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  1. Trying a two Rounder - Be Nice

    I am a Dolphins Fan so I know he does not know how to use a RB. I thought With Bell on the roster he would have changed, but Noooooooo.
  2. Trying a two Rounder - Be Nice

    I disagree that Baun is a poor fit, but I am open for suggestions. As far as LB, I live in Philly and have seen Reid for a long time and the one position he feels is the least important to draft high is LB. For as long as I can remember his teams have always needed an upgrade at LB. And thanks for the info on picks #63 and #64.
  3. Trying a two Rounder - Be Nice

    Yeah, I know. The S was not suppose to be there.
  4. Trying a two Rounder - Be Nice

    I also had them taking Ruggs, but I went with Need as they do need DB's. There will be some good WR's in FA that I think they go after. And I have watched Jefferson and I think his stock will rise after the combine. But, thanks for the passing grade
  5. Trying a two Rounder - Be Nice

    I understand what you are saying and you are right with all of this. Except for One thing. That was the old Staff, this is a new staff and I don't know that we have enough information on what they will be doing. I was drafting based on Need and what was available. While Gallimore is a good player, I don't think he goes in the first round. I could see Raekwon Davis slipping into the first round.
  6. Trying a two Rounder - Be Nice

    Yeah, The combine, FA, and Pro-days will change everything. Just having fun with an early shot at this.
  7. Trying a two Rounder - Be Nice

    I can see what you mean about an RB. Making the Suggested change of Ruiz to PIT, allows for Dobbins to fall to Atlanta, and then moves Wilson to Mia. Better?
  8. Trying a two Rounder - Be Nice

    I don't know that Sander will be back, but he could. I thought about AJ. Terrell, I even had him in there for a while, but I thought that might be a little high to take him.
  9. Trying a two Rounder - Be Nice

