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  1. I’m shocked the Chiefs are favored. I really thought it would open KC +3.5 or so... take the 49ers.
  2. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    Tony Romo is having an unbelievable color game.
  3. Divisional Round - HOU @ KC

    It was the stupid motion that delayed the snap. Game completely changed. They didn't have the killer instinct. Watson needs to play a perfect 2nd half to have a chance.
  4. Divisional Round - HOU @ KC

    Nobody wants to see this POS Texan team in the SB. Maholmes will destroy the ratings.
  5. Seattle Seahawks @ Philadelphia Eagles

    Thank Jadeveon Head Hunter for the easy win... Packer fans ****ting themselves.
  6. Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints

    Seattle always gives them problems. But in Lambeau and a washed up Beast mode, they have a big edge. No chance in San Fran. Minny would get a third crack at them should it be them in the NFC CCG.
  7. Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints

    Tough luck for the Saints but a second championship probably not meant to be. Got to believe they still have a window in the next couple of years with Bridgewater in the bullpen.
  8. Next Cowboys Coach Discussion

    I meant I don’t think Lewis will come back as a D coordinator. In like Nolan. Lot of experience.
  9. Next Cowboys Coach Discussion

    Rivera would have been best for the defense but at this point, the offense needs a fix as well. McCarthy can finally be a coach with two SB wins on two different teams. I don’t think Lewis will be a good D coordinator so we are stuck with Richard unless another team hires him. Kellen Moore probably out unless he has an actual plan for the offense.
  10. Mike McCarthy hired as Head Coach for Cowboys

    Marvin Lewis and Jay Gruden as play caller is probably not terrible. They had a good run there in Cinci in a tough AFC with Manning Brady Rivers Ben primes. I like McCarthy but you need a DC and I don’t think Lewis will do DC. Maybe McCarthy with Lewis as assistant HC.
  11. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    If McCarthy takes Carolina you are left with flavor of the month coordinator and nobody sticks out. You want to trust Roman with a completely different offense than what we or anyone else has? A Sean Payton disciple? Sala with his stacked defense? McDaniels isn’t the right fit here. Neither is Harbaugh. They’d want too much control. Honestly I wouldn’t mind Harbaugh but JJ would have to step aside completely. McDaniels probably the same deal.
  12. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    He needs to get Meyer in here on a three year deal with a four year option. Outside of that, I’m not seeing a fit. This is not a rebuild. Especially if you plan on paying these existing players. Similar to Parcells in 2003.
  13. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    Yeah I think if they give Redball another 2-3 year deal, it will be with the intent that Moore is not ready. Or Richard. Probably means they aren’t getting serious interest from Meyer and McCarthy. I don’t think Jerry likes the assistants people have alluded to.
  14. Cowboys Draft at 17

    Otherwise get rid of Cooper and go with a younger guy like the Bama or OU WR. Maybe the LSU WR as well.