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  1. Just because there are building blocks doesn't mean it doesn't need a rebuild. This roster is old/aging and overpaid. How long can you ride with Campbell and Dareus (who didn't play all that well before his injury)? Linder is constantly in age management missing practice and hasn't had a good season and been plague with penalties. No one wanted to come to Jax? Sure, maybe. But he still hired Gus after they fell in love, became best buds after what was it? A 15 hour interview session that turned into dinner? Address the trenches? Because Caldwell's record there is great? Luke Joeckel as a top 3 pick. Zane Beadles as a big money LG. AJ Cann at RG. Julius Thomas at TE (kinda sorta trench, but that's a marquee signing for him) His best move was Linder and, at RT, is a journeyman who was paid big money as a starter and played solid. On the defensive side, Fowler and Yann. This is like when Gus was deemed the sole reason for failure and was fired while everyone was brought back. Now TC is suddenly the scape goat. Sure TC made a mess (again). But the state of this franchise was so bad (record wise) under Gus and Dave that many were surprised that Dave was even retained when TC was hired (and Doug was viewed as a hire because TC vouched for him...one of two names with TC's approval according to Khan himself). Dave's only winning season is TC's first. And now we're going to entrust this franchise again to these guys?
  2. You're going to NEED to move on from these guys next year or year after. Smart ***
  3. Eh... Dareus, Campbell, Bouye have HUGE cap figures that can easily be removed by releasing them. Linder has a large amount that easily can be removed. Foles has at best 1 year left. Norwell hasn't been worth his contract and will be cut-friendly after 2020. That's 1/3 of your "starters". There are question marks at LT, TE, RG, Lbs, safeties, and corner (s). The current GM was responsible for hiring the HC with worst W/l in Jags history, drafted Joeckel over Johnson, Bortles over Carr/Teddy, Yeldon over a stacked RB class (pick anyone really). Why isn't this a rebuild again?
  4. Jags fans wondering why the entire building of coaches and front office hasn't been escorted out. This fanbase has given up. and while a small fanbase, it is a fanbase that is feisty and won't back down as we've seen over the years in this forum or on Twitter. That isn't the case anymore. Not even Minshew can fix it.
  5. I brought it up in the Jets thread when the "mania" returned after he was "exposed" by the Saints. The Jets did everything they shouldn't vs. Minshew. Texans gameplan weren't as extreme as Saints, but they largely kept contain on Gardner and he struggled in that game too. I expect that teams will go back to those two games moving forward on hiw to defend Gardner until he can show that he can beat those shell/contain coverage. In the mean time our OL still can't block consistently without holding and our defense still gets gashed by run offense without sacrificing other parts of the unit. Brent and Austen Lane are talking about this roster being gutted and there's not enough player depth. Many were concerned about our LBs heading into the season, and sure enough that ended up being a major issue with Telvin abruptly leaving the team and Ryan (who was their "big" LB signing) being hurt. The TE was another position of concern, and in similar fashion, also got decimated by injuries to Oshaug and Oliver. But hey, when you're paying however much money in dead cap for Bortles and another 20M for another average QB... that's what happens to your team. We have basically allocated cap resources equivalent to what a prime Brady/Brees/Rodgers/Manning would get with the combined cap hit we have allocated for two average QBs that arent playing for the team.
  6. The team quit on Marrone in week 2 of 2017? The same season they went on a tear and playoff run and nearly beat the patriots before being out coached with 7 minutes left in the game? That team could have folded several times that season with the inability of the offense to do anything, yet it didn't. It could have pointed fingers between offense/defense. Shoot plenty outside were wondering if that was the case, and then we got TONS of sound bites...unsolicited from players, rallying around our inconsistent much maligned offense. Yes, it is revisionist. You're justifying your take then by what is happening now. That team hadn't given up on Doug, not in 2017, and especially not in week 2 of that season. This 2019 team lost it's starting QB 17 snaps in game 1 and was playing with a rookie 6th rounder. It's top corner (and possibly best player) asked for a trade week 2 and was making excuses up to avoid being with the team. Our FO completely mishandled the situation with the pointless Jalen press con and Tom/Dave not saying anything amidst all the speculation. And the team kept fighting and didn't "fold" until the London game. Local media were, I don't want to say gushing, but pointing to Doug as a reason the wheels haven't fallen off. It's very clear there are tons of friction in that building. It usually is when teams are getting stomped in subsequent weeks. We've got reports of heated players in locker room, shouting matches between Tom and Doug, reports of FO and coaches pointing fingers at each other. Those last two are bigger reasons as to why the wheels have fallen off.
