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  1. You guys landed a good coach in Chris Taylor. His work in the AHL with the Sabres' affiliate was top notch.
  2. Ceci to the Penguins. I'm so curious as to how their D holds up. A few question marks but there is some potential they turn it around.
  3. Similar idea mine is more: Western: - Ducks - Sharks - Kings - Vegas - Yotes - Stars - Avs - Wild Midwest/Southern?: - CBJ - Detroit - Chicago - St. Louis - Nashville - Carolina - Tampa Bay - Florida Northeast: - Buffalo - Pittsburgh - Washington - Philly - Devils - Rangers - Isles - Bruins
  4. So apparently the Vegas owner might have spilled the beans on potential divisions next season. Speculation is there will be a Canadian division comprised of only Canadian teams. I guess then split the remaining American teams into 3 divisions. Then do a best 16 get into the playoffs based off records?
  5. Honestly I'm a little worried about the paranoia mentioned. A staffer going through his mail? Why would he?
  6. I wonder if we bring in a consultant on defense. We did it for ST when we sucked at it, if I was Payton all cards on the table.
  7. Also lots of smoke Hall wants to come back to Edmonton next season. Wanted to come back this season but we didn't have the cap space. I'd welcome it depending on the price but we will see.
  8. What in the ever loving heck is Tampa gonna do.
  9. How did we pull that one out? Goodness that is an ugly win as I can remember. Still a W is a W and we go into our BYE with a 3-2 record. Most years I hate early BYEs but this one is well timed. Dennis Allen has two weeks to learn how to coach a secondary, and I think that's enough time for him to atleast read one of those "how to coach a secondary for dummies" type books. We looked horrid in a lot of places. O-line wasn't consistent. Brees hesitated a lot and missed guys. Secondary couldn't cover. Run D wasn't consistent. The best part of this game was the D-line got pressure early and often. Still we need to improve ALOT if we want a prayer at a playoff appearance.
  10. They are just so.....dumb. I don't get it. Ridiculous penalties. A secondary that doesn't do assignments apparently. I can't see this team getting to the playoffs. They lack in so many places.
  11. The cute offensive playcalls kill me. Has a Taysom Hill at QB call worked in the last year?
  12. His game to game fluctuation in coverage is maddening. You don't know if you're getting the guy who can lock down Evans or the guy who will be lazy and let everyone's nan get a completion.
  13. Our secondary has a single digit IQ. Collectively. Also Dennis Allen sucks at his job.
  14. Schmidt is also a D-man who could see his play fall off outside of the Vegas system. That D has definitely shown to be more than the sum of their parts.
  15. Guaranteed they've called Jim Benning a few times.
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