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  1. It’s reassuring that he’s already show he does do Baalke
  2. How the heck did Khan get so rich? He absolutely sucks and it’s hard to imagine him doing well at anything in business. I’d feel more comfortable with random Joe Jags fan than this bum. The bar is set impossibly low. That is my greatest fear. The Jags get a great coach, a great GM, and great QB but in spite of that suck because of their owners incompetence. I didn’t know that was even possible…but here we are
  3. Lol I can see the similarities (I never seen Ezukanma play)
  4. Not shocking for Saints fans paying attention. It’s been a rough decade. From Bountygate to the numerous horrible playoff loses, to the rules committee and COVID policies jokes…anyone would be burnt out.
  5. I could see it. But I also think that Ryan Nielsen is the prince that was promised and I’d probably go in that direction
  6. Just wait until gambling works it’s way in. That has been the much bigger concern than DUI
  7. Olave isn’t flashy, but I do think you have to appreciate that he was the best of the four elite WR prospects at OSU. So either those other guys are overrated, or perhaps Olave is just an underrated WR prospect. Comparing anyone to Justin Jefferson right now might be ambitious, but why can’t he be as good as Calvin Ridley?
  8. Lol the NFL is so soft. Way worse stuff went down in high school on a regular basis…and it was NO BIG DEAL
  9. It’s just crazy that there may be multiple HOFs, and that doesn’t even consider that Smith might have been the best if it wasn’t for substance abuse and Wilkerson underachieved by most accounts.
  10. Probably this years Saints team with Siemian, Ingram, and Callaway. Not HORRIBLE but with the entire OL on the COVID list, as well as half of the coaches, it was the worst Saints offense since the Billy Joe’s.
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