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  1. FORMER: Steve Largent Archie Manning CURRENT: Tom Brady (because awarding him another ring gratis might blunt his edge for pursuing it for real this coming season). Anyone on the Cincinnati Bengals
  2. What Should The Cowboys Do?

    Fail to build on one successful year as they have unfailingly done all century, and continue to be irrelevant for many, many more years to come.
  3. Worst Off-Season Ever?

    JV Cain of the Cardinals also died during training camp in 1979.
  4. Are the 2009 Rams the Worst Team of the SB Era?

    If you're talking about the scope of the entire Super Bowl era, I think the 1976 Bucs have this one in a canter.
  5. What's your "I was at that game!" game(s)?

    I was at Steve Dils' first career start, where he led the Vikings to a rout of the Redskins, at RFK. Not really a big splash in NFL history, I know.
  6. Is it blasphemy to like more than one team?

    The thread title reminds me of when Mike Ditka was coach of the Bears. A Chicago sportswriter wrote an article critical of him, and Ditka threatened to sue the paper "for blasphemy."
  7. Things you like about your least favorite teams

    The Cowboys do have great uniforms, one of the league's best. The Raiders? I got nuthin' for the Raiders.
  8. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Sharing my all-time favorite draft day quote on draft weekend: "Holy $%*@! Who the hell wants to play with Denver?" University of Houston All-America end Tom Beer's initial reaction after being informed that the Broncos had made him their second-round selection in the 1967 NFL draft.
  9. Things you like about your least favorite teams

    You mean Steve Raible?
  10. Which team is the biggest treadmill team in the NFL?

    The Bengals have gone the longest (since 1990) without appearing in a divisional playoff game. All the other 31 teams have appeared in at least one divisional playoff since 1990.
  11. Most talented teams that underachieved?

    From 1977-80, the Patriots had one of the most talented teams in football, but managed to make the playoffs just once in those four years. Off-season problems plagued them, including highly-publicized holdouts by key players at the beginning of the '77 and '80 seasons. The team's lone division title year in that span, 1978, had its postseason sabotaged by Chuck Fairbank's abandonment of the team following the regular season finale. Crucial to the Patriots falling short during this period was their awful performance in primetime as they went 1-7 on MNF during these four years. In '81, the bottom fell out despite the core of the roster still being intact and the Pats plummeted to 2-14.
  12. Is the Patriots dynasty good or bad for football?

    I suppose some clarification on my part in is order. When I used the phrase "this century", I was referring to the twenty-first century, a period encompassing the last 18 NFL seasons. I was not referring to a period encompassing a full hundred years. I am also aware that the period of 1949-64 was not the NY Yankees only sustained period of success, as well as the fact that before 2001 the Patriots history consisted of a great deal of suckage with the exception of a pair of Super Bowl appearances and a handful of other postseason visits. I delinated the period of the 1950's and the early 1960's because they represented a considerable stretch of time in which the Yankees had an absolute stranglehold on the AL. I also don't know why one would insist that "football and baseball can't be compared". Both involve franchises which compete with each other and each has franchises who are notable for their traditional success or lack of. I wasn't comparing the individual games themselves. Even though to a certain extent valid comparisons can be made between the games themselves, since they both involve scoring points and feature a balance between offense and defense. So I'm not sure what about my earlier post anyone would find "completely delusional".
  13. Is the Patriots dynasty good or bad for football?

    What were seeing now with the Patriots dominance of the AFC this century (and for that matter, Alabama's dominance of college football) is starting to become reminiscent of the New York Yankees dominance of baseball in the 1950's and early 1960's. From 1949 through 1964, the Yanks won the AL pennant fourteen times in sixteen years! How it must have sucked to have been a fan of another AL team during that era.
  14. There have been many great individual games in the history of the NFL divisional playoffs, but which of the total weekends as a whole offered you the best bang for your buck with all four of the games combined? Here's my choices. 1972 Saturday's games boasted two all-time classics, with the "Immaculate Reception" game and Roger Staubach coming off the bench to lead the Cowboys to an improbable comeback over the 49ers. The strength of this one day alone lands '72 on the list. Sunday, the heavy underdog Cleveland Browns made things mildly interesting when they took a brief fourth-quarter lead over Miami, forcing the Dolphins to mount a game-winning drive to preserve their unbeaten season. The weekend's lone lame game was Washington's 16-3 snoozer over Green Bay. 1980 Maybe the best divisional playoff weekend ever. The legendary "Mistake by the Lake" game in which Cleveland's Brian Sipe threw away the Browns' season after disdaining a field goal; Dan Fouts hitting journeyman receiver Ron Smith with a 50-yard pass in the final two minutes of play, and the Cowboys again as in '72 mounting an incredible fourth-quarter comeback to down the Falcons in Dixie. Even in the one game that wasn't close, the Eagles' 15-point win over the Vikings, Minnesota titilated its fans by jumping to a quick 14-0 lead before Philly came roaring back. 1989 One of the worst seasons of the Super Bowl era did redeem itself somewhat with a pretty good Divisional Playoff weekend. Aside from the one dud game, eventual champ's San Francisco's thumping of the Vikings, the other three games provided excitement and intrigue. Cleveland outlasted Buffalo in a 34-30 barn burner. The Steelers took the Broncos to the brink of an upset before surrendering a late game-winning TD. And the Rams knocked off the Giants in an intense overtime thriller. It's too bad the rest of this season couldn't live up to the one great weekend it provided. 2003 This year, all four of the DP games were good ones. The Patriots survived a tense, hard-fought battle with the Titans on a late Vinaterri FG. Carolina outlasted the Rams in just the fifth-ever double overtime game in NFL/AFL history. The Colts held off the Chiefs in a 38-31 free-for-all, and of course there was the Eagles converting a fourth-and-forever to upset the Pack. 2006 Although the weekend was marred by one of the lowest-scoring playoff games in modern NFL history (Indy's 15-6 slugfest over Baltimore), the other three games made amends by being beauties. Chicago escaped defending NFC champ Seattle in an overtime thriller at soldier. The Patriots survived a nail-biter with San Diego, and New Orleans topped Philadelphia in a tight contest. 2012 The Packers-Niners and Patriots-Texans games were both high-scoring and exciting contests, but they took a backseat to two bonafide classic games. The Ravens-Broncos game was highlighted by a last minute game-tying 70-yard TD pass by Baltimore's Joe Flacco, with the birds capping the comeback with a win in double overtime. In Atlanta, the Seahawks just missed coming up with an incredible comeback over the Falcs. 2014 Another weekend where two great games paired with two decent games. The Patriots held off a furious challenge from Baltimore, with Tom Brady leading yet another fourth-quarter comeback. And then there was Dallas' loss to Green Bay on Dez Bryant's infamous "catch that wasn't". 2015 With all four of the games decided by a TD or less, the 2015 DPs provided a treat of a weekend for NFL games. Aaron Rodgers took the Pack into OT against the Cards with a regulation-ending hail mary pass, only to anticlimactically have Arizona end the game moments into the extra frame. Carolina looked to blow the Seahawks out of BOA stadium only to hang on for dear life as Seattle narrowly completed a massive comeback. A tense, hard-fought game where the Broncos clawed their way to a tight victory over Pittsburgh and a Patriot win over the Chiefs in a solid, well-played game rounded out the weekend. Well, those are my choices for the greatest-ever NFL divisional playoff weekends. Any significant ones I've left out?
  15. Referees and their affect on games.

    I hate referees for the same reason I hate cops. Neither one is ever held accountable for their abuses of power.