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  1. ESPN had a stat up that kind of debunks the whole "it's hard to beat a team 3x in a season". It happens more often than people think. Most recent was when the Saints beat the Panthers 3x I believe. I'm more worried about beating Brady 3x in a row. Saints handed Brady the worst loss of his career. You know he's going to want revenge in a major way.
  2. Can't change instincts, can't teach instincts. It's like speed. You're either born with it, or you're not.
  3. Why? 1/2 a second more and that's a TD. Harris was wide open. Jackson made a hell of a play to force the fumble.
  4. Haskins problems stem from being a complete and utter moron. I have a buddy who does a lot of web based work for EA and Madden. He was putting together a special about rookie QBs coming into the league, so he was interviewing them, asking them to break down coverages and explain what they were seeing. Anyway, the finished product is great, and makes Haskins seem semi intelligent, but man, he let me see all the film he had to piece thru in order to get Haskins 5min or so.....he dumb, like Dumb and Dumber dumb. He had trouble even formulating sentences, let alone being able to decipher the
  5. Is it just me, or does it seem like every play has Jenkins in it, getting burned.
  6. Until I saw it listed again, I had forgotten (blocked out) just how frustrating watching Brooks on a weekly basis was lol
  7. This. What the Eagles did, is how the Saints should of ran their offense this game. Payton is calling plays designed for Brees, instead of working to Taysom's strengths.
  8. Death, taxes, and the Saints having a complete collapse against a nobody QB.
  9. Is this that game where the Saints make a rookie QB look like a future HoF with his first wim?
  10. You still have fingernails? I gotta wear gloves...
  11. I swear, if they lose this game after being 100%in control...
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