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  1. Have always said...Calais is the prime candidate for a restructure from a talent (we still want to keep), salary, and attitude. hope he finds the fountain of youth and stays productive for another two years at least
  2. Daniel Jeremiah's Mock #1

    Big OOF if the Jags take a DT at 7
  3. Morey-ball

    Trying to figure out how to read that chart, is it basically saying go for it every single 4th and 1 regardless of field position? Man that's a tough sell for a lot of coaches lol
  4. General News Thread

    Yeah I think it was Dilla or one of the BCC folks
  5. Jaguars hire John DeFlippo as OC

    Blake counts $21M in 2019 cap. If we cut him pre June 1, he will count $16.5M in our 2019 cap ($4.5M savings) If we cut him post June 1st, he will count $11.5M (9.5M savings). Problem is, FA starts in March. So going after Foles (or anyone asking for $20M ) will require us to make moves to free up that much space before FA opens. And as the previous link mentioned, were already in the red (though current estimates include Hyde's near $5m in salary and cutting him puts us barely under, before rollovers (if we get any, which I think we do)
  6. Morey-ball

    That's interesting and one I have not read/heard. The go-deep on 2nd and short is certainly rooted in conventional football wisdom. Interesting that analytics seem to indicate higher turnover rate going deep on that down/distance. Although that seems to indicate more big play attempts on 1st down while using chain moving plays on 2nd down?
  7. Morey-ball

    Yeah I was trying to think of what's similar to three point shots? Madden (the video game)-ball playing 4 wides and going for the home run every single play? Defenses are basically going to be forced to play some kind of 4 deep (or man), which you would think opens up the middle for smallish backs vs LBs? Problem is, you can get your QB killed by holding the ball long (but NFL protecting QBs more and more). The amateur analytics thing to me is, the more plays you run, the more prone your team is for mistakes (holding, false starts, etc) that potentially cause negative yards and make it more difficult to get a 1st down. I think there was a college team (not high level division) whose coach always went for it on 4th down? I recall them bringing up analytics as to why he does it, but it never amounted to any thing. Similar thought. The three point game are making NBA big men practice and learn how to shoot threes (to fit the new style). Can you have quarterbacks learn to punt and essentially get rid of the punter position? If you get the look you want, throw the ball. If you don't, punt it.
  8. Morey-ball

    For those who also follow the NBA, you might be aware of the analytic-heavy analysis that Daryl Morey (GM of the Houston Rockets) deployed. It's the concept of how long two-point jump shots are ineffective and that teams are better off taking three point shots or layups..less in between. This philosophy has taken the NBA by storm as the pace of the game has skyrocketed (case in point one of the fastest pace offenses in the 2000s now would rank in the bottom 3). The Rockets and the Nets combined for 100 three point attempts last night as they scored 145-142 (OT). The Rockets themselves hoisted 70 threes. Now, while we see Mahomes and the Chiefs do some crazy stuff, I think we can all agree that those aren't replicatable unless you have Mahomes (and his unique weapons). The question is: is there some kind of analytical innovation that some can find in the NFL that can have a similar effect? Or are there too many moving parts in the NFL? And also, are the coaching trees from traditional coaches limiting any possibility for some crazy analytic-based gung-ho approach that has taken the NBA by storm?
  9. General News Thread

    It may or may not. Regardless, he can't say anything since Foles is still an Eagle
  10. Jaguars hire John DeFilippo as OC

    Good thing we hired a receivers coach to help (and basically baby sit) our 4th overall pick RB to not be a knuckle head
  11. General News Thread

    Absolutely did not want Foles, but if JDF wants him, well..i guess I'll have to deal with it.
  12. Jaguars hire John DeFlippo as OC

    It's a very curious move and Doug gave a non-answer answer when asked about JDF throwing a lot in Minny vs Doug's philosophy of wanting to run the football. Basically said he's got the headset and can dictate if he sees something he doesn't like.
  13. Sounds like it's DeFilippo. Marrone to have a press con at 3pm
  14. Packers hire Nate Hackett as OC

    I'm going to chime in and say I don't think Hackett is as bad as many here think. I'm of the impression he ran what he ran (run up the gut and crossers) because that's what his players are comfortable doing. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and see what he can do with Rodgers and the Packers weapon before completely dismissing him.