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  1. TE's were virtually not used at all today. I dont understand why he kept force feeding our Receivers whenthey couldn't get separation
  2. now we know how important BG is... defense hasn't looked the same... This was not the same kind of offense that was shown to ATL. Very Vanilla... Force feeding it to Smith all game
  3. Honestly SF has sniffed out our offense really well. Passing playing by philly have been vanilla this match
  4. why is hurts trying to be a pocket passer...
  5. Jalen Hurts deadlights 600 pounds but cant sneak the ball??
  6. this is what happens when you let your defense stay on the field too long
  7. how come ertz or goedert was targeted at all on the goal line. what a joke
  8. This is EARLY but we might got a top defense on our hands.
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