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  1. Packers Roster Talent?

    Which is fine and I wouldn't disagree with that. But lets not say the offense is full of talent because I don't think it is. And I don't think Rodgers is the superstar make everything right quarterback he once was. Re Spriggs - if he isn't crocked, you are right that we need to see what he can do. If he can't cut it now in year 3 then RT should be priority 1 next off-season whether via draft or FA
  2. Packers Roster Talent?

    That's a nice way of looking at it. An alternative way of looking at is that our O-Line has gradually got worse over the years (barring LT of course). We have replaced our Guards with UDFAs or unwanted free agents. That's not knocking Lane Taylor who is a decent player but he isn't Sitton or a Lang. Bulaga is a good RT but its extremely naïve to expect Bulaga to last a season and when he goes down, the line could look pretty weak indeed. Which isn't ideal when Rodgers clearly cannot take hits any more. With the exception of Adams, all of the receivers and tight ends are either old and in decline or are late round punts that might work out. Allison is dirt cheap and useful depth but isn't going to scare anyone. Running Back is the only position on offense that we can be truly comfortable at currently (well obviously a healthy number 12 and we are comfortable but that's becoming wishful thinking).
  3. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    I just don't think its a particularly good offense any more. The receivers are a combination of ageing players with late round development guys that could pan out. Adams is probably the only peak player in the WR/TE group. The Line has been regressing for a few years and is the usual Bulaga injury away from being in a real mess. I just don't think Rodgers is elite any more - certainly not at the moment with his knee - he's still a very good QB even with the knee he is top 10 minimum but not the sort of player that automatically gives you a prolific offense. With such a heavy draft commitment to the defense, if we are going to be good this year then the defense really should be leading the way.
  4. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    How often do you see the team getting heavily beaten, put up big numbers in the air late on in the game and make what looked like It was going to be a blowout end up much closer ? When Rodgers was elite and we were destroying teams, you saw it happen a lot the other way. Yeah Rodgers played well second half and his numbers look decent but he was rotten first half and we lost the game first half - its on him. Its time to stop making excuses, he was given a 130m deal, time to stop whining and start doing it when he counts and justify his money. His accuracy was bad and he wasn't finding the open man* - this is the NFL, you can't expect your receivers to be a mile open every play. Yes, he is carrying an injury but the odds are, he will play most of the rest of his career with some sort of niggle. If he can't perform carrying this kind of injury then the contract we gave him was a mistake. Enough of this trust garbage, time for him to earn our trust he can perform again. And learn that open man means any open receiver not Adams/Graham with anyone else as a last resort. If you are going to spend most of the time just looking for Adams then you are going to miss the others.
  5. Week 5 GDT - Green Bay (2-1-1) @ Detroit (1-3)

    You are making out that isn't a big thing. When you have to pass and you probably need to pass deep, you have a franchise QB who can no longer absorb hits, having a RB who can pass protect is kind of important. This is just criticism for the sake of criticism - when we were still in a position to run, McC looked like he was going to run with Jones.
  6. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.0

    Rodgers is still a damn good QB but people have to accept he isn't an elite one any more - not at the moment anyway. The loss isn't on him but he isn't what he was and we need to get away from the notion that if we have Rodgers, we will automatically have a top offense.
  7. GDT Week 4 - Bills (1-2) @ Packers (1-1-1)

    Honestly, we don't have the money. This isn't a superbowl team so its not a good idea to spend next year's budget trying to plug holes. If it wasn't for Rodgers, I would be looking for a complete rebuild. But we need another year to get the team ready. Rodgers needs to change his game and serious investment to the O Line both in the draft and free agency or there is no change of him lasting a season. OLB probably needs to be pretty built again from scratch. Some of the expensive players need to go. The problem with ignoring offence in the draft is you need to keep hold of and sign expensive and declining players like Cobb and Graham.
  8. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I've said this before ... We have just given Rodgers the biggest contract in the NFL so we live and die on his play and health. There is no contingency when you put that much money into the QB. Its pretty clear he can't take the hits any more - that's not a criticism, most players are done by his age. He has to be protected as number 1 priority - a decent line is no longer good enough. Most holes you can work around or scheme out of, but if pass rushers are consistently getting to Rodgers, he will get injured again and the season is gone. Bulaga is a good player still but his injury history is terrible and if you are relying on him at 31 to last the season then you deserve everything you get if he goes down and his replacement leads to Rodgers going off in a cart. Outside of Bakhtieri it seems we have gradually been downgrading the O Line every year which has to stop. I'm assuming at this point Spriggs isn't good enough if he is suddenly the new Joe Thomas then great its not an issue in the same way Safety isn't an issue if Whitehead becomes Earl Thomas. All things equal and assume there were players available I would go 1. OT 1. OLB 2. WR (this is assuming Cobb has left and one of the rookies hasn't broken through) 3. Safety And then whatever although we should get back to drafting OL once a year in the 4th or 5th which is where we have built depth. I'd also be looking if possible for a good free agent OG to compete with McCray and hopefully let McCray go back to being a super-backup as well as a decent OLB free agent signing as well. Obviously its all projections - our depth could look completely different come next spring.
  9. Contract years, Cobb vs CMJ.

