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  1. Taking a long road trip next weekend. Will check back in during Thanksgiving week.
  2. Worst NFL Sunday in 30 years…. Watched 5 min total.
  3. Get all the old memorabilia out of circulation perhaps?
  4. They were killing Saban for overworking him the Heisman year… and he’s been overworked ever since.
  5. Maybe, both Stafford and Rogers can deal. Murray scares me the more though but he doesn’t have the experience. You beat two of those caliber teams you deserve the Lombardi right there, let alone beating three to get to the SB. As it stands, Rams/Cards in that #5 hole means it is so dangerous to be the #4. Have to be a top three seed to have a realistic shot. Even so, Minnesota and possibly San Fran present enough challenges in the WC round. I think we will see the true advantage the #1 seed has in this new format.
  6. ??? Did they even play last year? Or back with some other teams MM may have coached as an assistant? Rogers owns Dallas. I think he lost one game against them his entire career early in the regular season. He’s the last team Dallas wants to see. If Dallas gets the bye (and someone can make a poll), they’d want: 1. Rams 2. Cardinals 3. TB 4. GB In that order. I mean a lot depends on who’s healthy, but at full strength that’s how I’d rack them up.
  7. Rogers should be the favorite. He’s never lost to Dallas in a big spot.
  8. Yeah… Cowboys getting the bye was a pipe dream. Will have to win two to get to NCF CCG.
  9. That drive to force OT is where the Pats lost the game. He had a timeout to ice Zurlein who was struggling. Why save it with 20 sec left on the ensuing? But he couldn’t adjust to the Kellen Moore offense. Just play after play of chunks. You have to win that game at 26-29.
  10. It’s phenomenal coaching… Zurlein would have been iced and hit foot would have chilled up.
  11. Great clock management by McCarthy to avoid the icing time out while his kicker was loose….
  12. Imagine that draft… 1. Baker 2. Saquon 3. Darnold only one worse was the Reggie Bush Vince Young Leinart draft.
  13. Belichek got socked in the nose Balboa style…
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