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  1. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    Opposite for me. I think it's too early for him to move, he'll be back with a Vitesse type club trying to resurrect his career in my opinion. He's far too raw to move to a team like Roma. With that said, Roma are splashing the cash aren't they? Between this move, and the Ziyech move, I believe that will be their 5th signing of the summer.
  2. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    Nah I think we'll move on. Almost all sources agree it was his medical that had a red flag regarding his ACL reconstruction, and seeing how Sturridge, Lallana and co., fell apart playing in Klopp's system, I think we'll steer clear. Especially after how we were lacking depth in the UCL final. We'll see but I doubt we'll go for Fekir.
  3. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    They've done really well so far. This and Pereira (sp?) from Porto should really solidify their defense, all for a combined 20M. Evans and Maguire should give them a really solid base to build upon.
  4. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    Give me Allison and some depth on the wings (hell I'd take Shaqiri for 12M) and I'm happier than a pig in mud. Completely revamped midfield and an amazing spine.
  5. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    Definitely agree it wasn't a sexy draft, but it could really be an important draft. This could be the finishing touches on a superbowl roster. After Davenport and Smith, most of these picks will be either holding down ST (which I loved, ask BB how important ST is) or replacing depth in the trenches. I'm hoping we can pick up LB Skai Moore and QB Logan Woodside as competition in UDFA, but I'm pretty content at this draft. I'm eager to read Mike D's recap of this draft by asking NFL execs around the league (last year, one them compared Kamara to Chaarles and Hendrickson to Connor Barwin). And 2015 draft: Peat, Stepan Anthony, PJ Williams?
  6. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    7th rounder has value! LSU C/G Will Clapp is a good pick there. Good depth in the interior, should give us some really nice depth. Also: Hurr Durr Saints ignore LSU players claim can now die please
  7. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    Seems our last 3 picks (S, CB and RB) are all picked for their special teams ability. Mayock even said the S (name escapes me) was the best special teamer in the draft.
  8. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    Assuming we'll fill the positions Payton says we're lacking with our remaining picks which is TE, IOL and LB. I wouldn't be surprised to see us trade up into the 3rd today, to round off our needs. Have 2 3rd round picks and get the best TE and IOL to really make this roster deep throughout. Anyway guys I want and have a chance to be there 3rd or later: LB: Darius Leonard TE: Ian Andrews IOL: No clue, Hernandez won't be there and I'd like someone who can play C and G. Any ideas?
  9. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    Here is another take on Davenport I really like, ex-NFL DE Stephan White: https://www.sbnation.com/2018/3/20/17089168/2018-nfl-draft-marcus-davenport-breakdown-scouting-report EDIT TO ADD: Here is his SackSeer predictive value: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2018/sackseer-2018
  10. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    Here is Bob McGinn's take about Davenport (based on scouts): MARCUS DAVENPORT, DE, Texas-San Antonio: 6-5 ½, 264. Will become the second player drafted out of the Roadrunners’ sixth-year program. “I had never done San Antonio before,” said one scout. “He’s a pure pass rusher. He can zone drop and turn but I never saw him in coverage. He’s an excellent athlete with good strength (22 reps on the bench). Plays with good pad level against the run. Can shed. Has the speed to corner. Uses his hands. I have no negatives on him whatsoever.” Registered 22 sacks in 46 games over four seasons. Weighed about 200 pounds coming out of high school. Had a big week at the Senior Bowl. “He is going top 20 but I wouldn’t take him in the first round,” another scout said. “He scares the crap out of me. He’s a renaissance man, writes poetry and (bleep) like that. I don’t know if football is really that big for him. There’s times he can be soft.”
  11. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    Damn it! I wanted Jackson so much! That's a lot to give for a non-QB.
  12. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    Trade up! Lamar Jackson or Davenport?
  13. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    Honestly this is one QB pick I would have faith in if I was a Browns fan. Between Dorsey, McCloughan and Wolf, their front office has the most talent there in a long time. A lot of them know QBs too.
  14. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    Still think it will be for Lamar. I also think they'll target Washington at the 13th pick. Not sure we have enough ammo to move up into the top 10, and I doubt we trade multiple 1sts for a non-QB. For Washington, they haven't hid their love for Guice, so trading down and getting a 3rd this year (which they don't have) and an additional 1st next year makes it more palatable for taking him with the last 1st rather than in the top half of the 1st round.
  15. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    Watch us draft Allen because he fell due to his previous tweets.