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  1. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    Ha. Payton 2.0. He's gotten better the last 2-3 years as Brees has declined some, but man it was frustrating at times. Run is working great.....let's pass 15 times in a row! or Let's pass 15 times in a row and not run at all.
  2. PJ Williams suspended

    Not THAT big a word, I mean it's only 2 letters long 🙄😂 Makes more sense now. Gracias amigo.
  3. PJ Williams suspended

    I thought this suspension is the direct consequence of the DUI? Which would be odd calling it "substance abuse" when it would be more like "conduct detriment"......no?
  4. Saints CB PJ Williams suspended two weeks

    Yup, that's the guy. Thanks @Dome
  5. Saints CB PJ Williams suspended two weeks

    Six one way, half a dozen the other. It'll give PRob another chance. He just can't seem to put it together as a Saints though. Also gives the rookie S who's name escaping me a chance. They should be fine for 2 weeks. Arizona might challenge that slot CB a little, but the Bears haven't been a passing powerhouse.
  6. Is the NFL rigged?

    Who cares what the NFL announced? I know what my eyes saw, and neither were fouls. The NFL coming out and admitting to one being wrong is them trying to appease the masses without making themselves look even worse. I'll bite. If the second isn't called, at least it gives the Lions a fair chance of driving for a game winning FG. Win or lose, I think the first call gets brushed under the rug and nobody is overly upset other than the normal "refs suck". That second call took any chance the Lions had away by allowing GB to run the clock out. I never said anything about GB favoritism in regards to penalties. Refs are sucking league wide at a rate that would make the adult film industry proud.
  7. Saints CB PJ Williams suspended two weeks

    Is the bye week considered a week? Or is he suspended 2 games?
  8. Greatest thing about that score would be the Saints out beared the Bears on defense
  9. Ugh...and then everyone does a triple check making sure it's a football score they're reading and not one of the MLB Championship Series lol Pretty sure 3 - 2 would be the definition of VERY ugly!
  10. No Kamara, no Brees? No problem. Saints win 6 - 3.
  11. Is the NFL rigged?

    Hilarious. Both of those calls directly affected the game by keeping the ball in GBs hands and giving automatic 1st downs. Way to be a complete homer 🙄
  12. MNF: Lions at Packers

    Only if it's on the Lions.
  13. MNF: Lions at Packers

    I still don't understand why they can't have guys on instant booth reviews with a direct line to the refs headset and vice versa. "Flagging for illegal hands to the face #90" <booth insta checks> "Don't see it Bill, hands were on shoulder pads. Pick the flag up"
  14. MNF: Lions at Packers

    NFL should be embarrassed.....Lions got hosed tonight by terrible calls
  15. Week 6: Jaguars vs. Saints

    Lol. Ease up @DuvalsKing and give the Saints D some credit. They held a red hot Cowboys team to nothing. They pretty much stuffed Russell Wilson until garbage time when the game was already decided. Minshew is a rookie who had a rough day against a good team. Happens. Least he didn't channel his inner Winston and throw 5 picks on the day😂 Anyway, good game Jags. Was a fun game to watch. Good luck then rest of the way. Hope they sort Ramsey out soon.