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  1. Offseason Rumor Thread

    People on this forum aren’t learning from Reid’s mistakes...there is a time and place for everything (talking politics anywhere else but on this forum).
  2. Free Agency: Rumors, Visits, Signings, etc

    I don’t think we can go into next year with our current receiving corp. Ideally we’d have a better #2 WR and starting TE. But both WR and TE are deep this year. Not having a 2nd rounder hurts in regard to the TE position because there are going to be lots of 1st type TEs that fall to the 2nd but I’m not sure will slip to the 3rd. I like the idea of using the 1st rounder on BPA (LB, DE, or QB ideally), then trading up for a 2nd rounder to get one of the many good TEs, then land one of the many solid WRs in the mid-rounds.
  3. Saints bring back Okafor

    I don’t want to get too excited, but this is one of the smarter offseasons I have seen. The Saints have been nailing the 2nd tier FA selections. I’m starting to feel more comfortable about the Saints going BPA (though TE/WR looks like a continued need).
  4. Saints bringing P-Rob home on 4 year deal.

    So much for the perceived toxic environment fostered by Payton. This offseason we have had a ton of players return, and others who have considered returning. Payton is rough around the edges and an a-hole...but it looks like the players appreciate him in reflection of their time in New Orleans.
  5. Free Agency: Rumors, Visits, Signings, etc

    Cam Jordan might get 20 sacks if Suh was next to him.
  6. Austin Seferian-Jenkins signs two year deal with Jags

    No state income tax is huge.
  7. Seahawks sign Barkevious Mingo

    They have an affinity for skinny, bust DEs.
  8. Free Agency: Rumors, Visits, Signings, etc

    #1 TE (Fleener is awful and Hill is nothing more than a decent blocker) #2 DE (Until Okafor signs the jack position is vacant) #3 WR (The Saints have already tried to trade for Landry and are in the hunt for Nelson. They have Snead on a non-compensation tender and didn’t even offer Coleman a tender. The Saints have Thomas and an aging Ginn, who’s better suited as a #3.) #4 QB (The time to find a plan for the future is this draft. This is the deepest QB class I can remember.) #5 LB (Even with Davis signing...I think that the position can be upgraded. Lots of very good 1st round LBs this year.) #6 OL depth (the loss of Strief and Kelemete hurt big time. We are very strong but paper thin on the OL.) #7 DT (the Saints could really use another interior lineman for pass rush situations. Davison also could be improved upon.) I expect the WR and DE positions to be addressed in free agency so that they aren’t pressing needs entering the draft. There’s not a single TE available in free agency that would make me shy away from going TE in the draft. I’d be shocked if the Saints don’t get a good TE in this draft. They have to improve on third downs and in the red zone. But after that, I see the Saints going BPA in the positions above.
  9. Free Agency: Rumors, Visits, Signings, etc

    I think that TE is a monumental need. I could also see the Saints going QB round one. I still think that the Saints need youth and speed at LB and DE.
  10. Saints bringing P-Rob home on 4 year deal.

    I think that Decker is probably better for cheaper.
  11. Free Agency: Rumors, Visits, Signings, etc

    I’d get ASJ or Ebron for the right price. At least they have some upside. But any way you spin it...we need to get a great TE in the draft.
  12. 2017 Rookie RB Class

    Honestly, a concern of mine is that Kamara breaks so many tackles that more opponents get hits on him. But he does seem to have a great ability to hit squarely, which works in his favor. As a Saints and Jags fan, I fully expect Kamara to have a longer career than Fournette. Both are a ton of fun to watch in spite about being about as different as two backs can be.
  13. Ndamukong Suh - Hmmmm

    We got Robinson! Still lots of ways to to do
  14. Saints bringing P-Rob home on 4 year deal.

    Very good signing. Now it’s time to beef up the front 7.
  15. Patrick Robinson going back to the Saints

    Very good deal for the Saints. The secondary should be very good next year...now to beat up the front 7.