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  1. Harris - finally gone!

    The only pick 6 this guy is getting close to is if he picks his nose 6 times in a game. Even then, I'd still take the under as he'd probably screw that up too....
  2. Preseason Game 1

    Ya, sorry. I only pay attention enough to track injuries. (with the exception of the week 3 game where starters usually play a half or so)
  3. When it comes to longevity, didn't Calvin take the Barry Sanders route out of Detroit? Anyone not think Calvin could of played 2-3 more years if motivated by a winning team? Love Fitz, but give me Calvin all day every day. Guy was a physical specimen and near unguardable in his prime.
  4. More Training Camp News

    As others have said, when Kenny shows up to play, he's a damn good player. When he doesn't show up to play, he's one of the worst. True Jekyll and Hide player, and honestly, I think it's all mental with him. Hope the Titans staff can find a way to keep him focused.
  5. Drew Brees on Marcus Williams

    Good to see Williams excelling. I was kind of worried after that last play of last season how the youngster would rebound and where his head would be.
  6. Saints sign OL Don Barclay and WR Michael Floyd

    Big maybe. Meridith showed a lot of promise with the Bears before injuring his knee. If he's 100% healthy (so far looking good in camp) he could be a Colston type receiver for Brees. Ginn, even after celebrating his 100th birthday, has been a great pick up for the Saints, and showed out as a true #2 last year. Smith (3rd round rookie) has really impressed. Making spectacular plays all camp so far against the likes of Lattimore and Crawley. Insert Floyd. I like the signing. Low risk, possible high reward. We shall see.
  7. Deuce is the only jersey I've ever bought, or owned for that matter.
  8. 1st Day of Training Camp

    That's good news. Okafor, Meridith, Davison, all practicing and seemingly recovered from injuries. I don't know about you guys, but I'm starting to get pumped for this season. One of the best (on paper), most balanced teams the Saints have fielded in the Payton/Brees era.
  9. Dez Bryant and Richie Incognito

    Ahh, ok. I thought he lined up on the outside as well as in the slot. Even so.... OBJ, Engram, Shepard, Barkley....that's a lot of mouths to feed. Dez doesn't exactly play nice with other kids if he isn't seeing targets. Not to mention they already have a big personality in OBJ. Not sure the stadium is big enough to contain both
  10. Dez Bryant and Richie Incognito

    Isn't Sterling Shepard the #2 on the outside?
  11. Dez Bryant and Richie Incognito

    As other have mentioned, if he ONLY wants to play for an NFCE team, than his options are close to nil. Eagles - Alshon and Co. Need is very minimal. Giants - OBJ and Co. Need is less than very minimal. Redskins - This might be the only NFCE spot he could have a chance to land. I admit to not knowing a ton about their WR corps
  12. Not sure I've ever heard Deuce. Is he a local channel commentator?
  13. Saints DE saves man trapped in a car

    Unfortunately this is true as well. No shortage of scumbags on this planet. I went thru this a few years back. Me and another vehicle came around a corner on a freeway off ramp and right there in the middle of the road was a woman in her vehicle, upside down. We both stopped and jumped out to aid the woman. She was hurt pretty badly, and there was a small fire in the engine compartment, as well as gas leaking from the tank. All 4 doors were stuck because of the way the roof had caved in, so we broke out the back window, cut her seatbelt off, and removed her from the car. Let me tell you, it ain't easy getting a 200+ pound semi-conscious woman out the back of a hatchback! Long story short, she did attempt to sue. It was thrown out and dismissed. There were plenty of witnesses, including police and first responders. Left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth, but I'd still do it again.
  14. Saints DE saves man trapped in a car

    They cannot sue. Good Samaritan laws were put in place to prevent just that. Very cool story.
  15. 2018 Schedule announced

    So much this DP. I saw a concept uniform a long while back that had a white helmet with the black fleur de lis outlined in gold. It looked so awesome.