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  1. Him and antonio brown are two players who are extremely talented but have tremendous immaturity issues. pass on both
  2. Why don't MVPs win the Super Bowl?

    I've noticed the same. Its a curse
  3. Thats the problem with duce.. hes a great rb coach and he should stay there. but he'll flip if hes not considered for OC
  4. Wilson 2019 compared to Wentz 2019

    Don't you think its important to point out that Russell had better players to throw too? DK Metcalf had a break out rookie season and Lockett had over 1,000. Chris Carson helped with his dominant running game... That being said, Wilson is a top 3 qb in the league right now. Wentz is top ten. There is a minimum of 3 games that put a L in philly's w/L column: 1. Game winning TD pass to Nelson Agholor dropped vs the Falcons 2. Game Winning TD pass to Arcega-Whiteside dropped vs the Lions 3. game Tying TD pass to Agholor Dropped vs NE 3 tds and over 100 -200 yards passing(would improve his YPA to) removed from Wentz stat sheet and a potential 12-4 season
  5. Wilson 2019 compared to Wentz 2019

    yeah? I think his starting receivers played 16 games this season and his starting running back went for 1200 yards playing in 15 games.Skill positions matter. Wentz's receivers struggled all year to stay healthy and when they were healthy they couldn't get separation or dropped key passes.
  6. I think it has more to do with the strength and conditioning staff and the lack of youth on the team.. I'm 29 now and have grown up pretty athletic. While i'm still young, i'm finding it harder and harder to "keep up" with the 19-24 year olds playing sports. Philly put out one of the oldest teams in league for the 2019 season.. I believe that plays a big role...
  7. Eagles part with OC Mike Groh

    Too bad Groh couldn't stay as a WR coach.. but that would be unnecessary drama
  8. I hardly ever judge a player by his sack numbers.. Don't forget Connor Barwin had 14.5 one year and Jason Babin had like 16 and we all know they weren't superstars. Clowney disappears in a lot of games. There's a clear reason why the Texans didn't hold on to him when they know JJ Watt has an extensive injury history
  9. the kid just has bad luck. I feel for him. luckily its not a leg injury or shoulder injury.. Concussions, while dangerous, arent the worst thing to happen to a NFL player... unless you get them every week.
  10. I dont' think he is worth a major contract. he has some good games but mostly average ones.
  11. I see how he didn't have any words of support after the Seattle loss or when Carson went down with a concussion.. After each win this past month, he's always been active but disappears when they lose.
  12. I rather not do another Brian Dawkins move.. the back end suffered for years as a result. I say give him a raise by pushing guaranteed money to 2020 and make any other year not guaranteed.
  13. Gonna be hard with his guaranteed contract..
  14. The first pick with out a question needs to be either Corner or WR whoever is BPA
  15. He's an important leader for the defense. Howie needs to bring him back. I'm not on board with giving him top tier safety money but he does deserve a raise.. Out of our ten picks, we need a solid safety in the draft to go behind Rodney and Malcolm