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  1. People continue to bring up Tim Tebow as credit to Josh McDaniels. Tebow never started a single game under McDaniels. People are confusing McDaniels with John Fox. McDaniels did absolutely nothing for Tebow. Tim Tebow won a playoff game with John Fox as the head coach. John Fox's staff did an incredible job switching schemes mid season. Then the broncos made the playoffs that year with Tebow.
  2. Isn't that proving his point? You could not possibly have a worse slide where you missed on three hall of famers. That's super rare. And still look what happened, not a single one of those teams won a super bowl. Or you could look at it a different way. What if Green Bay wins one more game that year and picks #5 overall? They draft Deion Sanders instead of Mandarich. *The only exception in my opinion is if it is for a great QB prospect then lose the game.
  3. I actually just saw a mock draft were he went #1 overall above Tua. Obviously just a mock but still. I barely knew who he was, so it was pretty surprising. He must be having quite the season so far.
  4. Can some please explain this to me? Why in the world would anyone want fluoride free toothpaste? Isn't that the only good thing in toothpaste.
  5. But why? It seems to me it would be most fair if no coaches were allowed to interview until after the super bowl.
  6. Does anybody know why coaches can interview during the playoffs? I know they have to have a bye week but it still doesn't make sense to me. Seems like it is taking away their focus on the current opponent. Why not just have a rule that no one can interview an employed coach until after the super bowl?
  7. I'm not so sure about that. The year before Vance got there the team was 9-7 with Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch. Then last year with the Vikings, Keenum went 11-3 and made it to the NFC championship game. I'm not saying Vance was in the best situation but at best he was below average. He only got 11 wins out them in 2 years. That's pretty bad.
  8. Definitely the play I remember him for most. I can't believe he's lasted this long.
  9. Yes I am. It just started the last few days for me and I've only noticed it on my phone but it's really annoying. It takes me two it three tries just to get to the page I want to read.
  10. I don't think anyone is going to dominate the AFC like it has been the last 15 years. It will be more like the NFC, not just one of three quarterbacks going every year. Jags could definitely be a team that makes the a super bowl though.
  11. I understand the thought process but I think it is a mistake by McVay. If it was an older playoff tested roster sure go ahead and rest some players but it is not. I don't think the Rams want to go into the playoffs with no momentum. Also, if they get the number 4 seed it creates a harder first round match-up. I think the Rams would have a much greater chance of beating Seattle/Atlanta than Carolina (or the Saints). Looking ahead to the divisional round is great but you have to get there first.
  12. Yeah me too. That kneel down by Siemian was a crucial part of the season on the way to a super bowl victory. A change had to be made and you can't go replacing the whole offensive line so the only choice the broncos had was to switch to Brock. I think Brock will start against Phi and NE and then be replaced by Lynch. Lynch needs a couple weeks of practice after getting healthy before they throw him in there. Lynch will finish out the season and then Denver will do whatever they can in the offseason to find a new QB.
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