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  1. i've known of this dudes existence for like an hour and a half but i ****in got so hype for a minute
  2. oh of like contact values ok. that **** makes no sense to me either when they're talking about like saving money by drafting a consensus mid rounder so they can spend more later?
  3. you mean like a trade value chart or what's that mean? and it's lame you can't trade picks in baseball
  4. of all the drafts (and i know nothing about the baseball draft ever) in sports, the baseball draft always seems to be the weirdest.
  5. somebody tell me the top 10 hitters that are on the board
  6. the way he plays most of the time. the way he talks about basketball and himself. his body language. he might be good. but just not a dude i'd trust to take around that #5 area in this group. i think he's likely to be a net negative on the court
  7. talking about the way he played. not denying he's always been dry. difference between him and kuminga is that kawhi played the right way and only had reports about a ridiculous work ethic
  8. being a wet dud doesn't necessarily mean just being dry. dudes can be dry and you can still see them as being dogs or being elite workers. it's an element of tho yeah. keon johnson is a dry dude and i like him a lot.
  9. i'm not saying it's bad, you just didn't present me with anything to change my opinion. you typically just say like basic scouting report type **** instead of stating your opinions or talking about how you think they'll translate or whatever. so debating with you it's like someone will say something with an opinion and then you kinda just restate **** that's the common consensus on scouting reports. no hate just letting you know why i get so befuddled whenever we talk prospects.
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