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  1. dude looks like a young ray rhodes here lol
  2. wait so he's no longer under contract...? so there's no firing?
  3. small balls lafleaur really not gonna fire the idiot
  4. @ny92mike yeah i'm definitely still involved
  5. they're also dumb and ugly in addition to that if you want to be extra rude. i won't even tell them, we can do it in secret.
  6. Dillon compliment WR in draft to get a 4 year guy on a cheap deal since everyone's deals expiring shortly OT groomable Starting C right now (unless we put Elgton there) Long 5T type / & Depth piece 3rd EDGE is we cut Preston... if not we can neglect edge this year Starting caliber CB / & Depth piece S groomable eventual starter **** we need to get imo
  7. you gotta make room and keep him here for his entire prime. don't let the best corner in the game walk lol. the most important guy on this team to keep on board.
  8. when are we gonna fire him? i was expecting today
  9. doesn't matter for the packers. give them the consensus most talented roster in the league and they'll still manage to **** it up via absolutely mindless play
  10. if i wake up to news that pettine and mennenga are outta here my coping process will advance to stage 2 kris richard jim leonard
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