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  1. NFL News & General Info Thread

    The truly sad thing about this Shady Mccoy debacle is that hes not playing for the Cowboys.
  2. I could see Zach Ertz doing it but Kelce is more likely. Gronk wont play 16 games
  3. The NFC East Thread

    most guys that make it to the NFL from college have carried the load...
  4. Most complete back in NFL history

    3 years into the NFL with one disastrous year on his resume and Gurley is being talked about as the GOAT of running backs? lol, I won't even waste my energy on this, that's how ridiculous of a claim it is.
  5. The NFC East Thread

    I wonder where Carson Wentz will land on the top 100
  6. Top 5 QB's in 5 Years?

    Dak Prescott
  7. for a late pick, the upside is tremendous.. 7th rounders rarely work out, Howie was smart taking a chance on this man.
  8. Goal Line situations he's perfect.
  9. Howie did great again. Picked a player at 49 that would've made sense at 32 AND picked up a 2nd round pick in '19. He added depth in the secondary and drafted a legit top talent in Sweat. In Howie We Trust.
  10. The NFC East Thread

    watch them draft one of the top TEs now... just our luck.
  11. The NFC East Thread

    Great job we have the reigning Super Bowl MVP as his back up!
  12. The NFC East Thread

    hes a qb who doesn't rely completely on his ability to run. He's a pocket passer first and has incredible football IQ and hell of a competitor.
  13. The NFC East Thread

    I don't want to sound unrealistic here but I think the Eagles will be in play for more than one SB this decade... Carson Wentz is going into his third year in the league fresh off an mvp caliber season, Doug Pederson is already talked about as one of the top 5 coaches in the NFL, and our roster is stacked for at least the next three seasons.. This is the Eagles division until one of the lesser teams decide to challenge us.
  14. NFL News & General Info Thread

    The drafts do seem similar definitely. but Mayfield is better than Manziel. Manziel was a partier who didn't care about football. Mayfield is a winner and is taller and has insane accuracy. They should absolutely target a running back and OL next