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  1. I have watched Lazard run, and no, he doesn't "play" fast. He's a long strider. So he looks slow and awkward running as a receiver, but long strides doesn't matter in ST if he can get down there. Size does matter in blocking. Cmon now. But getting a big guy who can run and can have the attitude and mentality to do so? That's your ace. And 6'0 210 lb WR is a good size for back when Hines played.
  2. Lageman was talking about Darius Jackson in one of shows as someone that he thinks could crack the roster at SLB/ST spot.
  3. in fairness, I think arob would be here if he didn't tear his ACL.Even Lee has talked about after FA that he thought it was going to be Arob or him, and he didn't think it was gonna be him.
  4. Don't know what to tell you man, but it was a quote from a Lazard interview immediately after he signed. If they did tell him they won't sign another receiver and they went and signed another guy, then it further reinforces that they wanted him to come here with a specific role in mind. Kind of like how the Jags "promised" Osgood that he'd get to compete as a receiver, when anyone and everyone knew, they really wanted him for his ST ability, eh?
  5. Or perhaps more gunners are UDFAs because they are the bottom of the roster with no real position that they can start with but brings value in that role? That's what Lazard is, and will be for this team. You're making it sound like Kassim was some freak amazing talented player that cannot be duplicated by someone like Lazard. He was undrafted for a reason, same with Lazard. ST is more about attitude and mentality, if Lazard brings it, he'll stick. If not, he won't. Regardless, the argument is that Lazard brings a dynamic to the receiving group that we don't have whereas Mickens competes with similarly skilled guys who can do the same things he does, and does other things possibly better than him. That's the argument here on why potentially Lazard can beat out Mickens. Besides, I'm not sure "having guys who can separate" is the only solution to Blake's inaccuracies. It's true in our current scheme that relies a lot on man beaters, but Blake's best statistical year (as far as output is concerned) was basically him YOLOING to guys who made acrobatic catches for him. So of our current receivers, Lazard brings high-pointing skills that only Moncrief can do. He's got size, which can help in run blocking, which we know our staff loves in receivers. And he's got the size/speed combo for ST that this staff wants. Mickens is not going to block in ST, and he's not going to tackle in ST due to his size, so he really only had one main role which gives him value, and that's as a PR guy.The issue is, if there's a roster crunch (which I'm sure there will given how competitive this roster is), the team can opt with just letting Lee/Chark compete in that role. There's also Wynn who the team brought back, and he's a similar type/skillset to Mickens, and keep in mind that Wynn was neck and neck (and at times ahead of Cole) during the pre-season. He's got an uphill climb just because of how redundant his skills are compared to our other receivers.
  6. Saying Dede did nothing to prove he's better than MIckens is lazy. Holy crap, really? Mickens lined up when all of our receivers were hurt, made the most of his opportunities while being an unknown to the opposing defense. As soon as the other receivers got healthy, he disappeared in our offense. Dede was often playing the outside WR spots going against the defense's better DBs and made some big time difficult catches in the playoffs. We don't need a big bodied WR on our roster? Go tell that to the staff that brought in Lazard. If they didn't think they need a big bodied WR, why bring him in? Why make all these promises to entice him to come here especially given the depth that we already had at the position? They clearly had an idea of what he does, and brought him in anyway. Saying Lazard is being brought in to play ST as a gunner isn't lazy...bro that's what a lot of the best gunners were! Kassim Osgood - UDFA Montell Owens - UDFA Cody Davis - UDFA Lazard is big, and can run (not as a receiver, but fast enough for ST). He played some ST in college, and he clearly has an uphill battle to make this roster. Saying the team likely views him and wants to develop him in that role isn't lazy, it's common sense.
  7. Actually feel the opposite. I think they probably plan on turning Lazard into a ST gunner similar to Kassim Osgood, while finding some use for him as a red-zone target. It sounds like the Jaguars made some promises to him to get him to sign here (won't sign another UDFA receiver, he'll be used as red-zone target), so if he does those things, I think Mickens might be in trouble simply because we don't have a receiver like Lazard on our roster right now, but Mickens kind of duplicates what the other smaller speedier receiver we already had. We also brought back Wynn (another similar player), and both Lee/Chark can be PR guys for this team. And stop. Dede's not getting cut for Mickens. Cmon now. Its going to be Moncrief, Lee, Cole, Dede, Chark + 1 spot that Lazard, Mickens, Wynn, or someone unknown that impresses during camp. We've talked a lot about "replacement" players, well Moncrief is on a 1 year deal and Lee is essentially on a 2 year deal. Dede may be a luxury this year, but he'll be needed as we get rid of these expensive older receivers.
