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  1. i'd vote on just starting once the order is set and seeing if everyone can get their picks in in a reasonable amount of time before implementing time slots and what not. i don't think there would be any major hold ups with this group
  2. izzy's a great champ. no bull****. keeps it moving with the title defenses. one of the most respectable champs we've had a minute.
  3. maybe costa shouldn't have cupped his calves
  4. i remember fast forwarding jan fights for the past six years that's ******* wild
  5. i have yet to go to anyone's place in the past 5 years that still has physical copies of movies
  6. put him against gleison tibau it doesn't matter, dudes selling 1m i don't see why dana wouldn't wanna do the diego fight if he doesn't wanna put him in a risky fight or something without a crowd. he's down to fight. this is a rare chance where conor's not doing bs. it's just annoying they wanna put conor's career on hold for what could be like a year and half or even way more (after he basically wasted like 3 years) because they don't wanna put him in an event without a crowd.
  7. just read thru all of conor's tweets and it's pretty ******* hard to fathom why UFC brass seems so unaccommodating to getting conor on a card?? dude is hitting up dana regularly and they're like nah too soon. you got a guy that's fought like 2 times in 4 years or whatever and you're getting picky about the market and what the schedule says when you have a guy ready to fight now... i've kinda been irked with the mcgregor "season" falling thru, but i guess can't even fault him. i don't get it.
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