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  1. Defensive rookie of the year so far?

    I fully expect the Pack to avoid Lattimore. Crawley has played well, but passing at Lattimore is a big risk. The Saints CB depth hasn’t been great, so I could see Cobb having a nice game.
  2. Is the Saints defense legit?

    Cam Jordan and Marshon Lattimore are among the best defensive players in the league. I expect those two to be great indefinitely. Of course it’s imposdible for the Saints defense to keep up their pace from the three prior games, but I think that there is pretty good evidence that the past three games weren’t a fluke. Their defense also dominated the preseason (yes...it’s the preseason...but I think the first two games were probably closer to a fluke). Two huge changes since week 2 is Ken Crawley at CB2 and Craig Robertson at WLB...both have been huge upgrades. The Saints will be getting Delvin Breaux back shortly from injury to help their DB depth.
  3. One way to address the declining TV ratings

    The NFL finds new ways to piss off the fans nearly every week, seemingly. It is a business that’s too big to fail, but the cumulative effect of mismanagement is adding up. Many fans are on the brink of just giving it up, and it gets that much easier with each blunder. There are just better things to do with your precious time.
  4. Defensive rookie of the year so far?

    Remember the fantasy football strategy of picking up the QB of the waiver wires what will be playing the Saints that week? Just about guaranteed to outpace guys like Brees, Brady, and Rodgers from 2012-2016. The reason that strategy sucks now? Marshon Lattimore.
  5. 🏈 Week 3 GDT @ Panthers - Noon CST - Three And Out?

    Hey guys...it's been fun but I'm going to be distancing myself from the NFL. I used the game of football as an escape from this insane world...but those days are over. I just don't enjoy watching the games and can support the product anymore. This has been many years in the making but today kind of broke the camels back. I hope the Saints turn things around and bring you tons of enjoyment.
  6. Sean Payton Hotseat Tracker

    I think the problems with Saints ownership is a much bigger factor than anyone is willing to admit. Benson is probably demented...who knows what Rita's plans are and if she has the backbone to run an NFL franchise. There is zero accountability. Who would want to work for the Saints right now under that dysfunction? The Saints Sports Med job is my dream job, but I wouldn't take it in the franchise's current state. Life's just too short.
  7. Week 2 Overreactions

    Kareem Hunt will have 30 total TDs this season.
  8. Tarek Cohen worth number 1 waiver?

    I pretty much pan-picked up Cohen immediately before the start of the season after seeing what he did in the preseason. I think I'm starting him this week over Crowell and E. Sanders in a PPR league.
  9. Raves takeaways from Week 1

    Cam Jordan looked concussed on that pass he almost intercepted. I'm surprised he wasn't taken off the field and evaluated...I would have evaluated him and I'm pretty sure he would have flunked sideline testing.
  10. David Johnson's wrist X-rays negative; MRI tomorrow

    Absolutely. He will probably be out until week 10...but that can still give you 4 games of elite production, including playoffs
  11. The Saints can't be good at offense and defense at the same time...it's science.
  12. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    0.5 PPR Shepherd vs DAL or Crowder vs PHI
  13. Kareem Hunt - Best Debut since?

    I completely forgot about the game late in the season in 2009. Good call
  14. Saints LS Jon Dorenbos requires heart surgery; career likely over

    The prior Saints docs were probably fired before the trade if you look at the timeline. The new Saints docs probably are responsible for the revelation. And as a side note...the trade should be 100% void.
  15. Kareem Hunt - Best Debut since?

    He didn't really play in the other games...he was essentially a bench player. It was his debut though it was his second season.