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  1. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    Chris Jones and Yannick Ngakoue let’s double dip in the front seven this should solidify our front seven. We draft Murray in the first round and draft WR in either the 2nd or 3rd and take shots at BPA and build a strong deep team. Could also potentially take one of our fourths to trade for a vet WR ala Boldin back in the day
  2. So I have been thinking about what we can/should do this offseason. Yup this is full offseason mode at this point smh lol. Anyway I was thinking of possible trades that involve players. Wanted to see what you guys think of you guys have any ideas of potential trades. The only rule for this is the trade must involve a player either by us or from the other team or both. ill start ravens trade a 2nd, 4th and Hayden Hurst for Jamal Adams. Now I know we have Earl, Clark, Elliot but Adams is a different animal bringing him in makes our secondary ELITE. With Earl/Clark Adams Humphrey Peters Smith Young that’s just not fair. It allows Earl to play deep which is his strength and Adams to make plays all over ala Polamalu. Then we go all out in the draft and free agency to address the pass rush and add a least one weapon for Lamar and I think we are ready to go
  3. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Thank you and thank you DreamKidn for the insight. I’m not to worried about it personally I have been to Oakland and a Giants game with my jersey with very little issue. Granted that’s not a Ravens Steelers game. I think I will let her make the final decision as long as she is comfortable I’m good either way. Either way jersey or no I definitely will be rooting the team on let’s go get this WIN!
  4. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Hello everybody. My girlfriend surprised me with tickets to watch the ravens game in Heinz Field this week and I was wondering if anyone here has gone to Heinz Field so I can know what to expect. Should I wear my ravens jersey or would that potentially make the experience to unbearable with the crowd. now I don't mind the trash talk and I'm not obnoxious in any way but I don't want my girlfriend to feel uncomfortable. Any advice would be appreciated thank you!