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  1. It really is fortunate that the Bucs are pretty poor against the pass because you simply can’t run on them...even without Vea
  2. It’s close and the ball did move forward. I think it’s a fumble but it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s not overturned. Also...the refs instinctively blow the whistle when Brady fumbles. Sorry...just a bitter Jags fan.
  3. The Bucs and Saints are pretty similar in that regard. Teams don’t even bother running against them...mainly because they know they will fail.
  4. Did his arm get hit? Because otherwise that was a horribly underthrown ball.
  5. Hill didn't look phenomenal yesterday, but he was pretty darn good in the 2nd half when he settled down (though he needs to be careful with the backside pursuit, and fumble). And his running ability is definitely good. He's essentially Josh Allen and Cam Newton out there. When it's 3rd-and-1 or 2, that's pretty much a first down. That's INCREDIBLY valuable for moving the chains. If the Saints defense continues to play well and they avoid down and distance...Taysom Hill can have a ton of success in this offense. I don't know if he'd be a great fit for every team...but in his current set of circumstances, he can definitely be a winning starting QB.
  6. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen as many consecutive offensive penalties before.
  7. He’s hurt and essentially getting by with route running right now
  8. They are a really good front...but Rankins isn’t a part of the reason. Davenport, Onyemata, and Malcolm Brown are all much better.
  9. Jags do traditionally play the Steelers well. I’d bet on them to cover..somehow.
  10. He’s incredibly valuable. You don’t have to watch many Saints games to figure that one out.
  11. Then he goes back to being the best utility guy in the league. That’s more than we can say about the majority of bust QBs.
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