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  1. So you're saying Greene is coming back? YES! :greenfont:
  2. It's difficult to pin point this to one player. For once I'll agree with the "coach speak" at the press con: this is on everyone. The oline was abused (they were actually opening holes in the run game early on, but then we get to 3rd and 4 and have to pass and it collapses) including our high prized LG. The defensive line didn't get consistent push. Multiple breakdowns in the secondary. Receivers not open. QB misses them when they are open. coaches got out coached again (any more brilliant ideas like a TE REVERSE Hack? WTF) No one on our defense is playing as well as they did last season, with the exception maybe of Calais but his snaps are down. And the offense is on shambles. To be fair, there is not much you can do when you are down to your third string LT, your C, RT, RG are constantly being monitored in practices for injuries, and your LG too. When you look at a team and how they are built, you really want to look at where the high picks are and where the high salaries are. QB who needs everything around him to be perfect making 19M. Defense has high round picks and gazillions of $$$ invested just got shredded in back to back weeks by creative playcalling. 4th pick overall RB that's played less than a game. This next game will be telling. Texans has not been able to block anyone, and our injured OLine has not been able to block anyone either. Whichever offense is able to have some modicum of success wins this game.
  3. The problem isn't the talent. Most will agree that third-string tackles aren't top of the line talent especially in the case of a young guy like Walker and Richardson. However, Flowers is a veteran who thought Calais was a speed guy. THAT is a level of ignorance and carelessness about your job that is simply inexcusable. A young guy, albeit inexperienced, can develop and benefit and perhaps even become a solid player. A veteran who doesn't care enough about his job to identify a scouting trait any average fan can provide on Calais? I doubt I can trust that guy. It's not like the Giants Oline has been a strength either. This is a guy his team DUMPED and viewed as an addition by subtraction. Those rarely end well.
  4. Here's hoping Will develops or we find a long-term LT (which might be a draft pick with Cam switching to RT anyway due to his injury), because this is his 2nd year now in which his play was subpar but was "excused" as injury related
  5. Pretty sure they will try and find someone cheaper next season. We have some cost cutting to think about
  6. I rather they take another chance at JokeL than Flowers. At least Luke cared about his performance
  7. Shad Khan moving Jaguars in 2022?

    He'll be a big shot in London with or without the Jaguars because of Wembley. So why gain on one only to lose the other when you can gain on both?
  8. Shad Khan moving Jaguars in 2022?

    Shipyards is the real sink, so Jacksonville needs too make sure it is done. There is NOTHING in downtown Jacksonville but the Jaguars. Even a riverside property will lose money if there is nothing to do there. Khan would be a fool to build up downtown Jax with the shipyards only to move the Jaguars. London is an attractive money maker, but it will always be one especially Wembley with or without the NFL. But if Khan pulls off shipyards, he could, essentially be the king of Jacksonville from money and notoriety. Khan is better off getting the best of both worlds. But that's all contingent on the Shipyards project. The rest of his investments are easily recoverable by a move to London
  9. Also have to remember that chiefs defense had been pretty bad up to that point. Unfortunate Fournette was injured, as I feel they would have kept pounding the rock with him
  10. They also signed Williams from Broncos PS
  11. On paper, this should be a matchup we should win. Their running game has not been as good, but Elliot can still be dangerous as a receiver out of the backfield. STILL, this is a far better match up for out defense than the KC offense. My concern is that they are an aggressive pass rush team and Marinelli knows how to disrupt an offense. With the OL already banged up and Blake yo-yo ing between starting QB and Oh-my-god-what-are-you-doing QB, this can be tough. We have to be flawless on offense and not give them gimme, and the defense must force a turnover and possibly score.
  12. Well, I mentioned giving the Chiefs an edge due to coaching but holy hell I did not expect that difference to be that HUGE. This staff has an incredibly stiff inability to adjust. If the gameplan works, great and we'll look good. But if it wasn't...well... Yeldon was carving them up and our big OL (which were struggling with their smaller rush Ends) so naturally on 3rd and 2 we decide to go open backfield for a...uh... what was that a quick fade to the end zone? Then follow it up with a shotgun on 4th and 2? Brilliant. The defense did ok and had it's moments but KC and their offensive weapon/playcalling definitely gave them fits. We were clearly backpedaling and were worried of their speed/trick plays. And my golly Blake...the screen, the throw to Cann helmet, that knuckle ball. I said it at the beginning of the season, but I think this team had a false sense of security that this defense was just going to do what it did last season. We're 5 games in and were way behind in sacks, ints, ff, and touchdowns. Expecting this defense to score 7 touchdowns to bail out our offense was an unrealistic goal. I'm sure the defense will pick it up against just about any other offense not the Chiefs so i dont expect 30 points every week (or even 23 surrendered). But with injuries piling up on offense, our margin of victory just got even narrower
  13. I would love it if they play Hill straight up vs Jalen where he could press him. Jalen would probably press him out of bounds like he did that one wide receiver last year. But the difficulty in hill is that the Chiefs don't allow for him to be pressed by moving him all around the formation
  14. I'm curious to see the stats just for this season. A lot of the struggles vs TE/RB were because Telvin and Poz were very aggressive in their tendency to play run and get sucked in by play action. Myles isn't as aggressive as those two, and the few plays that we've seen Jacob's, he's shown good discipline. There is also the possibility of Harrison as the big nickel if teams try and go 12 on us with the intention of trying to pass.
  15. Disagree. We've seen this defense get gashed by receiving TE/backs after the playaction. Play-action also slows down our pass rush. All the trick/gadgets that Reid calls are meant to give the defense an extra split second to slow down and diagnose what they are doing. I don't think Sacksonville can just go balls to the wall with all the different formations that they use. I think the key is going to be stopping the run with our front 6/7 which allows our back end to just cover. And even playing perfect coverage, Mahomes has the arm to squeeze it in (like the SF game when our defense was basically just a hair slower than Jimmy' s trigger). I think what's going to be important is that the good Blake shows up. We NEED to be able to score early and control the clock. We need Mahomes taking risky chances that our defense can capitalize on. I don't think it's fair to expect this defense to hold them to under 15 points. It doesn't have to be a shootout, but we can't play this like we did the Giants, Tenn games hoping our special teams or defense spots us a touchdown. Plus we will be on the road too, and Step ahead isn't exactly a quiet place for visitors. I hope this team really buckles up and shows up as a lot of eyes will be on this game. If this was a primetime game, the hype for this match up would have been off the charts. But hey, NFL gonna NFL