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  1. CB PJ Williams returns to the Saints

    The Saints, unfortunately, don't value the LB very much it seems. It has been a signficant weakness for over a decade...but little changes. A legit FA signing (Davis, Vilma) gets added like once every twenty years. A LB is selected in the first round like once every twenty years (and they picked the wrong one last time in Anthony). I don't think that the LB is particularly strong in this draft. I think that there might be some value there in the late first round...but I'd be very happy with just getting one highly regarded LB. It's easily the Saints biggest need at this point. A WR can be had in rounds 3-5...there are tons of good ones this year. I wouldn't say CB is off the table, but I think that it is likely that an incoming CB will probably be a #4 or #5 CB on our team, even if they are a first rounder.
  2. CB PJ Williams returns to the Saints

    Agreed about Apple. The challenge in the NFL is that you always have to be a step ahead. If you aren't improving, you are getting worse...because the NFL will learn your tendencies. I tend to think that is probably what happens to most of these CBs who have temporary success. Even Lattimore has been figured out to an extent, but he's so talented that he's working from a much higher baseline. I think that Janoris Jenkins gets us stability at the CB that I'm not sure the Saints have EVER had at the CB position before. Even in the days of Greer and Porter...Porter was very inconsistent. This is a very good secondary. I still don't trust Marcus Williams but even in spite of that I think that the Saints have a strong argument of having the best secondary in the NFL.
  3. CB PJ Williams returns to the Saints

    Cheap, versatile, and knows the system. Not a guy you want to rely on, but you could probably do worse with a #4-5 CB.
  4. Saints vs Bucs Fearsome 4-some

    Is Howard even their best TE?
  5. FLOODx's Return Mock 3/23/20

    If we somehow got Jeudy I’d lose it
  6. FLOODx's Return Mock 3/23/20

    Any chance that we could get LB Simmons if he falls outside of the top 8? That seems like it would be slam dunk pick.
  7. Official 2020 WR Thread

    absolutely. He's good...just like a ton of other WR's in this class. Draft prospect Hopkins would have been a mid-to-late 2nd WR prospect in this class.
  8. Favorite to win MVP in 2020?

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been a vote for nobody yet
  9. Are you counting the time the Chinese government was covering up the disease? Arrest physicians who were speaking out? Pardon me for not completely trusting t e Chinese statistics. And not to mention the US has a much lower death rate than China suggesting that detection has been better, resources have been better, our public health strategy has been better, or that our population is younger/healthy (with some combo of the above). We have over 300 million people who live in the US. No...there is not a warehouse with 300 million ventilators collecting dust. That’s the purpose of flattening the curve. I don’t think that there is any evidence to suggest that the US situation is worse than China, and the Chinese incidence has plateaued (again, if believe their stats). Bottomline is that the US most closely resembles the Chinese situation and the Chinese incidence has plateaued. What that actually means is up to personal interpretation and I honestly have no clue whether or not the season will start on time because this is unprecedented.
  10. Who is the better QB: Drew Brees or Jared Goff

    Man...my allergies are really really bad right now. ...another reason why Brees is the man.
  11. Bengals sign S Vonn Bell

    Bell is a really good in the box safety
  12. Who is the better QB: Drew Brees or Jared Goff

    Has a better chance for being locked because the question is ludicrous...which the poll concluded. This is Ram fan vs everyone else
  13. Who will be better? Bucs or Pats?

    The AFC East will still be relative trash compared to the NFC South. That helps
  14. Redskins overpay a 5th rounder for Kyle Allen

    He might be done