    The only reason I went with RB for PIT is because Connor can not stay healthy. They need that RB that can take the pressure off the QB. But I do see your point in Ruiz.
  10. Let me know your thoughts and try to be kind. I know not every pick will be to everyone's liking. 1. Cincinnati - Joe Burrow [ QB ] LSU This one should be written in Sharpie. He had a fantastic season. I know some people say that he was not even in the discussion when the Season started, but he has improved each year of his college career. And with the Bengals set to let the Red Rider walk away, they need to replace him. 2. Washington - Chase Young [ EDGE ] Ohio State I know that Edge rusher is not the biggest need for Washington, but Young is a generational player and you can not let him fall past you. And defensive minded coach Ron Rivera knows this. 3. Detroit - Jeffrey Okudah [ CB ] Ohio State And now the Draft really starts. Detroit has need at CB, Edge Rusher and OL and could go in any of those directions. I could also see Detroit entertaining offers to move down, so long as it is not that far down, in order to get more picks. But seeing has I am not doing trades, they stand pat and take the Best CB by far in this draft in Okudah. Okudah is a true shut down Corner and will make an immediate impact in the Detroit secondary. 4. NY Giants - Andrew Thomas [ OT ] Georgia This is another spot I could see a team trading down. The Giants need an Edge Rusher and DB's, but keeping Daniels from seeing Ghosts is way to import to them. With Eli retiring, there is no safety net for Daniel and keeping him upright is way to tempting so they go with who they feel is the best OT in the Draft. 5. Miami - Tua Tagovailoa [ QB ] Alabama As a Dolphins fan, I would rather they not do this pick, but if Tua falls this far (since no trades), I can't see them passing on the QB of the future. They can sit him for a year behind Fitzmagic to get fully healthy, while they fix the rest of the team and give him his best chance to win. 6. LA Chargers - Justin Herbert [ QB ] Oregon I was torn on this pick, but with Rivers heading to Florida with his wife and gaggle of kids, looks like the Chargers will be in the market for a new signal caller. Herbert's MVP performance at the Senior bowl has again punched him into the First round and top 10. The Chargers can't pass on him and hope they can get another prospect in the 2nd. The rest of the Chargers team is built to win now. 7. Carolina - Derrick Brown [ IDL ] Auburn Carolina is salivating and running the to podium to announce their pick themselves. They can't believe that Brown has fallen to them. I know they need DB help more, but with Okudah off the board and no other CB worthy of this pick, they go with the Best player available. 8. Arizona - Jedrick Wills [ OT ] Alabama Arizona was another hard one here. They do need a Def line play maker, and will consider Kinlaw or Epenesa for this pick, but they had one of the Worst OL in the league and need to fix that for their Second year QB. With that, they look at getting one of the most athletic Tackles in this Draft to help protect their QB. 9. Jacksonville - Javon Kinlaw [ IDL ] South Carolina The Jags need DL play makers and the rise of Kinlaw is a dream to them. Again Epensea might be considered here, but Kinlaw is too good for them to pass up. 10. Cleveland - Isaiah Simmons [ LB ] Clemson Probably the biggest surprise of this Draft so far is the fall of Simmons. He is a victim of circumstance, but the Brown are not complaining. I know the OT is their biggest need, but they can't let Simmons drop past them. BTW: RIP Swagger, you will be missed. 11. NY Jets - Tristan Wirfs [ OT ] Iowa J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets, biggest need is OL. Wirfs has the Flexibility to play both Tackle and Guard. Gives them the ability to mix and match to find the right fit and improve their front line. However, if Gase has his way they would go RB...Wait Gase does not know how to use a RB, never-mind. 12. Las Vegas - CeeDee Lamb [ WR ] Oklahoma The Raiders have their choice of WR's, which is just what they need after the Brown fiasco from last year. The Choices come down to Jeudy, Lamb, and Ruggs for the top spot. They each have their own merits. Jeudy is the best route runner, Lamp is the best jump ball receiver, and Ruggs is the fastest. In the end they decide on Lamb as their go to guy. 13. Indianapolis - K'Lavon Chaisson [ EDGE ] LSU Indy needs a new QB, but seeing as Love is not worth a first round pick, they go with the second need and fill in the DL with the best player on the board. Chaisson is an explosive, long, and athletic run stopper. With them going against Henry and Fornette twice a year, they need to shore up their run stop ability. 14. Tampa Bay - Mekhi Becton [ OT ] Louisville TB has need at OL, DL, and QB. They choose to help the QB they have and possibly QB of the future, if they draft one, by upgrading their OL first. Becton's stock has been rising quickly and they take him. 15. Denver - Jerry Jeudy [ WR ] Alabama I know Denver needs OL, DL, and DB help first, but with Jeudy sitting their staring them in the face, they can't pass. They need a replacement for Sanders and get way more than a replacement, they get a complete upgrade. 16. Atlanta - A.J. Epenesa [ EDGE ] Iowa Atlanta's biggest need going into the draft is Edge Rusher and with Epenesa dropping to them, they can't pass on him. Epenesa dominated the Big 10 and will bring that to the NFL to help put Atlanta back into the hunt. 17. Dallas - Kristian Fulton [ CB ] LSU The Cowboys need help with DB, and might need help at WR, if Cooper walks in FA. They decide to get the DB help first and wait on the WR for a later round. 18. Miami (From Pittsburgh) - Yetur Gross-Matos [ EDGE ] Penn State After getting the QB of the future with their first pick the Dolphins can go in any direction with the second of 3 first round picks. They have so many holes to fill. OT is a possibility here and many believe Swift (RB) is as well. I don't see them taking a RB before the second round though and the only other OT they might consider are Jones and Jackson, but this would be a reach for both of them. So they take the chance they can get one of them in the Second round and go with the Best Edge Rusher left on the Board. I think Gross-Matos would have gone higher if not for the Bullying incident. Flores will know how to kept him on good behavior. 