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  1. i love it. this reminds me of cwoods draft thread
  2. so we're down isaac, fultz, chuma, mcw and etwaun anthony | suggs harris | hampton franz | ross | ignas carter jr. | moritz bamba | lopez is my guess for tmrw my hope would be suggs | cole hampton | harris ross | franz | ignas carter jr. | moritz bamba | lopez
  3. lemme quickly squeeze in a hbd to my father as well. wuv u
  4. orlando magoc win less than 30 games mo bamba wins MIP
  5. yall think the dunbar/douglas adds mean jaire is done?
  6. i'd flip soundgarden and pearl jam, but otherwise i agree. i like more nirvana tracks than AIC tracks, but the peak AIC tracks are like a tier above the rest imo
  7. agree 100%. you might **** with 2015-current version of lil ugly mane if you haven't peeped his stuff. he actually just shocked the tf outta me and dropped a great non-rap album last night. but imo he's billy woods closest contemporary in terms of delivery. his non-rap album he dropped like 12 hours outta nowhere is beautiful tho too https://liluglymane.bandcamp.com/album/volcanic-bird-enemy-and-the-voiced-concern think mach-hommy is kinda in the same realm as billy too. billy delivery's is way more exciting but hommy has similar lyricism. nickelus f is great too. he's got the l
  8. who knows... isaac tore his acl 15 months ago and they're still holding him out. fultz is on like month 10 of his acl rehab... both should be close, but... magic.
  9. he ****in sucks and he probably won't even be like a good bench guy until his rookie contract is up. wild that gm's get tricked by these slow-twitch "smart" passive white college players
  10. kinda hope they do, it's their best lineup. franz isn't ready for starter or even contributor minutes
  11. Markelle Fultz | Jalen Suggs | Cole Anthony | Michael Carter-Williams Gary Harris | RJ Hampton | E'Twaun Moore Chuma Okeke | Terrence Ross | Franz Wagner Jonathan Isaac | Moritz Wagner Mo Bamba | Wendell Carter Jr. | Robin Lopez Admiral Schofield 2 way Ignas Brazdeikis 2 way looking like the opening day 17 imo no fultz/mcw/isaac as the season opens so prolly like Suggs | Anthony Harris | Hampton | Moore Okeke | Ross Franz | Moritz Bamba | Carter Jr. | Lopez as the 12 active.. maybe swap out Moore/Lopez for Admiral/Ignas to get an extra forward in ther
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