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  1. Carson Wentz might not play again in 2018

    If true this is really crappy for philly to do... i just hope carson wentz doesn't demand atrade.
  2. Wentz has had a back issue for weeks and they let him still play? That has to be the riskiest/worst decision in NFL history. A back injury is no joke and shouldn't be played with. But imagine how good Wentz will be next year when fully healthy considering the numbers he put up year playing limited games and injured.
  3. I wouldnt include dallas. They were abused in the 4th quarter on Sunday.
  4. Carson Wentz might not play again in 2018

    I had to gauge interest with this post. lol it's fixed now
  5. Carson Wentz might not play again in 2018

    I think the knee hasn't healed all the way so he is not stepping into his throws and using the torque from his back ..
  6. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/12/12/report-carson-wentz-not-expected-to-play-sunday/ If the OT loss vs the Cowboys was indeed his last game this season then his final numbers would be 69.6% completion rate | 3,074 yards | 7.7 YPA | 21 TD | 7INT | 102.2 passer rating .. Not too shabby for someone dealing with injuries.
  7. this should've been a 40+ point game from philly... how are you not gonna score twice with in five to GL
  8. The NFC LEast Thread

    What makes you say this? Dallas barely escaped with a win the first time around and Dallas is like LA.. its not really home field for them.
  9. I would take Kamara over anyone not named Gurley and Barkley at this point.. the value he adds in the passing game is too much to pass up.
  10. as long as dak is your qb.. we have a chance. good defense tho.
  11. commentators are talking about a player (aaron donald) thats not even playing
  12. agreed.. jon gruden was a clown but his commentary added some entertainment to the worst of games
  13. this is one of the most boring games i've ever watched...