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  1. Oh, Saints play this weekend? <yawn>
  2. Under - I think it's either 2 or 3, but I'll take the under. That's a tough D. Under - Tough run D. Hurt OL. 3 RBs vying for carries so none get hot. Under - Tough choice, saying no though. Under - Payton misplaced his huevos long ago. Under - Can we paint flames on the side of the suck train? lol Over - Another tough one. Saints have been good at taking care of the ball if nothing else the first 2 games. Changes here!

    You sure about this? That's just 1 day. Saints D hasn't showed up for work in 4 years!
  4. The root of the problems run deep!

    Hate to pile on, but I agree. Saints aren't making any playoff runs or Super Bowl appearances when the defense continually sets new records for worst defense to ever play in the NFL.
  5. TAST on Bourbon Street - That Aint Saints Talk

    Up up down down left right left right B A select start. Game Over
  6. 3 points for everyone who took the over in O/U!
  7. Look on the super bright side..... Cooks didn't get his revenge game. Good job Payton! 😂
  8. Those last two were both 8-9 yard passes and he dirts one and throws the other behind the receiver....
  9. Man, Brees's accuracy this year is just toilet water
  10. Super stoked 👍😆👍
  11. Om the bright side, I started Gillisslee on my fantasy team 😉
  12. Over/Under Brady throws for 440 yards
  13. I'm calling a Brees pick here real soon as he tries to force something