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  1. I agree with this, however... The bad thing about 6 teams each was that an 11-5 would be in the #2 and undeserving of a bye while hosting a 10-6 or an 11-5 Divisional week because of some fluke tie breaker. Even H2H tie breaker is not always fair because of how injuries play out over the year and where the game is played. 7 teams makes the the difference between 2-3 negligible. However, you can have two teams vying at 14 to 15 wins while the rest of the pack are around 9 or 10 wins. However, that would disincentivize resting players until the #1 seed is secured, although playing for home field advantage is an imperative in of itself. Here’s the bottom line. You finally come back down to Earth after a relaxing Holiday season. The weather outside sucks. There is nothing to look forward to as your New Year’s resolution has been the same for the past 15 years. But... you have an NFL TRIPLE header not one, but two days back to back, featuring two #2 seeds. That’s something NFL fans never experienced in history. That is a multi day event. Overkill??? Perhaps. But it’s something new. No other weekend, besides mostly ****ty Thanksgiving games, will be like that.
  2. It's not 5%, but even if it is, it's 50/50 that Dallas scores a TD pre-onside. Maybe 30%TD/60%FG/10% Turnover pre-onside. That's like 98% at worst. Under no circumstances should that be 99.9%. That is a HUGE difference statistically.
  3. Tracking error of 100% there. I'd put that at 94% or so at this point. You factor in a 15% chance of recovering an onside kick and Dallas scoring pre-onside kick, which was likely. To put that at 99.9% just shows these algocrunchers have no idea what their doing.
  4. Sorry, it was actually 99.9% after the change of possession 39-30 with over two minutes left and Dallas needing two scores. It should have been like 91-92%. You have a 10-15% chance of an onside recovery...
  5. After the 15 point lead mid 4th quarter.... I saw 99% for Falcons. Clearly these "number" guys haven't got a clue. How many times have we seen +90% flipped on its head. Imagine putting money on Dallas right there.
  6. It's a hard ball to handle, if you jump on it and it bounces out it's a live ball. But they are paid to collar those.
  7. Still a long season, just keep in mind New Orleans with fans probably in the 1 hole in the NFC, or maybe GB in the cold. LONG season....
  8. Washington Football Team gonna be in the #4 hole in January.... unbelievable.
  9. Prescott 354 4TD.... Cowboys lose 37-31. Only way it can go...
  10. You sign Thomas (pending physical) prior to cutting Dix. If it's not a done deal after today or tomorrow it was never going to happen. Maybe they already like what they have. I expect them to bring in another veteran. Honestly I'm not sure if these young LBs can really be leaders on this team, and Sean Lee is always injured. I would prefer a veteran like Thomas in the secondary assuming he has anything left. Carr is in his mid 30s and would be a placeholder. It doesn't speak to existing depth at the S position.
  11. Why would a rebuilding team at the top of the draft trade for Dak instead of taking younger QB with the high pick? And is there a veteran team a Prescott away from contending more so than Dallas? Dak gives Dallas the best chance to win right now given the available QBs. Unfortunately, the only solution is to let him walk if he posts another mediocre season. Or maybe he gets injured and we tank, but it is not ideal wasting the defensive and offensive talent we have right now. You finish 9-7 or 10-6, end up drafting 22-26, then go with Dalton in 2021. You open up some cap space by letting Dak walk. Trade Cooper/Zeke for a 2nd. Then you give up 21' and 22' 1sts and 2nds and Martin to get to the top of the draft. You still have a 2nd rounder to get some O-line depth... hopefully. You have to be realistic about the fire power needed to get to the top of the draft.
  12. Whatever happened to Stafford's wife? Did she recover?
  13. Obviously context counts... but if inventing what if scenarios is always fun. Winning MVP would obviously warrant the extension but that’s not realistic. Top 5 perhaps and then we can look at the wins. Here is the diciest scenario. He improves upon the 2016 rookie year as more of a pocket passer and outside the pocket passer as opposed to the read options. Puts up a 4000 yard 35 TD <10 Intcpts. Wins the division and a playoff game. We get throttled again in the divisional round to Seattle, SF, or LA? That’s a nightmare scenario for this front office.
  14. There is no trade value for him this year. He gets to an NFC Championship game, I think you sign him, because the draft pick will be bad. Otherwise, Cousins him and let him walk. We are not going to get high value in a trade knowing that the team he signs with has to shell out major doe, assuming he has a productive year but again comes short of the goal. In a normal year, you would trade him now and go with Dalton in all seriousness, and make a play for a QB next year. But nobody is going to trade for him in a year like this.
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