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  1. The Jags shouldn't be good this year, even if Lawrence is what we think he will be. Anything that can help change the culture and bring some level of excitement over...I'm all for. If Tebow some how makes the active roster and pitches in with a random tackle or plods for a wildcat QB...it'd be great. The Jags aren't one player away...Tebow is very unlikely to either help or hurt the Jags this year. That's completely beside the point.
  2. People get so caught up on "value". True be told...most drafts may only have 1-3 players that pan out from any given draft class. You don't draft based on the assumption that the guy you can get in the next round can pan out. If you have a high grade on a player...don't get cute. This isn't fantasy football, where you are hoping that the draft will snake around to land your sleeper. Very few of these guys pan out.
  3. Because Urban Meyer thinks that he can help them. He was never a great NFL prospect...but it's undeniable that he had some level of success at UF with Meyer. Tons of these guys are brought in every year...most of them don't pan out. Tebow probably won't...but I'm just curious why you are so against him getting an opportunity.
  4. Exactly. Saying that Tebow doesn't deserve an opportunity while competing through camp is nothing more than haterade.
  5. Tebow was quite good as an option QB with Meyer. His game didn't translate because he sucked at throwing the ball...but as a gadget guy like Taysom Hill...I think he may have some value (though likely not a bunch). But the Jags TE room sucks. So he may have more value than the rest of those guys. True story
  6. "On the decline" is a bit misleading...because Brees on a per game basis was as good as any passer in the league in 2020. The Saints utilizing Hill just as heavily because he was incredibly difficult to account for. Teams would have to gameplan specifically for the Saints 3rd TE...which is a HUGE advantage regarding game planning. I know we all hope that Lawrence is the next greatest thing...but there is the chance that Lawrence is only as good as Brees was in 2020...which is by the way...still very good. I think that some people just don't like Tebow. They don't want anything to do with
  7. But you say this without considering what Hill has brought to the Saints the last few years. Who cares if he takes a few snaps away from Lawrence. Best case scenario and Lawrence is as good as Brees. Having a guy you have to account for in different ways is pretty valuable. I’m saying this as a Saints fan.
  8. Skip and Stephen A during Tebowmania was the first and last good thing on ESPN.
  9. But with that rationale Taysom Hill would have never had an opportunity. How does it hurt bringing a guy in and seeing what he can do?
  10. But do our other TEs have much upside? Tebow at least has experience with Meyers offense and position versatility. If he is a poor mans Taysom Hill...that’s probably good enough for this roster.
  11. We have tons of draft resources next year which is really nice
  12. @Raves What is your thoughts on the OSU LB, if I missed it
  13. I said that I liked TLaw more than Herbert as a prospect. I'm confused. I never said that he'd better than Herbert this year in the NFL.
  14. No commercials. It's something like $9/month for a month, and cheaper the longer you go. It has pretty good content. I wish I would have had it a month ago...I would have been much more efficient with AOT...the commercials on Hulu take a tons of time.
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