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  1. Makes no sense. Even if they lose Ingram, they still have Kamara, which means RB isn't a pressing need. They're not going to use their only pick in the top of the draft for a "complimentary" player. If they're going to go offense, it'll be for a TE or WR to help take heat off of Thomas, and give Brees another target.
  2. Saints hire Darren Rizzi as Special Teams Coordinator

    Regardless, if we have to think THIS hard to remember a good return.........L M A O. Here's to hoping Rizzi can sort this out and we can see some decent returns in the kicking game next year.
  3. Apparently some players took that Rams loss worse than others. That's a lot of hippie lettuce, but then, he's a big dude. Probably just trying to ease the pain and forget all about that NFCC game Saints may need to address the interior of that Dline. Pretty sure Rankins won't be ready by the start of the season, and this should almost assuredly come with a suspension.
  4. Saints hire Darren Rizzi as Special Teams Coordinator

    DOH! I totally forgot about Kamara's kick off return for a TD. I don't even remember Sproles return? His returns were always so abysmal that I think I've mentally blocked em all out. Ya, punt returns. I think I've seen more 25 yard losses than returns in the last 10 years lol
  5. Saints hire Darren Rizzi as Special Teams Coordinator

    I remember Reggie Bush returning a punt for a TD 10+ years ago. Think that was the last time I saw an actual Saints kick return. Good times.
  6. The Browns have signed Kareem Hunt

    I'm positive I never compared them as people. I didn't even compare them as players other than saying I think Hunt has lined up at WR LIKE Kamara. As players, I do think they have very similar skill sets. I think Hunt is the better runner, and Kamara is the better receiver though. But hey, feel free to have a different opinion.
  7. The Browns have signed Kareem Hunt

    Only risk involved is on the PR side. They'll have to weather the initial manure storm, but after all of that subsides. they'll have signed one of the top backs in the NFL for pennies. Dorsey isn't dumb. By the looks of that letter, this is something that has been in the works since Hunt was cut. I'm sure they're going to have Hunt lined up with 101 different PR moves to try and salvage his public image.
  8. The Browns have signed Kareem Hunt

    I think it makes a ton of football sense. It gives them a great 1-2 punch, very similar to the Saints Ingram/Kamara. Both backs can run and catch out of the backfield. I think Chubb is a bit more of a bruiser, while Hunt is the more finesse back. Also, if I'm not mistaken, Hunt can line up at WR similar to Kamara.
  9. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    Still not as bad as the one they DIDN'T call lmao And just to be clear, I agree with you, it looked like a make up call that came 2 weeks late.
  10. So pull the #s. What was viewership; @kick off, @the end of 2nd qtr, @2nd half kick off, @start of the 4th. I'd wager its highest point would be towards the end of the 4th when people just wanted to see the outcome. Of course people didn't know at kick off. At the end of the first half when it was 3-0 though....you're telling me in this new age of football super offensive pinball, people weren't tuning out because to them, it was "boring"? Agree to disagree. I think your'e overstating how much of a factor being tired of NE is.
  11. 1. Not just New Orleans, but the whole state of Louisiana + a healthy amount of fans (Saints and non Saints alike) that opted not to watch because <insert reason related to non-call here>. 2. LA has no football identity yet. Yes, the Rams are back, and now the Chargers are "LA", but these are relatively recent occurrences. I wouldn't be surprised if it takes another decade for either fan base to really take root again in LA. (LA Chargers just doesn't sound right ) 3. Low scoring defensive game. This isn't what the casual fans signed up for. 4. Halftime show. If the 3-0 baseball score didn't cause people to turn the channel.....from what I've seen and heard, the halftime show definitely did. Between Moron5 and whoever the rapper was that fell off the stage coming out, yaaaaa. So ya, I agree with you on the Patriots view. While many fans are definitely tired of seeing the Patriots, I think that aspect was relatively small in terms of viewership loss.
  12. Yes, yes I do. Beat the Saints hated rivals in the Falcons and Panthers in Super Bowls, and now beat the Rams in a Super Bowl. What's not to love?
  13. I think Brees breaks it first, but Brady ultimately ends up with the record. I honestly don't see Brees playing past this next season, which will mean Brady probably ends up with the yardage record as well.
  14. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    Except, we're not the ones whining. It's NON Saints fans that are talking about it and bringing it up more than we are. Reading comprehension for the win amigo.
  15. GDT - NFCCG Rams (13-3) @ Saints (13-3): Get loud.

    I really think the Patriots are my second favorite team lol. Beat Panthers in Super Bowl. Check. Beat Falcons in Super Bowl. Check. Beat Rams who didn't deserve to be in the Super Bowl. Check.