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  1. Fire Jim Schwartz

    Carson was lethal out there but the play calling towards the end held him back
  2. Fire Jim Schwartz

    Honestly I think Carson makes Doug look a lot better than he is.
  3. Fire Jim Schwartz

    a trade for Patrick Peterson looks good right now.... but he won’t start over jalen mills.
  4. A large majority of blame goes to Schwartz but let’s not forget The eagles got the ball back after each of those tds.... at one point Doug calls two screens in a row
  5. has anybody been watching Jordan hicks? I heard he’s improving back to his old self
  6. It's Week 7 fellas! We are almost halfway through the year and we still have a division to win. Do any of you really think Alex Smith has what it takes to keep the Slurskins in the lead?? Does he not know Carson Wentz is playing better than he ever has *knock on wood* *Praise the Lord*. I'll admit, I'm a bit disappointed Howie the Jedi didn't make a move for a RB, but Clement is bound to do more of these type of plays He heard speculation about a potential trade, so he went and told the Howie Rosewalker to trust him.. For Carson's back sake, we hope he's right.. the offense is getting heavy. ANYWAYS. Whatever happened to the Dab? Oh yeah, this happened I'm not sure of many statistics but I do know this one... Cam Newton has a career 58.9% completion rate... that's bad... And I know this... Cam doesn't do well vs Philly *insert 2015 game here* Also, The media doesn't respect us and never will. To them, when we are down they jump on us like a pack of wild dogs but when we are up, we got lucky or the other team didn't execute or they have dysfunction, but Philly and their fans have a mindset like no other team or city. We are the Philadelphia Eagles. No one likes us No one likes us No one likes us We don’t care We’re from Philly, f***ing Philly No one likes us We don’t care No one likes us No one likes us No one likes us We don’t care We’re the Eagles, f***ing Eagles No one likes us We don’t care E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles! We will win this game. we will win this division and we will compete for our REPEAT! ONTO 4-3 TEAM!
  7. The NFC LEast Thread

    Dak forced to take lessons from Wentz https://streamable.com/l8yzl
  8. The NFC LEast Thread

    Let us not be distracted from the fact that despite the blow out win, dak still couldn’t throw 200 yards
  9. The NFC LEast Thread

    Say that to Andrew Luck or Dak prescott in his rookie year or Ben Roethlisberger in his rookie year.
  10. The NFC LEast Thread

    I consider Brady and the patriots also a big rival. to me it was the lesser of the two evils.
  11. Second best.. Gurley is better.