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  1. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    Some clarity on how this trade went down
  2. interesting nuggets here on the developments of the Jalen trade. Clearly, everything that was used as a reason for him to miss practice is hogwash. https://twitter.com/theMMQB/status/1184807290479796225?s=19
  3. I thought Jack and AJ sounded very supportive of Jalen. Haven't seen Yann's comments yet.
  4. General News and Notes

    I'm not even sure he's good enough to be a "short-term" answer. I guess it's kind of the problem with signing a guy like DJ Hayden to the kind of deal we signed him to. He's played very well, but I'm not sure he goes out to #2 on base formations, does he? If he has that ability, it wouldn't be too bad. But to basically put it in perspective, Herndon was supposed to be our dime corner, with Jalen/AJ/DJ ahead of him. Now, because of Jalen being gone and DJ playing well at nickel, our 4th corner moves up to #2. That's not a recipe for success for most #4 corners in just about any depth chart.
  5. General News and Notes

    I don't think he's played "bad", but there's a clear cut drop off from AJ at one corner, Hayden as a nickel, and him starting at the other end. It's not like he's blowing coverages left and right, he's just always a step behind it seems to make a play. We've also been fortunate enough that the games Jalen missed, it hasn't been against "good" QBs, and they still went after him and found success.
  6. General News and Notes

    I was on the side of signing anyone that wouldn't have cost us draft picks. Dobbs is taking this team no farther than random vet FA QB, so why waste draft capital on him?
  7. General News and Notes

    Leonard Williams really isn't a great target for the Jaguars, given our timeline/cap and all that. I think Yann, at some point, gets an extension done before this season is over now that Jalen's contract is no longer hanging over our heads. As much as it sucks to see Jalen go, getting those FRPs help given the vets we are likely going to have to let go due to cap purposes. When we traded for Dobbs, we talked about how valuable that 5th round pick is with possible cuts of Calais, Dareus, Bouye, Linder, and Hayden in the off-season. The downside to this is our depth at corner, or lack of. A full season of Herndon at starting corner? Oy vey. And that's not even mentioning the inconsistencies at safety.
  8. There's...kind of interesting stuff from the locker room. There's guys like Jack, Leonard, Bouye who gave the standard response given their relationship with Jalen. But then, you have guys like Hayden, who twice now kind of gives you the impression he wasn't "about" what Jalen was doing. Wonder how split that locker room really is. I'm sure they all would rather have a happy Jalen, but the past couple of weeks had to have rub at least a few wrong. I guess it kind of makes sense, in Hayden's case. The guy literally nearly died on the football field, and you have a teammate faking back injuries to force his way out.
  9. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    There's no way Jalen throws a tantrum immediately after being traded. He will be a good soldier, say all the right things, etc. It benefits him to play nice so he can get his extension. It's next season that could get interesting if they don't extend him now or in the off season.
  10. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    where are y'all getting the dad/agent stuff? I was under the impression he was in Tenn all off season working out with him
  11. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    Since Rams are going all in, any interest in giving up a future 3rd for Telvin Smith?
  12. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    When the QB is going down pretty much as soon as he drops back, the rush will definitely get the credit.
  13. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    Love the player, hate the diva he turned out to be. I think he will be better in LA with Donald collapsing the pocket and Phillips running the defense instead of Wash. The 2 1sts are going to be late (at best early 20s) so I'm not sure it's a great haul for the talent. Given the situation? I suppose. But highly doubt the Jags get close to Ramsey with any of those three picks...maybe even combined.
  14. You can't take my joy of Minshew away Jalen.
  15. Does Nick Foles Get His Job Back?

    You have no idea how bad this line is. Even Brady would be getting pummeled here