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  1. That defense he played on in the Super Bowl also gave up over 500 passing yards.. That was Nick Foles who secured us that win and Big Balls Doug.
  2. Looking back, it does sound disrespectful and that wasn't my intention. He's a solid line member, but lets not mistake longevity for greatness. He's never had 10 sack season at LB or DE. The first 5-6 years of his career he was considered a bust and a pick mistake over Earl Thomas. He had his best year in 2017 where he helped us win the Super Bowl but hasn't sustained that level of play since. He's great for the locker room and for the media but as a player he's just been very good.
  3. I don't think Brandon Graham is an all time eagle. He'll be forgotten.. Trent Cole was more impactful in my opinion
  4. I'm going! Already got tickets. I was also at the the Peyton Manning thrashing of the Birds... It was HOT that day too... bad day to be an eagles fan
  5. Both had very similar final seasons in terms of stats. If Devonta can prove he can beat press coverage as a pro, then he will have the better career. His route running is one the crispest i've seen and he has a champion mentality. The separation he created at the highest level in NCAA was mind blowing to watch.
  6. Best 1st round pick Eagles have made in a LONG time
  7. If Micah Parsons is there at 12, we take him all day and don't look back then we trade back into the first round for Asante Samuel Jr
  8. I really like the moves the defense has been making. If we can get a solid corner and some more depth, we could have a top defense. Schwartz mightve been good DC overall but he held on to inferior players too long like Gerry and Mills.
  9. Multiple factors led to his demise in philly. Mostly the lack of pure talent, constant injuries, and bad play designs/calls
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