Spagnola should get another look with the right OC. Maybe the Eagles if they pass on McDaniels.
  9. JPP flaunting the sparkling white teeth... got to schedule my dentist.
  10. That was a total riverboat. Henne bails out Reid on this one. You HAVE to punt it there.
  11. Went for the dagger there. Good he took the sack and didn’t turn it over. I like the call.
  12. Terrible decision to punt.... what the hell is Stefanski thinking there? Give up 3 it’s still 1 possession.
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