19. Las Vegas (From Chicago) - C.J. Henderson [ CB ] Florida Addressing their WR needs, the Raiders now turn to the Defensive side of the ball and take the best CB. Henderson might be a slight reach at 19, but with no second round pick, they can't wait. 20. Jacksonville (From LA Rams) - Trevon Diggs [ CB ] Alabama Addressing the DL with their first pick they continue the run on CB's and take the talented Diggs with this pick. Diggs have the size and speed to be a solid Corner in the NFL. He does have some issues with tackling, but that can be taught, size and speed can not be. 21. Philadelphia - Xavier McKinney [ S ] Alabama The E-A-G-L-E-S were at the bottom of the league in Pass yards allowed. McKinney will help to fill that hole in the secondary. He is a versatile player and athletic freak. He can play Man or Zone coverage. He can even be lined up in the box to stop the run. The Eagles will find ways to use him. 22. Buffalo - Henry Ruggs III [ WR ] Alabama The Bills need a dynamic young receiver to pair with their young QB. Ruggs is one of the fastest receiver in this Draft and will be the Deep threat the team needs. He explodes off the line and will be a match-up problem for every defense. The Bills will be a scary team next year. 23. New England - Josh Jones [ OT ] Houston Brady will be the biggest topic leading into FA and possibly during FA. Brady wants the Patriots to improve the Weapons he has at his disposal, but Brady is not a big fan of Rookie WR's, so they don't go that way in the Draft. Look for them to address that in FA. Instead, they look to improve the pass protection for their QB, and yes I do think he will eventually resign with New England much to my displeasure. They could also look for a TE, but with none justifying a 1st round grade to them, they take the best OT on the board in Jones and protect their statue QB (yes he is getting old and is not as mobile as he once was). 24. New Orleans - Grant Delpit [ S ] LSU The Saint need a WR, but since there are no other WR's worthy of this pick, they go to their next position of need and look at the defensive secondary. Delpit has been falling lately and some have him falling out of the first round, but I don't see it. I still think it is 1a and 1b with McKinney and Delpit. Since McKinney is gone, they swoop in and pick up Delpit. 25. Minnesota - Jeff Gladney [ CB ] TCU Another team with DB needs, they go with the best CB left on the board. Some boards have Gladney ranked as the third best CB in the draft over Henderson, while others have Henderson and then Gladney. I am of the later opinion and think Henderson goes first, but the Vikings could do worse. Gladney will be an instant upgrade in the secondary. 26. Miami (From Houston) - Tyler Biadasz [ IOL ] Wisconsin Here we are again, a rare 3rd first round pick for a team. The Dolphins consider Jackson the left tackle here, but realize that they need a RT since Tua is a southpaw. They also need help at Guard and Center. Ultimately they don't feel Jackson is worth a first round select and go with the versatile Biadasz. Biadasz can play both Guard and Center in the NFL, and give the Dolphins the flexibility they need to find the right fit. Don't discount the EXTREME possibility of the Dolphins trading out of this pick As Flores is an understudy of Belichick. 27. Seattle - Austin Jackson [ OT ] USC With Seattle not having their next pick until late in the second round, they reach a little for the young OT. Jackson is raw and needs to improve his technique, but if anyone can do that is the Seahawks coaching staff. He is only 20 years old and has plenty of time to learn and play. He may start at guard his first year while learning, but Seattle will have their LT of the future. 28. Baltimore - Kenneth Murray [ LB ] Oklahoma Baltimore actually has quite a few holes to fill this off season. They could use and upgrade at Edge, OL, and even RB (Ingram is over 30). But, with a need at LB as well and Murray still sitting there, they can't pass on him and reach for one of the other positions. 29. Tennessee - Terrell Lewis [ EDGE ] Alabama Like so many teams this year, Edge Rusher is a top priority for the Titans. With the re-emergence of Tannehill, and the post season dominance of Henrey they can wait on their QB and RB. Instead they help improve an already good defense. 30. Green Bay - Tee Higgins [ WR ] Clemson Green Bay needs a compliment to Adams and Higgins is that compliment. At 6'4", he is a big bodied type receiver. He has surprising suddenness of the line and quickness of feet to get open. He needs to learn better use of his hands to defeat press coverage at the Line of Scrimmage and Adams can teach him that. At the end of the day Rodgers will be very happy with this select. 31. San Francisco - Jalen Reagor [ WR ] TCU San Fran needs a Deep threat. Sander is good, but might not be there next season. Reagor is the deep threat this team needs. Opposing Defenses need to respect his speed or pay the consequences. He is also very shifty and can play in the slot. He does have to work on his concentration as he does have drops, but he is a polished route running and deep threat. 32. Kansas City - Zack Baun [ EDGE ] Wisconsin Baun is a defensive Coordinators dream linemen. He is versatile enough to play on the Edge and use his quick burst and hands to win in the pressure game. While playing off the ball and using his fast processing to step in and fill gaps in run stuffing. He is a Linemen that can and should be moved around to create match-up problems for the offense. 33. Cincinnati - Prince Tega Wanogho [ OT ] Auburn 34. Indianapolis (From Washington) - Jordan Love [ QB ] Utah State 35. Detroit - Julian Okwara [ EDGE ] Notre Dame 36. NY Giants - A.J. Terrell [ CB ] Clemson 37. LA Chargers - Lloyd Cushenberry III [ IOL ] LSU 38. Carolina - Raekwon Davis [ IDL ] Alabama 39. Miami - D'Andre Swift [ RB ] Georgia 40. Arizona - Curtis Weaver [ EDGE ] Boise State 41. Cleveland - Jonah Jackson [ IOL ] Ohio State 42. Jacksonville - Bryce Hall [ CB ] Virginia 43. Chicago (From Las Vegas) - Jaylon Johnson [ CB ] Utah 44. Indianapolis - Laviska Shenault Jr. [ WR ] Colorado 45. Tampa Bay - Neville Gallimore [ IDL ] Oklahoma 46. Denver - Ross Blacklock [ IDL ] TCU 47. Atlanta - Matt Hennessy [ IOL ] Temple 48. NY Jets - Joshua Uche [ EDGE ] Michigan 49. Pittsburgh - Cesar Ruiz [ IOL ] Michigan 50. Chicago - Antoine Winfield Jr [ S ] Minnesota 51. Dallas - Hunter Bryant [ TE ] Washington 52. LA Rams - Marlon Davidson [ EDGE ] Auburn 53. Philadelphia - Justin Jefferson [ WR ] LSU 54. Buffalo - Lucas Niang [ OT ] TCU 55. Atlanta (From New England) - J.K. Dobbins [ RB ] Ohio State 56. Miami (From New Orleans) - Isaiah Wilson [OT] Georgia 57. Houston - Cole Kmet [ TE ] Notre Dame 58. Minnesota - James Lynch [ IDL ] Baylor 59. Seattle - Justin Madubuike [ IDL ] Texas A&M 60. Baltimore - Jonathan Taylor [ RB ] Wisconsin 61. Tennessee - Jacob Eason [ QB ] Washington 62. Green Bay - Patrick Queen [ LB ] LSU 63. Kansas City - John Simpson [OG] Clemson 64. Seattle (From San Francisco) - Solomon Kindley [OG] Georgia
  11. I like the resigning of Fitzmagic and love the signing of Gordon. I like the signing of Williams and hope Flores can get a little more out of him. And I can also see the signing of Van Noy as a veteran presents. As for the Draft part. If someone does leapfrog us as you have for Tua, and Okudah is still there, I love the pick. I do not like the pick of Jordan Love with the #18 pick. If we were to select a QB there, it would be Herbert not Love. I think Love falls to the Second round. I do love the pick of Biadasz. While I LOVE both of the Second round picks, I honestly do not think either of them will be there on those picks. I think Becton goes in the first round and McKinney goes early to mid Second round. I think it should be Becton with pick #18, Biadasz with pick #26, and Swift with Pick #39. And then if still there take Love with #56 (that is is McKinney is not there).
  12. Working on a third round...

