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  1. orlando magoc: big but dont know how to use it yet

    oladipo wasnt either
  2. What movie are you watching v1

    i edited this post since i cant delete it
  3. Big Name RFAs That Might Not Get Matched?

    i dont know what the money means but i'd pay him a similar deal that i'd give evan fournier in the same market.. whatever that is. i think that's the kinda value he warrants.
  4. Big Name RFAs That Might Not Get Matched?

    i just saw on a twitter a max for these guys coming off rookie deals is 5/148 tho? damn man when did that happen.. thought it was like ~ 16/17/18/19/20 kinda. man i dunno. that bums me out. i dunno if i'd wanna match a max of 5/148. dude the money's so weird in the nba, there's like 0 consistency i don't know what these numbers mean. they were crazy and ppl were like yeah it's gonna be normal though. but then turns out it wasn't normal. now contracts are back to how they were like 3 years ago. but now they're crazy again? i dont know man.
  5. Big Name RFAs That Might Not Get Matched?

    Capela is like 3 tiers above Randle in impacting the game. I don't think Randle is a good player lol. Isn't the max contract for guys coming off rookie years.... at this point i googled how much a max contract would be.. holy ****. i didn't know it was 5/148. thought it was lower for guys coming off rookie deals. I retract everything I've said to this point. Besides Randle being bad that remains. Giving Gordon that money is giving me symptoms of anxiety immediately.
  6. Big Name RFAs That Might Not Get Matched?

    i dunno. he looked like a max player for a pretty big chunk of the year. naturally injured his foot again & played thru it. really just dependent on if he can stay healthy. even in the seasons where he's been on the court a lot, he's pretty much consistently battling pretty significant injuries that have limping around the court. im pretty sure they're gonna match whatever he gets is the vibe i've gotten from the GM. i think w/o the injuries he's worth the max, especially considering the consistent improvement year-to-year so far. if he can somehow get his feet healthy, he's good. it's kinda been an issue since his rookie year.
  7. Big Name RFAs That Might Not Get Matched?

    worth a max? maybe gordon and capela. ORL 97% sure is matching. HOU 95% sure matching. but if someone wants to a throw a max at jabari, lavine they could probably get them. if someone wants to throw a max at julius randle that organization would likely be run be vlade divac and vivek ranadive and they have too many bigs already. marcus smart's contract is gonna be the most interesting. im pretty intrigued what team is gonna be silly and throw mad money at julius too actually.
  8. Most Underrated Player In The NBA?

    for the past 4 seasons yall say khris middleton is the most underrated player. who is still underrating him lol?
  9. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    i dont think his stock really moved at all since like October. pretty much since then he was projected in the 2-8 range. as draft neared he was pretty much at 3-7.
  10. orlando magoc: big but dont know how to use it yet

    meaning he's a slow white big that can get a few buckets and rebound and that's it
  11. you're gonna be the first voted off this tribe anyway
  12. orlando magoc: big but dont know how to use it yet

    Aaron Gordon RFA/Match Tyreke Evans Will Barton Marcus Smart RFA Fred VanVleet RFA Dante Exum RFA Mario Hezonja looking at FA I'd think these would be the main targets
  13. MMA Thread

    damn surprised they let him walk coming off two solid wins..
  14. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    doesn't make winning plays... obviously more focused on box score stuff... julius randle type ish.
  15. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    on this same topic of hypotheticals.. ORL was for sure taking trae at 6 if that ATL/DAL deal didn't go down according to woj.