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  1. Is Alvin Kamara the best Running Back in the NFL?

    LOL at Rams fans...finally after 3 years having a semi-down game to point at.
  2. If the Saints completely flop, what happens?

    Brees will be the Saints starting QB as long as he wants to be. He’ll be back in 6 weeks and we’ll go from there. It is well known that the Saints would have taken Mahomes if he was there and Lattimore was off the board. They have been searching for a Brees contingency fir some time. I don’t think they are desperate for a QB, but they’ll get one if the value is there. The Saints are talented. They have a top 5 OL. The likely have two of the top 10 skilled offensive players in the league. They defense is truly ascending...remember that they haven’t even got back one of their best defensive players in Rankins. The key is that the QB can’t suck...and unfortunately Bridgewater is trending toward suck-town. Paytons not going anywhere. He’s a narcissist and I truly believe he wants to prove that he can win without Brees...and the pieces are there.
  3. Devin Singletary...

    Gore is probably out there because he’s very dependable in pass pro and ball security. Singletary was also a little banged up. But as runners? Not even close...Singletary should get 80% of the carries.
  4. If Brees is Out for the Season/Retires

    I still think we win a fair share of games in spite of not having Brees because the team is pretty talented. Unfortunately we may not be as good as the Falcons now. I suppose we could fight it out for a wildcard. Maybe a 9-7 type of season. Or the team just collapses but we find a way to get 6 wins and still not have a great draft pick.
  5. Sean Payton gets 5 year extension

    After surgery he can. Brees isn’t your normal QB..
  6. How are the refs so awful

    Not the right time to try to minimize the Saints from getting screwed by the refs. This is the third straight game there was s significant moment changing call that went against the Saints and the Saints also probably lost Brees for the year. I honestly want to cuss the putz out as well
  7. Sean Payton gets 5 year extension

    I don’t think that Brees would go out like that. Huge blow though. What a game for the Saints. They get screwed by the refs for the third straight game...then Brees is probably lost for the season. I have a feeling that lots of Saints fans are just going to become indifferent.
  8. Week 2 GDT: Saints (1-0) @ Rams (1-0)

    I’m pretty sure Brees tore his UCL. Probably done for the season unfortunately
  9. Sean Payton gets 5 year extension

    Id be shocked if Brees didn’t just tear his UCL...probably out for season.
  10. Darnold to miss multiple weeks with Mono

    The biggest concern is that your organs such as liver or spleen can increase in size making them prone to rupture. That is why Darnold is out. The Jets cab play this aggressive or conservative. They could get an ultrasound sound at week 2 to check for organomegaly and then get him back on the field with a less likely risk if negative. Or the stay conservative and get him in the field around the 4-6 mark when the organomegaly typically improves or at least should be apparent.
  11. Devin Singletary...

    I’ve already seen enough of Singletary that tells me that he likely won’t bust. He’ll have a role, at minimum. My biggest concern with him entering the league was the lack of involvement in the receiving game. Usually players who aren’t productive in the receiving game aren’t productive for a reason. But in the case of Singletary, clearly his scheme held him back as a receiver. So far I’ve seen more from him than Miles Sanders and Darrell Henderson (which kills me to say because nobody was higher in Henderson than me). But I have him firmly below Montgomery. Not a big Jacobs fan bit you can’t ignore his usage.
  12. Multiple Dolphins Players Request Trades After Loss

    I could see the Saints giving a 1st. Once Rankins/Onyemata gets back, FS/nickel CB becomes the biggest weakness by a country mile. With Brees window closing and very likely late 1st rounder...I could definitely see them as a contender. They don’t gave a 2nd because they traded it to get Erik McCoy (who looks like a future pro bowler).
  13. Are Rivera or Newton in trouble if Panthers miss the playoffs?

    He got quite a few including on the biggest play of the game. It wasn’t enough. We all knew this day was coming. Newton’s key to success was his running ability. Without that threat he looks like a pretty pedestrian passer.
  14. Are Rivera or Newton in trouble if Panthers miss the playoffs?

    As a Saints fan...I hope not