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  1. Multiple factors led to his demise in philly. Mostly the lack of pure talent, constant injuries, and bad play designs/calls
  2. Its hard to be an eagles fan. We got more out of Sam Bradford to the Vikings
  3. Confirmed. Howie is the most fireable person on the planet Can someone please call Donald Trump to fire his ***.
  4. lol true. F the Eagles FO .. Let the cash burn
  5. Luckily we have almost all of our key players in place so we can live off a cap strapped situation.
  6. If Wentz wants out at any cost then he has to re do his deal.
  7. Are you comfortable with only getting a 2nd AND taking a $33m hit?
  8. I don' think there was ever a better pure QB than Peyton Manning. He wasn't the most athletic and didn't have the strongest arm but he had his teams consistently at the top to the league and you just knew you had to prepare against him a different kind of way. He was the offense - he understood plays better than the coaches and held his people accountable. While Aaron is the by far more talented thrower, How many times has he missed the playoffs? Peyton is a top 3 ALL TIME QB for a reason.
  9. Carson should be made to come back and compete for a starting job if we can't trade him for at least a first round pick. I'm over his whiny a$$. He's being paid over $100m in guaranteed money and as soon as he gets benched for extremely bad play then he wants out. F him and move on with Hurts - the team mates love the guy so lets give him a shot
  10. Howie succeeding in giving us a #1 RB, and TE, but has failed miserably in getting us Linebackers, safeties, and WR . Those three should be the absolute priority Parsons or Chase at #6
  11. Eagles have had one of the best OL in the league since Wentz was drafted, this past season being the exception with all the injuries we faced again. I agree with the notion that Howie has failed in getting receiver help. Back to back drafts he missed out on a #1 WR
  12. Also, I find it concerning that there are constant stories that come out about Wentz not being the best team mate and being egotistic. A little smoke can be brushed off and stomped out but now the smoke is turning black and its hurting our eyes -- there's a definite fire
  13. I'll have to agree with this. After the Super Bowl and 2018 season, we let Nick Foles walk even though he brought us our Championship and then gave him largest guaranteed contract in NFL history (at the time). Doug stuck with him for 12 games as starter hoping he would get out of his funk but he never did and expected to still remain the starter. Top paid QBs are expected to elevate the team when the team is playing like crap and he just didn't do it this season. I was hoping for another try in 2021, but if Wentz is not willing to tweet or say anything when the media can't stop talking about i
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