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  1. I`ve been humming and hawing over the two of them but my Dolphins fan friend keeps harping on Waddle being the perfect WR for their offense.
  2. I used the PFF draft order, there are a few sites that have projected this year's comp picks already. Also - for the Steelers, both Villeneuva and Feiler are free agents who they are unlikely to resign given their salary cap. So OT is definitely a need!
  3. It's a pretty solid haul for Buffalo I like Bolton as it looks like we are losing Mllano in FA. I often mock Bolton to us. Carter is fine, we really need some speed at the RB position. Rashed, I am not sure where we would play him on our D as I don't think he really fits as a down lineman. Perhaps if we were shifting our tendencies a bit, but I would prefer Alim Mcneil or Patrick Jones here. Some good LBs on the board too. The rest of the draft is solid. OL and CB depth are needed. Drake Jackson may not be the best fit but getting an adequate backup center like him in the 6th is good
  4. Thanks man I'll take it. Yes I think this draft played out very nicely for the Falcons. I was looking for a trade partner for Seattle to accumulate picks and saw the Falcons and the value of Javonte sitting there, it was a perfect situation.
  5. Good effort on this. For Buffalo: KJ Britt in the 1st!? I just moved him up from the 7th to the 5th in mine.. but in no way is first round prospect. Good solid college player but not a good athlete and does not project well to coverage roles at the next level. Our D is predicated on rangy, athletic LBs. This is a huge reach. Tyson Campbell - I do feel he's going to be drafted around here because of his size and speed profile. His film is not exciting except when he gets those jets going, he can absolutely fly. The other issue here is that his best skill is man coverage wh
  6. Quarterback factory! Also may have been an oversight, but heck why not?
  7. Always appreciate your in-depth insight and thoughts Ozzy. A few replies: I had some reservations about putting all those DBs going high (Melifonwu, Gowan, Trill Williams) but they are athletic size/speed guys that the NFL always covets. This CB class isn't deep so some of them are pushed up the board. As a Bills fan, I'm cautious on Melifonwu but I know we've already spent some time with him, at the Senior Bowl. Eichenburg in the first was more about Pittsburgh having a need at a premium position, and the run on OTs had already started. He's a high floor guy who fits their power
  8. Hi all, my first seven round mock of the season. A few trades sprinkled in the first few rounds. Enjoy and comments appreciated! Round 1 1. Jacksonville Jaguars - Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson: 2. New York Jets - Zach Wilson, QB, BYU (TRADE) Miami Dolphins Trade # 3 to the Carolina Panthers for #8, #73, a 2022 1st Round pick and a 2022 4th Round pick. 3. Carolina Panthers - Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State 4. Atlanta Falcons - Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon 5. Cincinnati Bengals - Rashawn Slater, OT, Northwestern 6. Philadelphia Eagles - Ja'Marr Chase, WR, LSU
  9. First round is good for the Bills if we do not resign Jalen Mayfield. Then it gets wonky. Weaver and Lenior are reaches but you got the positions right. If Etienne is sitting there at the end of Round 2, we would jump on him.
  10. I'll say its a below average Bills draft, but mostly because of the 2nd round pick. Outside of QB, the least likely position we will go after early is interior DL. We are strong and deep there. Davidson is not an edge in our defense; he's close to 300lbs and stiff as a board. Give me Swift or Dobbins here all day. Ojemudia is a good fit for our D but a zone-based corner like him can be found in the middle rounds.. at least a round too early for him or his type, IMO. I wouldn't hate it but would very much prefer one of the base edges here, Greenard, Khareem or Darrell Taylor. N
  11. I really like both players selected for the Bills. I do strongly believe that this will be an offensive minded draft, something like WR-RB with their first two selections, but would not argue one bit if this was how it turned out.
  12. First names that came to mind were Delpit, Mims, Baun and Mckinney. I think Kenneth Murray actually goes higher than where most currently project. Lots of chatter around him in the 10-20 range and teams will like his upside.
  13. Some late round, high upside guys who have a chance to develop into good starters. But I do think all 3 each have a good shot at getting selected before rounds 5-7: Olewule Betiku , Edge, Illinois: Combine snub who managed to get a pro day in and put up outstanding numbers. Still a little light and only really came on his final year, but started playing football late. Reggie Robinson, Corner, Tulsa: good sized corner who ran really well at the Combine. If he was in last years crappy class, he would be talked about as a day 2 prospect. Fits best in a zone scheme. Davion Taylor
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