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  1. Dallas Stars RHD Klingberg is requesting a trade. If you need a top pairing puck moving D-man, he'd be a good addition. Wouldn't be cheap however.
  2. I think both our teams just retire. Horrifyingly our PBP announcer keeps bringing up Babcock.
  3. I jut can't imagine having the same issues plague the team year after year. Who do you want to replace him? (If he gets the sack that is)
  4. How does LCFC feel about Rodgers? I can't imagine his seat isn't getting a little warm.
  5. Honestly Chayka sucks. I don't get the obsession with him. That's a downgrade if you guys go that route.
  6. Binged season 2. The good: - Timeline makes more sense and far easier to follow - Diverse storylines makes the show much interesting - VFX is lightyears better - Acting is improved from last year The bad: - The writing. It's better than season 1 but It just feels.....empty? I think this is the weakest part of this show. For example, Jaskier. Apart from the Sandpiper storyline, he was.....useless? Yenn gave him a stone in the final fight and it turned out to be....useless? Yenn's potion too. The whole 'getting chaos back after sacrifice' was campy and really u
  7. 1. The most important position in hockey is a center. "Build down the middle" is a draft strategy most teams follow. Very few championship winning teams don't have a top C. It's like having a QB in football. Now there have been teams that have won without top offensive C's (St. Louis Blues recently), but those are few and far between. So to go into a little more, offense is broken up into top 6 and bottom six. To be a top 6 C in the NHL (and not on a dumpster fire team) you need to have atleast mediocre defensive ability and atleast 40 point offensive ability (recently it's more but just
  8. Sounds like the Arizona Dumpsterfires are putting Chychrun on the trade block. Terrific young D-man who is going to be a top pairing optoin for the next little while. I desperately want my Oilers to get him to pair with Bouchard going forward.
  9. Came here to post this. That's outrageous. Colin "have the referees call less penalties on my son" Campbell can piss off too. Honestly it's becoming more apparent that leadership is significantly holding back NHL's progress. Goodness this is a bad look.
  10. I also have a sneaking suspicion that the Thrashers might be looked at long and hard.
  11. Unfortunately Hamilton won’t happen. Like you said the Leafs would complain too much and their ownership would not be happy and they are too big for the NHL to piss off. I don’t know much about Milwaukee but are they a big media market? Would they have interest in the population? @beekay414might go to every game but he can’t keep attendances up. I know Houston has been thrown out as a potential city too. the other issue is the Coyotes owner has invested in sports betting heavily in Arizona, so I’m not so certain he’d be all that happy to move the team.
  12. Man I'm not sure it's that easy. Don't get me wrong, he hasn't impressed to 100% stick with it. However, Arsenal finally have a base and a direction that looks promising for the first time in years. They are still stuck with dead weight from their previous ventures (Auba for example), but I think I'd give Arteta until atleast Xmas next year. Arsenal certainly have a ton of young talent in their team (youngest starting 11 in the PL if I'm not mistaken), so I'd see if he can steady the ship over the summer. They desperately need a clinical striker and some more talent in the midfield but I think
  13. Honestly. I don't know if it's lack of fresh blood or just owners who have the same rolodex. WTF, the NHL is leaders in green energy because I swear most of the league recycles.
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