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  1. let's not make a mistake on second thought. there's folks more qualified to lead green team than me. fin
  2. time is a construct. we'll move along and function. there is no forgiveness though. no second chances. you know this.
  3. don't rationalize your behavior imo. we'll never be even. you ended the relationship, there's no more malffin. we're just two posters on the same forum now. trust is gone. however, im dedicated to saving green team and will be active more during the weak. don't vote us out unless it's necessary.
  4. MMA Thread

    conor back on paternity leave huh?
  5. damn they locked briscoe up for a minute, good stuff there.
  6. someone second irishgreen, swoosh & champ
  7. Free Agency Thread

  8. Angola-Rodas is definitely better than Iwundu and Frazier. guy is actually really solid player. no way he shouldn't make the roster over iwundu. iwundu isn't better at anything than BAR. Really similar skill-set to what Iwundu was projected to be as well. Just actually plays when he's on the court.
  9. not today, im gonna catch up in like an hour, heading home now.
  10. hopefully they got that dominoes hook up tbh. idgaf if they give 50% off, papa johns been trash.
  11. he definitely been the best of the try out guys imo
  12. imma nom some of the bball forum brethren w/ my 5: @utley4568 @IrishGreen @champ11 @KhanYouDigIt @El ramster
  13. MMA Thread

    yo this fight night is pretty stacked in terms of quality match-ups/talent level http://www.ufc.com/event/fight-night-boise-2018#/fight
  14. Free Agency Thread

    that whole DEN Nug "Internet's Team" is all gone now Lawson // Iggy // Chandler // Faried // Javale (?) at one time that looked dope on paper i remember i think