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  1. every time someone is talking about some guy that did some kinda gruesome horrific crime i always do the super exaggerated "this guys a real jerk"
  2. Back in middle school I started binging Norm MacDonald interviews and what not and completely changed the way I talked with people and basically did a ****ty Norm impression that is still probably ingrained in how I talk today
  3. Can’t believe the historically worst DC of all time is awful
  4. betting on francis is the easiest money one could make. legit put my whole account on him when he fought Stipe the second time. prolly gonna do it again when he fights gane
  5. sting was probably my favorite part of TNA and now he's one of my least favorite part of AEW every week speaking of which just got tickets to my first wrestling show since TNA circa 2010-2011
  6. i bailed on work to get home at 7est because i thought that's when kickoff was
  7. went in on the moneyline to get the betting season started nice and ****ty
  8. i mean brady's aren't, but brees yeah lol
  9. gonna be a shame when i don't wish you a happy birthday now idiot
  10. i'm a packer fan i'm picking the cowboys
  11. if woz's kid is named mod before myself i'm out
  12. I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  13. can't imagine being married and getting hair plugs
  14. favorite team: packers week 1 pick: cowboys didn't read any rules, but i agree to them
  15. this looks pretty bland, but **** it was great. probably the most intense movie i've seen since Good Time
  16. only thing that was really annoying was cutting benkert. and if we lose uphoff that would also be annoying
  17. really thought bak wasn't gonna miss any time... bummer
  18. Between the Ricky fight and that Meerschart upset this has been a pretty fun *** card
  19. pretty surprised that's all the jags could get
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