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  1. Big chance for him to solidify his spot for next season if he can keep this up.
  2. Astros Stole Signs in 2017

    From Reddit baseball: Trash can behind guy fixing the monitor.
  3. Dennis Allen is having himself one heck of a year.
  4. This will be a short one as real life is getting in the way lol. Losses happen, especially to division rivals with nothing to play for. The best measure? How teams responds. If they come out flat then there are some alarms going off. We need our leaders to step up in a big way this week. Coaches Corner: - We will be without OG Peat, CB Lattimore and KR/PR Harris for this game. I assume Clapp gets the nod at OG, PJ Williams takes over on the boundary (vomit) and I'm blanking on who takes over on Harris' duties. - Lattimore is obviously the most problematic as Evans and Godwin are a handful and a half to handle. I expect us to stay in nickle like 90% of the time. - Shout out to Kiko Alonso who played well with increased snaps last week. - Thankfully CGM is not on the injury report. - Kirkwood got designated for return off IR status this week, so in the next few weeks we'll see him work into the offense. - I expect a very heavy dose of Murray and Kamara for us. Keep possession and churn out yardage. Prediction: With us going 5 straight wins with a back up QB, I'm not going to discount this team even when missing key players. So as usual: 24-17 D rebounds, Murray and Kamara have a big day on the ground, Brees throws 1 TD.
  5. Official NHL Thread

    Babcock won't end the year as the Leafs coach. Someone is going to get a top notch head coach because Dubas couldn't build a sensible roster.
  6. Official NHL Thread

    Draisaitl and McDavid will both break 120 points. CMV
  7. Astros Stole Signs in 2017

    I wonder if they suspend Hinch for a while. It would mirror what the NFL did to Sean Payton for bountygate. Saints also lost draft picks and got fined a significant amount.
  8. Astros Stole Signs in 2017

    Anyone see the Jomboy YT breakdown: That's pretty bloody blatant.
  9. Official NHL Thread

    Don Cherry fired over his remarks about poppies. Can't say its not deserved but damn what an end to a Canadian institution for years. Hockey Night in Canada was something all Canadians watched atleast once. He brought it on himself and good for SNET for not sweeping it under the rug.
  10. If you don't mind me saying, I actually think the year you made the playoffs was a bit of a curse. I think it accelerated your timeline in terms of becoming a playoff team. The runoff from that is Shero was aggressive in the offseason for some veteran pieces that aren't looking too hot right now. Just some observation after watching your game: - Is Greene a good captain? During the Oilers Decade of Darkness, we really didn't have good leaders and it showed. Before McDavid, getting a 60 minute effort out of the team was miserable. When McDavid was captain, we still weren't 100% focused, but it was more "team quit on coach" rather than lack of effort. Our players play for McDavid and rightfully so. - I know you guys have #firehynes in the title, but how do you like him? His win % in the NHL is very suspect, and even though a lot of those seasons were when you guys were rebuilding, it seems your play hasn't improved even though the talent has. Coaching is paramount to any success in the NHL. The Oilers had talented player after talented player go bust because we had incompetent front office and coaches who were the wrong fit. Another example? Trotz and the Isles. They lost Tavares, gained Trotz, and now are playing some great hockey. If Bruce Boudreau gets fired from Minny, he's the guy I'd target for you guys. Offensive coach who will work wonders for your young talent. - I know you guys picked up Subban, but overall I don't really like your defense. Greene to me still seems like your best D-man. Which is alarming at his age. Severson doesn't strike me as a guy who has consistently performed. Subban has his warts and seems like he's slowing down (with a massive deal). What happened to Vatanen? Going forward, I think you'll be fine. Trading Hall for you guys is going to be a positive, especially if it means getting more young pieces in return (my prediction is the Avs Timmins +). I know Gusev has struggled a little, but he's a supremely talented winger who I think will come good around 40-50 game mark. Players coming from the KHL take some time to adjust, especially true on a young team. Biggest thing for you is the next head coach. Oilers shot themselves in the foot a ton by doing it wrong over and over and over again. Hope you don't mind me popping in and giving my $0.02.
  11. NFL draft 2020

