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  1. FLOODx's Return Mock 3/23/20

    His floor would have to be Carolina no? They just lost Keuchly and Simmons is the type of talent that could revemp their D. Still if the Saints see him as a good enough piece, I can see us trading up. We've traded up 17 times in the 14 years Payton's been at the helm. If they like a player, they'll go get him. Personally, I'm keeping my eyes on the WRs. With the talent in this draft both in WR and other positions (OT's for example), If we see one of the bigger name WR fall to 15 or later, I could see Payton trade up for themm LB's be damned lol. (and make this offense absolutely bonkers lol)
  2. FLOODx's Return Mock 3/23/20

    Murray might be the higher rated LB, but man does Queen's ability and tool box remind me a lot of Deion Jones coming out. I think I prefer him if we're taking a LB that high.
  3. Saints restructure Janoris Jenkins

    DE Everson Griffen? Imagine a DE rotation of Jordan/Davenport/Griffen. Griffen can also slide inside on passing downs (as Peat and Warford saw) and cause havoc from there. With Davenport's and Rankins injury history, top quality depth could be essential.
  4. Offseason Talk:

    You know I do wonder big of a need CB is for us. Unless you get a Lattimore, most CBs take atleast a season to fully find their comfort in the NFL. With Lattimore needing a new deal next season, along with Ram, we won't be able to give out any big contracts a la Jenkins to have a suitable CB opposite him. Add in this front office's tendency to avoid LBers until later, I truly do wonder if we take a CJ Henderson/Diggs at CB and basically have them come in nickle/dime packages and soak up info behind Lattimore and Jenkins.
  5. Offseason Talk:

    That's exactly what I was thinking. If Simmons falls far enough, i wouldn't be surprised if we trade up. With the OT and WR talent in this draft, you could definitely see a guy like Simmons fall into the mid to late teens. It would potentially shore up our LBers for the next little while.
  6. Saints re-sign G Andrus Peat (5 year deal)

    I'll be honest, I didn't see that one coming.
  7. Offseason Talk:

    No I agree, I said the same before. I know Payton doesn't like taking LBers in the 1st round (apart from Anthony), but with such a gaping hole in the LBers, it makes sense to take one in the 1st round. Especially if what draft heads are saying about the WR draft (50 guys in the draft that would go in the top 3 rounds in a normal draft).
  8. Offseason Talk:

    Apart from his on field performance, I gotta say one aspect I'm looking forward to in Jenkins is leadership. Marcus Williams in particular is coming up on a key year. If anyone can take him under his wing and help him iron out the kinks, I'm sure Jenkins will.
  9. Offseason Talk:

    He's a confidence CB imo. End of last season and the first 4-5 games of this season I thought he was fine. He'll match up with 2nd or preferably 3rd options on opposition offense. He's got solid technique but still needs help over the top. The problem is, when he makes a mistake or blows a coverage, he spirals. He'll then mess up coverages constantly and whats worse is he'll take a ton of penalties. I think if he's your 3rd or 4th CB on the roster you're fine, but anything higher and you better hope he's the weakest link in your secondary.
  10. Offseason Talk:

    Man I'm not sure about this one. I thought the first half of last season Bell played well.
  11. Offseason Talk:

    Or that lol. If we use next years 2nd to move up, I think that would make it 3 years in a row without our own 2nd round pick? lol
  12. Offseason Talk:

    With Klein leaving, and Anzalone being perpetually injured as he is, I wonder if we're thinking of drafting a LB in round 1. I know WR is a gaping hole after Thomas, but in a deep draft, and WRs dropping (somewhere in the middle), we could get a good one in round 3.
  13. Let’s talk CBA...

    1019 voted yes, 959 voted no, approx. 500 didn't vote. That's a bloody close vote. Will be interesting to see the ramifications of this going forward. Expanded playoffs coming this season, with an extra game next season (presumabely).
  14. You are absolutely right that indoor stadiums can produce ice, however is more warmer climates like say Tampa Bay, it's going to depend a lot on the cooling systems in place. If they preform up to standard then you're right, it shouldn't be a problem. However, if it doesn't perform up to standard, you're looking at bad ice. What that means is skating is going to be tougher as skaters will have to work harder to get from point A to B. This does two things primarily. 1.) it changes the game. Bad ice would hurt skill teams and have the NHL revert back to more dump and chase hockey. 2.) it should increase the chance of injury to players. Especially things like tears and such. An analogy could be a really wet field in football. I do think there will be hockey this season, but I think they'll scrap the rest of the regular season, make the first 3 rounds of the playoffs best of 5 series and the Stanley cup a best of 7. That is however if the pandemic is manageable by then. They have a natural deadline of July 1st with contracts expiring, and even if you could get an extenion, latest is start of August.