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  1. He's a RT only. Jags fans are probably tired of all the gator busts in our draft history (not named Fred)
  2. It should signal about $6M of free space getting rid of Hayden next season, and possibly even AJ with a $11M savings. (edit: corrected $) Meanwhile, he'll immediately step in at nickel and pretty much suffocate throwing lanes for QBs. He wouldn't be at the top of my list as the value isn't quite there, but this defense is at its best forcing turnovers.
  3. If we're talking all possibilities? Add Murray to the list. Dillard too. Also, personal preference and would be incredibly shocked (and might get huh? from draft room) by the pick... Greedy Williams. Love his fit here.

    As long as the Jags aren't left for fools again...
  5. Telvin Smith possibly available?

    I see it similar to the past couple of years... with our style it's going to be close games and one play here or there can be the difference between 2-3 games (if not more) in a season.
  6. Yannick Ngakoue

    Historically you can only afford three mega deals at premium spots. After that you're plugging in your roster with cheaper options.
  7. Yeah if you can trade down and still get Hock that would be a good option.
  8. Telvin Smith possibly available?

    that is pretty much a solid range (7 to 9 wins). anything outside of that would be failure or exceeding expectation.
  9. Telvin Smith possibly available?

    Personally I think we're a 8-8 maybe 9-7 team. But my expectations and those inside the organization are clearly different lol
  10. Telvin Smith possibly available?

    Yeah with our win now mode, it really doesn't make sense to trade him.
  11. Alternatively, I know it's different scheme/regime, but Del Rio and his staff kept Lewis in as a blocker his early years because they didn't feel the OL would hold up. Even though he came in with more of a pedigree as a receiver than a blocker his size/strength/attitude turned him into a blocker. I think you kind of saw that with the Bucs as well with Howard. On the other hand, guys like Winslow/Engram were utilized as receivers because they werent good blockers. I think this team would prefer a vet/reliable blocker like Swayne and a younger/athletic guy like Hock/Fant/Smith/etc as the move guy. Obviously Hock can play both, so there is value to it.
  12. Translation: He's aggressive and will lunge forward with bad form therefore missing the block
  13. Howard was picked over Engram, but I think I know what you meant to say. Howard was under utilized in Bama, so everyone projected him based on potential according to his measurables. Hock was statistically more productive, but Iowa was more TE friendly. Rare to see two TEs from the same team produce especially in college
  14. Edge rushers are premium players and difficult to find. The argument for Hock is that he's supposedly make an immediate impact vs other positions/players. The argument against that is that traditionally, TEs don't make that impact people are expecting of Hock. Even the great ones. Gronk is the one example of immediate impact, and he played in a TE friendly offense, with a HOF QB and a HOF coach who has made a living getting the best out of every player. Ertz had 36/469/4 his rookie year. Since 2011, only 5 TEs have had more than 40 catches (Engram, Little, Reed, Ty e, Wright). It should be noted that Engram was basically playing receiver that rookie year, and was drafted after the "complete all around" great prospect Howard (taken top 10). You can expand that timeframe to 2005 and the number increases from 5 to 13...but most of the TEs on the list are no longer legit options and not what you'd want a top 7 pick to be.
  15. History tells us even elite prospects at TE take longer to impact the game. We will need to really force feed Hock if we want to see that first year impact. And if we're going to force feed him, then i think similarly we can do the same for lower tier TE. Right now I feel "ok" with OL or Hock. Both are needs with players good enough at 7 to warrant the pick. I don't think Taylor or Dillard are top 7 players in the draft, but they are need positions for us. While Foles need weapons, more importantly we need him to stay upright. Especially because him going down throws our season down the drain given who our current backups are. But very tempted to swing for the fence with a premium pass rusher. Calais can't at forever. We already managed his snaps last season, can only imagine how much more we will need to manage him moving forward.