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  1. And the laugh maniacally while yelling "FREEEEEEDOOOMMM" Willam Wallace style.
  2. 2019 Schedule

    I don't think it's too bad, actually. Hardest part is probably the first 4 games. They can't afford to start slow like every year. Could end up 0-4 before they wake up. At least they play Chicago and Seattle both early in the year before the arctic weather sets in. Week 9 bye is perfect, right in the middle. 4 division games in a row isn't ideal, but it is what it is. At least it's a 2 home and 2 away split.
  3. 2019 Schedule

    Sept. 9: vs. Houston Sept. 15: at L.A. Rams Sept. 22: at Seattle Sept. 29: vs. Dallas Oct. 6: vs. Tampa Bay Oct. 13: at Jacksonville Oct. 20: at Chicago Oct. 27: vs. Arizona Nov. 3: BYE Nov. 10: vs. Atlanta Nov. 17: at Tampa Bay Nov. 24: vs. Carolina Nov. 28: at Atlanta Dec. 8: vs. San Francisco Dec. 16: vs. Indianapolis Dec. 22: at Tennessee Dec. 29: at Carolina
  4. Is this before or after the halfway point?
  5. So much this. I didn't watch the Super Bowl (Who Dat Nation Unite!) but the Rams losing in the fashion they did was just sweet sweet justice.
  6. NFL Expected to not suspend Reuben Foster LB Redskins

    Well, at least Goodell and the NFL are consistent when it comes to punishments. Oh, wait......
  7. I'm still in the f*** football mindset.
  8. Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette Arrested

    Ahhh c'mon man, spoiler alert?!?!
  9. Pretty sure this is a troll post, but......why do you care? You either don't love what you do, or you just don't get it, because if you did, you wouldn't be posting nonsense like this.
  10. What happened to Ed Oliver?

    Free crawfish gumbo and beignets for life?
  11. Saints sign Return Specialist Marcus Sherels

    Forward is good. Any kind of return is better than what we've seen from the Saints. Pretty sure you wouldn't even need all 10 fingers to count how many punt returns have gone over 15 yards in the last 10 years.
  12. Saints close to signing Jared Cook

    Ugh. Fleener was SO bad. Cook has been so hit and miss his whole career....hopefully he balls out for the Saints like he did for the Raiders last year.
  13. This is going to be the title of Drew Brees' 30 for 30 special
  14. How many years do top QBs have left?

    Anyone who has been a life long Saints fan isn't ready I also think this will be his last year.
  15. Saints looking into Robert Quinn

    If it's a 6th or 7th, who cares? He's only 28, hardly past his prime. He had 6 sacks last year and a decent amount of pressures playing for the dysfunctional Dolphins. Dude can still play. Miami has already said they are willing to eat part of the contract just to get out from under it.