  8. Didn't realize it, but good ole Jerry Sullivan was with LSU and appears to be instrumental to the development of Chark. Ryan O' Halloran's interview with Jerry mentions Chark watching Jaguars receivers Hurns and ARob (Sully's former pupils of course) and learning a lot from them. Jerry also brought up one of my concerns with Chark, in that he's a bit of a body catcher and doesn't attack the ball very well in the air as much as you'd want for someone his size. But it sounds like Chark's got Jerry's stamp of approval. Thanks Jerry, for giving us another young receiver to mold. For all the crap we had at WR post Thunder and Lightning, I almost feel like Jerry and now Keenan is just making it up to us.
  9. Jags Offseason 2019

    Overthecap has us -17M for 2019. That's a far more manageable figure (especially since we have $20M free space right now for 2018). Personally, I find overthecap's figures more accurate than spotrac. Caldwell was also asked after the draft, and he seems unconcerned about our 2019 salary (he made a comment that "we can handle it", or something to that extent) when asked about the contracts for 2019. I think Church is probably my #1 candidate to be cut with Harrison taking over his spot ($6M savings), and Parnell a possibility if Richardson proves capable (another $6M). I also think either Dareus or Abry (but not both) gets the ax, so its either a $10M (Dareus) or $6M (Abry) savings there. 2020 is the big year, which is when our window potentially closes barring emergence of some unexpected elite young players (Bryan, Chark, Blake, etc), since any extension that is given to Yann and Myles will likely kick in with big money here, and it is also Jalen's FA year. I personally feel 2020 is our "reset" year (again, barring unforeseen emergence that keeps our window longer) given the cap savings of the following (parenthesis is dead money) on top of what is projected to be $20M in cap space (which of course, would be eaten up by extensions to Yann, Myles, Jalen) Bortles = 18M (5M) Calais = 15M (2.5M) Malik = $13.75M (2M) Dareus = $14.6M (0M) Gipson = $8.5M (800k) Hayden = $6M (1.6M) I think Blake is probably unlikely, because he either steps up and is then worth the money or he doesn't step up and in which case he serves as a bridge for the next QB. But Calais, Malik, Dareus (if he wasn't let go the year before), and Hayden are probably the easier decisions. If I'm not mistaken, I think 2020 is the last year of DDT (Dave, Doug, Tom, for the old wrestling fans lol) contracts, so that further puts an emphasis on 2020 as our "reset" year.
  10. Jags Offseason 2019

    If Jalen isn't brought back, then this FO needs to go.
  11. Good call. I forgot they include guys from former teams lol. That's how we had one Jaguar in 2016 (Calais)
  12. So who do you all think made the list? At the end of it, it said they said the Jaguars have the 2nd most players on the list. My guess would be: Yann, Telvin, Malik, Fournette, Bouye, Calais, Jalen.
  13. I use over the cap vs spotrac. Malik will have $4M and Calais will have $5M in dead space if cut in 2019. It's not HUGE, but to me that's still a good amount relative to their production. Calais is a 4.5M savings while Malik would actually be larger at $7M. so on 2nd thought maybe Malik might be more in danger if Bryan progresses quickly. I still think Dareus goes first before either one since we have enough money in 2019. 2020 is when I think Malik and Calais possibly goes or restructures ($2M for Malik, $2.5m for calais).
  14. Yeah there's no way Bryan is moving to NT. If anything, it's more likely they move Calais inside if Smoot/Bryan can develop at the big end since he still has a lot of dead money. I Don't think we cut both abry and Dareus next year... but one will be gone just not sure who (depends on their performance this season). The team also likes Ankou. And it's quite possible they target a guy in draft next year at that spot. Bryan is more depth/possible replacement behind Malik/Calais, not dareus
  15. But yes, the Bortles quote at the end. God I really hope he steps up. The guy is a quote machine.