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  1. NFL draft 2020

    While I definitely agree with the build from the trenches philosophy (which also Payton has mentioned, so definite possibility), the problem is we have so many positions that need an upgrade I'm not sure we can afford to sink a 1st round contract into a position that isn't an immediate need. If our LBers were even passable, same with our WRs, I'd say take BPA. With Brees going to get another big deal, I'm not sure we can sink a possible value contract into a position we have depth at.
  2. Yeah for the short term I think the plan is Sano to 1B (we let Cron go). Donaldson will eventually slide into Cruz's DH spot.
  3. NFL draft 2020

    Why OG and EDGE as needed positions? I thought Easton was fine during the regular season, and we more struggled against the Minny D-line because Peat was back. Warford had a stinker (as did the entire O-line), but he's shown he's a probowl starter. With Edge, between Jordan, Davenport, Hendrickson and Granderson, I thought we were solid, even with Davenport's injury worries. Same with DT, between Brown, Rankins and Tuttle. LB and WR for me the top 2 needs. Outside of Davis, we don't have much in terms of talent. Anzalone is fantastic when on the field, but thus far he's rarely been. Klein is limited. Alonso is fine, but I think we could upgrade. Robertson is a ST only guy. WR, well outside of Thomas (and not counting Cook), I don't think any of the other guys would make it into the top 3 WRs of the remaining teams. That's a problem and a huge gulf in the difference of talent.
  4. NFL draft 2020

    WR, LB, TE and CB are my top needs for next season. Swear to god if I have to see Ted "phallus fingers" Ginn drop more passes then disappear for 1.5 games, I'm going to lose it.
  5. Whoever your next GM is, I hope he hires Gerald Gallant (unless there is some issue that hasn't been bought to light). He's a good coach who can really tap into the talent you guys have on your team.
  6. Hope you guys don't mind me chiming in, but I thought Shero was doing a damn good job rebuild you guys. Yes he's had missteps (Hynes, Subban contract), but not only has he stocked your pipeline with talent, but generally your team looks on the up and up. I thought you guys crushed the Hall trade, and while you have some bad contracts (Schneider, Subban etc.), most of those end before your key RFAs need to be signed. I thought he was inching you guys towards competing, and while obviously it didn't work out, I think you guys could have done a lot worse. My only worry If I was a Devils fan, if the whole management angle is true, is the NHL is an old boys club. Hopefully you guys get a good GM and a veteran coach. You guys are on the cusp of a playoff push I reckon.
  7. Official NHL Thread

    It's mental to think he's technically not in his prime yet. He could technically step it up a notch (or if the Oilers, ya know, give him some help). God I now know what Pens/Blackhawks/Capitals fans felt all these years (minus the success and championships of course).
  8. Official NHL Thread

    Let me say that I love David Poile, I think he's a top 5 GM in the NHL. What he's thinking with this move, I have no clue. I legit don't understand what he saw in Hynes' time in NJ that made him think "Yup, that's the guy who will do better with a better roster". WTF. The Preds have an impressive roster, if any team could pull a St. Louis like run, the Preds could. Then they hired the human wet towel.
  9. Yeah I counted 3.5 players who came to play today. Tayson Hill, Deonte Harris and Demario Davis. The 0.5 is Cam Jordan towards the end of the game.
  10. While I don't think Payton is going anywhere, I honestly wouldn't mind a new OC and DC. I think some of the voices in the room have gotten stale, and a new voice on both sides of the ball could really help. DC because man am I tired of a D that's underwhelming. You'd think having an All-pro in every level of the D (Cam, DD and Lattimore), we'd be a little more sure. Instead we have the same PTSD as ever. OC because I think Payton needs another voice, at the very least an alternative point of view. Screen to Kamara on third down hasn't worked once all season. We could use someone with a plan B. Oh and Aaron Glenn can bugger off too.
  11. No one to blame but ourselves. No refs to blame. No dirty play to blame. Payton blew this one. Team was under prepared and not ready to play. Both lines, O-line and D-line, got dominated by better lines today. Very few came to play with fire. Really disappointed. EDIT TO ADD: This was also the reason I kept harping on bad habits. They kept piling up towards the end of the season. The culmination of those is tonight. Crappy and error prone play. This is why you iron out wrinkles during the season. Not in the freaking playoffs.
  12. This feels like a game we’re gonna implode in. I’m disappointed in both sides. Offense can’t get going and our secondary continues the tradition of giving up timely big plays. Im real tired of continuously having a leaky D. I know we’re missing Davenport and Rankins, but just piss poor play all around. Everything we’ve been doing well we’ve stopped doing.
  13. We need a turnover by the D. Something to swing the momentum.
  14. Agree. We don’t seem in sync on either offense or defense. Brees and co., especially haven’t gotten it going. Payton needs to fire a rocket up these guys ***** at half time