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  1. Vegas Too Early Mock

    i'd be pretty surprised if adderley doesn't go top 40 come draft time
  2. Evaluating Gutenkunst's first year

    good thing he got jaire or that'd be a **** show
  3. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    you are forgiven. all of you are. me and mission have one another. that's enough for us.
  4. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    don't project
  5. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    **** everyone besides you my guy. and @mission27 . just some dead boys. no snakes among the dead. we are home. come to dinner papì
  6. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    good move
  7. OT but my buddy was cellmates w/ Travis Henry & like a week before Christmas he showed up to a house party we were at & was a pretty swell guy
  8. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Daniel Jones is getting pretty consistent 1st round buzz on most draft media outlets at this point
  9. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    he's a nice guy, of course they're gonna go to bat for him.
  10. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    coaches who worked w/ him aren't gonna be like yeah this guy is socially aloof & can't connect w/ players. not saying that's the case, i've watched him speak for like a half hour. but the three times i've seen him speak are some of the least inspiring pressers i've seen in my sports fandom. and yeah you can be like "YoU Don'T EveN KNow HiM", but yeah man.... that's apparent. i'm just saying the obvious really. if we're down big at half, i'd be shocked if he ever had the ability to "rally" guys. but i don't know **** about anything tbh, i don't know why i decided to even say anything, it doesn't matter & i'm just being negative for no reason. my bad gang.
  11. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    wouldn't want to
  12. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    this hire has not grown on me. never seen a coach w/ less command in social settings. doubt it works out very long. hope i'm dumb & players take to his personality.
  13. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    @Outpost31 don't tag people that aren't eligible to be voted out u idiot, i just led a thing against untouchable and now everyone is telling me im dumb