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  1. So with Merulo, I know there is some sort of sportsbook connection. As in he has ties to casinos/gambling type business there. I think if anything he'd sell before moving the team. He stands to gain a ton from trying to make it work. Apart from that, I think Houston is a potential market. Dallas would be up in arms, but another Texas team makes sense. I wonder if they give Atlanta another shot. They are a southern team and that market still has potential. Quebec will get the ra ra type support but I don't think they have the media market to make it work. Honestly though
  2. Man Colorado better hope they can keep Kuemper healthy. The guy has quite a list of injuries and that is a pretty big package to give up for a guy who is a.) a year from UFA and b.) gets injured on a yearly basis.
  3. I don't mind Foegele either, but man that D is worse for next season. With regards to Foegele, I wonder if Nuge is going to play 3C for us. He's got size and good along the boards, along with Hyman gives us some nice ability on the left wing and in front of the net and along the boards. Hyman-McDavid-Pulju Foegele-Draisaitl-Yams BLANK-Nuge-Kassian BLANK-McLeod-Archie Depending on the last two blanks, it could make our forward group pretty deep and nicely well rounded. The D however, is another story. Barrie's deal was fair. I hate him however. The guy is all
  4. Knowing Ken Holland it'll cost you a bottom sixer and a mid round pick.
  5. Ken Holland can go suck it. He's going to trade Bear too.
  6. There is no way. That's a trash return for the biggest trade chip on the market.
  7. JoMo-Schmidt Dillon-Pionk Stanley/Heinola-DeMelo Bloody hell that's a D.
  8. While probably an overpay by the Jets, I don't hate it for them. JoMo-DeMelo Dillon-Pionk A pretty solid top-4. Then they've got Stanley, Heniola and some combo to Beaulieu as their bottom pairing. That's a solid D in front of Helle.
  9. No way Buffalo lets that happen. IIRC he has a NMC that kicks in next summer. Unless they are completely oblivious to the Hall situation, they'll move him this summer.
  10. Currently seeing if I can frame James Neal, Koskinen and Kassian for crimes so Montreal can have interest in them.
  11. Just kidding seems to be fake
  12. He's decent. He doesn't know in depth about all teams, so a lot of fans will complain that he's not bullish enough on certain players, but overall he's pretty fair. I'll say his takes are pretty level headed for the most part.
  13. So if you guys do get him, what does it do for your timeline? I'm sure it means you're moving into competing, but when, if any, does a cap crunch happen in terms of paying your young talent?
  14. I read somewhere you guys and him have a contract basically in place. 9Mx7 years I believe it was. Massive get for you guys.
  15. So uhhh why did Jarmo do this? I like it from the Flyer's perspective but this seems odd from CBJ's POV
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