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  1. Penguins wtf man. 12th seeded Habs took out Sid the kid. Ending a 13 year playoff streak. Also props to CBJ, outlasted Panarin, Bobrovsky and Duchene in these playins. So worried for the Oilers tonight. Bloody hell, deep playoff run of Lafreniere.
  2. FFS Hopefully just being overly careful.
  3. So a few things: - Oilers rebounded nicely against the Hawks, will see if we can have more of that. McDavid went supernova (also screw Adrian Dater for his 'analysis'). - Rangers are out, not super surprising but that D. Ooof. Also screw DeAngelo. - Nashville freaking sucks. Top D and goaltending in the league, on paper good C depth and atleast 2 good wingers. Gonna be bounced in the playins. Pretenders. - No one will convince me otherwise, but Florida has some of the worst contracts in the league. Holy hell. That team is going nowhere fast. - Scary news about Muzzin, thankfully he's ok but glad he's out for the series. I think this sinks the Leafs too, they are really lacking competent D-man.
  4. Their team is also where offensive output goes to die. I honestly don't know what they say with Hynes to be like "Yeah we need that for us to get over the hump." That dude blows.
  5. While I don't think his hit was dirty yesterday, in his case I think he's lost all benefit of doubt from how he plays. Anything even remotely dirty is going to chalked up to him playing like a rat.
  6. Yeah their volatility definitely tanks their stock. I guess for me regarding Askarov it's that he's doing pretty well against much older competition. He started for Russia in the WJC at 17. He started a good number of games in the VHL as a 17 year old against older competition and held his own. If we continue that progression, we're looking at a kid who will be playing against men in the KHL in 1-2 years. That's arguably in the 2nd or 3rd best league in the world. The big thing with Askarov is that you might be getting a guy at 21 who is ready for the NHL after facing men for the 2-3 seasons. That tracks a lot more than taking a kid from junior. Now of course there is risk, he might be behind a dominant team or a defensive system, or he loses all confidence etc. Like I said before he reminds me a lot of Vasi coming out of the draft. Also, word on the street is you guys will be paying close attention to him draft night and how far he drops. No idea if that's changed but yeah interesting to see.
  7. Yeah the unit was all over the place, and couldn't get a puck out to save it's life. The entire team was incredibly sloppy, turnovers, couldn't make a pass to save their lives. Definitely a wake up call for the team. We played a veteran team who knows how to raise their intensity in the playoffs. The Oilers got smacked in the mouth. Hopefully they learn from it and move on. Interesting to see who Tippett starts next game. I get why he started Mike Smith this game, his ability to handle the puck is key in the playoffs, however Kosko has shown to be the better goalie down the stretch.
  8. FFS Mike Smith. Stop a bloody beachball if you don't mind.
  9. Pierre McGuire is the biggest dork in hockey.
  10. I'm torn. I'm in the boat about 'don't take goalies in the 1st round' normally, due to how volatile they are. However, there is a very good argument to be made that Askarov is one of the better goalie prospects to come out in years. Craig Button (I know, I know) said he's the best since Carey Price and tbh, it's not one of his usual out to lunch takes. I think he's comparable to Vasilevskiy in his draft year too. With him, if you can wait 2-3 seasons, you could have a ready made franchise goalie come in during his rookie season. I like him more than a few more popular forwards in this draft.
  11. Welcome to following the best sport in the world! If you have any questions, we have a pretty solid, albiet small group of fans on here. Feel free to ask away. Nice picks btw. Also this welcome is mostly cause you chose the Oilers over Chicago Welcome again!
  12. So on the eve of lift off for playins and playoffs: As of now, it seems like we're safe from Covid being bought in from the outside. Now the NHL just needs to be strict about bringing it inside. As long as we don't have anyone taking a trip to get some lemon pepper wings, I think we'll be fine. Also Canada with both host cities >>>>
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