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  1. "To be the best, you have to beat the best. A phrase we've all often heard while growing up. Thus far for the Saints, we've had no problem. Beating division contenders in the NFC and AFC alike. Next up on the menu is the reigning Super Bowl champs. Injury bug: https://www.philadelphiaeagles.com/team/injury-report/ After initially seeing the Eagles will be without all 3 starting CBs, it seems Sidney Jones practiced on Thursday fully, so looks like he'll play. They will be without Darby, Mills and Sproles. Lane Johnson and Holati Ngata were limited, indicating we'll see them Sunday. For the good guys, I think we will miss Davenport and Armstead. Both big misses, but something we can hopefully weather. Underrated Saint: This week I wanna give a shout out to our Thor-haired LBer, Alex "My name is not a title of a porno" Anzalone. Started out the year playing timid, but as the season has progressed, he's become the LBer we've needed in the WLB for a while. He's smart, fast and good in coverage. His improvement in coverage has also coincided with our defensive fortitude. Apple has had a hand, but AA taking away anything short has really helped us shut down offenses. One of AA's biggest improvements is learning how to use his speed. He's learnt that he can't overpower or go through opponents like Demario Davis can, however he can get by them using timing and speed. A perfect example of that is his sack against Dalton. He's really grown and filled a hole on this team that we've had a while. Coaches corner: In terms of our game plan, the Eagles rank 12th in giving up sacks, 3rd in giving up QB hits and 23rd in Rush yards/carry. Defensively if we can shut down the run and get them into 3rd and long situations, our pass rush might be able to do some damage. With the offense, I think a short passing game could do some damage. Look for a heavy dosage of Kamara, TEs (Watson and Hill) and Michael Thomas with quick passes. Geaux Saints!
  2. I've said it once, and I'll say it again, Ryan Nielsen has been among the best hires we've had on the coaching side in a long time. The improvement we've seen out of almost every D-linemen and the unit as a whole has been really impressive. Rankins deserves a ton of credit too. He's developing into a DT that is constantly forcing pressure and is a factor in the run game.
  3. Well here we are in week 10. 7 game winning streak, knocking off 2 NFC contenders and life is good. This week we visit Cincinnati. A textbook example of a trap game. This is a team with a capable QB and a good team throughout. If we aren't careful, it could bite us in the butt. Dez: Big news of the week was of course signing WR Dez Bryant. Unfortunately according to reports he will sit out sunday's game. The coaches want him off that Kelvin Benjamin diet and in game shape, they also want more than 2 practices to get offensive chemistry. Injury: I'm gonna use the link @tyler735 posted for the Bengals: Green, Burfict, Vigil, Malone, Kroft and Dennard ruled out. That's a lot of talent. As for us, our entire O-line + PJ Williams + Davenport were listed. Everyone minus Davenport was Limited through Friday. Chances are it is a veteran rest day. Davenport will most likely miss this game. Underrated player for the Saints: I thought I'd do a little shout out every week for the Saints. Someone who doesn't get the weekly "Well here's a guy" treatment. This week it's DT Sheldon Rankins. The guy came in with us having PTSD issues from Sedrick Ellis. Unlike Ellis, Rankins has shown improvement to the point where he is making splash plays weekly. Case in point: While overall the D has been very much 'bend but not break', Rankins and the rest of the D-line have been a highlight. Consistently stopping the run (Best run D in the NFL) and also getting pressure. This D overall isn't dissimilar to the Gregg Williams' D. Get pressure and stop the run, force offenses to throw and turn over the ball. If we held onto more dropped INTs, I'm sure we'd be ranked higher. Rankins has done his part more than well, and he's finally developing into the DT we've wanted for a long time. Gameplan: As for the game plan this week. The Bengals rank 26th against the run, giving up 128 yard/g on the ground. With Bryant sitting this out, Meredith on IR, I suspect we'll see a very healthy dose of Kamara/Ingram/Hill and just controlling the football. On offense the Bengals are ranked 7th in sacks given up, 2nd in QB hits, and rank 13th on yards/carry. This is a formidable offense, missing AJ Green will suck but they can still put up points. I suspect we'll stop the run, establish our run game, and control the football.
  4. Cameron Meredith placed on IR

    Can't say this isn't disappointing. I had hopes he'd be a decent slot WR, but he's really been invisible. I think there is a decent chance he isn't a Saint next year either.
  5. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

  6. Dez Bryant - coming out to workout

    He's really at the end of the line here. He's got a fairly decent chance to be a #2 on superbowl contender and get a bigger/better contract next season. If he becomes a distraction or wants too much money, I'm confident the Saints will move on. We're averaging 35 ppg, we're not dying out there without him. EDIT: Post on Reddit says he'll be announced tomorrow.
  7. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    So what happens if Zaidi gets indicted in the FBI investigation?
  8. Week 9 GDT: Rams (8-0) vs. Saints (6-1)

