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  1. Gentlemen (maybe ladies too?), here are my thoughts on the Eagles current state: I believe Carson can still be a very good to great quarterback. Even though he is playing terrible this year, he still has those throws where it wows you like a franchise qb's throw should. A lot of things can be attributed to Carson's struggles. The receivers are just not getting open on a consistent basis. Alshon looked like he was running a 5.1 40 and he was getting snaps instead of a once emerging Fulgham. His top slot receiver is a former quarterback who was signed off the practice squad in 2019. His first round pick can't get consistent separation even though he has Tyreek Hill level speed and his best weapon on offense in Miles Sanders is not being used. The offensive line has been playing musical chairs all season long. Mailata has 3 years of football experience and is our starting LT. Brooks was injured before the season started - Howie had plenty of time to find someone to competently replace him but nope.. Lane Johnson's injury was embarrassingly handled to the point where his ankle collapsed which could be career altering. Jason Peters is washed and shouldn't be on a NFL team at his age. The play calling is atrocious game in and game out. How are we not running the ball when your RB is averaging 5.7 yards per rush???? can someone explain that?? How do you settle a nervous QB? you keep the defense honest and use your best weapon against them. Defenses know your O line is hurt and they will spend all day bull rushing them to get to your rattled QB. Carson has been fighting this "he gets injured too much" mantra since the 2017 season - that year his back-up won the Super Bowl. In 2018, he started off well and his back gave out on him, then here comes Nick Foles who wins another playoff game (barely). In 2019, he had a multitude of injuries at the receiver position, but dragged his team to the playoffs and was unfortunately illegally drove head first into the ground by Clowney. So now here he is in 2020 behind the worst o line in the league with receivers he doesn't trust and play calling that works against him and you DRAFT A QB IN THE THE SECOND ROUND to give him even more pressure to perform in one of the most difficult markets to play in in the country. I can't imagine the level of stress Carson is going through. He needs a restart either here or another team (I don't want to ever see that). Doug Pederson should remain coach next season, but the following needs to be done with him. He needs to give up his play calling duties and be forced to hire a competent Offensive coordinator. I'm fine with him making 4th down, goal line, and time restrained judgement decisions but 99% percent of the game, someone else needs to call the plays. Hold his staff and players accountable. None of us know how he is with his players behind closed doors, but he doesn't seem to hold anyone accountable whether they are a player or a coach. He hasn't held someone accountable since the 2016 season where he benched Nelson Agholor to "clear his head". I genuinely think he is afraid to deal with Jim Schwartz and his lack of adjustments. How is he not stepping in when Jim refuses to make adjustments when opposing offenses exposed your game plan? If Nathan Gerry wasn't injured, I guarantee you that he would be starting over TJ Edwards right now. Speaking of Gerry, WHY THE HECK WAS HE COVERING CLAYPOOL vs the Steelers? Doug needs more control of his own personnel. It seems like the person controlling who starts and who doesn't is coming from the front office and ownership. Why can't Doug find the balls to be a man and take control of this team. Howie Roseman needs to be replaced immediately. Fire him mid-season. We all know Howie cap guy, but I'm pretty sure we have all been fooled. I'm positive Howie googles himself especially after the 2017 season to see everyone talking about how intelligent he is and how he is always willing to make a move. Well his moves have gave us the 2nd most expensive roster in the NFL and our record is 3-7-1 Howie has missed on so many draft picks its just redundant to speak of it. JJAW will go down as the worst pick in Eagles history especially when you compare him to who we could've had in DK Metcalf who is seemingly becoming the next Megatron. He let Dallas pick up Ceedee Lamb ONE PICK AHEAD OF HIM and then chose Reagor who was widely recognized as an inferior player to Justin Jefferson who most of us thought we were going to settle with since we didn't get lamb. Dillard still hasn't proven himself and he was a 1st round pick. There is no one from the 2020 or 2019 draft class even contributing enough to mention. Let's name one free agent pick up or one trade that Howie has made that has genuinely bettered our team? I can't think of one. Slay is having an even worse year than his last year with the Lions. Who was our D line pick ups again? Lets just say this, if the Steelers are letting a player go to Free Agency then they are probably doing it for a reason. WHY WERE WE NOT IN ON THE HOPKINS OR DIGGS TRADE?? Josh Allen went from a potential bust to a top 10 QB with Diggs being signed. I'm just sick of HOWIE "I'm an Accountant" Roseman.
  2. Josh McDaniels should consider this job. Stafford is a very good QB and they have excellent offensive pieces.
  3. The line is not 100% at fault but they are mostly. Lines need to have consistency to build chemistry. 10 combinations is ridiculous. Wentz is the most hit qb in the league and he cant get his receivers on the field long enough to build chemistry with them.
  4. Ceedee has better ball skills but i think they are about equal off the line and route running
  5. Eagles fans looking at this thread like 👁️👄👁️ please delete this thread since the eagles took an L not taking either and instead took Reagor.
  6. At this point i feel bad for Carson.. He simply can't trust his protection. He already has concerns about staying injury free. It explains a-lot regarding his performance this year.. there needs to be a complete tear down this offseason with the front office
  7. Eagles need to lose the next 6 games
  8. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/11/27/eagles-lose-lane-johnson-for-season/ LOL this season is such an L
  9. had a good game vs the Giants (1st time) Giants D is middle of the road.. ranked top 15 on fantasy
  10. you know he started out really well in week 1 vs washington.. What if the Washington DL just destroyed this mans confidence. Also, i think Wentz will be fine. Eagles need to become a run team the rest of the season to have Carson settle down. Let Miles be the bell cow and the game will slow down for Carson.
  11. shoot i forgot about the 2016 year. I knew he was there for 2 years.
  12. Doug has to go. Look at David Carr. He was border line bottom 10 qb before gruden came in.. Now he is playing like one of the best Qbs in the league.. Reich left us and Carson has been overall terrible.
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