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  1. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    Why ? A 7th rounder is a throwaway pick unlikely to make the team - glorified UDFA. If you need a LS then you might as well identify the one you want and make sure you get him. Anything other than a 7th rounder I'd agree. The punter is different - a 5th round is a decent pick (we drafted 2 receivers after him that people are hoping will be the answer at WR) when we didn't need a punter. He pretty much has to be a top 5 punter in the league pretty much immediately to justify that move - if he is then fair doos.
  2. 2018 Expansion Draft - Packers

    In the salary cap era, value for money is more important. King and Jones are good players on rookie deals - any 2nd or 3rd year rookie who looks a good player , would be a priority to protect. Having good players on rookie deals is what makes a roster if you complement with the star vets. Linsley is a good player who I don't want to lose but his contract is pretty high so if he went then you'd have cap room - him and Perry, CM3 and so on would be lower down the priority list.
  3. GM Brian Gutekunst is Having a Nice Rookie Year

    Didn't we used to mock other teams for winning the off-season championship ....... This is so premature its untrue. It could be the worst Packers draft for 10 years and the FA signings might bust. There's a reason why they don't hand out rings for the off-season. On paper, Gute has done a pretty good job of revamping the defence with fresh talent but in terms of youth and in veterans. There's a lot to be positive about in terms of us improving on that side of the ball. For balance though, you have to acknowledge that the offence was neglected in the draft. We did bring in some talent but it is ageing. There has to be a concern that the offense is now dominated by old players and/or late round draft picks.
  4. Random Packer News & Notes

    In 2013, he was at his peak. There was no way you let the best QB in the league in his peak go so everyone was happy to get a deal that didn't leave us destitute. In 2018, he is past his best and declining - we have him under contract for 2 years and possibly 4 at which point he is likely to be in serious decline. Nobody is freaking out but we should have ALL of the leverage here and shouldn't even be entertaining a deal that isn't relatively team friendly.
  5. Random Packer News & Notes

    He could bin the agent. Agree with the rest of this, 4 years is a pretty good approximation of his probable career length. Personally I wouldn't trade him as there's no guarantee we get anything with the picks. I would make the most of those 4 years and let him go with a handshake and a smiley face. Odds seem low to me that he is a top 10 QB after those 4 years. Like others have said, happy to make him the highest paid QB if its a sensible deal. If its not then I think the above is fair. If Rodgers wants to take the business approach to negotiations then its fair for us to do the same. Be nice if after the 4 years, we both acknowledge its business from both sides and there's no hard feelings.
  6. Aaron Rodgers and new contract

    This. If he wants something daft then let his deal run out and franchise him if he is still worth it 2 years down the road. If his demands are sensible then fine let him be the highest paid QB in the league even though its probably unlikely that he will be the best QB for that time given his age and injuries. Any talk of opt-out clauses should see us opt out of the conversation.
  7. Didn't we always get off to a flyer ? And be one of the highest scoring Q1 teams before falling off ? Always thought that maybe we should script more than the first 15 plays - if the scripted plays work better then is there a reason we can't script the whole lot ? Maybe every play we call should have a high success rate ...
  8. The problem for me isn't that receiver is inferior or the line is inferior or that we have no depth at tight end or that any of these positions have been neglected in the draft. As you say, things are cyclical - there is no guarantee you can get the TE you want or the OL you want - some positions will be neglected in the draft. The problem is that most of the areas that are being neglected in the draft are on one side of the ball. The team lives and dies with Rodgers but for 4 years, we have given him virtually nothing in the draft other than late round picks. I think we can probably get by patching the offense this season and still have a top offense. The bigger concern is in a couple of years. You draft for a few years down the line and the level of young talent on offense in a few years could be truly desperate unless the late-rounders hit - combine that with an ageing Rodgers and the offense could fall off a cliff. You can end up chasing your tail here - defense is bad so pump all your draft capital into defense (and it pretty much is all your draft capital- the late rounders wont make much of a dent in the value chart) until you fix it and by then you have holes all over your offense - do you then use all your draft capital on offense ? For me, you need a bit of balance. One year drafting defense is fine but 4 years is too much.
  9. 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

