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  1. Maybe he is just noticeably better than anyone else at CB.
  2. But that's not true...because you are paying the player the same amount of money total, only you are paying it later, making it make even more sense if you look at it from an inflation basis. Yes...the Saints own Brees a bunch of money this year and he's not playing, but it's the same amount of money total. As long as you don't get worked up over the fact that it's dead money, then it's really not that big of a deal. It's like buying a car on a 0% loan.
  3. Brees hasn't been very good the past few years. Anyone who doesn't think that Russell Wilson wouldn't be a significant upgrade and put them right in the mix of being the best team in the conference is DELUSIONAL.
  4. LOL I knew that this would be Duke based on the title
  5. When you push your financial responsibilities until next year, without penalty, tomorrow doesn’t necessarily need to come. It only works when players are willing to be flexible with restructuring...and that has been the case for the Saints. If the Saints had a legit shot at Wilson I’m pretty sure every player on the team would do what it takes to get him in the building. The last time the Saints were in this bad cap hell, they signed Jarius Byrd to the highest paid safety contract ever. It was a horrible mistake but the point remains.
  6. The cap is an illusion. Loomis proves this year after year
  7. My point is that the next contract will likely be a 5-6 year contract...and there is no guarantee that you get them longer, especially considering the amount of player movement now days. So the idea of planning to have a QB longer than that is faulty logic in my opinion. And if I'm just trying to get the guy who will help the Saints win over the next 5 years, I'm going Wilson...better and less of a chance of injury.
  8. Watson invites hits by the way he plays, and his frame/injury history is much more concerning than Wilson. There is very little reason for me to think that Wilson won't be an elite QB until at least age 37-38. Unless we are going to resign a guy to a crazy Mahomes like 10 year contract...who cares how someone is doing after 5-6 years anyway...they may not even be on the team at that point.
  9. I’m more confident in Wilson’s ability to stay healthy over the next 5 years than Watson.
  10. The missed season is a HUGE risk. I mean...how many QBs do we see that has one good season in college and then flops the next? It happens. Lance wasn't a polished guy to begin with. I'd be really surprised if he was drafted before the other four guys...and there's even a chance he can go later than Trask or some other random late climbing QB.
  11. So...how many 1st rounders would you be willing to give up for Russell Wilson. A gazillion?
  12. Russ...why are you going to go tease Saints fans like this?
  13. Wait...when did I say that they should get them if they don’t like him?
  14. Nobody intends to draft the wrong QB. Of course the Pats aren’t going to get a QB that they don’t think is a good QB. But at some point you can’t win if you don’t play. They could get lucky and land another QB not drafted in the first round. That’s possible. But more than likely they will get their next franchise QB through a 1st round pick or (less likely) free agency. They are always drafting in the back half of drafts...there is no guarantee that there will be a QB with a grade as good as Jones available in the 2nd half of the first round any time soon. That’s my only point. Assuming Jones
  15. I think Darnold sucks. He was an incredibly overrated college prospect...just like Rosen.
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