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  1. NBA News & Notes

    @the lone star i feel like this a job that most matches your strengths
  2. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    my roommate's girl was watching that and i was like half paying attention through the first episode, but ended up being probably my favorite season of a show so far this year
  3. Stranger Things

    i agree would just rate them a little higher 1: 9 3: 8 2: 6
  4. Random Packer News & Notes

    Fabulous! is this a legit development project?
  5. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    he might've not known that but bet your *** i had this info already on ice waiting to drop it on someone too
  6. MMA Thread

    holy ****
  7. Orlando Magic Thread: Human Torch Show Back

    ****tier trae young
  8. did you bozos kill me d1 again?
  9. MMA Thread

    paul felder is his guy.. scheduled to face edson on sept 2..? not really short notice though. maybe nate pulled out and he's in to face pettis?
  10. Orlando Magic Thread: Human Torch Show Back

    new magic hero
  11. NBA News & Notes

    someone should run a create-a-team on here again imo
  12. i haven't got a mafia role in over a year. it continues this game. untouchable
  13. NBA News & Notes

    have you not heard? you must've missed the news. caron butler said he looks good. you do the math
  14. you think i would lie to you?
  15. NBA News & Notes

    he made 8 million dollars last year champ11