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  1. draft pick

    That wasn't the point ... would be great to have Brown. The point was that people are comparing Brown to the second round pick and saying Brown is better than whoever we draft. But they should be comparing Brown to the second round pick and 10m worth of free agents. That is the proper comparison. And if he wants a new contract then you adjust calculation. I completely take the point - having Brown would be great but the overall package is a lot more than who we draft with the pick. Personally I'm wary of throwing picks and massive contracts at a 30+ player whose contract could easily look very bad quickly.
  2. 2019 Draft Discussion

    How easy is it to trade for a pick next year ? Not many deals get done but is it because there are no offers or no takers ? Obviously GMs don't want to lose a pick to gain one next year when they may not have a job then. Ideally you want to get a conveyor belt going .. Year 1: trade your 7th for a 6th next year Year 2: trade your 7th for a 6th next year and your extra 6th for a 5th next year Year 3: trade your 7th for a 6th next year and your extra 6th for a 5th next year and your extra 5th for a 4th next year And so on ... net result you have an extra first rounder every year.
  3. draft pick

    That's the point. How much does a second round pick cost to sign ? 2m ? You aren't swapping Brown for a Spriggs or an Adams or anyone else on that list. You are swapping Brown for the second round pick AND a 10m Free Agent. Maybe you use that 10m to sign Kenny Clark down the line. You are swapping Brown for keeping Kenny Clark AND drafting an Adams, Spriggs or Cobb (hopefully the former )
  4. Backup QB's

    Our offence is mediocre with Rodgers and very bad without him. I sort of get (but strongly disagree with) the argument that if you have Rodgers , you can ignore the offence in the draft and have Aaron turn the late rounders into good players. But if you go down that route then you basically have nothing when he goes down. Investing a lot in a backup QB to be a backup QB is pretty much a waste of resources. You have traded for Kizer so at this point might as well work with them and try and develop them. Throwing resources at a backup QB may turn 30-0 defeats into 30-14 defeats but isn't going to improve our chances of doing much next season. The only reason to draft a QB early is if you are seriously looking at him to succeed Rodgers. I would say its probably a year early for that.
  5. Second Round WR - It’s Time

    I think this summarises the situation nicely ... People arrogantly assume that because we have Rodgers, the offense will automatically be elite and you can use all your draft resources on defence. That simply isn't the case. Even when Rodgers was at his peak, we surrounded him with top weapons. Now, he isn't at his peak - he is regressing and limited physically and we are surrounding him with late round projects and a patchwork OL held together by UDFAs and what is left of Bulaga's knee. Surely its logical to look at these factors and acknowledge the offence is going one way and its not up. We have totally lost our identity now. We don't have an elite offense, we don't have a feared passing game. We have a reasonable offence in decline and we don't have a Grade A defence to compensate. I don't care about the Patriots. They are a different team, a different franchise, a different situation.I care about the Packers and what I have seen is : We have drafted exclusively defence in the early rounds Our offense is going down the drain Yes we have added stacks of late round picks to the offense. If using your late round picks constitutes investing in your offense, lets flip it round and use all our Day 1 and Day 2 picks on offense and all of our day 3 picks on defence. I think that would make it 4 picks on offense and 6 on defence which sounds like pretty good investment in the defence.
  6. Second Round WR - It’s Time

    I'm not dismissing MVS or EQS, they are talented and could well turn out to be stars. But at the moment its a bit of a punt. I think the whole 'we have to draft WR in round 2' is as silly as 'we can't draft WR in round 2'. My take is pretty simple When we surrounded Rodgers with weapons, used good draft pick on receivers and invested regular picks on OL then we had an elite offense that teams would be afraid of When we ignored offense in the draft and relied on late round picks, UDFAs and regressing old guys at TE and filled the OL element of the roster with street free agents and UDFAs then our offense declined badly - not just numbers wise, just watching the games you could see unit by unit, the players weren't very good To justify the draft strategy, we basically had to have an elite defence. We are now in a position where we have screwed up the offense and the defence still isn't fixed - people still want our premium picks spent on defence. People can talk about draft value till they are blue in the face, I don't care about whether a receiver is 'worth' a first round pick it doesn't matter. What I do carry about is that drafting exclusively defence has failed. It has ruined the offense and left us with a nothing team with no identity anymore. I don't want us to prioritise drafting a receiver in the first round. I want us to draft the best player available for us. And by best player I mean best player not best defensive player. We need to take the rule book that says you must take a XYZ in the first/second round and shove it where it belongs which is up Tom Brady's backside (with the possible exception of kicker or punter which I guess probably shouldn't be drafted in the 1st). Sure if the standout player is OLB then take him. But if the standout player is a receiver or a tight end then take him because we desperately need more young offensive playmakers and we desperately need quality depth on the line. Yeah drafting a receiver in round one might not work out and might not produce in year 1. Same goes to DL, OLB, MLB, CB, S. We should know that better than anyone given how many picks we have blown on defence.
  7. Evaluating Gutenkunst's first year

