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  1. Week 14 Atlanta @ Green Bay "I Believe"

    presumably because he can pass block , quite handy when you have a line that can't
  2. Random Packer News & Notes

    I'm no blind lover of TT (I agree 100% it was time for him to go) but we need to stop blaming him for everything - the roster put together by Gute is probably weaker then the vast majority of rosters put together by TT. Whereas TT showed an unhealthy level of loyalty, Gute has gone the other way with an "if in doubt, kick them out" approach which looks equally as unhealthy. The question is whether, there was somewhere in the middle that could have made this team contenders this season ? Or was this year always going to be a write off ?
  3. Week 14 Atlanta @ Green Bay "I Believe"

    I know its loose change relatively speaking but aren't all these IR moves just spunking cash down the toilet ? We have to pay Greene for the season and presumably pay Pankey more money for his promotion and pay someone else to go on the practice squad. What's the point ? Might as well just suit up 6 linemen. Like I said, I know its not much money but there's been a lot of these moves.
  4. This ... another high pick on a CB would make me cry. A cheap FA for depth would be OK
  5. 2019 Draft Discussion

    And regarding Bulaga, no issues keeping him around for another year providing we get his replacement on the roster. In a way, might be ideal way to blood a new RT, Bulaga's constant injuries mean a new guy could benefit from some playing time without having to be the full time starter. On the other hand if we go into the season with Bakh, JAG, Linsley, JAG, Bulaga and more JAGs on the bench then might as well write the season off now and book in Rodgers knee/collarbone/shoulder injury now to see if we get an advance booking discount.
  6. 2019 Draft Discussion

    The problem with keeping Cobb for continuity is numbers. We can't hold 7 receivers every year and we have a stack of young receivers that we like and probably want on the roster. I'm pretty vocal about the fact we should be spending some serious picks on the offense and I'm hoping we draft a legit receiver. Adams, Draft Pick, MVS, ESB, Moore, Kumerow (maybe) - there isn't room for anyone else Same goes with Geronimo for me. If we need vet receiver then happy to bring back players like Cobb and Geronimo. But if we want to stash the projects and we want to roll the dice on drafting another one (which we should) then there isn't room. We don't need more bodies we need more young talent at the position.
  7. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Also ... Teams need to decide whether they want to try and win the draft value game or to try and make your team better. I remember when we had 4 quality receivers - maybe you take away our number 1 guy but can your number 4 corner match up to our number 4 receiver. This was when Rodgers was at his best when he could spread it around. I remember when we had some of the best guards in the NFL and good emerging lineman as backups. We had Finley creating mismatches. Now Adams is pretty much option 1, 2 and 3. The line is filling up with JAGs and banks on what is left of Bulaga's knee holding up - when they get through the JAG lineman that get to Rodgers who is pretty much a walking injury. The backup linemen are probably worse than JAGs. At Tight End, we have the ageing Graham on a bad deal who many want to cut. We have tried to play the draft value game by drafting all these defensive players. The result is the offense is a shadow of what it was. There's no comparison. If we follow the same strategy next year, the offense could seriously fall off what's left of the cliff. I don't care what round we get them in - but getting multiple young talented offensive players onto this team has to be an absolute priority.
  8. Tank or Try and Win Out (4-7-1 Edition)

    I don't have any wild hopes for him whatsoever. However we carried him on the roster all season so they must think he has potential so you might as well give it a go. If it works bingo, if it doesn't we get a better draft pick. I'm under no illusions that players like him Donnerson and co have maybe a 1% chance of turning into something really good. But 1% chances hit occasionally.
  9. Revisiting the Khalil Mack Trade

