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  1. Monday Night Football - 49ers v Packers GDT

    Does Jason Witten have a speech impediment? Tough job he's doing. Hope they can coach him up in the booth, he struggles getting out the words.
  2. 1. Cowboys: Montana/Clark 2. Vikings: Too many but I would go with 1998 NFC CG 3. Steelers: Loss to the Packers 2010 4. Eagles: Bucs 2002 NFC Champ 5. Colts: Saints 09 6. Ravens: Never lost a SB, but 06' is bad considering the team that eliminated them. 7. Lions: Probably the blow out loss in the NFC CG to Gibbs and the Skins 8. Packers: 1998 Elway Broncos 9. Broncos: Seattle 2013 10. 49ers: Harbaugh Bowl that set the franchise into a tailspin 11. Chargers: 1994 was horrible, but 2006 to the Pats was pretty awful as well. 12. Rams: 2001 13. Pats: 07 14. NYG: 2000 Ravens, absolutely awful. 15: NYJ: 1998 Elway Broncos 16. Skins: Marcus Allen goes crazy 17. Texans: Take your pick between a bunch of Manning and Brady games 18. Bengals: Montana/Rice 19. Chiefs: The one bowl that began them all 20. Jags: 2017 Pats 21. Titans: 1999 one yard short 22. Browns: The Drive 23. Seattle: 2014 goal line stand 24. Falcons: Matty Ice choke sack 25. Saints: Dare I say, Stefan Diggs? 26. Arizona: Big Ben dagger 27. Bucs: 1999 NFC Championship. 28. Panthers: Cam chokes against Denver 29. Raiders: I'm gonna go Tuck rule instead of the Immaculate 30. Bears: 2006 31. Miami: Superbowl XIX 32. Bills: Loss to the Giants 1990
  3. Week 7, Bengals-Chiefs flexed to Sunday night

    From an outsiders point of view yes, but that is potentially for first place with the richest franchises and the most storied divisional rivalry in the game. That equals ratings.
  4. Week 7, Bengals-Chiefs flexed to Sunday night

    Yeah no way way Herm was 9-0 ever... Trent Green Holmes Roaf Gonzalez teams that never had a defense undefeated that season until the Ocho Cinco game. Time flies...
  5. Week 7, Bengals-Chiefs flexed to Sunday night

    Dallas Washington was also a decent pick... did Fox protect? I’m surprised because it’s two in a row for the Chiefs, as hot as they’ve been. Chicago New England also was an option because Pats usually max out on SNF games every year. I’m thinking one or both of those got protected because those games are Fox and CBS (with respect to Dallas and Pats). This backfires if the Bears and Pats win next weekend.
  6. MNF: Steelers @ Buccaneers

    Just turned the game off after that roughing call.... wow. RIP 2018 football
  7. Wow... just wow. Didn't make more money professionally or commercially than his brother I suppose. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/05/14/giants-qb-eli-manning-on-trial-accused-of-conspiring-to-sell-bogus-game-used-helmets.html
  8. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Still kinda stunned Mayfield was able to beat out three bigger guys. He better be Russel Wilson, but that alone is impressive. And the Jets probably had him at three too. Maybe it's not as simple as drafting the best specimen anymore, and how you interview matters.
  9. Suggest NFL rule changes

    TNF has to go, but the money will probably make that a non starter. I won't be watching. Think we need expanded rosters and another bye for the players to heal, maybe push the SB back week or so. No need to expand the playoffs but maybe a 3rd wild card could be feasible with a double triple header Saturday and Sunday (seems like a bit overkill to me) Definitely need to address the concussions, otherwise form a new 7 on 7 flag football league after the players strike and can't reach a settlement and the owners lose most of their money.
  10. Suggest NFL rule changes

    What are the rule changes proposed that you advocate? What rules that haven't been discussed should change or be implemented? Share all ideas... personally: 1. Expanded roster with extra bye week 2. Ejection if targeting with helmet determined by replay (college format) 3. Ejection for two personal fouls or ejection for egregious foul (stricter enforcement)
  11. Can the Giants seriously pass on a QB at 2??!!

    I thought about the Browns taking two QBs but even with the cap, they won't get reps with Tyrod Taylor as your starter. Maybe use one as leverage for later in the draft, potentially landing a number one next year plus additional high picks this year, but I think the deal would already be made with the Bills/Broncos at that point for #4. Browns need O-line with Thomas retired as well.
  12. Can the Giants seriously pass on a QB at 2??!!

    O-line still needs a lot of work inside. Don't see the value with Barkley until you stockpile some picks on the line. Just take the QB, no questions asked. Red shirt or play him after the bye week if the season gets away from you.
  13. Playoffs

    Got to root for the Pats... ah well. At least we will get some Giselle shots.
  14. If the Vikings make the Super Bowl...

    Matt Bryant = Morten Anderson
  15. Raiders hire Jon Gruden as Head Coach

    Is Gruden still calling the game today or no?