    I think it comes back to money. Tons of teams, including contenders, need a CB who has played at his level. With the CBA expiring after next season, I'm sure his agent is constantly telling him to test free agency. Don't get me wrong, I'd love him back. Our secondary have chemistry and work well together. However, we're gonna lose a few, especially if we win the whole thing. Peat's probably in the same boat. Tons of teams, especially rebuilding ones, need a good starting OG. You're telling me a team like the Jets wouldn't make Peat the highest paid OG in the league?
  12. Rest, relaxation and maintenance. For the Saints, the BYE was less 'fix the mistakes for the rest of the season' but rather heal up, plan ahead and get ready for the final stretch. New Orleans enters the last half of the NFL season as super bowl contenders. Heck, anything less than a superbowl berth seems like a failure. We've faced adversity the first half of the season, and this team has overcome it with flying colors. In front of us stand the corpse of the once NFC south contender, the Atlanta Falcons. The word disaster isn't strong enough to describe their season. Their vaunted D looks pee wee level. Their offense is pop gun quality. Worst of all, it seems the lockerroom has quit on the head coach. The problem for the Saints? All that goes out the window when it comes to a rivalry. Coaches corner: - Interesting to see how Payton divides the carries between Kamara and Murray. Murray stepped up in a big way in Kamara's absence, probably allowing AK to take his time with injury. With our lack of bringing in a WR at the trade deadline, I wonder if we'll line up Kamara in the slot more. What do you guys think? - With TE Jared Cook healthy again, it will be interesting to see if him and Brees can develop some chemistry and he can make an impact. Before his injury, he was slowly but surely making an impact. Will be interesting to see if he pick up where he left off. - WR Michael Thomas is having a banner year. He's on pace to beat the receptions record. Interesting to see if the Falcons can slow him down. - Surprisingly, NFL.com has a good article on DA and the D: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001074223/article/dennis-allens-star-rising-again-with-saints-defensive-turnaround Good chance we might be looking for a new DC in the offseason. Prediction: The chasm in quality between the Saints and the Falcons is too large this year. Saints win 28-3.
  13. NFL draft 2020

    I'm going against the grain here, but are key free agents coming up are CB Eli Apple, OG Andrus Peat, SS Vonn Bell, LB Klein and DT David Onyemata. I know Brees and Teddy are FA's, but if Brees wants to play next season, he'll be back. If Brees retires, then Teddy will be back, so I'm not considering them. Of that group, there is 4 defensive starters. I think we'll lose Apple, Klein and Onyemata. With how Payton values continuity, I think we pony up for Peat and Bell has played really good football this year, his FF's are momentum changers. With how many CB hungry teams are out there, and with Lattimore's contract coming up, I think Apple will be let go. Onyemata is a terrific 3 down DT, but with us signing Brown, Rankins back from injury and Tuttle stepping it up, I think we let him test FA. I also considered OT, but I'm guessing the team like OT Ethan Greenridge enough to keep him on the roster, but not have him active in a single game. Theoretically it would be better to have him in the PS, but with his physical gifts, I guess they don't want to risk it. I do think if Peat's asks are too much, then we let him go and I wouldn't be surprised if we drafted a guard or tackle high in that case. So for me, top 3 needs: 1.) CB - Payton has spoken about the 3 positions that effect the QB in terms of importance, O-line, DE and CB. If we lose Apple, I suspect we try to grab someone who can come in start on the boundary opposite Lattimore. CGJ is a great talent, but I don't think he's a boundary corner, he's better in the slot imo. 2.) QB - This one is tough, but if Brees stays on for one more year and Teddy leaves, I think we might select the heir apparent with our 1st rounder. Hell I wouldn't even be surprised if we traded up for him. Remember, Payton was one of 3 head coaches who loved Mahomes. Him, Reid and IIRC Harbaugh were very impressed. If Brees is back, I think we grab one and let him sit behind Brees and learn the system for a year. 3.) TE - I'm less worried about WR than TE. I suspect we grab one in FA or when cuts occur, but with TE I think we need some help. Thus far, Cook has struggled albeit with limited time with Brees. Hill and Hill are limited. We could use an every down TE who is a pass catching threat.
  14. If we got nothing else this weekend, at the very least you can be glad the Saints have beaten some really tough teams. Beating up on tanking teams hides weaknesses imo.
  15. Official NHL Thread

    So when do the Devils trade Hall? And from what? And to whom? Also Draisaitl is a better player than Matthews.