    Of course, draft priorities aren't sorted yet - Spriggs could come in and be a stud for all we know. The thing is though 1. After giving Rodgers that contract, we live or die by how Rodgers plays 2. Rodgers simply can't take the hits any more. To be honest, whatever we do, I don't think he can last the contract physically, hoping he can get through the year on the pitch and can play through various knocks is going to be the way it is now. But you have to try. 3. The Line is decent enough when everyone is heathy but Bulaga is the RT and its extremely naïve to go into a season expecting him to hold up. Some injuries you can't predict but if you keep relying on him and he goes down for the year and the backup gets Rodgers killed (metaphorically) then you get what you deserve. As things stand, sorting out the O Line is absolute number one priority. It doesn't have to be via draft, it needs to be whatever it needs to be. Personally I would be hoping to take a OT first round and go back to the drafting mid round guards. Whilst Guard isn't a premium position, the fact is our Guards are much weaker than in the past. Combine that with a problem at RT and you are protecting your injury prone franchise QB with a line held together by not very much. This isn't to deny the problems at OLB by the way. I would in an ideal world be hoping to draft someone in the first round and sign a Free Agent. As a minimum. Receiver is anyone's guess. If the rookies don't pan out then that is a priority as well. But we could end up with loads of them who need more game time so who knows.
  10. Why ? What's the problem with a tie. Its also the fairest way to decide standings
  11. Contract years, Cobb vs CMJ.

    Its only one game. Obviously if he plays like this for the rest of the year then you wave goodbye without any offer. If he plays better then I would offer him a one year cheap deal (5m would be pushing it though) as depth. Cobb depends on a lot of things although I wouldn't be offering him a massive deal regardless. His arrow will be pointing downwards at this point and always have to be wary of how someone does in a contract year. There's a lot of stuff we have to address in the draft. People might not like it but OT is absolute number 1 priority. Rodgers can't take hits like he used to do that is clear - an OK line is no longer good enough it has to be elite. You get the O Line sorted first both starters and depth then sort out the rest of the team. OLB desperately needs some draft love. If we don't get lucky and hit on the rookie receivers then an early receiver is needed - you can't neglect offense every year and get away with it. So that's 3 players we might need in the first round so far ....... Saints doing their bit so far though just need them to lose another 15 and we can trade away the 1 overall for loads of first round picks and all sorted.
  12. DeShone Kizer (A Browns fans view)

    Outside of the interception - Kizer looked better at moving the ball than Rodgers did pre-injury. We did absolutely nothing on offense before Kizer came in and if anything he actually gave us a bit of a spark. He's got a way to go but I'm not going to throw him under the bus for one panic brain fart that occurred at a time the team was falling apart and the pass rushers were getting through pretty much every snap. Rodgers couldn't do anything under those circumstances either - I personally wouldn't have traded for him but equally not going to judge him on that either.
  13. Wk 1 postgame: GB 24 • CHI 23

    Definitely, I'm sure he can be a damn good pure pocket passer. He's still going to get hit though and I just don't think his body can withstand it any more. Really hope I'm wrong but it looks like he is probably going to be battling some sort of injury from here on in. O-Line pretty much has to be absolute number 1 priority next offseason whether via free agency or the draft (or preferably both).We will need a reliable starting RT and a RG really. McCray will get you by as a starting guard but protecting Aaron will be upmost priority so will get you by wont really do.
  14. Wk 1 postgame: GB 24 • CHI 23

    Probably not. Suspect he will be back and hobbling through games for most of this season. You've got to be realistic though. Its a young man's game - Aaron isn't young any more and he's picking up significant injuries with some regularity - calf, knee, both collar-bones. Great game but I think the Rodgers super-bowl window is over now. He's going to be a significant injury risk and a doubt to play out the season pretty much every year from here on in. Don't begrudge paying him in the slightest for games like yesterday and the rest but physically he's unlikely to last the contract.
  15. Packers sign LB Korey Toomer

    Can someone remind me of the cap rules around cuts ? I thought anyone on the roster day 1 after cuts got their salary guaranteed. Am I imagining that or is it not day 1 yet ? Surely we wouldn't have guaranteed Waters money and then cut him ? If Kumerow is going to IR - his salary is paid for by Packers isn't he ? Is it really worth it for a minor injury ? Wouldn't it better to have an injury settlement Do we really need all these MLB ? That's 5 now isn't it ? With the option of playing Jones there are well.