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  1. Build Aaron Rodgers' Ideal Pass Catching Corps

    People really are bored aren't they. There's few reasons I would imagine. 1. Playoff games are against better teams so are probably closer. If Rodgers is confident we can win a regular season game without taking undue risks then its inherently sensible to play within yourself to an extent to get the job done without taking major risks. Against better teams in the playoffs then that isn't the case and you have to take more chances. The 49ers interception was a good example - it was a horrible throw but it was looking like every time 49ers got the ball they would get 7 points and take time off the clock. Rodgers probably felt like he had to do something so made a panic throw he wouldn't do normally. 2. Most importantly - the sample size is basically statistically irrelevant and makes it a bit silly to start comparing average interception figures. Can we not talk about fixing the receivers, it really doesn't matter who is better of the two of them even if it is a more sensible debate than reading about Mr. Green's declaration of war against Rodgers.
  2. Build Aaron Rodgers' Ideal Pass Catching Corps

    To be fair, 12 years is a long time. Its pretty natural to fancy a change and if you've seen a cautious QB for a long time then can see why people would fancy watching a different style. Like you say though the novelty of watching Jameis Winston would wear off pretty quickly. Watching a gun-singer style of play sounds fun but when you are playing for draft position by November then its not so great. Best compromise if you want entertainment - adopt Tampa as your second team.
  3. Build Aaron Rodgers' Ideal Pass Catching Corps

    Seriously mate. Your just getting annoying. You've made your point and its just getting irritating reading you continuously whine after whine about how everything is Rodgers fault. Maybe start another thread about how bad he is and then people who want to join in can do so instead of spamming other threads. You probably aren't intentionally trolling but its coming across that way.
  4. The new CBA brings a huge opportunity

    This ... Not sure why anyone would want to eliminate ties. Apart from anything else its a far better tiebreaker for standings than strength of schedule or any of that nonsense.
  5. Build Aaron Rodgers' Ideal Pass Catching Corps

    Not this again. Yes, he had a very bad game. Everybody in the team had a bad game. The run defence made it impossible to win regardless of the QB. Pretty much everyone messed things up all game. Even the Punter was shanking and the Returner muffing. Unless you are going to fire all 53 and the entire staff get over it and move on with your life.
  6. Build Aaron Rodgers' Ideal Pass Catching Corps

    Once more you have missed the point. I'm not saying its OK to ignore open guys, I'm saying 'Rodgers wont throw to rookies' is not a reason to draft receivers because its simply not true. Re the whole ignoring open guys thing. There's a lot in play here. Yes Rodgers does put to much emphasis on finding 'his guys' which he needs to sort out. But its important to remember in a game you have a few seconds to look and make a decision, you can't press pause and scan the pitch, you don't know what he can see and is ignoring especially if receivers aren't where he's expecting. Look I get it, he has run over your cat or something so in your head so you think he is responsible for anything that went wrong with the Packers, world poverty, the crisis in China and Boris Johnson getting elected PM in England. But in the real world, he's an intelligent guy and isn't actively trying to lose believe it or not. There's a lot of stuff that needs working on and sorting out to sort the passing game. Gute needs to do his bit and sort out a receiving group that has been shockingly neglected and Rodgers needs to do his bit, trust the guys come in and build up some chemistry with the group as a whole.
  7. Build Aaron Rodgers' Ideal Pass Catching Corps

    This .. The whole Rodgers doesn't like rookies thing is nonsense. He doesn't like throwing to receivers who aren't very good which has been a bit of a problem last season as most of them weren't very good. I don't have any issues with fixing the receivers in the draft instead of free agency - double dipping relatively early sounds good to me. And spend the FA money on the defence.
  8. TCMD 2020 GB Packer WAR ROOM

    Which is fine. The 1996 team was before my time but the 2010 team also had a very talented offence and Rodgers in his peak. The offence in this mock team looks as things stand like a train wreck. There seems to be a huge reliance on the draft but its unrealistic to expect more than 50% of picks to work out and of those that do , many wont be that effective in the first year. You have to budget for some flops in there.
  9. TCMD 2020 GB Packer WAR ROOM

