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  1. Help Coming..?

    Anyone have any ideas of guys at any position but especially ILB who may get released and can be signed to help the team? Obviously I know that not every year a Joe Haden is available. But who may become available that would intrigue us? Who do you want to see? What positions?
  2. New Mock

  3. Bell wants $17 mil; Ronald Jones rumor?

    I agree with what you two are saying actually for the most part. You were right and I was wrong but I still stand by this: they make crazy moves to save money so they can pay a stud QB and one other position (Gronk) and then pay average for 50 other guys. The Steelers have like 10 guys at least they have to pay top dollars to. They don't get guys on discounts because the success isn't guaranteed like it is in NE. Why? Because as you said the coaching is insane. They have great minds. If our coaches can't teach and discipline even close to their level have them gone because they get paid millions of dollars to coach men. Get your job done. Sounds familiar? It's NE's catchphrase. This isn't me saying fire Tomlin. He just needs to do better and his staff as well. It isn't always the players. Talk about the coaches. Ultimately Id rather have a QB make 20 mil and another make like 10 or 15 and then 50 guys split 150 mil and get 50 guys at that talent level and then 10 guys taking up 100 + mil and 40 guys getting paid 1 mil each because that is their skill level and so 10 of our starters are not as talented. Just my opinion. We can't do what we need because we wont do what we need. The Pats will find our weakness and beat us because of it. They don't have those weaknesses
  4. Bell wants $17 mil; Ronald Jones rumor?

    It's amusing to me some fans think we can't see their success and their inevitably going further then us and expect our FO to try to duplicate it rather than sitting on our hands and doing the same thing over and over again.
  5. Bell wants $17 mil; Ronald Jones rumor?

    No they have 23 and 31 but the point was last year they traded no. 32 overall for Cooks this year they got 23 back so they gained 9 picks worth of value
  6. Bell wants $17 mil; Ronald Jones rumor?

    They consistently get better value for their best players. Cooks deal essentially allowed them to move up from 32 to 23 (the picks involved in their two Cooks trades) for a rental year of Cooks. And they won't even miss out on who got picked at 32 last year because in a few years they will trade a 3 for them rather than using a first to draft them. If they were in our situation with Bell they would have gained value for him by trading him for a first when all they would get otherwise is a 3 rd comp pick and a year of Bell which is all we get because we know he won't be traded. We don't have the brains in our FO to explain why it is a good move even if it looks faulty next year. They do
  7. Bell wants $17 mil; Ronald Jones rumor?

    There is so much more than just that we could learn from the Pats. They make the big moves we don't have the balls to
  8. Bell wants $17 mil; Ronald Jones rumor?

    What defensive player does Washington have we would be interested in?
  9. Bell wants $17 mil; Ronald Jones rumor?

    Houston doesn't have a second either. Come up with an idea for Seattle and SF please those are most likely
  10. Offseason with a trade

    Okay so outside of the trade because it doesn't change much if we don't do that trade, then what do all think of the rest of the offseason and the potential roster?
  11. Offseason with a trade

    I wasn't saying that specific trade is likely just that he gets dealt. And I believe they stuck with him to help his value rather than giving up on him and getting nothing plus they needed him more last year because the year before they had nothing past AB. So they needed all their options but after JuJu emerged that isn't the case. So get something for him now and say bye to the distractions. I agree it is possible he isn't traded for the reasons you stated but this is just a what if scenario
  12. Offseason with a trade

    To start off I traded MB to the Bills for a third round pick that they have from Philly. I believe this is very likely. The Bills are interested and the Steelers get a good pick back and lose the pain MB is. Get a pick we can have for four years that we need with having only six picks this year when we would only have MB for one more year. Cut Mitchell, Wilcox, Gay and Sensabaugh because they aren't producing and we need more production so we will be adding it. Cap space now at 29 mil The Steelers then resign LB to a 4 year deal with an AAV of 14 mil per, and Justin Hunter because of losing MB so he can be there knows system and end up being the 6th WR. Then dip into free agency more than usual but they can afford to and absolutely should past their typical bargain deals for unproductive vets. Just spend the money and sure up the D a little.... Tre Boston (S) 5 year for $7,500,000 per year ( starting free safety) Andre Roberts (WR) 2 year for $3,000,000 per year (Rogers scares me, he becomes number 5 WR and DHB competes with Justin Hunter for number 6 spot) Alterraun Verner (CB) 2 year for $3,500,000 per year (probably paid too much but decent corner to replace Gay and Sensabaugh as veteran depth because we need that and he can be productive) Anthony Hitchens (LB) 4 year for $6,000,000 per year (starts at ILB with the rookie and pushes Williams back to depth and the second rookie I take makes Dirty Red the 5th ILB like should be suddenly ILB is a strength) Erik Walden (EDGE) 3 year for $1,400,000 per year (Depth at OLB!!!!!!) De'Anthony Thomas (RB) 3 year for $1,500,000 per year (becomes the KR and is third back on depth chart behind Bell and Connor) Pick 28: Rashaan Evans ILB Alabama (becomes our other starting LB) Pick 60: Tim Settle NT Virginia Tech (pushes Hargrave and starts against teams like BAL and JJ) Pick 92: Deon Cain WR Clemson (the new number three receiver, I think we should draft one every year, explosive replaces MB's down field threat) Pick 96 (from Bills via Eagles): Kyzir White SS West Virginia (depth at safety, can play in the box and is a missile, pushes Davis and at least becomes a freak on special teams, possibly covers in slot in Dime keeping Hilton in on nickel or in 3 safety sets lets Davis play deep with Boston) Pick 165: Chris Worley LB Ohio State (nice depth at ILB way too good to pass up on) Pick 220: Davin Bellamy OLB Georgia (more depth at OLB to push Adams and Chick) Pick 246: Davontae Harris CB Illinois State (Depth at corner behind Sutton and Verner) QB: BB, Landry, Dobbs RB: Bell, Connor, Thomas, Nix WR: AB, JJSS, Cain, Rogers, Roberts, DHB, Hunter TE: McDonald, JJ, Grimble OT: AV, Gilbert, Hawkins, Feiler OG: Foster, DD, Finney C: Pouncey, MM DE: Cam, Tuitt, Alualu, Walton DT: Hargrave, Settle OLB: Watt, Bud, Chick, Walden, Bellamy, Adams ILB: Hitchens, Evans. Williams, Worley, Dirty Red CB: Burns, Haden, Hilton, Sutton, Verner, Harris SS: Davis, White, Golden FS: Boston, Dangerfield K: BOZ P: Berry KR: Thomas PR: Thomas I know all the activity is unusual but so necessary... this team has many needs and the ability to meet those needs if they cut ties with these old unproductive vets who Tomlin loves.
  13. New Players To Mock To Steelers

