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  1. I don't blame him one bit. His positions get paid like crap but an elite talent like him is so important to the offense.
  2. he has the talent to be the best ever. I see alot of LT in him.
  3. Eagles Extend Carson Wentz

    similar statistics yet you have to argue on his behalf against so many...
  4. Eagles Extend Carson Wentz

    here's the thing.. almost everyone disagrees with your stance that Dak is better than Wentz... Wentz is just a better all around talent. Dak wasn't even ranked in the 2017 top 100 voted by players... if that doesn't scream not worth a huge contract... then i don't know what does... IMO Dak will always be a QB who can manage an offense well but the Cowboys will forever look for a better replacement.
  5. Eagles extend Wentz through 2024 season

    hey man to each their own.. if you're a Dak guy, you're a Dak guy... We'll continue to be a Wentz guy even if he wasn't Philly's QB
  6. Be a man, make a homer prediction.

    Carson Wentz will throw for 5,000 yards this season and 45 TDS
  7. Eagles sign LB Zach Brown to 1 year, $3M deal

    Howie got to be the best GM in the NFL. Hes been making some really good moves these past couple years.
  8. Things you like about your least favorite teams

    I like Eli Manning. He has never been an elite qb but hes a class act. It helps that i'm a big Peyton Fan
  9. I did have high hopes for Josh Adams.. he was a stud in college... is it right to write him off after his rookie season? probably not.. I think he can be a solid back for years to come but im banking on Howard and Sanders being our Ingram/Kamara
  10. Eagles exercised Wentz's 5th year option

    well deserved. I can't wait for Wentz to put his doubters to rest this coming season. With these weapons, hes gonna resemble '18 patrick mahomes
  11. lol you see an average receiver?? I don't know what youve been watching but to me his redzone presence warrants his 2nd round selection by itself.. extremely strong hands.. love his attitude on the field.. game 1 last season, he put up over 200 yards receiving with 3 tds.. thats not average to me.
  12. apparently he performed poorly in the quick movement drills which are essential for WRs. top end speed isn't everything
  13. Hollins, Desean, Nelson, Gibson, and JJ (4.49 at pro day) all run fast
  14. wait now its a negative to have big targets?? lol Philly about to bully these teams