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  1. Firing Assistants is also half assing the coaching problem. I don't have the numbers, but I can't imagine there have been too many coaches to turn around and survive after replacing their assistants. The assistant coaches take the lead from the head coach. These moves seem to be delaying the inevitable.
  2. This is via Gary Lawless on the coaching carousel :
  3. Blue Jackets also getting in on this uncertainty. However unlike the Sabres they did get some good news: TBD if that feeling lasts
  4. What are you kidding? I'd love it when two of my top players to come out and say I need to re-evaluate my commitment to the organization in the summer. Sabres are headed for another rebuild. Eichel, Reinhart, Ullmark and Risto should all be shipped out in the summer. I don't see any reason to delay.
  5. Depends on if Gallant a.) wants the Kraken job and more importantly b.) learned from his analytics/front office issues. I think he'd be a great hire for them.
  6. Tbf the Canes just extended Rod Brind'amor for 1.8M/year after he helped turn them into a contender, so it's possible. However they went through some growing pains and hired him as a green coach while rebuilding.
  7. I wonder where CBJ goes from here. They want a top line C this offseason and want to compete while they have arguably the best top pairing in the NHL. However top line C's don't exactly grow on trees. Add to that Laine has a QO of 7.5M (IIRC) and is still a one dimensional player (but if he was consistent has the potential to be one of the best in that department). The coaching choice is going to set the tone for the future.
  8. Pretty sure prime Gretzky is only a PPG player on Buffalo
  9. 60 points in his last 28 games. If he works hard, he might develop some consistency.
  10. McDavid just hit 100 points in his 53rd game
  11. Real root of most of the DoPs problems.
  12. I agree. I'm not the biggest fan of prospects like him. Did not like picking Broberg either. Guys who are more tools than skills don't really ever put it together imo. Would not surprise me if Lysell or Sillinger challenge for the top 10 either. Pinelli and Rosen are guys I hope the Oilers look at in the 20s but I wouldn't be surprised to see them have helium leading up the draft.
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