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  1. Great win. Payton once again shows why he's the guy to lead a team in the playoffs. Fake punt was done at the right time, and honestly changed the momentum. Team too, showed a ton of character to over come adversity. Down 14-0, D shut them out and offense put up 400ish yards. Massive turnaround from a nightmare start. Great win and a win I think Saints of the past wouldn't have won. Lattimore, what a corner.
  2. For all the talk of meticulous planning, we look horrendous on both sides of the ball. What on earth have they been working on exactly?
  3. So this isn't a great start. Defense really needs to keep us in this until they O figures their stuff out.
  4. I think the 1-2 week rest is going to do wonders. More than anything, the last 2-3 games (not counting the last Carolina), it really seemed we were out of gas. Maybe it was a little bit of looking ahead or fatigue/injury or even carelessness, but I really think getting time off is going to help a lot of guys. I also think Payton has been prepping for this game for a while, so giving him 2 weeks to look at our film and see what we did wrong is going to be huge. I think we will see a really energized team today.
  5. https://www.neworleanssaints.com/news/new-orleans-saints-friday-injury-report-nfc-divisional-playoffs-vs-philadelphia- Final injury report for both teams. Everyone was a FP for us. For them, DE Bennett, CB Jones, LT Peters and WR Wallace were all questionable. Now I assume they'll all play (or most), but maybe indicates they aren't 100%?
  6. As the famous saying goes, to be the best, you have to beat the best......twice? Well Who Dats, that's the scenario our Saints are facing, playing one of the inform teams in the NFL playoffs. World champion Philadelphia Eagles after they double doinked the Bears. Thoughts: - This is probably the best stylistic match up for us. Yes Big D Nick has the ability to win any game. However, their secondary is still beat up. Their running game isn't the best. and their pass rush isn't at the level of the Bears or the Cowboys. I much prefer to face these guys than the Cowboys right now. Especially with the offense coming into the playoffs on the back of some not so hot performances. - The biggest threat from the Eagles side (apart from Big D Nick) has got to be Ertz and Goedart. Both TE possess great size and pass catching ability, we're going to need Bell and Anzalone to really step up keep these guys from running wild. Lattimore and Apple will have their hands full with Jeffrey and Aghalor. - From our side. Really it's gonna boil down to two factors imo. Can the O-line play like they did before week 12. Or in another words, is Armstead 100% (or close to it) so we can give Brees time. Second factor, can our D-line generate consistent pass rush. We slowed down the last few weeks, but I really do think 2 weeks off will do wonders. - Keep an eye on Watson, Hill and Arnold. Payton loves his match ups, I wouldn't be surprised if Kamara and Thomas took a lot of attention to leave our TE's open underneath. - Another factor to consider is the Eagles will play their 3rd straight game on the road. That has to take a toll on a team. I'll provide injury reports as they come out. 34-17 Saints. I'm gonna pick Davenport to have a monster game. Call it a hunch, but I reckon he'll run wild. WHO DAT!
  7. Saint's playoff picture - 2018

    I reckon you guys pull it off too. It's gonna come down to if Dak can make his timely throws.
  8. Firstly Happy Holidays Who Dats! I love talking about the Saints with y'all. So if you missed the recent roster news, here it is: Both Newton and Lucas are OTs. The assumption to me is we'll rest Armstead, Ram and Bushrod. We'll have Ram play back up OT. With the interior, I rest Peat and Unger (was it me or did he consistently have low snaps against the Steelers) and play Tom and Clapp. What do you guys think? What about on the D? Do you rest Lattimore or Apple? Williams? Klein? Jordan? Davison? How much do you play Brees?