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  1. Welcome back @whodatworm23 Good to see you again amigo.
  2. Is Drew Brees overrated?

    Not to mention the defense set the offense up on the first drive of the game...only time the offense was fun to watch was when Taysom was in.
  3. I think I'm done until after next year. Like Sammy said, watching this team is exhausting. Heartbreak after heartbreak has been this regime's modus operandi. Not sure I've been more disgusted with a Saints team. Taysom Hill, Deonte Harris, and Demario Davis were the only things worth watching in that game. If the rest of the team played with the fire those 3 guys did, Vikings get blown the 🤬 out the Dome.
  4. Until recently, Saints and drafting the defensive side of the ball. Apparently having league worst defenses is Super Drew's kryptonite.
  5. Josh Gordon Suspended Indefinitely

    Obviously? 🤔
  6. Pretty sure that's how Pat's fans felt as well.
  7. Josh Gordon Suspended Indefinitely

    Assuming it was for just marijuana, there's nothing to figure out. The bigger question is how much longer the NFL will have marijuana on the substance abuse list. With the MLB making the first move and now treating marijuana like alcohol, how long until the NFL follows suit?
  8. This x100 Can't stand AB as a human being. As a football player, well his merits speak for themselves. I'd love to see Brees go out on top with 1 more ring....but this feels almost worse than selling your soul to the devil
  9. Saints working out Antonio Brown

    Worked once already 🤷‍♂️ So torn on this.....AB is a dumpster fire of a human being....but....but...I really want to see Brees snag another ring
  10. NFL draft 2020

    #2 WR. Athletic, fast LB. (Feel like we've been saying this for over a decade) OLine CB (pending Jenkins and PRob performances thru end of year)
  11. So, the question becomes, if you're the Saints... Do you just concede that the chances of moving up from the #3 seed are pretty slim and rest a good chunk of the team against the Panthers?
  12. Well, in truly typical Saints fashion, both would lose, but then Saints would also lose lol
  13. MNF: Packers at Vikings

    Should of been an easy win.....Cousins played worse than terribad. Whoever does Vikings playcalling needs to be slapped too. Vikings D played their butts off and gave the offense multiple chances to put that game away.
  14. Just need either the Packers or the Niners to lose. Either one losing put the Saints at #2 (as long as the Saints win) Both losing (and Saints winning) would be even better 😁