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  1. Looks like the Saints gameplanned for a completely different Falcons team. Then Lattimore and Peat got hurt...so the adjustments were just too much to overcome. You have to give it to the Falcons. They played their best game of the season by a country mile. They were prepared and the Saints weren't. They made the most of their opportunities and the Saints didn't. I'm sure that teams will adjust to them once again and they'll go back to their losing ways. I'm also pretty confident that the Saints will figure it out.
  2. Alabama missing the playoffs

    Your argument is quoted. My argument is that Clemson's schedule will (or at least should) be held against them, just like it will (or at least should) be held against Bama...but the big difference being that Bama has a loss on their record when Clemson does not...
  3. Alabama missing the playoffs

    Clemson hasn't lost a game. Bama has. If Clemson had lost a game...certainly Bama would be in before them...but this isn't fantasy land.
  4. Alabama missing the playoffs

    They shouldn't. They don't have any quality wins and they have a loss of their schedule. Are we now going to be letting teams in by reputation? Minnesota's quality of wins have been just as impressive...and they don't have a loss. Not saying that Minnesota should be there...but Bama most definitely shouldn't be there. They should have put together a competent schedule.
  5. Lamar Jackson sucks. I say that because he was awful his first season in the NFL. My mind is made up and nothing is going to change it.
  6. His throwing motion and stance are nearly identical to Brady. Of course it’s difficult to compare anyone to a 6-time Super Bowl winner who is arguably the GOAT. But there are tons of technical similarities.
  7. Raiders S Karl Joseph undergoing MRI on knee; fear it may be serious

    Bad foot injury is almost almost a Lisfranc injury. Right when you think the Raiders pass defense couldn’t get worse...boom
  8. NFL draft 2020

    I honestly haven't seen enough of Bromm to say one way or the other. But I am confident in saying that Burrow has looked much better than him in my limited sample size. I'm not an LSU fan, but he's the QB that I'd want to get. Hopefully people will hold his age along with his only one year of production against him. We've definitely need to move up to get him either way...which may be worth it considering the overall depth/talent of the team.
  9. USMC's "Dirty Dozen" Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Wow. That's all I can say
  10. NFL draft 2020

    This is way too early! But it is nice to get people's opinion about who I should be watching in college to get an idea of the players that the Saints may draft. I might eventually put up a team needs page, but right now I just to know enough to do it. I'd imagine that WR and TE would be definitely be positions we look at next season. Who are some of the mid-to-late 1st to 2nd round prospects at WR and TE that would be good fits?
  11. Is Kyler the most talent rookie to play since Luck?

    I like Kyler Murray. He makes smart decisions with the football. He doesn't have an elite arm, but he has plenty enough arm to be an elite QB. And of course, he has very good mobility. He really does check enough boxes in my opinion. "Most talented" is kind of a difficult descriptor. Does most talent mean their ability in shorts? Because I'd like to believe that playing QB in the NFL at a high level is a talent. Last year, Mayfield was a phenomenal rookie. Recency bias is going to cause people to forget about that...but he really had one of the greatest rookie seasons at QB in NFL history. He was better than Kyler is this year.
  12. The Panthers ST unit was an enormous reason they were in the Super Bowl with Jake Delhomme
  13. Jaguars to start Nick Foles

    The team isn't in the playoff hunt. I read somewhere that they have about a 15% chance of making the playoffs...but in reality, I doubt the odds are even that good. Foles could play well...and if that's the case, that's a good thing. More than likely, the line won't be able to block for Foles and he'll either get hurt or not be very good. We'll enter the offseason with a real discussion of Minshew vs Foles. The best man will win out and start the season. I do think that Minshew has a good chance of being the guy for the future. There's not much of a huge downside to let Minshew back up and learn...like QB's use to do all the time before the past few seasons it seems.
  14. Yeah...that was a bad pick. Kamara is great...but McCaffrey is likely in the best situation in football. He gets unbelievable usage, is in a good run blocking scheme, and is incredibly talented. Kamara should be pretty good the rest of the way...probably a top 5 RB. But he, nor anyone else, is in McCaffrey's class as a fantasy running back this season.