    I would love this but to me the need at safety is free safety... Not enough to hate the draft just curious what your thoughts about our safety position are?
  14. My New Offseason

    I agree that the number of FA acquisitions being unlikely but if we do cut all the aged and under-performing secondary guys we have (also unlikely since they are so beloved) then we have the cap space to do so and we should so we can better compete. What would be a whole on our team after that offseason? I guess the coaching staff...
  15. My New Offseason

    This is what I would do with a mixture of what might happen. Not fully either one. "My Mock" was what I would do... not what would happen. This is both. I believe we will bring back Bell long term although I would not the FO loves him and we hear they are close. Salary Cap: 178,000,000 Player Salaries: 170,920,661 Dead Money: 706,175 Carryover: 5,000,000 Reserved for Draft Picks: 5,000,000 Cap Space Remaining: 6,373,164 after all the deals made on the site ACTIONS CUT Name Position Mike Mitchell S Vance McDonald TE JJ Wilcox S Ramon Foster G William Gay CB Coty Sensabaugh CB RESTRUCTURED Name Position Antonio Brown WR Stephon Tuitt DL Cameron Heyward DL David DeCastro G TRANSITION TAGGED Name Position FRANCHISE TAGGED Name Position SIGNED Name Position Le\'Veon Bell RB 4 yr/13 mil per, 40% guaranteed Vance McDonald TE (cut and resigned for less) 3 yr/2.2 mil per James Hurst OT new tackle depth to compete with Hawkins 2 yr/1 mil per Connor Barwin EDGE OLB depth and great leader 2 yr/1.8 mil per Zach Brown LB Starter!!! 4 yr/6.2 mil per Lamarcus Joyner CB Starter FS 4 yr/4.5 mil per Patrick Robinson CB Depth to push Allen and rookie and for insurance if starters or Hilton take step back... 2 yr/1.4 mil per Preston Brown LB Starter!!! Williams back to ST and depth and without rookie starting we can compete NOW 3 yr/4.3 mil per Trent Murphy EDGE Depth and starts if Dupree sucks again although I am not too down on Dupree 3 yr/3.1 mil per Bruce Ellington WR Depth. Bye Hunter Bye Eli. 2 yr/1.2 mil per We can take some sexier picks for the future with how we built depth through free agency. Let some old guys go who are cancerous and unproductive and brought more talent in. The thing with drafting for the depth is a) we don't have the picks this year and b) we need to change some things to win now and having nothing but youth scares me against Brady. Can't be old and slow but can't be young and unproductive either. 28: R1P28 TE MARK ANDREWS OKLAHOMA Can Start if Vance gets hurt and stretch the middle. Decent blocker too. 60: R2P28 G WILL HERNANDEZ UTEP This guy is a stud. Might be a Rd 1 guy by draft time. Great Senior Bowl Week 92: R3P28 DL JUSTIN JONES NC STATE Had like a fifth round grade on him but he is lighting up senior bowl practice. Great bull rush, very strong. Pushes Hargrave 150: R5P11 RB MARTEZ CARTER GRAMBLING Third down back. Return guy. ATTITUDE 167: R5P28 WR DAESEAN HAMILTON PENN STATE He was born to be a receiver. Great route runner. Depth 220: R7P2 LB CHRIS WORLEY OHIO STATE More Depth at ILB. Bye Fort 246: R7P28 S JAMAR SUMMERS CONNECTICUT Depth at FS behind Joyner. Can play ST Depth Chart: QB: BB, Landry, Dobbs FB: Nix RB: Bell, Connor, Carter WR: AB, JuJu, MB, Ellington, Hamilton, DHB TE: Vance, Andrews, James, Grimble OT: AV, Gilbert, Hawkins, Hurst OG: Decastro, Hernandez, Finney, Feiler C: Pouncey, Finney DE: Cam, Tuitt, Aluala, Walton DT: Hargrave, Jones OLB: Watt, Dupree, Murphy, Chick, Barwin ILB: Z. Brown, P. Brown, Williams, Dirty Red, Worley CB: Burns, Haden, Hilton, Sutton, Robinson, Allen FS: Joyner, Summers SS: Davis, Golden P: Berry K: BOZ PR: Carter, Sutton, AB KR: Carter