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  1. cole anthony is a way better creator than i was anticipating him outta college. if he can just get that shot consistent...
  2. wendell is great... i just dunno wtf you do with bamba. he's not conducive to winning ball despite being able to shoot the **** outta the ball. trade him. pray someone doesn't know he has no idea what the **** he's doing and are just gawking at his per36 boxes
  3. bamba is channing frye with the bball iq of rookie year javale
  4. it would require ORL being extremely lucky, but ORL could too if CHI continues ****ting the bed. i'm at the point with CHI where I'd almost rather win some games because I'm afraid their 1st isn't gonna convey
  5. looked super similar to the eurostep that blew up fultz's knee
  6. wendell definitely a guy that lets mistakes compile and get into a huge funk mid game. he's good when things are going good. let's bad/unlucky offense affect every aspect of his game tho
  7. gary harris looking like a bench g leaguer
  8. so we waive birch... bamba will probably sit for a month with a sore hip... who gets the reserve 5 minutes now lol? chuma? we need a body
  9. your team would look a lot better in my brain with hali starting at the 2 and malik coming off the bench
  10. for **** sake man bamba the laziest dude on the court i've seen since duhon... so much got damn talent but just a lazy *** dude out there
  11. bamba starting to get a somewhat consistent offensive game? wish he was a more disciplined defender and gave a **** about getting boards
  12. cole anthony ballin to start mo bamba remains hot shooting
  13. cliff really gonna leave bacon in the lineup and give hampton's minutes to gary harris... classic cliff
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