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  1. Marcus Davenport Film Review

    Really hope so. If Davenport turns out to be the real deal, the real winner in this may be Rankins. Getting after the QB will do wonders for helping mask some of the deficiencies in the secondary as well.
  2. Drew Brees - new all time passing yardage leader

    Well yah. Haven't you seen Sean Payton's motto? "The best defense is a great offense!" or was it "Defense, that thing they do on the other side of the ball"
  3. MNF: Washington @ New Orleans

    We'll need another thread flooded with Patriots fans bashing Brees again though
  4. Drew Brees - new all time passing yardage leader

    Kind of like you being a pretty good post accumulator in this thread? Saying the same thing over, and over, and over.....
  5. MNF: Washington @ New Orleans

    So much for that wishful thinking ??
  6. I think we need Clay Matthews to weigh in on this one..... Roughing the window. Roughing the water. Roughing the cabbage.
  7. Who’s the worst team in football?

    Not my team, just glad to see the Browns being competitive, and I agree 100% on Hue Jackson.
  8. Who’s the worst team in football?

    Know who's NOT on that list? The Browns Glad to see they might finally be trending in the right direction.
  9. MNF: Washington @ New Orleans

    As badly as I need Kamara to score, it's going to happen. Ingram's first game back? Ya, he'll probably vulture 2 scores inside the 5
  10. At this point in the season so far, I'd be interested in seeing more Bears and Browns.
  11. Week 5 GDT: Saints vs Redskins

    I'm with you Raves.....I'm 37.5 behind and I have both Kamara and Lutz going. PPR league, so there's a chance.
  12. Short week Thursday game. Never know what you're gonna get with those.....I liked the match up a whole lot more when I saw that both TY and Doyle were out.
  13. Demario Davis - NFC D player of the week

    Pretty sure our whole forum was dumbfounded by that signing, and he's turned out to be a complete bust for the Saints. Not to mention the money they gave Coleman......typical WTF Saints moment.