    I can see your point here and I agree thinking about it, if Burrow were to Drop to DET at #3, then they would have no choice but to take him. I really hope you are correct on this one. IMO, the worst thing Miami could do is trade away 2 Pro Bowl players and use that Draft capital to move up and get Tua. Although I think Flores is a lot like Belichick in that he does not like to Trade up, but rather trade back and get more picks.
  13. Working on a third round...

    I agree with Washington asking for three 1st and a second if Young is sitting there at 2. However, if taken by Cin then the price lowers. That is because Washington does not need a QB and teams know it. Thus they would not fear Washington taking Burrow and if the asking price is too high, then they just trade with Det at 3 and get Burrow there. In that situation it is all about getting the extra picks, without being greedy. Two first and a second in this years draft to move back 3 spots would be more than fair.
  14. Working on a third round...

    I agree, it would take a lot to move up to #2 and if I were Washington, I would not even entertain the idea of trading out of 2, that is unless The Bengals throw us a curve ball and take Young instead of Burrows. Then If I were Washington I would take the Dolphin's deal I presented (#5, #26, and #56 to #2 and maybe a 4th or 5th rounder.). They could then get a great player at 5 and accumulate a second 1st and 2nd this year.
  15. Chomp_Chomp 2 Rounder

    I understand your thinking now. If they do go after Edge in FA, then I could also get on board with Murray at 26.