    No. You should draft the best players and fill the gaps with free agents. However when you insist on using every single decent draft pick on defence then what you are left with isn't gaps its a chasm. When you completely and utterly ignore a position then you are pretty much forced into bad contracts like Graham. We haven't bothered with Tight End (because its not defence) so there is zero depth, sack all in the way of youth (unless you are banking on Tonyan) so pretty much the only thing left open to you is put up with the bad contracts. Lets be clear. The strategy in recent years hasn't been to draft the best player, its been to draft the best defensive player and arrogantly assume that because you have Aaron the offense will be lights out.
  8. Evaluating Gutenkunst's first year

    That was exactly my point. I said its impossible to grade a GM in the first year because most of his moves are for a few years down the line. If you absolutely have to put a grade out then the only tangible evidence to what he has done is the 2018 team. Which was bad. So if you have to grade him then he has been poor. That would be incredibly harsh but nobody can justify saying he has done a good job until he puts together a roster that makes the playoffs.
  9. Vegas Too Early Mock

    Yeah, I just down want to see us paying big money on ageing players who are or regressing or might be about to. Save the big money for guys on a second contract. Thomas is going to be 30 and has had a couple of bad injuries. This has got potential for going south all over it. We've had enough problems with injuries over the last few seasons to be warned off spending loads on 30+ players who have spent 2 of the last 3 seasons on IR
  10. Evaluating Gutenkunst's first year

    To counter that ... yet again nothing whatsoever in the way of draft capital spent on TE. Trying to plug in an overpaid regressing vet to get by for a few years is fine if you have some degree of succession planning. But there is none so if we cut Graham , you have to do the same again with another vet. Same thing is starting to happen with OL and will do at WR unless we get very lucky with the late rounders.
  11. Evaluating Gutenkunst's first year

    The problem for Gute is all the moves are purely for the purposes of compiling a strong roster and the 2018 roster was probably the weakest roster for as long as I can remember. So you have to say so far he has failed and you have to be looking at a D or an E. This is why its impossible to put any grades out because a lot of the moves are long-term and you can't really see whether or not they are going to work until down the line. It may be we win the super-bowl in 2 years because of the moves he made in 2018 in which case you say his first year was an A++. Until then all you can go by really is that its probably the weakest Packers side for a long time under his watch.
  12. 2019 GB TEAM Needs

    My priorities would be, not necessarily draft order (if a bunch of 5th rounders fix the OL then great whatever works) 1. O Line Its pretty simple. We have a small fortune invested in Rodgers who has shown he can no longer take a hit. You can scheme around some things but if the pash rushers get to Rodgers then the season is going to end pretty quickly regardless of what you do with defence. We have a stud LT and a very good C. Realistically you can't bank on Bulaga surviving the season so what's left is a bit of a train wreck. We need starters and depth. We need to go back to drafting O Line every year. Sorting the Line is a priority. 2. OLB Self-explanatory 3. TE You can talk about draft value till you blue in the face but that isn't going to help you win games. You need to be drafting offensive skill players in the first 2 days every year or your guys are going to be worse than the players they are playing against or you have to put up with bad contracts on regressing players (Graham). I would draft TE or WR early this year if the right player is available. TE seems best bet at the moment. 4. Safety I'd rather address this in free agency instead of throwing draft pick after draft pick at the secondary. 5. DL If BPA says someone can't be passed then go ahead but all things being equal there should be higher priorities. 6. WR I want a young talented skill player drafted early. Would prefer TE but this would be my second choice. If we get a TE early then happy to give the current young guys a chance to develop. 7. CB Definition of insanity is doing same thing and expecting different results. We have thrown a crazy amount of picks at the position , still not fixed it and ruined the offense. No more. Try and use what you have now. 8. RB Happy with current players. If someone falls then OK. 9. K Crosby is paid too much. Draft someone in the 7th round to try and beat him out. 10. ILB No thanks.
  13. Divisional Playoff Round

    Well according to the draft chart, the difference is about 70 points or about the same as the pick we got for Ha Ha. Its funny how people think it makes no difference but were made up that we were able to get a decent pick from Washington. May be able to trade the difference for a 4th. I'm rooting for Eagles.
  14. DL Talk

    It may be a sneaky need for 2020 but we have serious and immediate needs for OL, OLB, SAF, TE and young offensive playmakers in general. So its a long way down the list for me. Agree with the BPA thing. If a DL is the clear BPA which may be the case in this draft then take him. If DL is graded similar to the other position then I take the other position.
  15. Yes. To add to that Kizer would have had a better chance to do something if he got starter reps in practice and actually got to play with the team's only decent receiver (Adams) last week. We were supposed to be interested in drafting him in the first round last year and we traded for him so we have to give him a shot, it doesn't make sense not to before we give up on him like people suggest. Lets face facts, Rodgers is on his last legs. Two bust collar bones, dodgy knee, dodgy groin last week, calf problems in the past and now the concussions are adding up. Not only was it asking for trouble putting him out there the last 2 weeks but we also need a proper evaluation of Kizer because we are probably going to need to think about drafting Rodgers successor in the next couple of years if isn't going to be him. In both games he played, Kizer was moving the ball better than Rodgers - today we didn't have a first down until Rodgers went down. I don't think Kizer is the answer by any means but at some point you are going to have to give him a shot properly. These two weeks were an ideal opportunity which we flushed down the toilet.