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  1. Telvin Smith sitting out 2019

    tweets in reference
  2. Telvin Smith sitting out 2019

    I think PFF posted Allen's coverage grades and they were below to average in most of it. I think it's just you see a 6'5 250 lb guy and you don't expect someone that size to be able to drop back. They also mentioned giving him good scores against the run. Take that for what it's worth since it's PFF, but if Allen is a legit pass rusher, I have no problem with them rushing him 99 out 100 times.
  3. Telvin Smith sitting out 2019

    Yeah I have no problem with Telvin deciding to do whatever he decides to do, the problem is that he did all of this without communicating with the team throughout the entire off-season. Fortunately Allen and Myles have some positional flexibility. I think it's time to decide where to play Myles...for good. All the flipping around is probably not best for his development. If we want him to be at Will, so be it. If we want him at Mike, fine. But let's get this settled, and quick.
  4. That doesn't make sense. He just restructured last year. He's surely not getting any more money, not with Yann and Jalen due up soon. So any restructuring would just be shifting money around to make it more cap friendly for the team. This whole thing about him never made any sense. It's one thing to not be with team during voluntary period, but the no contact with the team was.weird
  5. what in the blue hell? people seriously talking about Lewis as a Pride candidate? Then again people were suggesting Meester and Paul when they retired, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised
  6. On the opposite spectrum, Jags have had questionable QBs in Leftwich, Gabbert, and Bortles and passed on future 1st round QBs. If theres a guy there that is better than yours, take them. The criticism with AZ is how they mishandled this whole deal.
  7. Jaguars draft San Jose State TE Josh Oliver at #69.

    If anything this actually validates those hesitant to take Hock at 7.
  8. Jaguars draft Temple RB Ryquell Armstead at #140

    He's essentially Ivory's replacement
  9. First impressions of Mike Mayock's first draft as GM

    I had the Jags in the forum mock as one of my option because he is a high floor guy. I'm sure he'll be a good player, but I feel Oliver and Allen can be great players. And while both have higher bust rates than Ferrell, their floors are relatively high too. I don't think his draft is worthy of the negative critic it's gotten. won't surprise me if this draft comes out better out of the gate, but probably after 3 years the questions come out again why they passed on allen/oliver
  10. I don't think I've seen you here on the boards, but one of my concerns that I've talked about a bit since going after Foles and Flip is that what made them successful appears to be a contrast to Doug's philosophy. I'm fine with the Oliver pick. I think both our 3rd rounders were kind of reaches, but I see what they liked on tape for Oliver and how he would fit with this team. The same can be said of Gardner, who is a smart accurate and quick decision maker at QB. But now we have built our team with RBs who I don't really think fits running from a gun formation. LF, Blue, Armstead...these are guys who operate better as a runner going downhill with a full steam. There's a clash of philosophy, I think, between Marrone's "grind it out, protect the ball at all cost" and Flip's and Foles more aggressive mindsets. And how this offense has shaped up after FA/Draft reflects that conflict of not being sure who we want to be. Maybe they successfully tight rope their differences and find that striking balance between being aggressive and also protecting the ball/running the football. But I've been skeptical of it from the get go, and what we have done in the draft doesnt change that (Robiskie once again brought up the whole Fournette is our bellcow, which he said he got from Doug).
  11. Yeah we need to keep stocking picks. Nice trade out for a 6th next season.
  12. lol on a positive note if Mike Leach is down with you enough to call you out of the blue and make you move across the country, I'm down with you as well. Just not convinced the guys in the building are unified in what kind of team (especially offense) we want to be.
  13. Doubling down with running backs who can't find holes for a grind it out offense but also using picks on a pass catching TE for our QB and a small arm spread QB from an air raid offense. It's like these guys have no vision what they want to be.
  14. Jaguars draft Temple RB Ryquell Armstead at #140

    You either double down or decide to adjust if you have differences in personnel. They are doubling and tripling down on this run game of angry runners who will run over their OL's back rather than finding a cutback lane.
  15. Jaguars draft Temple RB Ryquell Armstead at #140

    I was hoping the departure of Wheatley and arrival of Flip would make us more open to different types of back, but I guess not. Seems like Doug has a type for his backs. I looked at the available lists of rb last night and Armstead did appear to be one of the viable options left. The OL better blow some holes open, because Leonard, Blue, and Armstead aren't going to find holes themselves