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  1. If the Bills can’t win a game with the Patriots fighting with one arm tied behind their back…
  2. I think it rather unlikely that Zeke’s knee will be healed. Wish he would just take a game off so he can actually be himself for the playoff push.
  3. Not even crying. Happy with where my team is at. Doesn’t change my stance that the Raiders were very fortunate to get a win prior to their game vs Washington. They gotta earn it.
  4. Andrews should have just won the game for them..
  5. Raiders not get enough cheap, questionable drive extending penalties to get them a win today?
  6. Wilson’s pocket awareness is consistently terrible.
  7. Not sure if you're referring to me, but I'm definitely not agreeing with WheatieMan. He has an overly pessimistic view of the situation that really doesn't seem to be based on anything. Most of the top teams in the NFL have had moments where they have struggled... and for whatever reason he seems to be more in tune with our team's struggles and more or less dismissive of the struggles of other teams. The only team that has truly been notably consistently good-great (in my opinion) has been Arizona. There isn't really any indication that Dallas is outclassed in comparison to the top of the NFC,
  8. Zimmer is holding your team back soooo hard. Way too talented to be losing the games you’re losing.
  9. Definitely feel like it comes down to coaching with them.
  10. You shouldn’t. The game passed him by a long time ago.
  11. There is absolutely no indication that this isn’t their year.
  12. Derpy play calling on these 2pt conversion attempts by Minnesota.
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