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  1. It's not a bad way to start. I'll introduce you to Sanderson's writing style and some of his fantasy concepts, which can be pretty challenging and abstract at times. Just realize that if you don't love Mistborn...that's fine. I like Mistborn, but it is not remotely close to as good as TWOK's in my opinion.
  2. I think the entire BUF backfield is low yield. Allen has already shown he’ll vulture short TD either through the air or ground. With Singletary there it’d take injury for Moss to have relevance…and even then the upside is capped.
  3. https://twitter.com/BaldyNFL/status/1438915075478376448?s=20
  4. The only way UF wins is if Richardson shows that he’s just way better than everyone else on the field ala Vince Young in the NCG against USC.
  5. A 3rd round pick costs next to nothing. They gain little by cutting him. Maybe he gets better…that could happen.
  6. Playing the better player isn’t cute. Williams beat Sermon out for the position. 3rd rounders bust all the time. Sorry about your frustration though
  7. I agree that if it’s those two then i doubt anything comes from his. But the report says “several” which isn’t two. I guess we’ll see.
  8. Per NFL football operations website: (2005) Unnecessarily running, diving into, or throwing the body against a player who should not have reasonably anticipated such contact by an opponent is unnecessary roughness. Previously, the rule only protected a player who is out of the play. (2009) It is an illegal hit on a defenseless receiver if the initial force of the contact by the defender’s helmet, forearm, or shoulder is to the head or neck area of the receiver. (2010) All “defenseless players” are protected from blows to the head delivered by an opponent’s helmet, forearm, or
  9. AOT has announced that part 2 of the final episode is in January, right?
  10. Levi is an amazing character. I think that someone needs to get into the second season to really learn about him. I've known some that don't like AOT...and it's typically 1) people who hate ALL anime/manga, 2) those against violence/intense scenes, 3) contrarians who are find self-worth by being different than the rest of the crowd. But they do exist.
  11. I agree that it is really good...but if someone isn't into it by the end of the second season, I think that someone is just in the minority of people that aren't into it.
  12. If you get through the second season and still aren't interested...it's probably safe to stop.
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