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  1. Maybe I'm a stubborn fool but I really don't want us to draft a QB with a low 1st unless we're really sold on him. I'd rather roll the dice with Winston/Hill at QB. For me that scenario is a win-win. If it succeeds, great we have a QB for a while, if it fails, great, we get a high draft pick. I don't want a half solution at the QB position, so picking someone low and having an imperfect QB who doesn't let us ultimately compete makes no sense. I'd rather spend this pick on a position and strengthen the team (which will be depleted due to salary cap etc.).
  2. Vancouver and giving up 5 goals/game. Name a better duo? Yikes my nan can play better D than that unit.
  3. Can I ask a question? Why? Like yes, he's demanding and he requires his teams to play a lot of two-way hockey, but man that guy is one of the few coaches I've seen get more out of his team than talent. Like the sum is greater than the parts. It's also viable playoff hockey. It's not like he plays trap hockey a la Lemaire nor is it that players don't put up offensive numbers on his teams (Panarin >PPG pace for example). He also develops players really well. For a market that isn't as attractive, I'd think you hold on to Torts unless there is a clear upgrade available. I think Laine
  4. I'm a fan of Roslovic. I think he'll be a 3rd line C at worst with a pretty good chance to be a 2nd line C. He was misplayed in Winnipeg, but I think he'll do well under Torts. Also he's from CBJ too. I think you guys won this trade, especially under the circumstances.
  5. I still think the Jets are nuts to trade Laine for PLD, however looking from Winnipeg's perspective, Schiefele-PLD down the middle is amazing. That has the potential to be a contending level C depth down the middle. They also have Ehlers, Connor and Wheeler for W depth. IF Laine and Roslovic both wanted out, then I can see why they made the trade. For CBJ, I think they did exceptionally well to turn a crappy situation into a good one. Laine can be a 1RW who can pot 40 goals a season. He also never had effort or playing within a team issues either. I always liked Roslovic too, has the pote
  6. According to multiple sources, the Winnipeg Jets’ package includes two players of their own who have requested trades — Patrik Laine and Jack Roslovic (Roslovic, who is unsigned, is a Columbus native). Anaheim is believed to have significantly increased its offer. Calgary and Montreal are among the other interested parties, and there are undoubtedly more. (As I write this, it is not believed the Canadiens are willing to include Nick Suzuki, although what’s true now might not be true 10 minutes from now.) https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/blue-jackets-aggressively-pursuing-pierre-luc-du
  7. Wants to go to a bigger market.......so goes to bloody Winnipeg?! Mmmm not sure about that.
  8. As per Darren Dregs on TSN prior to the Oilers vs. Leafs game, PLD trade is nearing imminent (whatever the F that means) and could be done soon (again whatever that means). My money is on NY Rangers or Montreal, with a darkhorse being Calgary.
  9. He's definitely demanding but has he alienated so many players? Atleast in CBJ I don't think he's been the cause of anyone leaving that I can think of. Like I said he's definitely demanding but from what I've seen pretty fair. In this case, rumor has it PLD either wants a bigger market (apparently Montreal is his preferred destination) or Jarmo played hardball on RFA negotiations that it burned the relationship. For CBJ fans, they better hope it's Jarmo instead of the former. Jeff Marek did say there was more on this story than is being said but we will see.
  10. There is very few things I hate more than players trying to intentionally tank their trade value. You want out? Fine, but bloody hell don't screw over CBJ on the way out.
  11. What an absolute clown. I get you want to be traded, that is piss poor effort. Definitely deserved to be benched. Poor CBJ though, they'll get another subpar return on a talented player.
  12. The one thing I'll say RE: Winston is our QB room might be one of the tough ones in the NFL. Payton and Brees demand a lot from anyone else in the room. Everyone has heard the reason Grayson flamed out so I won't repeat it, but if Winston returns next season then it confirms the reports Payton and the team really likes what they saw in practice. I really do think Payton will work wonders with Winston IF he buys in. Winston has always had the tools, but as we've seen recently from guys like Darnold, leadership and coaching is really important to unlock potential. I don't think he had that
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