    Is the goal here to upgrade Running Back ? The issue I see is that years of exclusively drafting defence combined with Rodgers declining skills finally cumulated in the offence falling off a cliff. The offence to me needs serious investment and positive surgery or it is in real trouble. So far, you have traded the only star skill player and Jimmy Graham who for all his faults was one of Rodgers more prominent weapons (to be clear I obviously agree with this trade). The OL still looks a real strength but is a year older and given 4/5s of it are getting on a bit, in reality has to be expected to regress (whether skill or the increased injury chance). As it stands, you would need to hit on multiple picks just to reverse the damage of the Adams trade. Let alone try and fix the problems from last season and hedge against an ageing OL. It would seem like there's too much to do. Not that many draft picks have an instant impact year 1.
  10. TCMD 2020 GB Packer WAR ROOM

    There are ... but its taking a huge risk if you rely on the draft. As others have said, what happens if the draft picks take time to be reliable in protection ? What happens if the guys you want get taken ? Are you going to have to trade up and reach ? If it was different circumstances, it would be more acceptable but I don't think we can just write off a year.
  11. TCMD 2020 GB Packer WAR ROOM

    Honestly ... the AJ trade is the sort of thing a tanking or rebuilding team would do, not the sort of deal that a team chasing a super-bowl with a closing window would do. The team needs Jones, you can't make that deal if you are serious about competing this season.
  12. Why not always trade up in the draft?

    You can look at it another way - between 2013 and 2015 we drafted Datone Jones, Clinton Dix, Randall. If we say the average draft position was 26 (being lazy) , according to the draft value chart that is equal to about 2100 points. A 4th round pick in the middle of the round is worth about 70 points. If we had 30 4th round picks, I'm pretty confident we would get someone better than Datone, Dix or Randall. There's no magic answer. You just have to get it right with the picks you use. Your right, we don't lament the loss of the picks for Clay. But if he was part of the 50% busts then we would. Like I said if there is one player you really want then go get but don't go actively trying to trade up without a specific target.
  13. Why not always trade up in the draft?

    Not disagreeing with your we need more 'queens' concept. At all. But ... "When we had an electric offence in 2011 so many 'queens' Rodgers in his prime, Jordy, Jennings, Bulaga, Wells, Lang, Sitton and Finley These 8 guys were the queens." Of these 8 players, Bulaga and Rodgers were the only players drafted in the first round. The other six were all drafted later so would have been sacrificed by your trade up strategy. You would have traded all these picks probably for maybe a couple of first rounders that may or may not have worked. Additionally, a lot of the 'queens' in the current team were expensive players on expensive contracts. If you don't have the mid round picks, its harder to keep control of your cap and harder to pay for expensive free agents. Trade away all those mid round picks and you may not be able to afford the Smiths. There's a lot of ways to good players. Trade ups should be considered but you have to be very careful before going down that route. Its got to be for a specific player. Trading up to 10 doesn't in itself get you anything. Trading up to 10 to get you a player you desperately want far more than the players likely to be available at your pick is another matter. If you truly believe in a player and believe he should have been long gone then you owe it yourself to have a go (because if you were right and he becomes an all-pro and you didn't make the move then you will be kicking yourself forever). But going into the draft actively looking to trade up where possible would be a mistake.
  14. Why not always trade up in the draft?

    These trades are valued wrongly though. Is Sanders better than the players you get with a 3rd and 4th pick ? Yes probably. But that's isn't the point. You have to pay his salary which is 11m a year. You can use that to sign Bulaga whereas the 3rd and 4th round picks will be on relatively cheap contracts. So you aren't trading Sanders for the players you get from the picks. You are trading Sanders for Bulaga, and a 3rd round pick and a 4th round pick. And this is where the mid draft picks have their value. If (and its a big if) you nail them then you win the salary cap game. For all his faults Martinez was a decent starter - if we could have him back on his rookie contract, I'm sure everyone would run to sign that contract. If you hit on this type of pick that frees up your money to make the free agent splashes. And that's where you get your blue chip players. The goal with the non first rounders isn't to pick pro-bowl players (well it sort of is but ..) its to get your solid roster players that save you money to your stars elsewhere.
  15. Packers Expected to sign Za'Darius Smith

    Hindsight is easy .. It was a huge investment in a defensive player that could have very easily gone wrong. He needed to be a stud this year to justify that contract - fortunately he was so it looks (so far) like Gute nailed it. Think it was reasonable to be a little jittery at the time we signed it.