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  1. Raheem Mostert

    Good RB in a good system. He’s been better than both Breida and Coleman...whatever that means.
  2. Official 2020 WR Thread

    Nobody white enough
  3. Falcons announce new uniforms for 2020 season

    I hope they can find a way to incorporate the numbers some how
  4. Which conference do you generally prefer watching?

    I do know that the Cowboys in the NFC East is beyond stupid. One of the many reasons why that’s the dumbest conferences.
  5. The (Potential) 2020 Draft RB Class

    They are human beings. Sometimes people value things more than maximizing income.
  6. Which Saints QB?

    He encountered some pretty bad luck with injuries in college that also added to the delays. It’s unfortunate because if he was 27 years old right now instead on 30, I think that the decision may change
  7. Which Saints QB?

    This is yet another Saints topic, and for that I apologize. But it's a decision that will likely have league wide ramifications, so in a way I do think that it is should be a general discussion and not to mention that I'm interested in non-Saints fans opinion on the matter. There is a poll attached. Drew Brees PROs: - A New Orleans legend. He is the heart and soul of the Saints team, was a source a inspiration after Katrina, and was largely responsible for the Saints only Super Bowl and success over the past decade - Very accurate, has set records for completion percentage and continues to be highly efficient - Unbelievable rapport with Michael Thomas, who is among the most important offensive weapons in the NFL - In regards to preparation, very few if any current in the NFL can match Drew Brees. His work ethic is contagious. Locker room leader. CONs: - Will be 41 years old next season - Has also shown drop off in play, including: reduced ability to connect on long passes, increased difficulty with pocket mobility, and will not scramble - Has an injury history including: right labral repair (2005) and right thumb UCL repair (2019) Teddy Bridgewater PROs: - Did a good job in relief of Drew Brees this season, going 5-0 - Very accurate and efficient with his passes, probably the least turnover prone - Good rapport with Michael Thomas - Very good locker room guy, though without the credibility of Drew Brees - Youngest of the three QBs, will be 28 years old next year CONs: - Upside may be limited, as he has not demonstrated to be much of an over-the-top passer - Though he may be more mobile than Brees, he does have limited mobility - Has an injury history including: wrist fracture (2012), concussion (2015), Knee dislocation, complete ACL tear, and other structure knee damage (2016) Taysom Hill PROs: - One of the great football players in NFL, who's versatility may be unmatched in modern football - Electric runner who can outrun defenders to the edge and also bulldoze them to get additional yardage - Strongest arm of the three QBs - Good locker room guy CONs: - Has limited proven ability as a drop back QB, and hasn't been asked to go through multiple reads very often - Has not had to demonstrate touch passes - Will be 31 years old next season - Injury history in college that includes: LCL tear (2012), broken leg (2014), Lisfranc injury (2015), elbow injury (2016)
  8. 2020 FF Consensus Mock Draft [Pick 9 - Jacksonville Jaguars]

    Man...this draft is pretty depressing. The Jags have to find someone able to help them and if they can’t either move up or back
  9. 2020 FF Consensus Mock Draft [Pick 9 - Jacksonville Jaguars]

    Isn’t Simmons pretty much what they have in Jack? The Jags need help in the MIDDLE of their defense whether it’s a DT or ILB. If neither are there...I think I go OL.
  10. Patrick Willis vs Luke Kuechly

    Man that’s tough. Both are definitely among the greatest I’ve ever seen. Right up there with Singletary and Lewis.
  11. Favorite Player Not on Your Team

    Agreed with Ingram. to round out my top 3: Fitzgerald and Wilson.
  12. I'm not so sure about that. Peyton didn't have a rocket arm. He had a solid-to-good arm. I think that Burrow is definitely in the ball park. And his touch on long throws...good gracious, just a thing of beauty.
  13. I think that Burrow is a more athletic and physically gifted QB than Peyton Manning. His arm is at least as strong, and he's a significantly better athlete. I think that you are underrating Burrow as an athlete quite a bit. He's not Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, or Cam Newton, but he certainly can be an Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson type of athlete. And sure he can be just as hard of a worker...Brady and Brees put in just as much time as Peyton put in. I'm sure that Rodgers also puts in lots of work, though I do think that he gets by on ability more. But Burrow certainly looks like he expects greatness. I'd be very surprised if he doesn't enter the NFL and expect to be the best...I'd be very surprised if he doesn't put in the work. As bad of a franchise that the Bengals are...I'd be very surprised if they don't take a significant step forward with Burrow next year. I also wouldn't be surprised if a team pays a hefty price to trade for Burrow...Saints included.
  14. Is Lamar Jackson already better than Atlanta Vick ever was?

    I think that they are probably pretty comparible at this point. I still believe that Vick is more dynamic as an athletic, but his offense really held him back in that regard. Jackson is definitely a more accurate passer. Vick had a much better deep ball. Just like Vick, I'm pretty sure that he'll see a pretty early career peak from Jackson. He should be pretty good for the next 5-7 years, but I wouldn't want anything to do with him by then. I also would expect some regression next year. The league will spend a bunch of time figuring out a way to slow him down. And based on the laws of physics/economics...he has to regress just because this year as so good. But this is a win now type of league, and Jackson should keep the Ravens as contenders over that time frame.