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  1. Was going to say this same thing. As Saints fans, we're used to 5k seasons from Drew Brees. If he throws for only 4k, that's an omg game manager for us, relative only to his own standards lol. Going with DangerRuss on this one. (I didn't make that up. They play a song at CenturyLink about Russell Wilson calling him Danger"Russ" ) That Oline is godawful, and the run game is non-existent (unless he's the one running). Seahawks whole offense is Wilson.
  2. Are the Saints the Best Team in Football?

    Me rolling my eyes has nothing to do with whether or not the Saints should be in the discussion for best team in the league. A case can definitely be made for it. It has to do with this thread being 30+ pages of mostly garbage posts and bickering with very little in the way of substance in regards to the topic at hand. Kind of like these 4 posts you and I just added.....
  3. Are the Saints the Best Team in Football?

    I never said it made sense, just speculating on why their streak is getting more attention. Like my fellow Saints fan above, I'm more impressed with how Wentz has played this year. He looks to be the real deal, which puts Philly fans in for some fun years of football.
  4. Are the Saints the Best Team in Football?

    Whoever said you couldn't?
  5. Are the Saints the Best Team in Football?

    Absolutely nothing. Win streak is a win streak. I think the only reason the Saints win streak may be getting more attention is because they started off 0-2 and then started winning.
  6. Are the Saints the Best Team in Football?

    I don't even think the majority of us Saints fans believe they're the best lol. I roll my eyes every time I see a new post in this thread. Good news is, we'll all get the chance to find out here soon enough. That's what the playoffs are for
  7. NO! Off with their heads.
  8. It is. Even so, this defense is crashing back to earth this game. No pressure. Guys running free. Poor tackling.
  9. Sean P. panic mode incoming. Throw throw throw throw.
  10. Brees is just too slow pulling the trigger on his throws today
  11. Let's hope Lattimore's injury is just a low ankle sprain..... And they convert on 4th......
  12. Are the Saints the Best Team in Football?

    Assuming all the current division leaders stay the course, the NFC playoffs should be fun to watch this year.
  13. Are the Saints the Best Team in Football?

    Last two draft classes have been gold. Especially this year's draft where they landed, Lattimore, Ramczyk, Kamara, and Williams. Even Anzalone was looking really really good before going to IR. Rankins, Thomas, and Bell all drafted the year before. They also finally got smart and added solid football players in FA agency that weren't the big name overpriced FAs. Warford, Okafor, Ginn. Offensive line. Saints have made it a point to really upgrade their line the last couple years. Traded Graham for Unger. Drafted Peat (moved him to guard, best move ever for him). Traded Cooks for Ramczyk (who has played both tackle positions this year). Signed Warford. The current Oline has the makings of one of the best in the NFL if they can all stay healthy. (Looking at you Armstead!)
  14. Bills Bench Tyrod Taylor

    Saints also had a good chunk of their defensive starters out as well, including Lattimore and Williams on the back end.