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  1. Sean Payton-itis. Non curable. May cause cursing at the television, loudly. All these "evil genious" OCs like to outsmart themselves. If it's working too good, it's clearly not working and must be changed.
  2. Nope. Can't do it. Some rivalries you just can't split. Bears/Packers. Saints/Falcons. Might be a couple others (Eagles/Giants? Steeler/Browns?) but those are the 2 that come to mind as long standing, deep hated rivals. The teams hate each other, the fans hate each other. Just too good a rivalry to split up.
  3. Can't agree with you here Tyler. He's shot. He can (and still does) make some great plays, but overall he's done. Not sure how you can watch him and not see it. He's missing wide open guys left and right. He's not processing the game nearly fast enough. His usual pinpoint accuracy isn't there, and ya, deep balls are off the table usually. Love Brees. As a Saints fan it's been one hell of a fun ride to watch, but I can't see the Saints making much noise in the playoffs (if they make it). Teams are just squatting on all the dink and dunk short stuff because Brees isn't going to beat you deep consistently. It's the recipe for beating them.
  4. Not until it's 4th and 15 though. Then it's a guaranteed completion
  5. Been trash all year.....and his contract is up.
  6. Secondary is just as big of a concern. These guys couldn't cover a baby with a blanket
  7. Haha. I'm 19 pages late, but when I saw the news, @ET80might of just died from happiness was my first thought lol. Cheers 🍻
  8. That play where Brees got sacked and Ram's replacement just looked straight up lost....He looked like a turnstile letting that LB go by 😂
  9. Death. Taxes. Peat/Armstead injured. Constants of the universe.
  10. Saints just keeping the spirit of 2020 alive and well lol
  11. I said something similar after the first game in regards to his mind. It doesn't look like he's processing the game fast enough. If he is processing but not trusting himself, that's just as big of a problem. He's left a lot of wide open throws on the field in 3 games. Very uncharacteristic. He's also currently under a 5.0 avg for air yards, which is brutal. Next closest is Carr, who is a tick over 6.0.
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