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  1. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

    guys look.. Jrry is saying Doug created a conspiracy to injure his players lol. youre something else.. go polish your 90s trophy and let us be in peace. Politcs Jerry
  2. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

    take away the regular season and lets just focus on the super bowl.. the game that matters Doug Pederson vs Bill Belichick: 1-0 41-33 Sean McVay vs Bill Belichick: 0-1 3-13 This is all history will remember.
  3. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

    No matter what information is given to you, it goes in one ear and out the other... you are today's politics Jay Ajayi - starting running back, Mike Wallace - deep threat to open the offense, Darren Sproles - swiss army knife, were all injured for most of the year.. Rodney McCleod - starting safety, Jalen Mills, Ronald Darby, Sidney Jones - starting corners all injured most of the year, Timmy Jernigan - starting DT injured for most of they year, Derek Barnett - starting DE injured for most of they year Despite all these injuries Doug Pederson still dragged the team to the final 8... Man he's a terrible coach. The same spot the rams would've been if the refs weren't paid off Despite all the Injuries Carson Wentz still had a great stat line in 11 games 21 TD 3000 yards 7 INT 102.2 passer rating..
  4. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

    top five head coaches Bill Belichick Doug Pederson Andy Reid Sean Payton Matt Nagy
  5. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

    hes certainly not mentioned with the great coaches like Lombardi, Belichick, John Madden, Bill Walsh, Tom Landry, Chuck Noll, Shula or Doug Pederson. Even if he went 1-3 in the Super Bowl, he would be aligned with those guys.
  6. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

    I know who he is obviously, its said more in jest than anything. Also Jerry Jones is in the HOF and his teams haven't done anything since i was 6 so that shows the credibility the HOF has. not putting TO as a first ballot is another credibility knock.. just a bunch of writers who have no athletic ability deciding who gets in.
  7. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

    trolling super hard but its okay im super excited for next season!
  8. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

    Im a huge Peyton Fan but its clear as day that Tom is the GOAT and who? lol if you dont win your name is forgotten especially as a coach.. doesn't matter how many non superbowl games you win.. andy reid wont be remembered in 20 years if he never wins even tho hes one hell of a coach
  9. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

    but it emphasized how important of a game it is.
  10. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

    I would draft Lamar Jackson #1 overall over baker
  11. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

    THE GAME its a a big reason why Peyton Manning is not in the conversation as the goat. He couldn’t win.. who was the coach for the bills team that lost 4 straight?? Exactly
  12. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

    Or maybe McVay never makes it back and pederson wins 3 more
  13. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

    I apologized about woods not cooks or Gurley so no he doesn’t know too much. He’s refusing to acknowledge Gurley rookie year.. guys have sophomore slumps all the time.. also I’m not disputing the fact that McVay can run a offense extremely well, he can but so can doug and he’s faced more adversity doing it and again... beat the evil empire. and even if he helped woods stellar year this year, he was still on the team.. it doesn’t take away from the fact McVay had all this talent on the team and still lost to philly and New England.
  14. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

    Let’s just forget his rookie year. It never happened. Like Wentz 2017 year! Yay this game is fun
  15. Doug Pederson vs Sean McVay

    It’s not just your opinion, 28 others on this site agree with you and only 8 disagree..