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  1. There were a few times Sunday that he need x yards to get a first down and he simply couldn't drive the ball on a comeback pass...and his receiver had to run in front of the chains to get the ball.
  2. Money is imaginary. Loomis could easily fix that problem...$8 million this year.....$6 million next year with a voided year. Done.
  3. The Saints somehow have $8 million in cap space after restructuring/extending Demario Davis. With Thomas potentially being out 4-6 weeks with a high ankle sprain (though he hopes to play much sooner), I wonder if the Saints would try to get Robinson to take over that role while Thomas heals up. It's not like the Saints couldn't use him after Thomas gets back...Thomas and Robinson out wide with Sanders in the slot could be a dreadful trio to face.
  4. Saints: Cesar Ruiz- didn't play, hurt. But he'll be starting at RG when he gets back. Zach Baun- didn't play, hurt. He'll likely be a back-up this year unless either Anzalone or Elliss gets hurt...which is almost 100% certain. Adam Trautman- got less than 10 snaps. He may be used more with Michael Thomas hurting, but Taysom Hill will be the Saints #2 TE in most sets. But he has looked really good...very Jason WItten like. I suspect that he can be a game changer in 2021. Tommy Stevens- is on the practice squad. Has been getting most of his work at TE, where he looks pretty capable. I suspect that he could be part of the plans to back up Taysom Hill if he's the starter in 2021. Malcolm Roach- biggest contributor week 1 was an UDFA NT. He was all over the place. Marquez Callaway- didn't play week 1. But with Thomas hurt, look out for him to get some playing time, as he's probably the closest thing the Michael Thomas on the roster and looked good in camp.
  5. This is unbelievable deal for Davis. Less than $10 mil/year for an all-pro LB
  6. I think that the name Marquez Callaway may be learned in short order. He’s actually the direct backup to Thomas. Certainly, Sanders will get more play at X, but I think that Callaway could work himself into that role so that Sanders stays in the slot. Smith and Harris aren’t X receivers. There’s also the chance that Taysom Hill and Trautman get more snaps at second TE.
  7. Sure...whatever you say. When they experience adversity they crumble. They’re weak...including their fans, who immediately get shell shocked the moment something isn’t going right.
  8. It is worth mentioning that the Bucs run defense is legit. It was the best in the NFL last year, I believe. With Brees's arm limitations, if you can stop the run up front, direct your secondary/linebackers to take away the short/intermediate passing game, and have the LBs to run with Kamara...you will have some success slowing the Saints down. The good thing is that the OL should improve and they won't always be facing a defensive front as good as the Bucs.
  9. Most of their raw talent is exactly that...guys who could be good but aren't currently good. The Falcons are still weak up front...and they're mentally weak. 28-3 crushed them.
  10. You’re right...I was clearly not looking at the stats correctly. Allen was horribly inaccurate his first season but he was right below Cam’s CAREER average last year. I’d be pretty surprised in his third season that he doesn’t meet Cams career average.
  11. People talk down his accuracy. He’s been more accurate than Cam Newton through his career...and yet I never heard the Cam Newton’s a bust argument like this. People were wrong...plain and simply. He’s already been too good to be a bust, so just eat your crow and move on with your life (not you...but a more generalizable “you”).
  12. Jalen and Fournette were pretty much POS people. Yan, on the other hand, I really do think that the Jags (and Coughlin) screwed the pooch. He's a guy who they should have found a way to keep around. But I think they were in a bit of a touch situation because Josh Allen is so good that you can't keep him off the field...and are you really going to spend $20 million on a situational 3rd down pass rusher, as Allen has to be the starter. I'd be really surprised if the Jags don't commit to Allen early...he's a good, humble, hard working guy who is supremely talented.
  13. I'm not sure that anyone is going to do more with less than Minshew this season.
  14. By better do you mean more team success/wins or better stats? Brees at this point is a combination of the body/skillset of Chad Pennington with the brain of Peyton Manning. He's incredibly smart and doesn't make mistakes. But he doesn't have the arm talent of Brady at this point. But he also has the significant advantage of being in a well established system with a surrounding cast that he is familiar...and I think that the surrounding cast is more talented. I think that I'd take Brady in dynasty, but in reality you have to go with Brees at this point. Better situation.
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