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  1. I don't think people are going to be convinced until post HOF QBs so its probably not worth trying to convince them. 10 years of mediocre QB and 10 years of watching the playoffs on TV after the season was finished before December and they will probably figure it out. Its grass is always greener when you have had 20 years of elite but expensive QB play then you want something different. When they have had 20 years of mediocre QB its pretty likely they will be desperate to see a good QB no matter how much it costs. I suspect any fans of teams with mediocre QBs will be pretty amused at
  2. Like AG20 said, you need to get the 16m out of your head. Its meaningless. We have to pay 8m of it. The only question is whether he is worth 8m. Sure if you use a Post June designation, you can kick 4m down the road into the 2022 cap but you don't save 12m.
  3. Its difficult to win a super bowl with a bad QB. You can win a championship with an okay QB and a great defence. But likewise you can win a championship with a great QB and an okay defence. Really you want one of the two to be great and the other to be at least OK. Its not easy to get a great defence. It seems like every year (apart from last year), we throw every premium pick at defence, we have invested in expensive free agents, we have churned DCs and still can't crack it. Last year we had a great QB and okay defence and that may have done the trick but for the training ground accide
  4. How many times has the clear cut best pass rush defence in the league won the superbowl - not the number two but best (as a comparison to your point above). Genuine question I don't know. The best defence usually doesn't win either - the Rams were ranked 1 in defence. Like I said, we were maybe a cancelled training session away from the superbowl being Rodgers v Mahones, the two best QBs in the league and probably the best argument for 'the QB is all that matters' there has been. Which obviously would be completely wrong but just the way the year turned out. There are a lot of ways t
  5. Moral of the story is there is lots of way of winning championships A dominant pass rush can win you Championships A dominant passing game can win you Championships A running game powered by the OL can win you Championships We probably beat Tampa if Rodgers isn't harassed all day. The OL probably gives Rodgers more protection if Bakhtieri doesn't do his ACL. Lots of ifs and maybes but maybe if Bakhtieri doesn't do his ACL then Packers play Chiefs in the Superbowl. If that happens then you are looking at the two best QBs in the game playing for the Championship and the n
  6. Suppose it would depend what you get for him. Now would probably be the worst time to trade him value wise - nobody has seen him play in pre-season or real games. All they know (if we did try and trade him) is he couldn't beat out Boyle for QB2 and the team who drafted him wants rid. Even a 2nd sounds unlikely so if you think he can be a good back-up for a few years, there's value in keeping him for that.
  7. Yes but that's with a flat cap of about 200m If you are doing that much restructuring and extending with 200m, what would you do if its down to 180m ? I get it, its a mock and you have to have fun with it but I think a lot of fans seem to think these restructures/extensions are free money. In reality they probably make you less competitive in future seasons. Not sure what I think about the extensions if they happen. Generally I dislike having too many big 3rd contracts, it leaves you with players on the decline, more prone to injury on big contracts that quickly look horrible contrac
  8. All big guys on 3rd contracts are vulnerable to injury. That's just the way life goes in the NFL. Going for Watt would be an interesting move but its obviously very very high risk. Very similar to Bulaga last year. Personally, I'm a bit risk averse. I wouldn't sign any Lineman (on either side of the ball) on a big 3rd (or later) contract barring exceptional circumstances like Bakhtiari (and was wary of that). I wouldn't consider re-signing Linsley and wouldn't go near Watt unless its a hometown giveaway. The window is pretty narrow so no violent objections to them taking the gambl
  9. Good grief that's a lot of kicking the cap down the road. And that's with a flat cap - what would you be doing if the salary cap was down to 180m ? We'd be restructuring the locker room - selling it off to buy pack in 2023. Guess a mock would be boring if it had to have some sense of connection to the real world.
  10. Yes. If you take him for his word, Rodgers wants to play for the Packers for his career and last summer woke him up to the possibility that might not happen. I don't think you can go to league MVP Rodgers with a straight face asking him to take a pay cut whilst Love is waiting in the wings to take his place in 22 or 23. I would guess that from Rodgers perspective, any discussions re any restructure would start with essentially taking the option of moving on from him in the next few years off the table. Its impossible to know what's going in his head but again if you take him for his
  11. Yes, the super bowl showed that there is a limit to what a QB do if being harassed all day. There is a reason pass rushers are also paid the big money. Tampa's pass rush beat us the same way that it beat KC. These games showed the world that Rodgers and Mahones are human which people should've known anyway. Its a bit silly to blame either of them for the respective defeats.
  12. Why do things have to be one extreme or another. Rodgers played well. He was harassed all game by the pass rush and played better than Brady (against us) and Mahones (against Tampa). The stuff 15412 was on about with his time to write books or whatever is laugh out loud nonsense. phenomenal is just as much of an OTT reaction though. The two games (us and the superbowl) showed that QBs are just human though. Its a team game and when your team is out-matched, there's a limit to what one guy can do. With that in mind, maybe you do question whether its worth paying any QB (including Maho
  13. I guess it depends how far you want to plan ahead for. If we make the kind of moves people are suggesting we are going to be looking at having a lot of guys on very big 3rd contracts. These are going to be old (for NFL) players who might be declining, will certainly be more likely to get more injuries and will be carrying heavy dead money if you cut them. This works for having a run at the title in 2021 and maybe 2022 but probably leaves the cap in an almighty mess beyond that. I'm fine with that but.. There's no easy fix here or obvious right answer. These moves make us more co
  14. The cap is a percentage of league revenue, league revenue has crashed so it 'should' be 175m. Like you say there a lot of people who will want it flat. Nobody knows we are all just guessing - if Packers did offer deals to AJ though it suggests it could be at the higher end. Until you hear otherwise you have to assume its going to be 175m which is what it 'should' be. If you have a budget of between 50m and 100m then you aren't going to commit to spending 60m till you know you definitely have it. That should be attitude Packers are taking for the purposes of FA. For the purposes of
  15. Reading this, you have to wonder if we are better off forgetting 2021, let guys go and see how it goes. Extending Rodgers, Adams and Z is very much a win-now move. You take 30m off this year's cap kicking it down the road is going to be brutal for the cap in future years. You will have huge cap hits on ageing veterans and probably taking any possibility of moving with Love in the next few years off the table. Not sure what the answer is. This plan seems to be bad for 2021 and bad for future years as well so its Lose-Lose.
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