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  1. Playoffs

    Got to root for the Pats... ah well. At least we will get some Giselle shots.
  2. If the Vikings make the Super Bowl...

    Matt Bryant = Morten Anderson
  3. Raiders hire Jon Gruden as Head Coach

    Is Gruden still calling the game today or no?
  4. If Carolina vs Atlanta gets flexed to SNF

    NBC cancelled SNF for week 17, so it wasn't just me that had a concern about this. Glad to see someone still has a brain up there in the competition committee.
  5. If Carolina vs Atlanta gets flexed to SNF

    Well, **** it. Now Seattle in the position I thought we’d be in, but who cares?
  6. Assuming Dallas beats Seattle... NO vs TB wouldn’t be a simultaneous game and Carolina would know its fate before it steps on the field. Goodell and NBC producers will hose us. What other game can they take instead? If we win today they HAVE to take us and have Car and NO play simultaneously...
  7. Playoffs

    Marvin Lewis last home game. Need a Stafford dud, and maybe... Dalton and that team play some inspired football. Either way we will be in play for week 17 by beating Seattle. Atl vs NO gives them one loss (barring tie) and then you get NO@TB which is a big time game for the Bucs coach and QB. That will be their SB.
  8. Playoff Scenarios

    I think the Bengals will play well these two weeks, but Detroit is the trap game because it’s in Cinci. Ravens will beat them at home with playoff spot on the line barring 5 turnovers.
  9. Playoff Scenarios

    ...Bills have the strength of victory as they will have beaten the Pats and Chiefs if they win out. Then it comes down to Balt/Tenn H2H. A note on the Cowboys, they have some outs coming up here. Atlanta has two very tough games. Carolina hosting TB week 16 and NO@TB week 17 (divisional games) If Car or NO lose two, 10-6 Det followed by 10-6 Sea/Dallas is in with better conference record.
  10. Monday Night Football! Atlanta v Tampa Bay!

    Cowboy fan ordering my Winston jersey for two week rental.
  11. Obviously Raiders are in 4 down territory even backed up in there. My problem is you lose the field position advantage by going up only 3 and giving them the ball back at the 25, as opposed to possibly going up by 4 and forcing them to go for 6 at their own 25.
  12. Saw the highlights today morning... WHY DID GARRET NOT GO FOR IT 4th & Goal inside 3 minutes? Why would you give them time to get down there for a FG. Should have went for it and played for a 3 & out if you did not convert inside 2-3 minutes.
  13. Playoff Scenarios

    http://www.espn.com/nfl/playoffs/machine I continue to find discrepancies from the ESPN generator. For example, Baltimore, Tenn, Buff at 10-6 with Tenn out of the mix due to "common games"? Common games would not be valid because they are all inter division and do not meet the minimum of 4 common opponents. Buffalo should be 5 based on strength of victory, and then Tenn has H2H over Balt for #6.
  14. Giants trade for Luck?

    Darnold probably another Sanchez or Leinart, even Carson Palmer was just above average. PAC 12 is not big time competition and neither is Notre Dame. You can't sell Giant fans on winning three years from now in the NY market. Depending on the cap situation and the new coach, it depends on whether they decide they need a total rebuild or just a retooling.
  15. Giants trade for Luck?

    Heard this floated around. Or do they have too many issues? They have the draft picks to make a deal, but.... o-line is a mess and aging defense. Otherwise I think Odell is wasted and will be a FA by the time the QB they’d pick this year comes around. 2 1sts and a 2nd would be fair value, then use your late round picks to build the O-line and D-line again.