    These are all re-signs which is precisely my point. We have invested virtually nothing on offense in the draft in the current draft generation (4 years). So the offense is either ageing or is a late round/UDFA. Obviously at this point, its guessing who works out as things stand, I would use 3 of my 4 picks in the first two days on RT, WR, TE with the 4th on OLB (in no particular order and again assuming the right player is available). We need a proper replacement for Bulaga. Murphy will probably do at RT and McCray will probably do at RG just like Taylor is OK at LG but do you want an Offensive Line comprised purely of 'will probably do' guys when you expect your 35 year old QB to win you games ? Obviously if a couple of the receivers look the real deal in game time and someone emerges as a quality RT (as opposed to a 'he will do) then it changes things.
  10. 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

    When did we hit offense too hard ? A draft lasts 4 years after that, players are free agents and veterans. Over the last 4 years, we have used 2/12 picks on offense. One of these looks like a bust in Spriggs and the other (Monty) doesn't have an obvious role and is struggling with injuries. The result is pretty much our entire offense is made up of ageing veterans and late round picks/UDFAs that we could get lucky with. The Receivers are entirely dependent on Adams who had two concussions last year. After that, its pretty much cross your fingers and hope that one of the receivers we drafted after a punter comes good. Tight Ends, we have Graham who could look a very bad contract next year and pretty much nothing. On the O Line, the best we can probably hope for is that we might be able to get by if we don't have too many injuries. Don't get me wrong - I get why we have drafted like we have and it makes sense when you get a new DC, to get him the players we want. But the offense looks in danger of falling off a cliff. You tend to get the benefit of a draft a few years down the line so in a few years the impact of drafting exclusively defence for years combined with Rodgers being a few years older could be a serious problem.
  11. 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

    I don't have any issues with drafting Defense in the first majority. The problem for me is that in the last 4 years which is the general lifetime of a draft class 10/12 draft picks in the first two days have been defense. Its not just the first round, virtually all of our decent picks have been on defense. The result is that the offense is ageing and low on talent. Running Back is the only position that looks relatively healthy because we connected on a few late round picks. I'm a bit worried that there's an assumption that if Rodgers plays, he can do it all by himself and we will automatically have a top offense. But he will turn 35 next season, has started to pick up injuries and his numbers have regressed. I used to be a bit critical of his whining, but Rodgers has got a pretty good case for ask for anything contract wise when our GMs have pumped virtually all draft resource into the defense and left it up to Rodgers to hold the offense together.
  12. Do we overuse the phrase "Could have drafted him later" ?

    100% If you want the player more than anyone else draft him now regardless of what anyone says. If Mayfield becomes a hall of fame QB and you lost him because you got clever thinking you could get him at 4 then you will regret it for eternity. Same with any other pick. Back your own judgement or you shouldn't be a GM. There's no such thing as 'value' in the draft. If you draft a really good player in the 3rd round that the experts thought would go in the 7th round then then let the experts play with their little graphics showing why other teams got great value with their 3rd round career backup QB who was projected to go at the end of the 1st whilst your poor value 3rd rounder wins you games.
  13. Out with the slow in with the new

    People need to remember that we had a decent punter and picked another one before 2 of these 3 WR draft picks. Moving away from the whole 'should we use a 5th rounder on a punter' debate, this shows that these aren't players that the Packers are counting on. It screams of have a swing and hope for the best. If one of the three makes a significant contribution and a second makes the team then it will be a success. Realistically though, there's a decent chance we have to take a receiver early next year.
  14. Good thing about this trade, is we get to care about 2 games each week next season. The Packers game and then root for whoever plays the Saints. Bit more value for my Game Pass. Good work Gute
  15. 7th Round Pick (239th Overall): A Long Snapper

    7th rounders are throwaway, you've pretty much got as much chance with an UDFA as you have a 7th rounder. If you want a snapper, no harm in taking one here. Its the Punter that's annoying. 5th rounders are proper picks - we have had decent lineman there in the past. We had a pro-bowl alternate punter, if you want another one then throw a 7th at it