  7. Maybe true, but Caldwell's big money FA signings were Gerhart, Beadles, Julius Thomas, Malik (hit), Parnell (OK I guess), Gipson, Ivory. 2017 class was the best with Calais, Bouye, Church, and...im forgetting one signing here I think. But 2017 is also Tom's 1st year, so this is when things get muddy as far as who gets blame/credit for certain moves. 2018 was Norwell, Sefarian Jenkins, let arob go and resigned Lee, signed Moncrief, Bortles extension. 2019 well...here we are.
  8. This is some revisionist here. Doug's team had struggles with certain teams: the ones that completely outphysical (Titans) or outcoach them (Reid, playoffs Belichick). Doug marrone's first win, several players including Telvin and Jalen spoke out, without being asked, that they dedicated the game to Gus. Gus never lost that locker room, they were just a bad team and Gus was just a bad coach. Henry and Murray steamrolled that Jags team on TNF the same way Henry usually steamrolled this team under Doug. The 2017 team had several big plays nullified by bad reviews/penalties...and they went right back and made a big play (sometimes immediately after). That team was resilient...as long as the game is somewhat close. That's not a knock on effort or players giving up. it's a problem with the team being run based and a QB who is extremely inconsistent and erratic especially when from behind. That defense was really not that much different than the 2018 version...it was good but not great. The difference was that the 2017 team got really really REALLY opportunistic at the best possible time with creating turnovers...often with one's that scored points too.
  9. As bad as Caldwell has been, and I think he should have gone for the Joeckel/Fowler/Bortles plus Gus Bradley choices alone, I'm not sure you can pin Doug/Foles on him. It was Shad who hired Tom to be over Dave. And it was at Tom's recommendation that the Jags stayed with Doug after his interim stint. As for the team keeping Blake, who knows. Reports seem to indicate that Tom was convinced by Dave to stick with Blake. In which case, that's on Dave and Tom both. But who started the premature) extension talk with Bortles? Who made Fournette the guy at 4? Who has been pulling the trigger on FA bust Norwell? Regardless, I think there's enough on paper to argue Dave should never have been retained when a change was made at the top with TC. And there shouldn't be one now either
  10. who are the buzz names for GM? it feels like there aren't any stand out (though maybe it's still early) candidates. The Patriots seem pretty tapped out, and those that have come from them have not always found success outside of their organization. The shine on the McVay tree has come off, and Philly was already raided quite a bit after their championship. Baltimore is the hot team but they just got new turnover after long time Ozzie retirement. SF plucked Lynch, and found success behind a defense loaded by 1st rounders, but hes so new that he doesn't have a tree. Come to think of it, are former analysts the buzz selections after Lynch and Mayock (who was criticized early but now has a productive rookie class)?
  11. Is Long still a legit source? But it wouldn't surprise me if this is the case.
  12. Liked Telvin as a player, especially when he went on rant about players charging kids to go to camp. I don't know what the issue is with him and his ex, but he stopped paying child support and according to his lawyer, he stopped due to... UNEMPLOYMENT. He had guaranteed money, but decided to retire and walk away from it, made cryptic messages as if the fans are the ones in the wrong, and then uses his unemployment as a reason for not paying child support?
  13. I mean, where do you go from drug dealing that is worse? Human trafficking and/or murder?
  14. If they wanted a circus they should have signed Kap and saved the Foles money
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