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  1. Its psychological. I don't think he has fallen off a cliff skill wise but its probably gone from an automatic well oiled machine to him having to think about it. The blocked kicks got into his head so he worried about that and then started missing so tried to adjust. So what was essentially an automated process has become much more manual and everything is so much more difficult. It has happened to him before. Its such a technical skill that I guess once its gets slightly out of sync you are in trouble. I'm certain its fixable just whether or not, it can be fixed before playoffs. T
  2. The problem is even if we trade Rodgers and Adams, the cap position still isn't great and we probably have to let some guys go. I really hope we don't trade the two of them and cap kick, it doesn't make sense to take money out of the 2023 team to try and turn a 5-12 season into a 7-10. This scenario (trading them all) looks a lot like Cleveland when they had a bucket load of picks every year but no QB. It doesn't always translate into a good team down the line. If Rodgers wants to stay then you find a way to make it happen. But it probably wont be with Adams. Its worth cap kicking
  3. Re the final point, I do agree with going for it more on 4th down. There's a reasonable case for saying, right guys anything 4th and 5 and less we are going for. Its much harder psychologically to stop teams if you know they are going 4 downs. But you need to kick sometimes and he is going to lose us games if this doesn't get sorted - even extra points look difficult for him. I don't know who else is out there. If it isn't fixed by the playoffs though you have to do something. Kicker isn't a sexy position but it wins or loses you games and going into the playoffs with one of the wo
  4. It depends on whether he has sorted things out. At the moment he is a bad kicker and if he hasn't sorted things out by the playoffs then he's a liability that could lose us the championship. To be honest, at the moment he's the last person I want to see out there. One more short miss and we are in just go for it on 4th down and go for 2 pts.
  5. I know there was a debate about it at the time, but letting Bulaga go seemed as straight forward as it can get. Significant injury record, 3rd contract, career year in a contract season. Pretty much every red flag going. Honestly I would just let every OL go on their 3rd contract. Its all very Rodgers complaining about treating these guys properly but he isn't signing the 15m cheque for a guy in the medical room. Bakh another example, anyone can do do their ACL but its much harder for old guys to recover which has to be a factor. Do everything you can to get guys signed up on their
  6. In an ideal with unlimited resources I agree with you. But in the NFL you have a very limited amount of resource available. You have to assume Jenkins is a competent starter for most of next season. There simply isn't enough money to cover for every eventuality. Sure you want to make sure you have depth and be more cautious with the position but you can't assume you have a hole at LG and sign another starter or you end up with two guys in one place and none somewhere else. Most players who are young enough recover pretty well from an ACL. Maybe Jenkins is an exception and can't play
  7. Incognito needs to stop feeling sorry for himself. Packers have been hit by injuries heavily this season and are 8-3 so of course we aren't done. If we keep losing guys then its going to get harder. But as things stand we are in contention for the number 1 seed with an elite CB to come, hopefully an elite LT to come back, hopefully an elite pass rusher to come back. After Jenkins went down, we moved the ball fine. We lost against the Vikings by penalties. That's pretty much it. And that's with a team decimated with injuries that could be much stronger come the end of the season if gu
  8. Tank year is the wrong words. But if we aren't likely to compete for a Championship we shouldn't kick cap. Doesn't mean you don't try and win and if you hit on rookies you can do very well. But there should be a clean up. As an example, King to name one players costs 5m against the cap next year. So about 2.5% of the 2022 cap is to pay King to play for us in 2021. So you are at a disadvantage to other teams (and this is one example we did this across the board). So next year because you are paying 2021 salaries , you need to restructure more and end up in a bigger hole. Then in 20
  9. Every time you move money around (moving money around is a one way thing buy now pay next year) you create a bigger burden for yourself. Tank year maybe an exaggeration but there will need to be a clean-up at some point. You can't keep pushing money back or you are pushing money back to pay last year. If the cap goes up 40m great everyone else gets 40m extra to spend, we use it all to pay for previous years.
  10. I go the the other way on this. Resources are limited so you put them where they are most useful. And where they are most useful is in competitive seasons. Even if Rodgers leaves, the cap is a major problem next year so any deal for Adams involves borrowing from future years. We aren't competing with Love probably next year so it doesn't make sense to make the 2023 and 2024 teams worse to turn a 5-12 season into a 7-10 in 2021. If we move on from Rodgers then you clean up the cap ready to re-tool no more kicking cap down the road. I don't like 3rd contracts generally. You are p
  11. If Rodgers wants to come back and Packers want him back then its going to get done but its going to be messy. You have to make some sacrifices and there is going to be a tank year down the line. Life is short, who knows what will happen. If Rodgers comes back we are probably a relevant team next year. If he doesn't we probably aren't and we could be dead next time we challenge so just sort something out.
  12. Rodgers two worst games were when he didn't play the week before (Week 1 and last week). Maybe a co-incidence but he's going to have to get on with it.
  13. The facts of the matter are that Nijman did such a good job earlier in the season that people were saying he should stay at LT and Jenkins can move inside. After he went down, the offence moved the ball at will. Yes it makes our OL weaker but you have to get on with it. Can't cry about it and feel sorry for yourself. It is next man up.
  14. Don't feel horrible for Jenkins Its bad luck but he earns an astonishing amount of money for playing football. Yes in isolation, its bad luck but in the grand scheme of things he is incredibly lucky. 99% of people would swap places with him. As a fan, its terrible news as it scuppers our team but I'd happily swap places with him and do his rehab for his salary. Its a business so if we can get him cheap then that's a silver lining I guess. No tears for his future earning potential though - even with the ACL injury he is still likely to get a contract worth far more than most p
  15. I take it you aren't often asked to do motivational speeches ? Maybe Packers need to try and hire you to be motivational speaker for the Rams next week.
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