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  1. Myles has expressed interest in getting carries. It would be an emergency situation only, as in you have 3 active and for bad luck (knock on wood) all three get hurt. At that point your only other option would be a WR, or Bohanon. Once the game is done, they can bring up someone from PS or sign a street fa.
  2. Petty sure you two are arguing semantics... but it's pretty evident that when LF said "true edge rusher", he meant as it pertains to our team and our scheme...he's talking about RE aka Edge aka LEO. Call it however you want, they all mean the same... And with the exception of handful of situational stuff...thats Dante, MCray, or Philips..not Calais, Bryan, or even Smoot. edit: confused Dimick vs Philips
  3. I think it will be a PS guy unless that 4th RB just happens to be a ST demon. I wonder if they are tempted at all to roll with 3 backs if the numbers game gets really tough, with Myles as the 4th RB in a game if needed. Pretty sure they only kept 3 backs active last season for gameday anyway so I doubt a 4th RB will make it in the 53 unless they are a Montell Owens type of ST player.
  4. 3 deep is plenty deep enough, but we do utilize the run more. A 4th guy wouldn't be too bad for this offense, but this is the rb position we're talking about. We can find someone with some experience if we're in a pinch if our current 4/5 backs don't cut it
  5. Every crew has that dude that starts something and gets guys who have their back in trouble. Fowler is that dude, and Jalen is that guy.
  6. Unless it goes really sideways, this team isn't trading Fowler. He's more valuable to this team as a backup than a day 3 pick which is what they'll get for him if they traded now. They are better off waiting to see if he can get another 8 sacks, get a big contract, and get us a comp pick. Also....*knock on wood* But what do you do if Yann gets hurt? That's Fowler's value.
  7. Jaguars Training Camp News and Notes

    Great plays by Jalen and An, but these last two INTs were ducks by Bortles
  8. Jaguars Training Camp News and Notes

    Yann basically had enough of Dante's BS.
  9. Jaguars Defense 2018

    7 touchdowns is a lot. That's practically a touchdown every 2 games. Not to mention we should be playing a better set of quarterbacks this season due to our 1st place schedule.
  10. Jaguars Defense 2018

    Scoring. 7 touchdowns is a darn great feat. They may be able to match the sacks, ints, fumbles and pbu. But I really find it difficult to believe they'll be able to match the 7 scores they had last season. Not necessarily a weakness, but obviously they were game (and season altering) plays.
  11. No idea. Can only assume the coach banged the table hard for a guy he knew, and TC isnt exactly averse to taking QBs with measurables but are bad with football. At least he didn't spend a 3rd on him like he did with Quinn
  12. and now he's sitting out because of an undisclosed "knee" injury.
  13. I'm actually kind of concerned about Parnell. I know the coaches blamed injuries for the drop in his play but camp reports seemed to mention him getting beat a bit and he's not exactly that young
  14. Safe to say Tanner' s college coach who is now in Jaguars staff should no longer be allowed to give evaluations or recommendations