    What has happened isn't just Aaron - our offense has been getting weaker and weaker since then. QB, OL, WR (massively) and probably TE are all weaker then when Aaron was considered to be at his peak. Outside of QB, our offense just isn't very good and Aaron isn't at the superstar level where he can overcome it. For the strategy in recent years to have worked (basically use every top draft pick on defence) - we really needed to have a genuine top defence who can win games for us with Rodgers playing game manager and our offense doing what it needs to help them out. With that in mind, maybe the answer is we should have done the deal, it depends whether or not Mack would have turned our defence into a genuine top defence. We still had enough quality on offense if the defence was light out. Its impossible to answer because as others have said , he makes everyone else better.
  10. Tank or Try and Win Out (4-7-1 Edition)

    If we give the young guys a go and players like Kizer, MVS , ESB maybe even Moore and Tonyan lead us to a few wins then I'll genuinely be happy. But like you say, wont exactly be in tears if we lose.
  11. Tank or Try and Win Out (4-7-1 Edition)

    Not sure about that but I would play Kizer. We traded for him so we need to give him some chance to develop with game time. If you play Rodgers there is a chance of injury (and not an insignificant chance given he is still carrying a knee injury) and gain nothing. I don't give a crap about Rodgers ego or his stats or anything like that. We paid him a stupid amount of money to play crap now give Kizer a go. I voted to tank although I would go down down the route of resting anyone carrying any injuries and try and coach the remaining players to win the game and see if we can find someone. If someone like Donnerson or Moore or Tonyan emerges we might get something useful out of the games as well as boosting the draft pick.
  12. Agreed ... it was the kind of deal that at the time looked high but we thought that as the cap rises, might look a bargain. Nobody had any idea he would regress this badly. Re Crosby. He is paid like a super-star kicker and has played like a poor kicker. I would be OK with giving him a chance to rebound next year if he takes a pay-cut. 3m is 3m. Salary cap space is the fundamental resource in building a roster and you can't just write it off as what will you spend it on. Re Graham, I would give him one more year but draft a TE fairly high (assuming right guy in right spot blah blah) and plan to offload Graham in a year. He's not worth the money but when you ignore offense entirely in the draft then you have to put up with this kind o contract sometimes. Perry's deal is horrible. Much as I'd be tempted to just cut him to get it out of sight, we may have to just keep it. Probably keep him or Clay. If you can get Clay for a really good team-friendly deal with a small number then maybe I just take the hit and bin Perry otherwise let Clay walk. No point cutting Spriggs - suggesting we cut Linsley or Daniels is frankly silly. Lane Taylor at 2.75m, you might as well keep although I want multiple linemen drafted. Tramon I'm on the fence with - 4.5m looks tempting.
  13. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Agreed in principle - you have to take what the board gives you. If the clear best player is a DL then you take him. Nobody really knows who will be available though and what the front office thinks of them. My post was based on an 'if the right player is there or can be manoeuvred towards'.
  14. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I miss the days of having a stream of quality lineman coming passing through the conveyor belt after being drafted in the 4th or 5th round. We still have TT on the payroll don't we ? Can we leave this up to him, and let him draft a couple again in the 4th and 5th. Definition of insanity is doing same thing and expecting different results. The offense has got worse and old as we have ignored it in the draft and I don't think we can assume that Rodgers can do it by himself any more so I'd be looking for a receiver in the second a tight end in the 3rd. Grab an OLB and a DL with the first rounders an I'd be happy with that. Williams is OK for a number 2 RB. We then need to hit free agency to cover the multiple gaps in the defence.
  15. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.0

    He's had a poor year but you've got to be realistic. I've said numerous times, you can't use all your early draft picks on defence and assume the offense will be elite because of Rodgers. Its an offence that is full of old players or late round/UDFA projects. He's not the Number 1 QB anymore but he can still be a top 5 QB. The Offense needs an injection of talented young players from the draft. There is a lot of money available for FA but we need to be shying away from Wilkerson/Graham type singings. Any big money splashes should be targeted on players on a second contract whose arrow may still be pointing up and whose ligaments are less likely to give way. With a new start, fresh ideas and some more young talent, Rodgers can rebound, if he looks like this next year, I'll be worried.