    The good: - The offense....holy moly. I believer in the past 4 games (Rams, Vikings, Ravens and Redskins), we've fairly easily rolled through 4 top 10 D's. Brees, Kamara and Thomas are near unstoppable. - This O-line kept Brees upright and fairly clean all night. Easily among the best we've had in NOLA for a looong time. - Run D: Best in the NFL., held the best runner in the NFL to under 100 yards. It's legit. - Ben Watson: What a beast. At his age, contributing to all phases of the game. Love him. - Anzalone: He's had a tough start of the season, playing timid. But as the season has continued, he has really come into his own. Today he was dropping into coverage and attacking holes really well. He's really coming into his own. Could be huge down the stretch for us. The bad: - DA: I hate to moan about the man in a win, but his play calling is driving me nuts. The deep zone prevent calls totally suck. Very rarely do they work until the opposition is in our half but en route give them large yards. Bend but doesn't break D doesn't inspire too much confidence in the playoffs. - Dropped INT: In the past 3 games, I've got 5 INTs we've dropped with balls in our DBs hands. Today was Apple's turn. These are killer in the playoffs, hopefully we hold on to them as the season goes by.
  9. Week 9 GDT: Rams (8-0) vs. Saints (6-1)

    I'm going on Sacks given up, but I'll digress in saying it might not be the best metric.
  10. Well here we are. A potential NFC championship game preview in week 9 of the NFL season. Visiting us are the LA Rams. They're an OK team. Lets look at some stats: Offense: Yds/G (2nd) Pts/G (3rd) Sacks given up (17th...higher the better, we're 32nd for example) QB hits (24th) Rush avg (5th) Defense: Yds/G (5th) Pts/G (6th) Sacks (8th) Simply put this is a dominant team on both sides of the ball. All about the Pass Rush: - For the Saints the pass rushing news wasn't good. Daddyport is probably out for around a month with a toe injury. The rookie was showing some great ability and contributed in all phases. Alex Okafor and Trey Hendrickson really need to step it up while he's gone. - On the other side, the Rams deciding their D wasn't frightening enough traded for Dante Fowler Jr., from the London Jaguars. Heck. Key match ups for the Saints: - O-line vs. Rams D-line: Fowler Jr., Brockers, Suh and Donald are a fearsome pass rush as they come. Our O-line has kept Brees clean for most of the season and will probably face the toughest test this week. - Gurley vs. our front 7: Todd Gurley is a monster. The MVP candidate is having himself a top notch season. Our front seven will need to be at their best to slow him down. - Thomas, Smith and Meredith vs. their secondary. I've read that Peters and Talib haven't been as good as advertised (not to say they haven't been better than average, because they have) when Joyner was asked to play single high coverage. Along with Thomas, we need either Smith or Meredith to really have a good game. - Kupp and Cooks vs. our secondary. Apple showed he is a good #2 CB beside Lattimore. PJ "NFC Defensive player of the week" Williams showed he is horrible. His stats were 7/8 completions, 2 TDs and 144 yards when targeted. It's not like Cooks or Kupp are any good in the slot right? - Pass rush. The Saints NEED to be able to pass rush this game. Never let Goff be comfortable. They rank below average in pass pro and I think we need to be able to exploit that. Approach to the game: - This is JMO and probably wrong, but I think we'll see Payton keep with the run and push the pace on offense. Quick passes, 3 step drops and a healthy dose of the screen game. Simply put if we can keep the ball in our hands, it gives the Rams less chance to burn PJ Williams.
  11. Week 8 GDT: Saints (5-1) @ Vikings (4-2-1)

    Ryan Nielson is possibly one of our best hires on the coaching side in recent memory. Since last season our D-line has looked really good and had noticeable improvement. Add in batting down passes at the LOS (something we never did before) and I hope he stays for a while. His work has been a big reason for why we've been successful.
  12. Week 8 GDT: Saints (5-1) @ Vikings (4-2-1)

    Also shout out to Marcus Davenport. What's he up to now, 4 sacks and 1 FF? Add in decent run D. His improvement week-to-week is astounding. For an apparent raw prospect he's flashing an awful amount in his rookie season. Shout to PJ Williams, more TDs than Julio Jones.
  13. Week 8 GDT: Saints (5-1) @ Vikings (4-2-1)

    Oh and our D and games would be so much easier if we held on to interceptions. That's 3 or 4 INTs we've dropped/bobbled in the past 2 games. This D is better than the stats imo.
  14. Week 8 GDT: Saints (5-1) @ Vikings (4-2-1)

    Great win, nice to get some turn over and exercise some demons. A few thoughts: - 2nd half D was great. Need more of that going forward. - Apple added a layer of security in the secondary. He looked pretty good. - PJ Williams. Oooh boy. I think he was in coverage for 2 TDs tonight. Nice pick 6, but man he's a weak link. When is P-Rob back? - Davenport getting 2 sacks is great. D-line kept getting pressure. - Love our O-line, kept Brees up for the most part. - Payton needs to make sure he doesn't get too cute with Taysom Hill. I know he can be a weapon but his presence is getting obvious. - 6-1!
  15. Week 8 GDT: Saints (5-1) @ Vikings (4-2-1)

    Allen is stubborn as heck. He needs to improvise or we'll continue to get burnt.